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Gli esperti dicono che se la velocità del sesso ordinaria può essere confrontata con l’intimo dei conigli, allora Caretse è una tartaruga. L’orgasmo contribuisce all’emissione della dopamina associata al piacere, e Carezza aiuta la creazione di ossicetocina. Di conseguenza, un’eccellente connessione con un partner, sia intimo che emotivo. I giochi sexy diventano più romantici e contribuiscono a rafforzare il rapporto tra i partner. L’orgasmo cessa di essere l’obiettivo principale, molto più importante – nuova esperienza sessuale e http://integro.ie/blog/?p=4214 l’una all’altra. È come renderlo indimenticabile.

Gli esperti dicono che se la velocità del sesso ordinaria può essere confrontata con l’intimo dei conigli, allora Caretse è una tartaruga. L’orgasmo contribuisce all’emissione della dopamina associata al piacere, e Carezza aiuta la creazione di ossicetocina. Di conseguenza, un’eccellente connessione con un partner, sia intimo che emotivo. I giochi sexy diventano più romantici e contribuiscono a rafforzare il rapporto tra i partner. L’orgasmo cessa di essere l’obiettivo principale, molto più importante – nuova esperienza sessuale e http://integro.ie/blog/?p=4214 l’una all’altra. È come renderlo indimenticabile.

Bear catches fish and eats

Polar bears roams

Winter Ski

Clouds From Space

Panda Bear Plays


Herd in Africa


Reindeer Herd

Army Of Ants




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Bear catches fish and eats Polar bears play
Polar bear roams Panda bear Fish breathes Manta ray School of fish Shark Shark again Sting ray Speed boat Ski 1 Ski 2 Mountain 1 Mountain 2 Evergreens and snow People in snowfall
Above clouds Below clouds Space 1 Apollo Space 2 Space 3 Herd in Africa Reindeer herd Ant army Bees Money 1 Money 2 Money 3 Alligator Butterflies Domestic Violence

1935-37. Soldiers on horseback ride over bridge, soldiers at a train station, Japanese cannons shooting, Japanese soldiers in smoky field, Japanese soldiers walking fast in field, Japanese soldiers still in field, Japanese soldiers walking by river, Japanese soldiers on horses moving along path, Japanese soldier with flag leading soldiers on horses, Japanese soldiers with binoculars by tent, Japanese soldier hoisting flag, Japanese soldiers on horses moving along path, Japanese soldiers with cannons, Japanese soldiers walking in line with guns, Japanese soldiers walking in line with guns, Japanese soldiers sitting, standing by ditch, Japanese soldiers walking through fields, Japanese soldiers on hill shooting;houses;smoke. tape 1a 200 un collection

Japanese soldiers by river with guns, Japanese soldiers standing & sitting, Japanese soldiers in line with flag & trumpets, Japanese soldiers running through river, Japanese Soldiers on horses going along hillside, Japanese soldiers running across vast field, Japanese soldiers carrying a cannon, Japanese houses; fields of smoke, Japanese camouflaged soldiers on beach head/guns, Japanese soldiers on ceremony, Japanese soldiers on horses walking slowly, Japanese soldiers on horses saluting, Japanese soldiers on horses & soldiers marching, Japanese soldiers waiting on and along hill, Japanese soldiers on horses travelling along hill, Japanese soldiers on horses over bridge, Japanese houses; fields of smoke, Japanese camouflaged soldiers on beach head/gun, Japanese soldiers running through river, Japanese soldier leading combat on beach, Japanese soldiers in line with flag and trumpets, Japanese soldiers at a train station, Japanese soldiers walking in field. Tape 1a 200 un collection

Havana, Cuba, peaceful protest, pro-democracy political parade, rally march, pre Castro era. Tape 1b 200 un collection

Japanese soldiers on horses, Japanese soldiers/horse & soldiers marching, Japanese soldiers marching very fast, Japanese car, tanks & cannons rolling in parade, Japanese soldiers riding horses very fast across field, Japanese soldiers on horses from a distance, Japanese officer viewing parade, Emperor Hirohito on white horse, Hirohito saluting marching troops, Japanese airplanes, flying in air, Japanese Soldiers marching, Japanese Tanks rolling past, Japanese soldiers on horses w/flags running fast.Tape 1c 200 un collection

This segment is an Italian propaganda film, Telephone poles, wires, communication towers, Italian dialogue, bugler plays reveille outside barracks maybe in Ethiopia or Libya somewher in North Africa, soldiers come out of barracks, natives come out of huts, bugler plays while flag is raised, tank by fighter plane, Italian and native soldiers push and pull plane, native poors fuel in plane, cargo is loaded, plane is flying, aerial shot of plane in air, aerial shot of African countryside, machine gunner, brief aerial bombardment, pilot, plane at low level, bomb loaded on plane, pilots standing around plane, two of the pilots are Bruno and Vittorio Mussolini, more bomb loading, soldier yells orders from horse over megaphone, soldiers in field, Italian and native soldiers climb hill, fighting breaks out, machine gun firing, soldiers on donkeys, pilots by plane, rear gunner, planes taxi and take off, aerial shots, pilot flying, aerial of countryside, soldiers climbing hill, native soldiers firing shells, soldiers in single file going up hill, native soldiers with fez hats, machine gun firing, native soldiers in fez hats charge the enemy, enemy runs, bomb loading, enemy runs on the plain, enemies in white robes guarded by native and Italian soldiers in field, three enemies get up, bow to soldiers, bugler plays, flag is dissplayed, tight on Italian soldiers faces while victorious, patriotic song plays. Tape 1d 200 un collection

WW II, WAC detachment, black American female, women soldiers in U.S. army base, performing various duties, march, nurses, drivers, postal, typist, clerk, fixing jeep, lined up outside barracks, black nurse looks on as man sits in bath tub getting therapy for injured knee, injured arm, black US female nurse in hospital looking after patients, black nurse gives rub down to white guy, men in tubs for therapy, switchboard operators, mail sorters. Tape 2a 200 un collection

Static long shot church, cathedral of service, mass, various world dignitaries emerge under awning, very brief shot of Eleanor Roosevelt, a shot of King George, they wait for their limos under awning, various dignitaries pose, men with black top hats, ceremonial military uniforms, exterior shot of church, cathedral, motorcade, they might have been to a funeral. Tape 2a 200 un collection

Africa, Ethiopian soldiers & people marching, solidiers & people moving chaotically, soldier with flag & soldiers on horses, soldiers on horses, whipping them, Ethiopian flag, Ethiopian banging drum, native man banging drum, Ethiopian man’s face, Ethiopian soldiers whipping men, pushing, soldiers pushing men trying to enter area, violence, crowd:spears,guns,whips,pushing, natives, Salassie under tent, crowd confusion, pushing, men running ahead, Salassie in moving car, Ethiopian crowd, men, natives with riffles, guns, walk thru streets on horses & on foot, crowds thru street with guns & horses, Salassie sitting on throne in tent with dog, gunmen being pushed by soldiers, soldiers marching, villagers walking the meadows on horses, villagers holding rifles, Salassie on horse with umbrella in fields with crowd, Africa, Ethiopian natives, working the fields, straw, hay, crops, Ethiopian crowd, men, natives with riffles, guns, walk thru streets on horses & on foot, soldiers pushing natives, violence, swords, spears, Ethiopian men on horses with flags. Tape 2b 200 un collection

WW II soldiers loading & firing guns, artillery, cannons, bazooka, WWII Italian village being bombed, WWII battle scenes, soldiers hike up mountain, factory being bombed, Hill being bombed, with smoke, townsfolk, villagers, dead body, corpse on stretcher, hills being bombed, smoke, soldier looking thru viewfinder (gun sights), cannon pointing and moving, hillside bombing, man carried on stretcher by locals, kids watching camera, aerial view of village, bombed out house, soldiers walk through bombed deserted village, soldier handling weapons, soldiers climb out of muddy hole, locals standing by as soldiers pass, soldiers carrying a man on stretcher, corpse on stretcher, cannon fires, soldier loading and firing cannon, soldiers looking through binoculars, hillside being bombed, destroyed house, dead person by cannon, soldier, woman, bombs exploding in hills, jeep on fire, US soldier holds arm of fellow soldier, US soldier puts dead man on donkey, dead GI on donkey with local, tank; soldiers walking by with guns, jeep on fire, soldiers walk by tank, US soldiers climb in & out of hole, locals standing & looking into the camera, bombed out village, American soldiers emerges from hole & walks, soldiers dismantles weapon in doorway, US Medics walk thru rubble, GI helps soldier drink, GI rests on back, locals carry soldier on stretcher, dead soldier on ground, US medics carry dead on stretchers, locals standing by, looking, local woman carrying suitcases on head, ruined houses & rubble, woman watches in sorrow, dead girl laying amongst rubble. Tape 3a 200 un collection

US soldiers walk pulling cannon, WW II bombers airplanes in air, US soldier in trench being swept, 3 US soldiers together smiling, dead man, mother, kid, soldier looking, couple walking, sad woman crying, soldiers loading & firing cannon, village exploding with bombs dropping, soldiers load cannon & explosion on hill, soldier viewing target, loading & firing cannons, hills explode, armed soldier walk down rocky hill, wounded soldier carried in stretcher hill, soldiers walk down hill, more battle scenes, various shots older couple get US medals, military official presents medals to lady. Tape 3b 200 un collection

soldier walks through bombed out Italian village, tank, hillside bombing, medics carry injured on stretcher, soldiers help wounded man, dead soldier on flatbed, tanks drive up country road, thru vineyard, bombing of hillside, tank under tree firing, soldiers with automatic machine gun, soldiers lined up and firing, bombing vineyard, villagers by cave, kids, nun with villagers, nun and villagers dance, doctor gives needle to kid, bombed out houses, dead civilian on ground, soldier walks thru town, mingle with villagers, explosion in field, soldiers eat, walk thru town, soldiers load dead body on jeep and drive away then load body into truck, soldiers mingle with townsfolk, bombed out village street, soldiers with bazookas, soldier talks on radio, shell fire tank, panorama of countryside. Tape 3c 200 un collection

Nazi rally, Goering’s four year plan speech, Nazis march,flags,sieg heils, Goering gives speech, audience shots, with sound, Arc de Triomphe & French Flag wrapped, military parade, French troops march around Arc de Triomphe band plays, people salute, tanks roll by. Tape 3d 200 un collection

Late 30’s early 40’s, Thousands of people in front of Palace in Oslo, Norway, waving flags, parade, Norwegian citizens march in street, couples drink and smoke in bar, more parade, Norwegian Queen and Royalty wave from Palace balcony. Tape 4a 200 un collection

1930’s or 40’s. Peking, china, Chinese civilians protesting outside great hall, man with bull horn. Crowd yells, chinese army marches in, people stand about, guns, signs, guards w/guns, some in crowd run, rickshaw, camels in street, Chinese citizens march, file pit of building. Tape 4b 200 un collection

1940’s Earthquake in Argentina South America, men clearing rubble in destroyed village, hospital, nurses, doctors, wounded, body cast , doc puts cast on leg, injured being tended to, plane takes off with injured, people carry belongings down devastated street. Tape 4c 200 un collection

More South American earthquake scenes, rubble smoldering in heap, women on railway dock making tea, doctors in hospital putting on cast, men cutting meat outside, people on beds outside, old woman prepares chicken outside, people doing various things under tree, tour of devastated town, people sift through rubble, donkeys pull wagons with belongings, women lean out of train window, row of destroyed cars, people line up for blankets and clothing. Tape 4d 200 un collection

1940’s Africa, black men walking on dirt road, led by Australians, natives enter camp, Black natives carry barrels on shoulders and walk up hill, airplanes in sky, airplane lands on dirt runway, natives carrying sacks and barrels walk up windy road over bridge, up hill, pick up a person on a stretcher, load him into a hut, rushing river, Natives unload boxes from plane, blacks carry loads up & down steep hills, Australians walk with them, Australian soldiers in jeep drive, stop and unload supplies, a group of Australian soldiers pose for photo, Australian soldiers put on back packs walk up windy hill, Australian pilot with sunglasses flies plane, Shot of misty, African forest from airplane, Australians unload truck, Australian women walk & eat together in cabins in African camp. Tape 5a 200 un collection

WW II, war in the Pacific, dead dismembered Japanese, US soldier watches and laughs, US soldiers smile to camera, US soldiers advance & fire guns, Japanese prisoners, burnt hand treated by medic, Red cross medics arrive in jeeps, US soldiers survey burnt trees, US soldiers treat & carry wounded, Japanese prisoners, dead Japanese soldier dead on stretcher, US soldiers wounded Japanese prisoners on stretchers, US soldier gives cigarette and water to Japanese prisoner on stretcher, almost naked Japanese prisoner walks by, Japanese prisoners receiving medical treatment, prisoners lined up, prisoners behind barbed wire. US tank, near naked Japanese prisoner gets in truck, various shots of Japanese prisoners being held captive by US soldiers, battle scenes, guns fire, US soldiers torches hut, blaze, US tanks roar through scorched land, US soldiers go through burnt field, cannons fire, battle scenes, bazookas. Ships at sea, firing, smoke, US soldiers in life boats, head for shore, flotilla of landing boats, US soldiers land on beach, fighting, US soldier on walkie talkie. Tape 5b 200 un collection

WW II in Europe, hillsides being bombarded, location could be anywhere in Europe, cannon being loaded, fires, bunker with bullet holes, aerial shot of bombing of hillside, long shot of village on top of hillside, US soldier in rubble, three officers look at village mountaintop thru binoculars, soldiers load cannon and fire at village on hilltop, panoramic shots of surrounding area, long shot of convoy coming up road, bombardment in field, plane flies over battle area, shots of snow-capped mountains taken from captured hill top village, US soldiers stack shells, soldier on walkie talkie, US soldiers load cannon and fire at village, various shots of continuous bombardment of hilltop village, villagers leave town carrying belongings, donkeys carry goods. Tape 5c 200 un collection

