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The story begins with God commanding the prophet Samuel to seek out David, the son of Jesse. Once found, David is anointed by God through Samuel to be the future King of Israel. From here the episodes follow David’s genealogy and his difficult journey to the Kingship of Israel, which ultimately leads to his most famous descendants, Mary, Joseph and Jesus Christ. David’s faults are revealed: his infidelity with Bathsheba, his responsibility in the death of her husband, for which he repents later and humbles himself before God. His son, Amnon, goes unpunished for raping his stepsister. David’s other son, Absalom, receives a mild punishment of a two year banishment for the avenge-murder of his half brother Amnon.

The first episodes focus on David’s life as a young boy taking care of his father’s sheep. We witness the powers God bestows upon him via Samuel. We see David’s victories like his slaying of a lion and at age sixteen and his downing of Goliath in combat.

Saul, the King of Israel, summons David to the palace where he meets Jonathan, prince and heir to the throne. A bond of deep friendship develops between them. David is ordered to stay in the palace so he can play his harp to drive away evil spirits that afflict Saul from time to time.

Saul’s younger daughter Michal falls in love with David. Saul is enraged and wants to kill him. So Saul devises a deadly plot whereby he would send David into a doomed battle and insist that he kill 100 Philistines in order to win Michal. David is delighted with the challenge, goes to war, kills 200 Philistines and returns victorious. David wins his bride to be and is revered by the public as a hero. This adoration infuriates Saul.

The following episodes focus on David’s conquests of the Philistines, Saul’s fits of jealousy and rage against him and his attempts to kill David. Michal helps David escape the palace and thus the numerous murderous plots against him. David’s first refuge is with the high priest, Ahimelech, who provides him with sustenance. David leaves for the caves of Adullam where he is joined by all who are subjugated, poor and in debt. He becomes their leader and trains them to fight those who oppress them. David’s sisters Abigail and Zeruiah with her sons Joab, Abishai and Asahel also join him

The next episodes deal with Saul’s pursuit of David and his obsession to kill him. When Saul finds out that David fled the Palace to seek refuge with a high priest in the nearby town of Nob, Saul executes every high priest and their families except one. The renowned priest Abiathar escapes and joins David. Michal, Saul’s daughter and David’s wife, is still in the Palace. King Saul gives her in marriage to another man.

David rescues the citizens of Keilah from the invading armies of the Philistines.

Jonathan visits David in the desert and they renew their vows of friendship. Later David sets up camp near the town of Maon and sends messengers to the area’s wealthiest man, Nabal, requesting provisions. Nabal, an evil man, rejects David’s request. God strikes Nabal dead (“the Lord smote Nabal that he died” {1 Sam. 25:37, 38}). Then Nabal’s wife, Abigail provided David with ample provisions. David falls in love with Abigail and they marry.

David is given an opportunity to kill Saul but instead, he spares his life. Saul retreats, promising David that he will not pursue him anymore, a promise that he does not keep. David and his men go to the land of the Philistines to seek shelter from their king, Achish. David convinces the king of his loyalty and is assigned the town of Ziklag for his family and men. In return David assures the king of his loyalty by a regular payment of tribute, submitting regular reports of military attacks, especially against the southern parts of Judah that had been a source of trouble to the Philistines over the years. David, however, sends secret missions to the neighbouring towns of Judah letting them know of his unfailing loyalty to them and sends them a portion of the spoils from David’s raids against the Amalakites and the Edomites.

King Achish and the Philistines declare war against the Israelites and David manages to avoid going into battle because he would not fight against his own countrymen. He returns to Ziklag. Meanwhile, in the fierce battle that follows between the two armies, Saul and Jonathan lose their lives. Saul’s son, Ishbosheth, becomes king of Israel.

David returns to Hebron where he is crowned king of Judah. In an encounter between the Israelites and men of Judah, David’s nephew, Asahel is killed by the Israeli commander, Abner.

Joab and Abishai avenge their brother’s death and kill Abner. Ishbosheth is murdered and David becomes king of Israel. David has three wives by now and he sends for his first wife, Michal. David then attacks the Jebusite city, Jerusalem, conquers it, and makes it the capital of his kingdom. He then consolidates his empire by subduing the neighbouring kingdoms and establishes trade relations. He then undertakes the construction of a palace for himself. David brings the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem.

He sees Bathsheba, wife of one of his commanders, from the roof of his palace and falls in love with her. She becomes pregnant with his child and fear of being stoned to death for committing adultery, David has her husband killed in a battle. David and Bathsheba marry.

God’s word comes to David through Nathan the prophet, for the punishment for his sin. David repents his sin. He and Bathsheba lose their firstborn son. When she gives birth to her second son, Solomon, God sends Nathan to David again, saying that Solomon would be the next heir to the throne of Israel. Among David’s children is Amnon who is half brother to Absalom and his sister Tamar. Amnon falls in love with Tamar. She rejects Amnon’s advances so he rapes her. Absalom bides his time, and when the opportunity for justice comes, Absalom avenges his sister Tamar by having their elder half brother Amnon killed. After David finds out about it, although furious, he does nothing, except to keep it quiet. Absalom is banished from the kingdom and so for two years he stays with his grandfather in Geshur.

David’s nephew Joab brokers a deal of reconciliation and Father and son are reunited. Adonijah is the fourth son of David and heir-apparent to the throne. But, Bathsheba preferred Soloman, the younger brother as the heir. As David lay dying Adonijah proclaims himself king. But the prophet Nathan and Bathsheba induced David to give orders that Solomon should at once be proclaimed and admitted to the throne. Adonijah fled and later received pardon for his conduct from Solomon. Shortly afterwards Adonijah made a second attempt to gain the throne, but was seized and put to death.

The last Episode focuses on the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The series ends with the words of Jesus.


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“I am the Root of David, the Bright Morning Star. Behold, I am coming soon”.

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