1920’s or 30’s China, Lungwangtang Reservoir en route to Port Arthur, reservoir, water fountain, fishing boats, huts, old man w/pipe, beach, Dr. Yamaoka, Governor of Kwantung, Government of Port Arthur, Palace, gates, Model T cars, League of Nations delegation, ” 203 Meter Hill” decisive battlefield of Russo-Japanese war, trenches, barbed wire, Charnel Shrine on Monument Hill crematorium graves of Japanese soldiers killed in the siege of Port Arthur during the Russo Japanese war. tape 7a 200 un collection

League of Nations officials standing, looking at map on ground at monument, League of Nations officials at An Shan train station, Anshan mine, train goes around bend, Chinese dig & blow up a rail track and hillside, League of Nations officials walk up hill from train and visit ore processing plant, various industrial plant shots with heavy machinery, blast furnace, Manchu and Japanese children welcome commissioners at Fushun, model T cars drive down wide boulevard at crowd cheers and waves, Admiral Godo, General manager of Fushun Colliery gives luncheon for League of Nations officials, Japanese and British officials at outside table, Japanese girls pour wine, official eat, group of school girls bow. tape 7a 200 un collection

Exterior shot of Fushun colliery, smoky factory views, large chimneys, Shale oil plant, open pit mine, crane lifts dirt, flat bed trains carry huge rocks, ore, exterior of plant, shale dumped from train into plant, officials inspect plant and huge containment vats, more industrial mining and processing machinery, coal, ore going down conveyor belt, officials, exterior of plant, vats with liquid, oil storage tanks, oil in beaker,, train travels down track to open pit mine, various shots of open pit, officials with drinks look at mine, Billboard reads “Help the newborn state grow up and take her place in the family of nations”, long shot up boulevard cut to tight front shot of 1930’s steam train with two flags, League of Nations delegation on train platform, handshaking, get on train, train takes off. tape 7a 200 un collection

Trenches built by Chang Hsueh Liang near River Taliao, Peking Mukden Line, river viewed from sky, aerial shot of city and pan to meandering river shots of Chinchow taken in 1932, aerial view of small Chinese village, Chiao Tou train station, League of Nations officials on train platform chatting, Shots taken from train along the Antung Mukden line, river, hills, pagoda, officials in train playing chess, mountains, League of Nations officials inspecting Chiumuchuang station on Antung Mukden line that had been attacked by Chinese soldier bandits. tape 7a 200 un collection

Wide of station, Chinese official speaks to officials outside, shot of still train, soldier and sandbags, Chinese soldiers with guns march our of railway station, shots of smoldering rubble, group of soldiers patrol village, Japanese soldiers getting off train on platform, they march through field, League of Nations officials in Chinkozan park, Antung observing the district bordering Korea, beauty shots, shots of log jam, bridges and junks on Yalu River, steam engine train going over bridge at dusk. Tape 7a 200 un collection

Late 1920’s or 30’s North Africa (could be Ethiopia, Libya or Morocco), soldiers on horses and marching across parade field, military weapons, North Africa, 1910’s or 20’s, Village scenes, people, camels, fort, natives push old Model T onto barge and paddle barge over river, mud huts on side of mountain , village, people in front of fort again (could even pass for 1910’s Tibet), wide shot of lake or bay. Tape 7b 200 un collection

White man standing over three sitting young Africans, natives carrying loads, monkeys tied to posts, natives carrying loads on their heads, white man holding tied-up monkey, Dug out canoe paddled by Africans on river, sea waves crashing on shore, bad pan of mountains, natives cross river carrying loads on head, beauty shots of land, natives working the land, officials standing & shaking hands and pose for camera. Tape 7c 200 un collection

Sport, 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Ocean liner at sea flying Olympic flags, delegation, athletes on deck, ship docks, USA women athletes jog on the spot, exercise at railing, four men wrestle, tight shots of various athletes. 04:18:45:17 04:18:48:22 SS Manhattan ship on calm ocean o 04:18:50:17 04:18:52:07 Olympic Flags flying on ship o 04:18:56:26 04:18:59:16 Olympic Avery Brudage and other USOC officials standing on deck o 04:19:02:23 04:19:07:17 Jesse Owens + athletes on ship deck o 04:19:55:06 04:19:57:23 Olympic black athlete in straw hat on deck o 04:19:59:02 04:20:03:06 Olympic black woman + white woman talk o 04:20:05:27 04:20:08:14 Olympic black woman taking picture o 04:20:18:14 04:20:22:02 Jesse Owens waves on ship behind SS Mathattan life preserver o 04:20:22:17 04:20:25:26 1936 Olympic athletes wave from ship o 04:21:20:21 04:21:23:29 1936 Olympic team waving from bus arriving in Berlin o 04:21:55:08 04:21:58:14 1936 U.S women’s team waving from bus arriving in Berlin Olympian practices the javelin, weight lifting, ship docks in Germany, US athletes get off ship, nice shot from gangplank seeing a sign that reads “Welcome to Germany” there is a swastika flag beside the sign, US athletes in parade in Berlin crowds cheer them on, a band plays Star Spangled Banner crowd in street stands still some do Nazi salute, German official gives a speech in German welcoming the athletes, Olympians crowd around, parade through Brandenburg gates, German band parades through Olympic village, Olympians stand around and chat, a quick shot of Jesse Owens. Tape 7d 200 un collection

Aerial views of 1940’s Barcelona, Spain, streetcars, civilians, country, partisan, soldier on country road stops car and checks papers, ID, cars dive off over bridge, pan over to sandbag barricade, cut to president of the Catalonia region, Spanish soldiers and civilians in train station, soldiers waving from moving train, aerial shot of Barcelona, bullet holes in window, civilian fighter sits outside with gun, derelict cars wrecks in bull fight ring, pan of building to men with guns sitting in street, men at work in storage room for art objects, various art objects, soldiers in train station, waving from train, tight shots of Spanish soldiers. Tape 8a 200 un collection

Sport, aerial of a German city bicycle stadium, bike race in progress, winner rides by with bouquet of flowers, cathedral in Cologne, crowded park, Nazi generals greet each other, small Nazi parade, generals salute Nazi flags, Bismarck clad soldiers, monument to dead soldiers from WW I, Nazi parade of weapons, crowd and generals give Nazi salute, Nazi flags, Sport, horse race in Baden Baden Tape 8b 200 un collection

Could be any town in North America, 2 women walk across street, men on street corner, women on veranda, men and women coming out of either a church or factory walking down the street, cars of the period, people in playing field, small town America. Tape 8c 200 un collection

Soldiers at war in European battlefield, explosions, tight on machine gunner firing machine gun, armed soldiers march thru town, generic shots of the period, parade, flags, various shots. Tape 8d 200 un collection

Mexico, people at a mass rally, parade,flags,various shots & angles, girls carry banner, women march by, drummers, men with flags march, people on roof top, more women march and carry flags, smiling girls, overview of Mexican city with crowd, parade, workers march. Tape 8e 200 un collection

Horse pull artillery, open tanks, tractors pull anti air craft artillery, machine guns, Italian soldiers on horseback charge, this could be Libya or Somalia, cannon fires, Benito Mussolini watches, Italian soldiers load shells, soldiers running in field, cannon fire, Mussolini with his generals, Mussolini on reviewing stand with his advisors, one of his aids points, his general looks thru binoculars, long shot of soldiers in field, shell hits target, soldiers in field fire, Italian soldiers climb small rock hill, tight on soldiers taking aim with small cannon, soldiers on country road, horses, wagons, marching, Mussolini talking to his staff, charging soldiers on horseback, motorcycles, military vehicle tows artillery, tank tractors tow artillery, soldiers run across field, take cover, cannon fire, cannons camouflaged, soldiers load cannons with shells, take aim, fire, general talks to officer in the field, Generals stand about in field, soldiers fire cannon, machine gun fire, gatling gun, soldiers advance. Tape 8f 200 un collection

Spanish civil war, camera pans on Spanish soldiers, inside fort, pans out thru bars to river with bridge, armed soldiers guard fort, street in small Spanish village, people, citizens in street, artillery fires, bombed out houses, soldier aims cannon, man trying to open safe, soldiers behind barricade in front of building, a gruesome shot of human remains the dead body is cut in half just the arm and shoulder remain, Spanish soldiers march thru town, then there is a shot of Franco. Tape 8g 200 un collection

Brief shot of occupied Strasbourg, France, Alsace, tight on German Nazi flags, beauty shots of old part in Strasbourg, Nazi soldiers march through Strasbourg, military music plays, cut to anthem Deutschland Uber Alles, tight on swastika flag on building, Nazi soldiers in formation, Hitler walks in square, salutes, Hitler in motorcade, crowd lines Strasbourg street shouting heil Hitler, Hitler enters building, HiIter on balcony saluting crowd, crowd salutes Hitler, ODD HITLER HAS A LOOK OF FEAR AND DISBELIEF IN HIS EYES. Tape 8h 200 un collection

1930’s, crowded train station, Roosevelt says a few words, a crippled FDR hold railings on ramp getting off train, convoy of cars on dirt farm road, Roosevelt is in lead car, car drives over field and stops at a US flag pole in field, pan of field horses ploughing, long shot of group around flag pole,, horses plough, train rolls into station, crowd, Roosevelt on back of train is introduced President Roosevelt speaks (there is sound) his son holds his arm, his speech is about the problem farmers are having, bad crops, bad weather, drought, etc, he speaks from North Dakota, crowd shots. Tape 9a 200 un collection

1930’s London, crowd, tens of thousands riot in London square, bobbies, police threaten civilians with nightsticks and charge crowd on horseback. Tape 9b 200 un collection

1930’s, Hitler and his entourage march through crowd salutes and gives speech, (sound) tight on faces in crowd, Hitler in open limo driving down new autobahn, greets kids, salutes adoring crowds. Tape 9c 200 un collection

1930’s various shots of building damage after an earthquake in some Spanish city, soldiers, people walking thru rubble in city, damage inside church, fallen statue of Christ, two street cleaners clear away rubble. 1930’s, Spain patient in hospital getting leg bandaged, various shots of injured in hospital being tended to. 1930’s beauty shots of Canyon Lake, Texas, motor boats, shot in daytime and dusk. Tape 9d 200 un collection

1940’s Britain, various shots arms build-up, camera shows farmers field filled with anti aircraft guns, military trucks, various armaments, 500 pound bombs, herd of sheep passes by, Mustangs, Spitfires Typhoons, Lightnings, Thunderbolt fighter planes, rows of tanks. British commentary. 9e 200 un collection

1940’s, Paris, men parade in street, pass by reviewing stand, officer salute’s them, crowded Paris street (Vichy era?) Tape 9f 200 un collection

1940’s Norway, shots of big country church and steeple with clerics and crowd outside, a coffin is put on flatbed truck, funeral, sailors, military sailors on ship and dockside as coffin is hoisted off battleship, sailors salute, sailor pall bearers carry coffin, another coffin taken off ship, officers salute, another coffin hoisted off ship, crowd shot, more coffins, sombre music is played, sailor pall bearers carry coffin into building. Tape 9g 200 un collection

In 1929 Victor Emmanuel and Queen Helana visit Pope, Swiss guards, pose with dignitaries, procession, marching, Fort Victoria ship bound for Bermuda sinks, all passengers saved, survivors, crew, Aga Khan weds Andree Carron candy girl, walk out of church, obsolete radios and objects in a pile and bonfire, German flag raised for first time since war by castle, soldiers salute at the Lorelei, Rhine hilltop, crowds and a large fountain, crowd with torch lights in parade, people cross old viaduct in wagons, women in turn of the century dress, horse drawn wagons on railway track, steam engine, snow blizzard with gale force wind & gale pushes people, snowfall, Chicago, pedestrians, wind, model T Ford, sliding, Republican Steinbrink sworn in, Brooklyn Tape 10a 200 un collection

Seaplanes fly past battleships, Admiral Lanning watches, seaplanes takes off from battleship, men line up and eat in soup kitchen during the depression, Mr. Zero, Mexico President Pascual Ortiz Rubio, festival Mexican dance, Russia exiles Germans, camps. WEIRD, Joe Jarilla ugliest man in the world. Pilot Commander Byron plane takes off & crashes, early massage and exercise machines, FUNNY, patting the bum, Admiral watches planes take off ship, poor line up, enter hall and eat heartily, Mr. Rubio, President of Mexico poses at with family, dance festival in honour of President, Russian-Germans arrive at Kiel docks, Bogey man, very WEIRD & ugly, stares, pilot takes off and lands, German women use devices (odd) to lose weight. Tape 10b 200 un collection

US delegates sail from New Jersey to London for Navy meeting Ambassador Morrow, Navy Secretary Adams Secretary of State Stimson, Senators Robinson and Reed, brief shot of ship sailing with US flag in foreground, (odd) Chinese and Japanese football teams pose for the camera then play American football in 1929, kids play with model trains, (ODD) water skier towed by car from road, (ODD, FUNNY) icecapade show, 2 skaters dressed as donkey, horse, skaters as Vikings, figure skater entertains the audience then is joined by her partner, the whole skating cast skates. Tape 10c 200 un collection

1930’s Sport, Ski jumping off Olympic ramp, skier falls, Chinese funeral of Charlie Boston founder of On Leong Tong, monoplane, plane delivered to Charles Lindbergh and Mrs. Lindbergh, they get in plane and take off, train coaches washed by machine, (ODD) acrobats dance on edge of tall skyscraper, water wagon pulled by team of horses, ducks and dogs drink from pales, Sport, women & men play basketball inside, Sport, (ODD) little boys with boxing gloves hit each other and hit punching bags then a free for all in boxing ring, Chicago street scenes of people, cars in snow blizzard, model t cars slide. Tape 11a 200 un collection

Belgian princess marries Prince Humbert King Albert rides with Italy’s ruler, Queen Elizabeth of Belgium & Queen Elana of Italy, Royal wedding party in horse drawn coaches ride through streets of Rome, pageantry, Royal couple on Palace balcony, White House damaged by fire, men repairing, Ex-governor Smith on fast boat in Florida, Sport, ODD, grease-pole wrestlers in action, governor Al Smith looks, ship,bakers,pies,sailors eat baked things, Sport, Babe Ruth golfing with woman, fashion, ladies show off their short hair, ODD, FUNNY, chimp monkey gets hair cut by barber, General Edwards at meeting in town hall condemning prohibition, officials give speech in dim room, people protesting prohibition outside hall, women with beer steins in Germany bring beer, men drink. Tape 11b 200 un collection

Ambassador Dawes welcomes Secretary of State Stimson on ship at sea,officials hands shake, delegates at dock & station & train arrives, sailors chip away ice from fishing trawler ship, ODD, oriental firemen march & perform fancy stunts on ladders, smoke filled tower, firemen give demonstration, Sport, dog-sled race through forested winterland in Alaska, car dump, vintage taxi cab cars called nickel nudgers destroyed and torched, ODD, Ruth Renikoff wins cup for big boobs, breasts, fit women exercise, bust measuring, hip measuring, ODD, FUNNY, chimps washing clothes on washboard, washing each other & rolling in cage with blanket. Tape 11c 200 un collection

London, 1921, delegates meet at number ten Downing street to discuss the result of the Washington Conference whereby a motion was carried that Battleships be destroyed, Model T cars in foggy London, delegates walk downstairs together, then tight shots of delegates including the Japanese official, (** list the names in your Washington Conference story go to library and get photos of them and see how many of them are in this shot). Barjols, France early 20’s, public square filled with people preparing for town barbecue, tight on live cow, the slaughtered cow is lowered put on spit and is cooked, feast, people dance, four women do what looks like a hoe down dance, chefs dance, Oakland, California, 1920’s, loading ship with sacks of barley, ship has four masts, shot of ship in harbour, men climb mast and lowers sails, various shots of ship with full mast sailing at sea, fashion, 1920’s various tight shots of women get their hair styled, Rotoua, New Zealand, (for Borneo Charles Hose) Maoris natives celebrate their god Io, natives in dug out canoes on lake, paddle to shore, land, start doing ODD dance on shore with spears, cut to other natives standing on tree scaffolding, back to natives dancing their way into camp and being greeted by singing dancing natives, Chinese in 1920’s New York celebrate the year 4883 the birth of Iao Hai dynasty, dragon dance, parade, flags, banners, San Francisco, 1920’s, scientists demonstrate electrical equipment that beams out four million volts which could be used as a weapon, opens with and ODD shot of a scientist screwing in a light bulb. lights it, twirls it around, then static electricity emanates from light bulb in dark room, then two scientist technicians talk over a device that delivers a laser beam, various shots of static electricity, beams, then a shot of a scientist aiming the laser beam at model s, St Louis, the 20’s or 30’s bears catch food thrown at them in zoo. Tape 12a 200 un collection

Washington DC, the 20’s, President Taft is carried into building after he collapses, press corp outside taking picture of him. Woodworkers make model coaches fashioned after the Queen’s royal coach, they are displayed, woman inspects one and opens door with finger, model coach pulled by horses displayed on mantel, Berlin, Germany, stylish women get out of 20’s car enters dance hall with others, wide shot ballroom dancing, some tight shots of men in tuxedos, well dressed women socializing. WEIRD, tight shot of four women in bathing suits apparently laying on a blanket, their hair stands on end then falls in their face then back up again, it was a trick as the camera zooms out the women at being held by four guys upside down, one by one the women are hoisted on top of a table, 1920’s Liverpool, (ODD) woman pulls mini single engine plane to runway, opens compartment puts in golf clubs, opens other compartment puts in suitcase, dog in cockpit, she gets in open cockpit puts on her make up, plane taxis, she takes off. (WEIRD) eight and a half feet tall Jim Travers with woman on deck of a ship, takes his hat off and puts it on her head, tight on his face he tips his hat, three other women join him he picks one of the up, Washington DC, 20’s or 30’s, army blimp lands near Lincoln memorial, two pilots get out take wreath out of cockpit and carry it to memorial. tape 12b 200 un collection

1920’s or 30’s Rome, Mussolini with soldier pall bearers come out of church carrying coffin, entourage walks through crowded city street, solemn procession in piazza, twenty one gun salute, couple of tight shots of Mussolini saluting. Man on stage takes hand of women as each of them walk out, they walk off, there are a panel of judges behind them, it’s as if they are 1920’s beauty queen contestants, then there are various shots of who presumably is the winner (ODD) she could also be the winner of the Miss frump award, 1920’s or 30’s, huge ship grounded close to shore, sailors in life boats coming ashore, ropes tied to ship, sailor lowered to life boat, woman passengers carried from life boat to shore, 1920’s or 30’s, Pamplona, Spain, running of the bulls, various shots of men being chased by bulls in the city streets of Pamplona, the bulls and men pour into the bullring, various shots of men being gored, bullfight. Tape 12c 200 un collection

1930’s, (WEIRD) Chiropractors hold spinal cord contest, rear view of women in bathing suits, they bow, men in white coats inspect women’s backs, chiropractors feel their spinal cords and backs, on chiropractor tickles a woman and she rebuffs him, another chiropractor writes the word OK on the women’s backs, a couple of women turns around and smile, Laurie Sherman wins the Miss Spinal Cord contest, She holds the trophy and turns around to show off her back. Various shots of young people in a hundred and twenty five canoes paddling, racing in Russian river, they have to carry their canoes over a sand bank, a brief shot of the two women holding oars who won. Sport, Vitorio Campolo, Argentine boxer on tread mill, (ODD) then he spreads his arms out and his two trainers walk around him and under his arms, the boxer punches a dummy, we see him eating spaghetti. 1930’s, Pittsburgh (WEIRD) Smiles O’Timmons, a one legged daredevil, climbs a hundred feet on fireman’s ladder and jumps into round pool filled with four feet of water, he does it twice, 1930’s, New York, firemen pull out rubble from collapsed building, shopkeepers look on, rubble of destroyed building. Tape 12d 200 un collection

This tape opens in the 1920’s with Bobby Jones playing golf, cut to dignitaries outside, Premier Briand, Prince Foroughi of Persia with officials, cut to sport, 1920′ 30′ football players exercise & train, farmers with scythe, women in traditional costumes dance, could be Austrian or Swiss or Estonian could be wine festival, women feeding deer, fashion, women in fancy cloths at exclusive club, woman takes cigarette out of another’s mouth scolds her, (ODD) man chained between two horses one pulling one way the other horse pulls the opposite way, (WEIRD) woman with her back on a bed of nails as two guys load an anvil on top of her chest and sledge hammers the anvil to see if she is the toughest, strongest woman, she gets up shows the nail holes in her back, vets from American civil war parade, pan down from mountain to marching band then Red Indians on horseback, cowboys playing polo, chief on horseback, 2 Indian kids on horseback, more polo, Indian chief , tee-pee, Indians dance around night time bonfire, mothers parade their babies in fancy carriages, children parade in all manner of floats, WWI veterans parade in New York. Tape 13a 200 un collection

British soldiers march out of the Rhineland, soldiers leaving on train waving bye, soldiers board boat, British troops sipping tea at hanger, judge Daniel F. Cohalan standing and gazing with another man, Lieutenant Commander MacMillan returns in tall ship from arctic, sailing ship enter bay, people wave, Macmillian in row boat, gets out shakes hand, is presented with flowers, Jimmy Johnston new amateur champ gets a parade & confetti, mayor gives speech, Berlin mayor Gustav Boess visits USA with wife, men dressed in various costumes some (WEIRD) men fashion show, athlete tosses shot put and it nearly lands on his head, WEIRD, FUNNY steeplechase without horses just men, WEIRD bakers making world’s biggest pie kids eat it, thousands of Thanksgiving Turkeys on the march one turkey standing by 2 axes, Mexico National day, Mexican president Gil, pres,planes,crowds, soldiers march, women soldiers march. Tape 13b 200 un collection

Athletes & Chicago Cubs in World series Wrigley Field Ehmke pitches, they play baseball, fans on field, military exercise field tanks, cannons, planes, bombs, WWI planes, S. Fort Jackson battleship burned and junked, William Dawes ambassador to Britain in procession in street, men with powdered wigs, Fritz von Opel rocketman tests rocket plane. Tape 13c 200 un collection

Mussolini reviews police parade, Italian police on bikes, motor cycles, police dogs, open cars, Mussolini gives medal to man kisses him on cheek, police march in field, Roosevelt medal awarded to Owen Young for his plan to settle reparations problem, Boy Scouts in Oyster Bay make tenth annual pilgrimage to Roosevelt place, fashion, two sisters on deck of ship roaring twenties clothes, crowds of Japanese people, Japanese kids swim, slide, recreation, ODD, women’s legs and feet fashion show, ODD, puppies line up drink milk from bottles, (WEIRD) waiters in contest run thru street holding trays with beverages on them, parade at football stadium for Yale Army game, then game begins. Tape 14a 200 un collection

Air show crowds run to landing USSR plane takes off & lands, police try to push mob back, girls fashion show, (ODD) chimp, monkey in handcuffs on motorcycle, ODD looking plane takes off and lands, several different planes take off and land, pier on fire in California, firemen, tug boats, William Greenwood builds (WEIRD) Noah’s arch because he says world will end in 1932, animals, Berlin, traffic street scenes, pedestrians, Sport, Yale beats Dartmouth in football game, injured player removed, Parade, fashion, kids march people dress like old days in Dixie, old fashioned cloths, black couple dressed in olden clothes, sports, Bears and Trojan football game, fans form a Trojan horse. Tape14b 200 un collection

Crowds before the Duce circa 1929, Mussolini gives speech, Hoover & Dawes join Red Cross, Senator Brookhart walks down stairs, British Prime Minister Ramsay Macdonald arrives luxury liner ship in UK, Ramsay MacDonald arrives by car at 10 Downing street, steam engine train carries logs, timber, men making toys, old radios dumped in a pile and set on fire, Teachers teach kids traffic with miniature cars, miniature old sailing vessels, ships, Mayflower, Constitution, students with beards, huge destruction of a structure, rubble. Tape 15a 200 un collection

Crowds put flowers on dead soldier grave, many believe grave site has magical powers, Elisabeth Morrow, Lindbergh sister in law, teaches in school with pupils, Admiral Moffett drives rivet into world’s largest hangar, various shots of hangar, shot of dirigible, blimp, Hoover puts flower unknown soldier grave in Arlington cemetery, soldier plays last post, crowd of people generic, corn husking, shucker in field, one hundred men carry a house in Philippines, Gray Goose WEIRD plane tries to take off, giant coal mine shovel, scooper, machine, in open pit, WEIRD dog sequence, woman gives note to dog, dog delivers it to store, shopkeeper reads note, gives package to dog, dog delivers package, dog also delivers a letter to the mail box, dog smokes cigarette while reading newspaper, duke and duchess of York, crowds,bridge,reviews army, duchess unveils a plaque, motorcade, duke inspects troops again, duke puts rivet into bridge, motorcade over bridge, crowd on bridge, Tuscan Star ship, liner christened, liner eases into water. Tape 15b 200 un collection

After shots of Prison riot in Auburn New York, opens with aerial of damaged prison, street pan of prison, State troopers in formation outside of prison, troopers in turret overlooking prison courtyard, bullet holes in jail wall, jail guard closes gate to outside, two troopers pose, injured warden Jennings is helped downstairs and speaks, photographs, mug shots of ringleaders, convicts, criminals, rioters Perry Johnson and Henry Sullivan. Cut to Belgian army marching out of the Rhineland, Germany, General Pouleur takes the salute, soldiers in train station, on train, train leaves, street scene of some German town, battleship, Navy light cruiser SALT LAKE CITY, ordered in 1924 is commissioned, US flag raised, captain gives speech, WEIRD, grandfather shoots electric volts thru two year old boy, grandfather attaches rod from electric generator to his head puts light bulb on his head and bulb lights up, then grandfather places rod an inch from his head and draws electricity, ODD World’s biggest rabbit farm in Seattle, rabbits being sheared for powder puff industry, display and demonstration of toy banks, Chinese men gather, man speaks, crowds, Chinese audience in period Chinese dress listen could be used for Rape of Nanking, Chinese man on wagon selling knives, street scene of Chinese villagers circa the 1920’s, Pacific’s biggest motor ship Asama Maru, queen of the Nippon Yusen Kaisha’s fleet, luxury liner cruising, sailing along, tight on stack whistle blows, bow shot smoke stacks, deck shots, aerial life boats Tape 16a 200 un collection

US Secretary of State Stimson meets ex Japanese premier Wakatsuki and Japanese admiral Takerabe , walk out on street pose, Wakatsuki and Japanese delegation walk out of White house and pose for photo op, Mrs Takerabe poses with delegation, fantasy land, kids, toyland, Santa clause, jack in the box, street crowds in the 1920’s model t, street scene, busy traffic, Czechoslovakia president Masaryk on outside stage giving speech at ceremony, military, Bishop Podlaha and other priests and clergy listen outside St. Vitus Cathedral, parade, soldiers, Czechoslovakia citizens in traditional costumes in Prague, Grundy takes place of William S. Vare, WEIRD girl takes thousands of volts hair stands on end, Ex president of Mexico, Wing slot plane tested and the Curtiss Tanager plane tested, Wegener expedition in Greenland, could be arctic, dogsled, glacier, illusion of three suns, explorers climb glacier, snow, drag sled, water gushes down glacier, workers painting toys, bike, packing children’s toys, stack of dolls, man gives doll to girl, Santa Claus shakes hands with man. Tape 16b 200 un collection

Hundreds in bread line in US during depression line up for food stamps given by priest, minister, good cut away of feet, unemployed men look in newspaper. Tape 16c 200 un collection

Atlanta boardwalk, 1920s fashion, crowds, New York City, 1920’s, fifth Avenue street crowd scenes, black man in top hat, sport, De Mar wins hub Boston marathon, runners enter Boston, official holds finishing flag, De Mar is presented with medal, Lindbergh and wife Anne in open cockpit, crowds around them in hangar, Kings of Italy and Sweden at Queen Victoria’s funeral bier in carriage, mourners, casket taken out of church by pall bearers, funeral coach, kids play on Whitehouse lawn, Hoover stands and waves, crowd on White house lawn, kid may poll, picnic atmosphere, sport, girls in pool play water polo, swim, Sport, Enterprise America’s Cup defender in first trial, sailing, fast sailing ship with crew, clowns entertain children in hospital, kids in wheel chairs, warplane flies with smoke trail & plane behind, smoke screen to confuse enemy, a dozen twin engine war planes, open cockpit fly in formation shot from another plane, US Modoc cutter class sail ship, sailing ship at sea, North Atlantic, high mast, sailors, iceberg, life jackets, sailors in row boat, Warner theatre, movie marquee of film Hold Everything staring Joe E. Brown and Winnie Lichtner, crowd outside theatre, man plays violin in front of radio microphone, Pittsburgh mayor Kline makes speech over radio in theatre lobby, various mayors say something over radio mic in lobby, FUNNY, Sid Caesar or Sammy Cohen clowns with woman in front of microphone. Tape 17a 200 un collection

Prison riot in state penitentiary in Columbus Ohio, 320 dead, state troopers march outside prison, exterior pan of prison, some convicts in stripped prison clothes, internal shots of damage, red cross wagon, prisoners, damage, new bedding off loaded, crowd outside. Lipton Challenger is christened, the sailing ship plunges into water. Lindbergh with his mother by plane, Lindy puts on parachute gets in plane and flies. Pan of fifty thousand worshipers, churchgoers, Christians in Hollywood bowl for religious service, sunrise over mountain shines on choir. Young Italian fascist boys with real guns march in Rome, they are in formation, do a quick drill with guns, soldier instructs boy on assembling his weapon, gun, riffle, boys charge with guns. Santo Domingo new president Estrella Urena, crowd in city square, Urena walks down street with officials crowd cheers him, Urena poses for camera, crowd waves. Coblenz, Germany, France returns captured war banners to eighth corps of Prussian army, soldiers and officials march in courtyard bearing flags and banners. Sports, Britain, Cambridge versus Oxford in regatta, various shots of rowers, oarsmen paddling on river Thames. Animal, Baby elephants in single file. (odd) Man feeds bottle of milk to walrus wearing bib, animal. Odd, heavy traffic on city street, camera tricks, street cars fade in and out like a ghost, people and cars go backwards. Tape 17b 200 un collection

Colonial guards escort LaFayette’s relatives, ancestors in New York parade, flag waving, soldiers in seventeen hundreds period uniforms march with muskets from civil war, officials get out of car pose for photo, French soldier wearing monocle. Pilot gets on gear,takes off, parachutes 25,000 feet to set record. Ship, tanker with damaged bow, hull, gapping hole. Artist, sculptor, carves giant head of Garibaldi. Parade in San Jose, California, featuring babies, children, mothers, floats, tricycles. Lahore, India, Sikhs vote support for Gandhi cause, crowd of Indians parade, walk, march, a couple on camels, four on elephant, horseback. Man takes prize cow with horns off train and displays him. Kids line up for bottles of milk then sit undrer tree and drink at Glen lake sanitarium. Tape 17c 200 un collection

Germany, navy cruiser, ship is Christened and launched as Hindenburg presides, crowd at dockside, band, navy ships fire cannons as a salute. Shots of burnt out prison farm after convicts set fire, scorched bed frames. Guard holds riffle overlooking yard. Hydraulic mining, water cannons shoot high pressure jets of water into hill, man, miner operates water cannon. Sport, Gardone, Italy, man is animated talking to officials in uniform, speed boat race on Lake Garda, man again talking in an animated Italian fashon. Stockholm, Sweden, Prince Carl dedicates bronz statue to pilot heros, price, dignitaries in town square, statue of eagle is undraped, honour guard, laying wreath. Philadelphia, man and boy demonstrate ODD swimming device. Kido, Japan, Japanese people walk up stairs on steep hillside to temple, they bow. Turko Soviet sign navel pact as Soviet Russia urges peace, people go into building, papers being checked, officials get out of car, delegates at conference table, documents signed, close up of pact. WW I tanks in field, firing, driving over hills, one tank hit, bombed out, tank tries to go over another tank, loses balance and falls over, tank drives thru barn, barn collapses. Tape 18a 200 un collection

Horse show for the rich, man in top hat drives team of horses pulling coach, steeple chase jump, stylish woman with two boys, horse jumper, woman smokes cigarette, Single engine plane tested in wind tunnel. Lamont, Illinois, the last link is installed in the world’s longest natural gas pipe line, crane moves pipe into place, workers bolt it in, poor tar over it, bulldozer covers it with earth. Oklahoma City, quadruplets celebrate sixteenth birthday, four sisters pose outside, sit in lawn chair and look at baby pictures, they are seen at various ages. Atlanta, Georgia, troopers of the 6th cavalry in ODD shots, they are on horseback jumping over various objects including a trooper being held by two others about 4 feet off the ground, some of the shots are backward, one rider performs trick riding. Atlantic City, New Jersey, man demonstrates world’s first rocket glider, pilot gets in glider, takes off, fires rocket accelerates, lands. Shelton, Washington, logging activities in forest, vintage logging machines, caterpillars, logs roll down hill to river. Reno, Nevada, various gambling shots, woman at roulette table, people in hotel lobby pan to STUD POKER sign, exterior shots of various clubs, neon signs, crowds at poker tables, roulette. Lindbergh inspects plane with pontoons, plane taxis, set in water, Lindbergh takes off. Tape 18b 200 un collection

British guards march & on horses down Pall Mall, King George and Royal family look on from Buckingham Palace balcony, Grenadier guards, sport, Enterprise sailboat in race, flotilla of sailboats, tanks run over houses in field, Bobby Jones wins British amateur open, golfers on St Andrews green, trophy, battleship,flags,Brazil President Prestes meets Hoover, tug boat shoots water hose, Edgar Allen Poe statue, ODD, dog performs tricks, girls on slide, German sheppard on slide, teachers put bibs on children on the bib is do not kiss me, WEIRD man on bench kisses lady cop comes puts bib on them do not kiss me, girl athelets drill, march and exercise, firemen perform drill, fire truck, fire hose, water, ladder, uniformed cadets get awards at West point. Tape 19a 200 un collection

Ocean afire; water on fire, boats cross; sailors watch, damaged ship, damaged hull, Chinese kids with farm implements, Chinese kids plant rice in rice paddies, wagon train attacked by red Indians, dust fields, Oregon trail, race boat launched, boats in water, Sir Henry Seagrave, (odd) bull dogs with goggles fly in plane, crowd drinks wine in Germany by enormous basin, various nationalities overlook panorama, multi ethnic, bible, Koran, Talmud shown, scouts give flags & hold them up, salute, patriotic, sport, Blenheim horse race. Tape 19b 200 un collection

1930’s sport, Cornell rowing team race, regatta, oarsmen, Bucharest Royal ceremony, horses, coaches, military dress, Yokahama, Japan, celebrates 72nd anniversary as Treaty Port, parade, floats, fire destroys trains, water-hoses, smoke, rubble, British rulers present colours to Eton college, Windsor army ceremony, soldiers march on parade square, Berlin crowds, street scenes, bus, crowed beach, play, heat wave, (FUNNY, ODD) bathers dance, sun bathers, play, frolic, single engine Southern Cross transatlantic flight, pilot lands in New York, crowd on runway greets pilot. Tape 19c 200 un collection

German citizens jam streets as French soldiers march out of Rhineland after WW I, Old Ironsides vintage ship gets three new masts, lowering mast on boat. Japan, onlookers in grandstand watch Japanese pick rice in rice paddy, Japanese perform ritual dance, Geishas and high priests walk in shot, blimp floats past Empire State Building in New York, aerial and ground shots, sport, ski jumping. 1920’s Senator Reed Smoot from Utah and his bride visit the White House. Sculptor makes different kinds of WEIRD masks, Gorilla etc, (ODD) measures woman’s head, (Funny) man tries on a number of hideous masks and dances, Flagstaff Arizona, 20’s or 30’s, red Indians dance, (ODD) woman tug of war, horseplay, race, 1920’s or 30’s, (ODD, FUNNY) waitress serves drinks to four men, they leave a tip, she takes money, cut to her by single engine airplane, the woman puts on pilot gear, gets into open cockpit, plane taxis, she takes off, 1920, or 30’s, St. Peter’s in Rome, lit up at night. Tape 20a 200 un collection

1920’s or 30’s Moscow, Russia, Thousands of Soviet troops march then line up and shout something (no sound) thousands of Russian citizens in massive parade some carry banners, some wear hideous masks, 1920′ or 30’s, Harlem, New York, aerial shot of crowd in street, flags on building, cut to weird woman in a trance on sidewalk, various tight shots of crowd jammed together trying to get into building, church, a woman hands a baby to a man on the steps. Sport, Iceland, ODD wrestling called Glima, various shots of wrestlers outside, they have straps attached to their hips and legs, opponents try to bring each other down by pulling on the straps, US President Hoover greets war wounded and veterans on White house lawn, disabled veterans in wheel chairs, Hover shakes hands, 1920’s or 30’s, Toledo, Ohio, bank transfers ten million dollars in cash, shots of coins & paper cash stacks, woman hands money to man who stacks, the money is transferred across the street under heavy armed guard. Weird, man and woman behind two cats with boxing gloves in small boxing ring, the two cats box, the man is the referee, one cat knocks the other against the ropes, the man counts to ten and declares the other cat the champion, 1920’s or 30’s, Greifswald, Germany, citizens in period costumes re-enact historical battle then parade, then have ceremony in town square, the key to the city is presented, crowd. Sport, dog race in Mineola New York, pan of dogs, various shots of dog race, 20’s or 30’s Boston, pan of huge crowd, army parade, fifth US infantry marches past crowd trumpets & US flags, British sailors from HMS Durban march past, Canadian Black Watch marches past, Governor Allen of Massachusetts makes a speech. Tape 20b 200 un collection

1920’s 30’s Paris, France, firefighters fight million dollar blaze, various shots of the fire, hoses, burned out building, it looks a bit like the opera house, New York, 1920, hundreds of kids in bathing suits go under water from fire hydrant to cool off from heat wave, baby elephant douses himself with water, plays in pool, thousands at beach in Coney Island. Tape 20c 200 un collection

Swimmers jump of pier in New York and start swim race in the 1930’s, shanty shacks & vagabonds, depression, fashion show, wedding dress, airplane landing on water & taking off, girls in uniform, make-up, girl salute, city building, train or subway goes in tunnel, girl washes bowl glass hat, acrobats climb pole, motorcycle, circus, waiters race, Chinese oriental children, babies, chariot race, rodeo, cowboy wrestles steer and bring animal down. Tape 21a 200 un collection

Dirigible, blimp, sport, tennis, fans in bleachers, coast guard ship nabs whiskey smuggle shipment, (prohibition), soldiers walk through earthquake hit area in Melfi, Italy, two-seater plane takes off, sharp angle, plane christened with champagne, boy is carried by fellow friends, students, photographers, Arthur Williams, President Hoover with wife at fishing retreat, girls make sand castle, fashion, women at hairstylists, 1930 hairstyles, blacks baptised in water, lake, planes flying in sky in V formation, officers look skyward, aerial shots. Tape 21b 200 un collection

Sport, boat race at Red Bank, New Jersey in the 1930’s, various shots of speed boats in water, two boat drivers by dockside with trophy gold cup. Van Etten, New York, two girl scouts laugh and pose for camera, (ODD) shots of young American communists holding placards, signs that read DOWN WITH IMPERIALIST WARS, RED, JOIN YOUNG PIONEERS, DEMAND THE RELEASE OF HARRY EISM, WORKING CLASS LEADERS, the young people load baggage on bus, take lunch buckets and get on bus and drive off. Durham, New Hampshire, men and one woman lined up sharpen scythes, they cut grass and brush in field in mowing contest, onlookers cheer, (ODD). Emperor Hirohito in motorcade, onlookers bow, Hirohito salutes, crowd raises hats in unison, Hirohito reviews troops as they march by, flag bearers. Congress honours Lindbergh, President Hoover and officials with Lindbergh on White House lawn. Vienna, Austria, woman in gym outfit demonstrates ODD exercise machine, she flips over in all directions. Fulton, New York two women deliver ice for ice boxes, ice truck, she puts block of ice in ice box refrigerator, (ODD, WEIRD) monkeys in costumes drive gas powered toy race cars in car derby. Sport, Ventnor, New Jersey, Dot Dickinson wins swim race, women on beach run into water and swim in race, crowd on beach, winner walks on shore. New York, men line up, enter building, women in employment office looking for work, depression era, police restrain one man in outside line up. Sport, Saratoga Springs, New York various shots of horse race, fans in stands. Governor Ritchie of Maryland poses with a group of kids. Weird, four guys put on costumes and enter a potato sack race. Weird, women in rolling pin throwing contest, they throw rolling pins at dummy. Tape 22a 200 un collection

Ford peace ship, Henry Ford on peace ship with captain, tips hat, US Pres. Wilson and Mrs Wilson greets crowds with hat, crowds, open car draped in US flag, car drives off Wilson walks into building, he walks out of building and poses, takes bouquet of flowers, President Wilson, Henry Ford and governor Ferris of Michigan standing side by side, camera pans group, crowd lines street for presidential motorcade, US president Wilson meets people & visits industrial site, Wilson at docklands,ships,shipyards,shipbuilders, machine shop, testing WWI tanks rolling across field, up hills, over barbed wire, tank stuck in hole. Pan, long shot of an industry with smoke stacks, ship in river. Tape 22b 200 un collection

Natives by tents on Africa plain in the 1920’s, could be Somalia but will do for any African plain, herd in background, tight shots of natives, native smoking long pipe, native with muck in a bowl, crowd of natives in a town moving in a line up, very brief long shot of Haile Selassie , soldiers, flags, single engine plane, man talks to pilot in open cockpit, tight shot of Selassie at this gathering, more of crowd, soldiers with guns push some of the crowd back, man on horse yells something to the crowd and Selassie, members of the red cross parade down road in town, crowd in background, a group of unruly men with sticks and knives start a near riot, soldiers march, men on donkeys, nice close up of Selassie, another angry man yells something to crowd and Selassie, tight of men walking by with guns, Cuba & American dignitaries together, a Cardinal, military officers at the gathering, some official making a speech, armed soldiers march in Cuban parade, crowd watches this mill about, officials gather outside and talk, a US navy officer in the shot. Tape 23a 200 un collection

Tight shot of a pensive Hitler sitting down, Hitler salutes as he walks down isle Nazis march into great hall, Nazi band plays (there is sound) Hitler goes on stage, the Nazi rally marches by reviewing stand as Hitler, Himmler, Goering, Hess watch, Rudolf Hess gives a speech, cutaway to Hitler and Nazis, there are a few zieg heil shouts, another Nazi gives a speech, lots of cutaways, various shots of Hitler. Tape 23b & d 200 un collection

German planes in V formation fly past blimp, Nazi military exercise, tanks,planes,soldiers and crowd in stadium cheer Hitler, Hitler and Goering watch military manoeuvres more tanks, flypast, Goering looking thru binoculars, hundreds of German soldiers jump out of tanks in stadium, Hitler gives a speech to thousands, zieg heil, blimp overhead, Goering marches past Hitler joins him on reviewing stand, band, and soldiers march past reviewing stand, goose stepping Nazis. Tape 23b &d 200 un collection

1920’s Japanese civilians in traditional clothes walk into entrace of parade square, soldiers lined up, soldiers march, take off hats, bow, shot of pagoda, hats on and off, samari men line up, soldiers run in parade square, limos drive on parade square, lined up soldiers, limos with dignitaries drive by soldiers, soldiers form up,quick march, limo drives Japanese dignitary in street. Tape 23c 200 un collection

A group of dignitaries tour a village destroyed by an earthquake circa 1920’s or 30’s Italy, citizens walk through rubble, cut to two couples pumping up rubber dingy getting into water and start rowing (odd), cut to a one-legged man walking with crutches that are ten feet high, then he walks with crutches that are only 2 feet high, then he walks with only one crutch (odd), cut to men smelt fishing from rocky shore line, they use long sticks with nets at ends, close up of fish being dumped into bag, cut to University academics, professors and graduates in procession for commencement, graduation, large crowd, speeches by dean, cut to various shots of a major horse race, cut to military cannon salute then German soldiers slow march in funeral procession, casket with flag of iron cross drawn by horse, navy sailors slow march behind casket, cut to ship at sea, cutting through water quickly, stuffing cannon with shell, cannons shoot, cut to people in 1930’s swim suits play at sea side, two guys in row boat go over high waves, a dog takes a rope with a pail attached and runs into the sea, the two guys in the row boat come back to the shore assisted by other swimmers, the guys in the boat caught a shark, the other swimmers pull the shark to shore, nice close up of a guy opening the sharks mouth, cut to people in traditional costumes, probably German or Austrian, dance in street, people wearing grotesque, funny masks in street, probably German Fasching parade at carnival time, cut to fire engine truck racing to a fire in 1930’s New York, fire hoses gush water at burning building, people sift through burnt rubble and pull out a body, injured with bandages. Tape 35a 200 un collection

League of Nations circa 1918 Delegates in assembly hall, arrival of delegates at the Salle de las Reformation Rt. Hon. H.A. L. Fisher Minister for Education, president of the assembly M. Paul Hymans 1st Belgian delegate, Mr. Wellington Koo Chinese minister to London, Lord Robert Cecil South Africa, M. Leon Bourgeois French Delegate, Siamese delegates, Mr. M. Paderewski Poland, the assembly is addressed by British delegate Fisher, Sir Imam Ali from India next speaker, Sir George Foster representing Canada speaks, Senator Millen from Australian speaks, Mr. Barnes second British delegate speaks, Fridtjof Nansen from Norway speaks, delegates leaving the assembly Prince Ranjitsinji and C.B. Fry, exterior shot of more delegates leaving League of Nations assembly meeting, President Branting shakes hands with Wellington Koo, Mr. Balfour, Mr. Fisher Mr. Barnes & Lord Robert Cecil, in a smaller meeting room delegates listen to the following speakers, Fisher, Robert Cecil, Viscount Ishii – Japan, Mr. Branting – Sweden calls upon M. Lange – Norway, various shots of Delegates in the garden of the League of Nations building chatting smoking, representatives from Portugal, Japan, Siam, New Zealand and Hungary sign a protocol to a Treaty, Sir Eric Drummond Secretary General of the League at his desk, Various exterior shots of the permanent headquarters of the League 1945, Geneva. Tape ii43 200 un collection

US Secretary of State, Edward R. Statinius gives a speech on Peace at United Nations in San Francisco, US Secretary of State gives Roosevelt eulogy and quotes FDR on peace, military men and women stand behind him, delegates mill about in hall of UN. Tape ii44 of ii43 200 un collection

Harry Truman speaks by radio to the delegates at the United Nations in San Francisco, various shots of delegates in audience, Governor of California welcomes delegates in his speech. Tape ii45 of ii43 200 un collection

UN speech in San Francisco, 1945, by the British UN delegate, he speaks about the future and viability of the United Nations, he specifically mentions Germany and Japan. Tape ii46 200 un collection

Bow of navy ship with sailors sailing towards two other navy ships, various shots of Navy destroyer, sailors line the deck as other ship comes along side, sailors salute, officers shake hands, US, French and British officers come on board, press corps with cameras, small motor boat comes along side the battleship, as Japanese delegation comes on board and stand in front of table as General MacArthur makes a short speech, one by one the Japanese and the allied forces sign the armistice, the Japanese officially surrender as MacArthur presides, August 1945 WWII war in the Pacific officially ends, all the deck shots are from overhead, fighter planes fly overhead, various shots of sailors and deckhands. Tape ii47 of ii46 200 un collection

The 1937 Rape of Nanking by Japanese soldiers when they invaded Manchuria, aerial shot bombardment of Nanking, Japanese bombing raid, ground shots of bombing, explosions Chinese citizens clear rubble, dead bodies, injured Chinese, victims on stretchers, Chinese with rickshaws flee, women and children flee, tight on many faces, car with US flag presumably at US embassy, people crowd train station, people get aboard, people in countryside, people in row boats and junks, long shot of harbour, white captain in wheel house of battleship, battleship fires at planes in sky, injured sailors loaded into life boat, long shot of life boat, small boat with US flag, people swim to shore, injured sailor tended to on shore by medics, battleship sinks in bay, stretcher handed up from shore bank, stretcher with injured carried thru bush, battleships destroyers in water. Tape ii48 of ii46 200 un collection

WW II German soldier looks thru binoculars, anti aircraft guns, barrel of a cannon pointing out, planes dropping bombs, battle scenes, explosions, soldiers point, Berlin in ruins, tanks, allied soldiers, surrendering soldiers walk forward in horizontal line with hands up, burned out tanks, allied soldier yells out FIRE, tanks rolling around; c-u of sweatshirt: “Canadian Armored Corp” soldiers moving thru grassy field; intense war scenes; sharpshooters, soldiers running amidst flying bullets. Tape 64a 200 un collection

1940’s peace demonstration, protesters in streets, USA “Down with war plans of Japanese imperialism” “Demand an End”; “Unite against danger of world war”, assembly at Temple University, FDR poses for photograph accepts honorary degree, view from a balcony, with US flag, presidential motorcade drives past as crowds peek from the side, then they disperse. Tape 64b 200 un collection

1940’s, a flood, lots of shots of river running fast, flooded farmland, orchard, people outdoors, walking, cars, man gives speech on street corner to crowd of men in New York, police pull him down, peace speech, anti war speech, protest, protest for peace, peace demonstration, 1940s: signs: “Want peace not war”; “Peace not war”; “Freedom not fascism”, anti war march, protest signs, Japanese fascism. Tape 64c 200 un collection

WW II ship sails in harbour, refugees on boat deck, refugees get off boat with sacks, refugees assisted off ship by US sailors, great refugee shots, refugees loaded in truck, drive through parts of bombed out Rome, truck delivers refugees to hostel, they are clothed, refugees sit at long narrow table and eat soup, refugees eating breadcrumbs, lots of refugee shots doing various things. Tape 64e 200 un collection

Assembly line workers making weapons for war, WW II machine guns at armaments factory being tested, airplanes on tarmac, propellers winding up, rolls onto launch pad, up into the sky and down again for landing. Tape 65a 200 un collection

1930’s and 40’s La Paz town shots, including statues & monuments; food market; Bolivians in their fedora hats; Military officials in feathered helmets parade on street, military band, soldiers march, goose step, soldiers on horseback, people at train station, dignitary waves good bye from train, people in town; Cristo Redentor statue, Christ of the Andes rural shots of valley, llamas, dead sheep hanging, town scenes, more rural scenes; mountainous backdrop, car driving on cobble stone streets, feather-helmet troops marching parade, mixed with rural winding road shots, vistas from this mountainous town, 2 play tennis, dignitaries top hats in street, pan of countryside, people at south American train station some eat, camera shoots from car driving up mountain , soldiers line street, parade on horseback, shot of mountains and village from train, South American soldiers on parade ground, soldiers on motor cycles with side car, on horseback, marching, people at train station, pan of mountain range, women in town square, dignitaries in coach parade thru town, get out of car, enter building, pan of town, mountains. Tape 65b 200 un collection

1930’s and 40’s South America mountain scenery with Bolivian farmers in field, model t, llamas, village scenes, people in train station, town hall with a large smiling statue, South America soldiers with feathered helmets, Christ of the Andes story shots, dignitaries leave building, get in horse drawn coach, South American building, wide shot of Andes valley, model T on South America mountain road, clock tower, dignitaries parade in street, soldiers on horses parade, llamas by river, pan of mountain lake, thatched roof huts, South American peasants, man with gun on mountain, pan South American building, bell tower, winding road in Andes with truck, Shepard herds llamas, pan of huts, donkey herd over stone bridge, cable car with tub up mountain for mining, man carries case of bottles, beer on back, dignitary gets in car drives off, south American soldiers march, pan of crowded street, soldiers in street, on marching ground, on horses, mountains, village. Tape 66 200 un collection

London, England, 1930’s or early 1940’s, huge crowd being restrained and dispersed by bobbies on horses with sticks, police could be breaking up a peace demonstration or riot, people in crowd carry union jack; bobby’s horse slips on street car tracks, bobby, cop, policeman, falls off horse. Tape 69a 200 un collection

1930’s and 40’s, floods in Indonesia, aerials, swollen rivers, poor natives, malnourished man with cane walking, starving child eats chicken leg, malnourished child wipes eyes with rag, dying man in street, Indonesian and North American or European officials at table signing documents, Indonesian officials talk on veranda, Long shot of bay, soldiers in boat get out and wade to shore, soldiers on shore, tanks roll down ramp of huge boat, tanks drive down road Indonesian citizens cheer and wave to soldiers, tree logs block path of tank, GI’s carry shells out of factory, soldier with fire hose putting out fire, Indonesian man looking thru rubble, army tanks and other military vehicles driving thru an Indonesian town, rubble, soldier gives and lights Indonesian man’s cigarette, citizens cross bridge, people going thru rubble of bombed houses; natives give the “thumbs up” sign soldiers driving by on jeeps, ww ii, Java, Indonesia shots, long shot of soldiers and tank in city street, bulldozers destroying wooden structure, tanks in city street, citizens load belongings into flatbed truck climb on, truck drives off, smoldering building, convoy of military vehicles go by church, bombed out building, tanks entering town, burning buildings, soldiers help citizens, crying Caucasian woman, 40s age, Footage of Gandhi, news of his assassination; great shots of Gandhi doing all manner of things, nice one of him laughing and playing with a baby, crowd shots of Indians, ww ii shots. London or Coventry, England, aftermath of London air raid, blitz, bombing, soldiers and firemen carrying ladders, helping people thru rubble, man carries woman from building, men carry man on stretcher, people sort thru rubble, fire hose focusing on bombed out building, firemen guide the nozzle, people walk thru bombed out area, soldiers carry stretchers, soldier pulls out a tiny Union Jack from the rubble and presents it to the camera, shoves it into wall crack, WW II night shots of London or Coventry burning, buildings coming down, raging inferno, rubble shots, people in bombed out church, part of building collapses, smoldering buildings, American soldiers do all manner of construction work in rebuilding England, Dutch Indonesian truce signed on US battleship, battleships in harbour, delegates on board, speeches, Indonesian delegation, delegates at conference in Java. Tape 69b 200 un collection

1940’s, airfield, Japanese pilots chart flight plans, fighter planes take off, aerial shots of bombs dropping, planes flying, Japanese soldiers getting off battleship onto small landing boat and head for shore, long shot of battle ships in bay, soldiers go thru bush, animated map of Japanese invasion, pan of mountains, cliffs, Vietnamese country scenes, winding road, Japanese sentry at post, road marker reads Hanoi, Japanese officers on hilltop overlooking countryside, cannon at site, long shot of man in field waving Vietnamese flag, military vehicles on road being fallen tree, Japanese soldiers on road, Japanese officers in Town, soldiers examine barrels, cars rolling thru dark streets, Japanese and Vietnamese officials get out of cars and enter building, officials in room, man beats drum outside and makes an announcement, Japanese press corps looks on while he reads statement, reporter, journalist on phone making a report, long shot of row of officials cars, dignitaries, officials, leave building, officials get in cars and drive off, officials getting out of cars. Tape 69c 200 un collection

1920’s and 30’s, The process of manufacturing a car, Model T’s, vintage cars, double Decker buses driving through London streets in the 1920’s, long shot of car plant, there is an ODD map that reads More Than Half Of The World’s Automobiles Are Made Here then all the ingredients that go into making the car are spelled out (ie, steel, zinc, cloth, rubber and so on) and the word fly behind the map then a vintage car forms over the map, the word steel appears, map dissolves to exterior of a steel plant, various shots of steel production in 1920’s factory, automobile, various shots of car assembly line, 1920’s, the crankshaft, factory workers, fenders, car body, ODD map, Rubber production, natives taking rubber sap from trees could be in the Congo, various shots of making the rubber tire, 1920’s, rubber tire assembly line, car wheel mounted on car body, ODD map again, various shots of glass production for car windshield, installing car windshields, assembled vintage cars, exterior of car plant, ODD map, gas production from oil field to gas refinery, smoke stacks, gas storage tanks, trains with oil tanks, vintage gas trucks delivering gas, vintage giant crane moving earth for building a highway, dump truck dumping rocks and earth, various shots in street of vintage cars and trucks, fire engine, double Decker bus. Tape 109a 200 un collection

1945 WW II is over, captured German Nazi Luxury liner bringing American soldiers enters New York harbour, long shot of ship and New York city skyline, close up of swastika on side of ship, US soldiers on deck, ship captain in wheel house, 1945, American evacuation hospital in Japan American soldier gives blood to save life of former Japanese premier and war criminal Tojo and who tried to commit suicide, shots of suicide weapons gun sword, shots of Japanese premier, war criminal, in bed getting transfusion being tended to by doctor, shots of bombed out Tokyo, shot of Diet Japanese parliament, shot of Emperor Hirohito walking and behind a table outside, US soldiers out side Hirohito’s palace, a sign ready NO TRESPASSING THE EMPEROR’S PALACE, 3 Japanese bow before palace, Japanese citizens at newspaper stand, Tokyo street, people in street, Japanese lined up at theatre, people get on street car, US soldiers on Tokyo streetcar, Admiral Hallsey on Hirohito’s white horse, 1945, parts of bombed out Singapore, soldiers put barbed wire gate across road, soldier and citizens in street, pan of Singapore and harbour from hill, British soldiers arrive in Singapore, cheering citizens wave at British, graphic shots of captured British soldiers who were in Japanese concentration camps, they are skin and bone and barely clothed, Admiral Louis Mountbatten Britain’s supreme commander in the far east parades down street Malaya enters building and takes the Japanese surrender, Japanese delegation enters and sits behind table, Allied delegation on other side of table, Mountbatten reads a statement, Japanese sign surrender documents, audience watches, Mountbatten outside salutes British soldiers, Union Jack is raised, 1945, Wake Island war hero, US soldier Lieutenant Colonel Devereau arrives in Washington train station and is greeted by his young son, shots of Devereau getting navy cross medal, Late 40’s, B29 Boeing Luxury plane of it’s day in hangar, passengers board plane, take seats, chef prepares meal, stewardess, flight attendant hands out trays, people drink cocktails, women enters lounge combs hair in mirror, Late 40’s, US army demonstrates Attack Sled, a tank pulls two single file semi circular tubes with soldiers lying in them through a field, the device is meant to glide over any obstacle, it is dragged over a tree, a fallen brick wall. Tape 109b 200 un collection

Late 40’s, shot of Allied war crime court in Tokyo, Japanese war criminals sit in defendants dock, Premier Tojo is one of them, various court shots of judges and war criminals, the sentence is read out to Tojo DEATH BY HANGING, shot of a noose, hanging rope, shot of Japanese war criminals outside gallows, graphic shot of one Japanese war criminal is led up the stairs of the gallows by military MP’s, hood put over his head, rope put around his neck, the trap door opens, the body drops, the Japanese war criminal is hanged. Tape 109c 200 un collection

Moscow, Russia, late 30’s, Communist propaganda, various shots of Red Square, platoon of Soviet soldiers march in square, exterior shot of St. Basil’s onion domed church, lady selling newspapers, pan to photo of Stalin, a few shots of St. Basil’s church in Red Square, May day parade in Red Square, crowd, flag waving, Citizens walk in street, a man talks to Stalin, Stalin walks by, Stalin with a group outside, a group huddle around a loud speaker, tight shots of faces showing the ethnic diversity of the Soviet Union, Bolshevik soldiers with fur hats from Asian part of Russia march and train with riffles, shot of an industrial plant, pant to statue of Marx, workers pull machine levers, crowd coming out of factory, quick pan of Soviet flag wavers, shot from lake of dam, Soviet tanks parade in Red Square Stalin waves and looks on, Soviets parade in Red Square, nice long shot of crowded Red Square at 33’40, WW II, night shot of guns going off, bomb hits building, Soviet soldiers in war scenes in Russia, dead German soldier in street, rubble, Soviet soldier takes down swastika, soviet soldiers walking in street, bombed out building, outdoor market people, mostly women, buy vegetables, train carrying Soviet tanks, truck, soldier woks on car engine, Soviet soldier signs a document from a British soldier, salute’s him and shakes his hand, soldiers walk to trucks, convoy of trucks over bridge, WW II, Long shot of building cut to various shots of Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill sitting, Tanks and other weapons of war parade in Red Square as Stalin looks on, Harry Truman shakes hands with officials including Stalin, Truman and Stalin pose, the 40’s crowded street jam packed, cut to crowded pier, could be in the Asian region of the Soviet Union, woman holds baby, bearded priest behind her, officials behind desk checking passenger’s papers, close up of nuns, long shot of boat leaving harbour, Soviet parade, communist official waves to crowd, outside portrait of Stalin, pan of Soviet crowd in public square, the 40’s, these shots contain civil violence in some European city, opens with riot in street, two people drag a dead body in street, a car is lit on fire, office building is set on fire, anarchy papers are thrown out of windows, burned out building, dead bodies in street, man helps distraught woman, violence in London street, man is beaten, young man is pushed to ground, blood, police bobbies try to stop rioting mob, bobbies drag off man with bloodied face, the 40’s small group of French people stand outside in snow, a French policeman, General Montgomery and delegation walk in snowy Moscow street with delegation, in a Russian palace hall Churchill with Stalin, various dignitaries and military men shake hands, Bolshoi ballet theatre shot of audience and ballerina. Tape 114a 200 un collection

1920’s, Henry Ford grandchild infant baby plays on blanket on lawn, man comes into shot and tosses a small ball, Henry Ford playing with baby on table, two women and man enter the shot, woman plays with baby on lawn Henry Ford enters shot, a Henry Ford and wife sitting in Model T, car dives down road, Henry Ford in lawn chair talking to some guy camera pans to 2 other guys and a woman, Model T in front of house, three people looking at model T’s, Henry Ford shakes their hands, Ford by a tree, Henry Ford chopping down a tree, Henry Ford with Thomas Edison eating at outside table, Ford and Edison shooting gun, Ford and Edison get into Model T, guy cranks it up, Ford and Edison outside city building walk to car guy cranks car, Ford walking down stairs of estate with wife. Tape 114b 200 un collection

1940’s, General Cray Commander of American occupation force in American zone in Germany arrives in Washington, gets off plane, waves and gives a speech (bad sound), Senator Smith Representative Muntz debate in office, California Govenor Warren and little girl christen the Milk Ship, ship loaded with powdered milk bound for Greece and Italy, shots of milk ship, milk ship parade at dockside, ship sets sail, earth mover, scooper, crain, digs up city street, crowd watches, big pit 80 year old Geroge Mobly sits in pit with divining rod, followers of Gandhi march,Gandhi in bed on hunger strike, fast, protesting violence, crowds of Indians, Indian gives a speech, mass wedding in China, bride, groom, Yankees baseball practise, Mickey Harris, Mickey Vernon of the Senators, various baseball shots, various shots of ice boats in Hamilton harbour, Canada ice boat races, regatta. Tape 118a 200 un collection

Great shot of Gandhi, right after breaking his fast, Gandhi walks in crowd, he speaks to an official in room, he is greeted by an official they walk in house, Gandhi poses with couple, brief shot of angry crowd, two women help him up stairs to stage, angry mob with sticks in India, crowd, Gandhi in bed hunger strike, Indian woman in crowd cries, Indian official makes speech, Indian delegate to the UN makes announcement that Gandhi is dead, people file by portrait of Gandhi and place flower pedals, Canada welcomes refugees after WWII, opens with building shot, refugees in auditorium, refugees being processed, women, children, woman makes bed, refugees in lunch room eating, close up of concentration camp (holocaust survivor) victim’s arm showing number, refugees dance in auditorium. Tape 118b 200 un collection

Harry Truman visits Cariddean Island, gets off plane, sailors salute him, official greets him, he walks down street, people cheer him, Truman is with 2 military men overlooking water, he walks on street with two military men, shot from boat looking at land, boat docks, Truman in on boat hold hat, sailors on submarine, he greets official, photographers, a sign reads WELCOME PRESIDENT TRUMAN CHAMPION OF HUMAN RIGHTS, he stands by plaque that reads, EMANCIPATION CENTENNIAL 1848 1948 COMMEMORATION BY HARRY TRUMAN, presidential motorcade, Dwight D Eisenhower with his wife Mimi, she adjusts his tie, they walk down the steps, he signs autograph for soldier, photograph, he waves, Jewish refugees on boat heading for Palestine, they do various things, suddenly refugees jump in hold of boat and hide when plane flies overhead, then they return to deck, some sick refugees, long shot of military vessel, British military vessel comes along side of refugee boat and sailors board the ship, A sign on boat reads HAGANA SHIP UNAFRAID Hagana was a Jewish organization that combated Brit forces and Arabs in Palestine, the refugee ship docks, shots of bombed or earthquake area in a city in Palestine, fire, smoke, destruction, people in street clear away rubble, injured baby in hospital bed, victim pulled from building, women defiantly lock arms together in street. Tape 118c 200 un collection

1940’s, two officials, politicians, guys, shake hands in front of microphone embrace each other, United Nations Palestine Commission, UN delegates listen to US representative give speech on Palestine and partition. 118d 200 un collection

1940’s India, parade of decorated elephants with riders in hut on top escorted by honour guard, thousands outside of Mosque kneel down and bow to Mecca, Gandhi seated under canopy before crowd, British police in India with whips chasing and beating Indians, the riot continues as thousands run, Gandhi and wife three followers walk toward camera, Gandhi at train window, Gandhi giving radio address, Gandhi at train window laughing and clowning around, a great shot of Gandhi shirtless (looks like Ben Kingsly), Ernest Hemingway standing up being interviewed. Tape 87a mtt collection

This tape is a repeat of tape 87a without Hemingway, Gandhi’s train scene is a bit longer in this version. tape 87b mtt collection

Von Schirach urges Hitler youth to follow principles of Mein Kampf, various shots of hundreds young Nazis holding torches listening to speech, Goering announces rearmament of Germany March 1935, pan of thousands of Nazi soldiers being reviewed by Hitler Nazi tanks drive over hills and fields, propaganda film showing Nazi soldiers performing a variety of military tasks, shots of Germany’s armament build-up Hitler youth marching, airplanes fly and drop bombs, paratroopers, parachutes, battleships at sea, shots of Hitler, troops march with torches at night. tape 87c mtt collection

Africa the 1930’s, two black soldiers lie on ground mount rifles drill instructor stands behind them, officer on white horse inspects battalion soldiers fix their bayonets stand at attention and go through military drill, officers supervise workers digging trench, exterior shot of building, two men walk up steps, officer runs up steps with telegram in hand, six men un up steps (this shot is done a couple of times from different angles), shot of sign reading “BUREAU TELEGRAPHIQUE”, exterior of building and man runs up same steps from different angle, shot of another sign reading “BUREAUX T.S.F” it’s also written in Arabic, couple of wide shots of African countryside, interior of communications office, two black office workers wearing headphones, one guy turning radio knob, and sending Morse code, cut to telegraph office a typist sending a telegraph, another typist sends telegraph, close up of finger tapping out Morse code, exterior of steam rollers on dirt village road with labourers digging (the above shots can be built into a sequence). Bartender pours a drink for a Japanese man and a white woman (this staged scene is done a couple of times), interior of an exclusive club, three black waiters serve guests, exterior of Africans in courtyard (various shots, man gives speech to crowd, soldiers march through crowd, various tight shots of Africans (Ethiopians) holding umbrellas).tape 119a mtt collection

Africa, exterior of house in African jungle, a white officer and a black native walk out of house officer poses, shot of a row of stacked riffles in field, black soldiers rush to pick up riffles and form a line (the shot is done twice), the soldiers sit on ground and is addressed by officer, white officer talking to black officer, bugler plays reveille, tight on trumpet horn, soldiers in trench being instructed by officer, tight on machine gun and gunner, white man could be a lawyer in office talking to someone behind the camera, door opens and servant enters room carrying a tray with a paper on it and bows (in this sequence there is a tight on his hand closing the door for a cut-away), a few people stand around a cement hut, African soldiers march lead by drummers and buglers (various angles), 19’30s car drives up driveway to house, two servants stand on guard at entrance, car pulls up white man gets out is saluted by servants he hands his hat to servant and walks inside house, men and women washing clothes in stream, exterior of house white man walks out and poses for camera, black men walk down road and join group listening to man on veranda giving speech, man hold umbrella over leader as they walk through crowd, natives in white robes carry riffles, turbo prop planes on runway with guards 30’s tank drives by, man turns propeller, pilot gets in open cockpit, pilot talks to rear passenger and propeller plane takes off, Haile Selassie talks to man and walks out of building with group, two of the group one white one black, have Hitler moustaches (odd). tape 119b mtt collection

Africa, two natives pull rope and ring bell, downhill view of natives walking up hill, Selassie walking with group servant hold umbrella over him white man bows to him, 1930’s Ford cars on truck, Limo leaves soldiers salute presumably Selassie is on board, camera pans up to building to sign “SERVICE FORD”, a few natives mill about in driveway, black official in pith helmet poses, two white officials chat Haile Selassie listens as white official explains something about the Ford car (I think Ford is opening a manufacturing plant in Ethiopia), tight on Ford Pontiac medallion on hood of car, tight on Plymouth medallion on grill, tight on Mercedes medallion on hood, tight on various other car medallions, native being wheel talking to someone off camera, platoon of black soldiers in formation drill, black man addresses them, exterior and pan of low rise electric plant, cut to interior and shots of machinery with gages pumps and pistons long shot of plant with towers, windsock, tiger royal emblem, pan of farm animals, windy wet dirt road, Selassie gets into open car, natives in white with riffles by parked train get in box cars, Ethiopian plays reveille on trumpet, train pulls away, natives linger by railway tracks, various tight shots of native men and women, Selassie arrives in open limo gets out is greeted by white official and walks into building, exterior of official building, shot of white military official, shot of crowd taken from under train, natives getting into box car, shot of various natives, at 3:27’57 there is a shot of a native woman breast feeding, Haile Selassie talking to white official.tape 119c mtt collection

1920’s and 30’s Africa, group of Ethiopians in ceremonial dress and umbrellas walk, crowd of Ethiopians clad in white walk and stand in field, tight on two Ethiopian children, crowd coming out of mosque, various tight shots of Ethiopians wearing ceremonial head dress, two Ethiopian flags waving in the breeze, official from balcony address soldiers and crowd, this is a minor disturbance in the Ethiopian crowd, the crowd disperses, an Imam religious leader sits in chair outside, tress blowing in the wind, Ethiopian soldiers marching bare foot various shots, soldiers on horses various, official gets out of car soldiers salute him, Ethiopians in field with horses, soldiers and crowd with riffles in front of balcony as official gives speech then white man speaks, the same white man walks down steps and gets into car, red cross trucks drive down road. tape 120a mtt collection

Wide shot of Boulevard and close up of street name “W. WILSON”, wide shot of boulevard showing Lake Geneva, Switzerland, city shot of Geneva from bridge, exterior of League of Nations building and pan, mountains in background, bus drives up to League building, shot of another Swiss government building, Geneva city shots with tram streetcars, statue of three Swiss magistrates and monument,wide shot of League building from across the lake, women fixing climbing vine man walks out of house with dog various shots for sequence (see 120c for more of him and her), League parking lot various, row of bicycles in League parking lot, more shots of League building, women mop floors in League building. tape 120b mtt collection

Geneva Switzerland, women clean League offices, a woman dusts a globe of the world, clerk in file room, office workers walk down hallway, workers get their bikes in lot and ride off, exteriors of League building, shot of sign “READING ROOM, LAW AND POLITICAL”, interior of reading room, outside of M.G.J. Mathieu’s education office, inside he dictates a letter to secretary, man walks out of tall bronze doors, man takes notes and address committee, committee and conference scenes in board room various, a ledger book is put down and two officials study it, a servant puts soup on the table and a husband and wife sit down to dinner (this is the same couple in 120b where she tends the vine and he walks the dog and takes notes). tape 120c mtt collection

Graffiti on brick walls and sidewalks “DEMAND RE-ELECTION”, “NO, PACT WITH FASCIST ITALY”, Chamberlain must go!, “THE PREMIER MUST GO”, “PACT WITH FASCIST ITALY OUT WITH THE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT”, man and woman put on posters “ALL TO TRAFALGAR SQUARE SUN.FEB. 27”, “CHAMBERLAIN MUST GO”, woman in office puts a poster on other man “NO SURRENDER TO HITLER OR MUSSOLINI”, tight on poster “CHAMBERLAIN MUST GO” and “DISSOLVE PARLIAMENT LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE”, in a staged scene a man writes graffiti on brick wall “OUT WITH CHAMBERLAIN” then he is chased away by another man then a bobby walks into the shot, man stands in front of graffiti and yells, bobby walks around the corner man writing graffiti chased to finish the sequence, man at street corner tapes a paper to a lamp post that reads “LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE”, man pastes up poster “INTERNATIONAL PEACE CAMPAIGN STAND BY THE LEAGUE”, next to this is a poster “STOP THE BETRAYAL OF PEACE”, protestors march in London street with posters reading “NO SURRENDER TO HITLER OR MUSSOLINI”, “UNITE WITH FRANCE AND RUSSIA AND STOP AGGRESSION”, man in street gives anti Chamberlain speech with protest posters in front of him various shots of him and crowd listening as man hands out “Chamberlain must go” pamphlets. tape 121a mtt collection

White official, politician gets out of car enters League of Nations, cut to Ethiopian looking man in hallway, man gives a speech to League of Nations assembly, over the shoulder shot of man leafing through pages of booklet showing atrocities in Africa, official sits in chair and addresses the camera, battleship at sea fires cannons, London bobbies, police holds back happy crowd, brief shot of Neville Chamberlain, happy crowd standing about near ten Downing, poster “HITLER’S CHALLENGE” politicians in high hats going into number ten Downing, brief shot of Big Ben, official leaving number ten, small crowd Selassie moves through them into League of Nations building, French delegate addresses the assembly, second French delegate addresses the assembly camera follows him back to his seat, pan of delegates in street (could be anywhere in Europe) they pause for photo op and walk into building. tape 121b mtt collection

Various shots of three Japanese officials and a Chinese official talking on patio, car pulls up under awning official gets out enters building, two shots of decals on grill of car, two cars pass guard house into compound, long shot of Japanese government building, Japanese officer drawing on large military map, Japanese man talking on phone, Chinese poster with writing and yelling man with clenched fist, medium shot of war room with map and officers, officers do a variety of office tasks in war room, Chinese or Japanese man laughing and talking to committee members in meeting, Japanese or Chinese man speaks to what might be a few reporters from behind his desk, exterior of Japanese or Chinese government low rise building, car drives through the gates, Prince Konoye sitting outside meeting with five other officials various shots, Konoye plays golf, Konoye is served tea by geisha outside at meeting various shots. tape 121c mtt collection

Bremen, Germany, A smiling Hitler mingles on ship deck and chats with people particularly the adoring women, shot from deck of same ship of submarine as Hitler looks out window at it a couple of shots back and forth, Hitler and his officers walk up gang plank off ship walk down pier Nazi salute he mingles with adoring crowd taps a baby on the cheek seven women wave to him from balcony Hitler works the crowd shaking hands lots of women, Hitler with young sea cadets on ship, Nazi fighter planes in formation fly overhead cut to long shot of thousands of soldiers assembled in Berlin, Hitler and his top officers review the soldiers as they march past, cut to Nazis assembled in Bundestag salute eagle and swastika in the shot pan of Nazi parliamentarians and gallery applauding there’s a shot of Hess at 4:15’24, Hitler walks up to the podium salutes and addresses the Bundestag, cut to outside gathering of dignitaries, opens with Japanese official in top hat then other military brass, cut to motorcade with two top Nazi military men in limo a shot is taken from the moving car showing the adoring crown on sidewalk, the Top Nazi officer greets officials in a place like room and walks into another room, cut to outside where top Nazi officer reviews the soldiers and cavalry march by, pan of the crowd, Nazi salute tanks in parade roll by, crowd shot, fighter planes fly overhead various shots, motorcade drives over bridge. tape 129a mtt collection

1930’s and 40’sJapanese shepherd brings in herd of sheep into bin, Japanese woman hangs up clothes in front of farm house she then spins wool on spinning wheel, Japanese labourers thrash hay as two Japanese soldiers with riffles look on, a platoon of Japanese soldiers with riffles march out of camp then a dozen labourers march out carrying pitch forks and hoes with two soldiers with riffles behind them, Japanese women drawing water from well, various shots of camp courtyard as drill sergeant gives different commands to marching young cadet soldiers or it could be a boot camp for delinquents, (Japanese office scenes) Japanese official at desk picks up phone and talks he does a few takes, cut to a neon sign THE LITTLE CLUB then back to Japanese official at desk and picks up phone, Japanese official at desk talking to white man an aid comes in and hands him a book, Japanese man behind desk talking to same Japanese official they shuffle papers and sign papers, cut to sequence of white man (British) walks into shot sits reaches for glasses puts them on takes them off reaches for the phone takes lights his pipe, cut to him on the phone with his wife and two kids with him (could be his grandchildren), one kid is on his knee and he lets the kid play with the typewriter, cut to Japanese man in office talking to white man, two Japanese men at desk talking an aid comes in hands him a document man behind desk sips tea there’s a tight shot on an ODD looking Japanese man who looks a bit like Alfred E. Newman. tape 129b mtt collection

Japanese teens picking up litter from street, Japanese pre teens march with brooms halt take off hats bow in front of war monument and begin sweeping area around monument, street scene featuring Japanese women in traditional Kamona dress, Japanese women do needlepoint and sew on street, Japanese women with babies on their backs, Japanese people buy smoky incense sticks and pray at shrine, unarmed Japanese soldiers walk down street, small parade of Japanese women in white march down street and bow, Japanese young recruits march into Pagoda, soldiers look at outside map, Japanese soldiers in white walk, Japanese soldiers in white in train plays with baby son at window, Japanese in white board buses, Japanese people and soldiers mill about in front of building there’s a couple of nice tight shots of cute Japanese children, tight face on stereotypical Japanese soldier wearing glasses holding a bayonet and yelling an order, Japanese soldiers walk out of compound and salute, three soldiers sit behind desk at Japanese sport where combatants wear masks like in fencing as they fight with sticks, sergeant drills troops they fix bayonets and march, back to table where Japanese presides look at the sport, Japanese soldiers training marching and running again various shots, Japanese soldiers with backpacks go into building, Japanese fencing like sport, Japanese soldiers on ground doing target practise, Japanese in white with bikes having their picture taken, they walk away with bikes they all walk with a limp, Japanese in white at veterans hospital walking limping nurses< exterior of Japanese government house with cars going and coming into compound past guard house. tape 129c mtt collection

This is 1930’s documentary is about US prisons. It opens with a guard marching with riffle in tower, cut to map of US showing where all the prisons are located at the time there was only sixteen thousand prisoners in the US!, nice wide shot of Alcatraz penitentiary from across the Bay, various shots of Alcatraz, shots of Levinworth, a shot of the prison in Atlanta Georgia, various shots of the prison in Louisburg Pennsylvania, graph showing growth of crime in US from 1910 to 1935, wide shot of more than five thousand convicts sitting outside, exterior shot of juvenile detention centre, young offenders march outside, four young offenders at reformatory walk up steps enter through cell doors, inmate is fingerprinted, inmate is given a physical, inmate in dentist chair, inmate given psychological test matching wooden forms, inmate goes before prison committee, prisoners in classroom, prisoners playing sports, prisoners working in steel mill, prisoners working on a farm, construction work, factory work, guard holds a bag that reads US MAIL, guard marches with riffle, inmates walk single file through metal detector one guy is pulled out, prisoner goes before tribunal, graph of How Often Federal Parole Fails 1935, man (parole officer) gets out of car walks up to house where a woman is sweeping the veranda then man on parole comes out of house to talk to parole officer, prison guard shakes the hand of a man in suit at prison front door, exterior of prisoners marching into jail, cut to inmates standing in front of jail cells then they walk in, cell doors are shut, night shot of guard on duty in tower, night shot of spotlight on guard and dog, guard points and dog runs in that direction, forlorn prisoner looking out bared window dreaming of his wife and kids cut to his family having dinner, camera moves back and door shuts on prisoner … fade to black. tape 130a hen mtt collection

Another prison documentary from the 30’s with some sound. A great opening shot showing two prisoners in a work camp wearing black and white striped prison uniforms, shots of work camp, all prisoners throughout this section wear striped prison clothes, prisoner cooks, various shots of prisoner hanging up striped prison clothes, he looks real mean, cut to various shots of the chain gang as guard with riffle looks on as the bad guys dig road this is right out of Cool Hand Luke, various shots of road gang prisoners eating lunch the food is slop the prisoners are chained at the feet. tape 130b hen mtt collection

Opens with shots of 1920’s Paris roof tops with smoky chimneys, people walking in narrow alleyway, man buys produce at open market, wide shot of small vegetable market, narrow alleyway exterior of run down building, cut to Woodrow Wilson giving a speech outside, cut to single prop war planes out of hangar then on field, three ww i American pilots stand by planes, pilot in plane waves and takes off, a shot of him taken in plane, a plane dives, a shot of a 20’s truck with a sign UNITED STATES AIR MAIL SERVICE, man put letter into bag, pilot talks to Woodrow Wilson and shakes hands with him, plane takes off, shot from plane of battleship cut to several planes in air cut to battleship capsizing and crew swimming to lifeboat, boat completely rolls over and crew runs and jump in the water, hundreds of men swim, there is another battleship in the distance, cut to the bow going under, another ww i battleship ship capsizes. tape 130c hen mtt collection

1920’s and 30’s, Ocean liner coming into port, two men in pith helmets and woman walk up plank walk down pier and is saluted by boy scouts two men in pith helmets shake hands, men in pith helmets speak to prisoners lined up a couple of inmates might be from Guyana, close up of guard saluting, the pith Helmut men walk down corridor in jail and speak to a convict in jail, shot of the sign on prison wall MAISON DE DETENTION, the pith helmets men taste some fruit, shot from on board the ship with islands in the distance, the jail could be Devils Island, shot of the shoreline with buildings from a moving ship, people waiting on pier as ship docks, dock workers load big crate onto truck, overview of prison buildings and convicts in courtyard, a criminal is fingerprinted, his prints is filed away, convict has his picture, mug shot taken, prisoners walk down passageway, guard closes cell door, convict opens door to solitary confinement cell where inmate sits at desk, a hand holding a bowl comes out of a hole in the door and a convict pours soup in it, guard walks down walkway, convicts doing work, guards at attention salute and listen to an officer, French guards walk down street, prisoners walk in compound and line up, some of them wear striped uniforms, medium shot of house with jungle backdrop, inside building there is industrial machinery, various shots a mining operation a vehicle on tracks labourers dig, water flows into trough and is filtered, men pound steel rim with sledge hammers, men push vehicle with guard sitting on it through jungle area, clearing trees and bush in jungle area (could be used for Bullard, Moros story), men chop wood, labourers prisoners carry logs through jungle path and load vehicle on tracks, men off load logs from boat, four oxen haul heavy logs, various shots inside a saw mill, convicts building something, prisoners making a wicker basket, convicts working the field with hoes, inside a chapel a man painting a mural of Christ and Virgin Mary, exterior shot of village with long houses, two instructors jog onto field with children and do various exercises, truck driving through high grassy field, prisoners paddle vehicle on train tracks with guard on board. tape 131a hen mtt collection

1920’s, Three men walk down sidewalk outside prison, one man with back to camera takes his hat off holds it in the air facing the prison then turns around and walks to a group of people shakes their hand kisses a couple of men and a woman on the lips, close up of telegram that reads WARDEN, US PENITENTIARY ATLANTA GEORGIA, THE PRESIDENT HAS COMMUTED THE SENTENCE OF EUGENE V. DEBS (peacemaker) TO EXPIRE ON CHRISTMAS DAY 1921 HE WOULD BE RELEASED ACCORDINGLY, two women a man and ex convict stand in front of building and pose, then Debs shakes hand with a man then Debs walks with the group. Note: Debs visited three members of his sociaslist movement serving prison sentences for violating the Espionage Act by speaking against the war. A month later Debs was arrested in Cleveland and charged with violating the same act and this very speech was used against him. The prosecution held that Debs speech discouraged military enlistment and promoted insubordination in the ranks. Debs, speaking in his own defense, argued the validity of the Espionage Act in light of his right to free speech. On Sept 14, 1918 Debs was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison for violating the Espionage Act. The conviction was unsuccessfully appealed and in April of 1918 Debs entered the West Virginia prison system and became Convict Number 9653. Two months later, Debs was transferred to the Atlanta federal prison. In 1920 a man in a jail cell in Atlanta, Georgia ran for the office of President of the United States and received about 3.5% of the vote. That man was Eugene V. Debs a peacemaker story. tape 131b hen mtt collection

1910’s or 20’s, men coming down gang plank a couple of guys wearing fez hats, Turkish or Moroccan (could be Riff war or Agadir Crisis) soldiers at wall with guns, crowds waving in front of government building, officials coming out of building and get into convertible car, some saluting, battleship in harbour soldiers and people crowded on pier, men applaud in government chamber an official speaks, a big parade in a big city probably Rome it could be a funeral procession, thousand crowd into square in front of Cathedral, Mussolini walks by with his senior officers, Italian soldiers march by, thousands in square to hear Mussolini the crowd gives the zig heil salute, thousands gathered on a hillside walk past the Coliseum in Rome, Mussolini in suit and tie, thousands in a square Italian soldiers march through them, Mussolini speaks emphatically from balcony, Italian soldiers with hoisted bayonets. tape 131c hen mtt collection

1920’s and 30’s, man with moustache walks down country road smoking a cigarette speaks to a little girl with her nanny, African soldiers lined up could be from Morocco or Congo they are being inspected by French officer, the officer inspects one of the black soldiers riffles, Devils Island, prisoner plays a drum to wake up inmates, inside prison barracks prisoners get up in morning they were sleeping under netting, inmate pours tea into their cups, one guy brushes his teeth, shot from behind bars of the prison courtyard, prisoners in striped uniforms line up and listen to guard, wide shot of prison compound, two doctors look at a report, doctors in prison hospital looking after patients, prisoners walk out of jail ready for a days work, a guard pours a liquid out of a wine bottle into the hands of the prisoners then they drink the ration, prisoners tending the grounds, a prisoner pulls rope and rings a bell, prisoners free time reading, playing cards, one prisoner is in solitary confinement as his foot is put into a loop at the end of his cot, a prisoner sips tea and looks out barred window another prisoner with a facial scar plays with his cat, prisoner walks out of building into another room. tape 131 d hen mtt collection

1920’s and 30’s, This is a film about a Hindu pilgrimage to the river Ganges’ source. Opens wide and medium shots of Tibet mountain range, Himalayan’s close on snow, photographer adjusts camera looks at lens and takes a shot, Hindus walking up mountain path and stand by water, a temple in mountainous area with followers outside, worshipers touch and bow before a sacred statue, they ring a bell, four men carry a chair on poles, map of India showing the route of the Ganges, shot of village sign HARDWAR were the journey begins, train enters station, Indians, Hindus on platform, wide shot of Ganges with town buildings in foreground, a few Indian women cross bridge over Ganges, Indian men walk up path one is on a donkey four men carry chair with poles Indians by river leave shoes on bank, more Hindus come to the river side, Hindus in lotus position by Ganges with cow, a holy man or Swami in meditation, a Hindu takes a bowl of water from the Ganges and douses himself, a couple of Hindus step into the raging Ganges, a woman puts on her Sari, a man administers putting on the red dot on a woman’s forehead, more Indians by the Ganges, young Indian boys in an argument, poor Indians in lotus position eating rice from bowls, monkey swimming in Ganges, herd of monkeys roaming in countryside, woman throws worms into Ganges feeding the fish. tape 54a HF Collection

Indian man squatting making flat pancake, Hindu woman stirring pot with stick over open fire, woman baking flat pancakes on hot rocks, family squatting in circle and eating, Indian man washing clothes in Ganges and beating cloths on rock, group of pilgrims resting and women talk, group of Hindu pilgrims put on shoes and walk up cement stairs outside, four men carry person in chair or dandy on path in mountainous region, the palace of Maharajah of Tehri, a hindu holy man walks to tree and sits under it, a herdsman takes a herd of yaks up a road, a herdsman spins goat hair, more of herdsman and yaks, mule train carries goods up mountain hill, Indians making reed baskets, the Ganges river rages on while pilgrims walk on rocky road beside it, Indian Hindu carrying old lady on his back, and sets her down, women washing clothes in Ganges, women dunking themselves in Ganges, man sitting beside Ganges praying, man with staff walking up rocky steps by Ganges, pilgrims walk over makeshift rope bridge over roaring Ganges, tight shot of barefoot Hindu walkers, wide shot of Indian town Badrinath and people in streets, Indians bathing in Ganges, various shots of Hindus, Badrinath’s chief priest the Rawal Sahib surrounded by people, Hindus walking up steps into temple, two Hindus on path with Himalayan mountains in background. tape 54b HF Collection

Rape of Nanking 1937, crowd of Chinese, a couple of shots of Chinese torture victims, stretcher bearers bring wounded into hospital, various shots of maimed, torture victims (very gruesome), doctors treating burn victims (very hard to watch), several shots of dead bodies in pond by roadside and in field, pagoda shot, makeshift Chinese camp, various shots of Chinese camp dwellers. tape ii32 HF Collection

Rape of Nanking 1937:shots of Nanking before Japanese occupation and shots of Japanese air raids, Chinese refugees run from city as Japanese soldiers approach, Chinese prisoners camera angle from window, Japanese war planes fly overhead, Chinese refugees attend an open-air religious service in one of the camps established by the International relief committee, various shots of Chinese victims Japanese torture (very graphic, disturbing to watch) 19 year old pregnant woman bayoneted 28 times for resisting being raped, shot of her head almost cut off, 11 year old girl bayonet victim, nude body of 7 year old boy bayoneted to death, doctor illustrates cuts on male victim, doctor pulls pellets out of man’s head, Chinese man who was shot in the jaw was then soaked in gasoline and set afire he lasted two days in hospital before dying (this shot was taken while he was alive, a doctor illustrates another torture victim, a 13 year old boy beaten by Japanese soldiers with an iron bar was bayoneted in the head, Chinese man shows bayoneted stomach, nurse holds victims arm, doctor removes bandage showing back of neck of victim, group of Chinese women going from one camp to another, doctor shows back of head of victim, victim’s back, Japanese soldier tried to decapitate this woman this shot shows the severed neck muscles to the vertebral column (very gruesome), child cries, a couple victims in hospital beds, doctor shows hand of burn victim, bayoneted man in bed, man with bandaged legs in bed, shot outside of an entire family that was massacred. tape ii34 HF Collection

1920’s and 30’s, These African village shots were taken in the Belgian Congo and French Cameroon, opens with a sunrise and cut to small village with open huts with thatched roofs with natives, native mother and father and kids outside hut by fire, native men walking out of village to forage for food, native women walking out of village with bags on their heads and holding infants, men burning off a section of the jungle, shot of the scorched land where natives plant seeds for new crops, women plant manioc the staple food of central Africa, one woman planter has child sleeping on her back, a pot rests on some sticks this is considered a charm to keep evil spirits away, man digs up manioc root and puts it in basket, man peels manioc roots with knife and puts them in river water, woman lays out manioc on table outside to be dried by the sun, three women with polls pound the manioc root in barrel, the root is turned into a kind of flour, the flour is mixed with hot water to form a ball of thick mush by native, native man makes straw mat, man makes a trap for fish out of vines, 2 natives in canoe spear fish, 2 native walk toward the village. tape 93 HF Collection

This tape tells the story of a white missionary living among black African natives in the Congo in the 1920’s, opens with natives sitting on ground with missionary sitting at desk, an odd shot of a native man primping another man’s hair, wide shot of natives in scantily clad costumes dancing in centre of small village, four drummers, row of bare breasted women dance, various tight shots of natives dancing, missionary behind desk talking to natives sitting on ground, wide shot of natives walking to shoreline in jungle area to dug out boat where missionary and some natives get in, wide shot then close up of canoe boat being paddled across small lake (nice sequence of shots), natives carry missionary in hammock like device, missionary meets King Lukenga (odd) the most powerful African monarch in all Congo, wide shot of the King and a few natives with the missionary sitting in front of him, close up of King reclining as servant fans him, a couple of shots of King and missionary talking, cut to written quote from King “I FIND NO GUILE IN YOUR MESSAGE. YOU MAY LIVE IN MY COUNTRY AND TELL MY PEOPLE OF YOUR GOD.”, the a medium shot of the King and a couple of his aids, natives carry missionary through jungle in hammock like device, they stop and natives start chopping away vegetation with machetes as the missionary supervises, the missionary and his wife talk in their open tent, the missionary performs first aid on native’s blistered leg, bandages a leg, gives a child some medicine, missionary wife teaching children how to read and write in outside classroom, the kids write on small chalk boards, native beats drum, natives sitting before missionary as he preaches, shot of natives listening including bare breasted women, then the following words are seen in the next contrived scene: “SERIOUS PROBLEMS SOON BESET THOSE WHO DARED TO BELIEVE. THE KING, DECIDING TO TEST THEIR FAITH, CALLED TO HIM ONE OF THEIR LEADERS.” King Lukenga is reclining with 4 aids by him a leader comes up and sits before him and the Kings words are written on the screen: “MBOKAMA, FOR YEARS YOU HAVE BEEN A FAITHFUL ADVISOR. TODAY I DO YOU GREAT HONOR.HERE IS MUCH WEALTH AND TWO YOUNG WIVES TO SERVE YOU.” Cut to Mbokama sitting before the King shaking his head, words on the screen read: “MBOKAMA KNEW THE PENALTY FOR REFUSING THE KING’S GIFT – DEATH! BUT THE LIGHT SHONE BRIGHTLY IN HIS HEART”. Cut to Mbokama then to words on the screen: “O KING, THY GENEROSITY IS GREAT. GLADLY WILL I ACCEPT THE GOODS. BUT I AM A CHRISTIAN. I CANNOT ACCEPT THE GIRLS.” Cut to Mbokama rubbing sand on his body, cut to the king. Wide of village in jungle area, cut to medium of church, cut to Bakuba natives in jungle area and missionary with looking through his surveyor’s binocular, native adjusts the pole (Bullard story), missionary drives on dirt road on motorcycle, car drives to shore and is put on raft and paddled to other side of small lake, Model T car drives through jungle road, native carries another native on his back into camp other natives go into camp, natives in hospital being treated, black doctor or nurse looks through microscope, boy gets needle, boy reluctantly takes spoonful of medicine. tape 94a hen HF Collection

African doctor in Congo 1920’s performing an operation in village hospital, stretcher bearers take patient out of hospital to other hut, natives dressed in nurse uniforms take instruction outside from three white people, bare breasted women pound the manioc root in clay barrel, tight on woman with knife peeling manioc root, school children in open huts attend class various shots, girls do a variety of cooking chores outside, natives in western clothing lay out flat bread on ground, young boys eat, native boys work in corn field, boys push tredmill and manioc flour comes out of shute, natives work in pineapple field, girls working in vegetable garden, a bell tolls, natives in western dress enter church and listen to preacher, missionary sitted at desk outside flanked by several natives in western dress, natives in traditional dress approach the missionary shake hands and sit before him and listens, natives in western dress get up and clear the shot in 4 different direction while preacher points (it’s a hokey shot), the missionary is talking to the reclining King Lukenga (odd), bare breasted women walk out of hut, three natives beat drum and sing, bare breasted woman pokes at totem pole doll, bare breasted woman reads something to the king, a bell tolls, natives poor into church, sunset, fade to black . tape 94b hen HF Collection

This video from the 20’s is about Africans and how they live, opens with natives sewing thatched roofs on their huts, shots of natives wearing typical jewelry and disks in their lower lip, woman with rings around her neck (odd) a native man chiselling a boys teeth to be pointy and boy holds branch in his mouth, native picks up spear and shield, young natives sit, men roll dough as bare breasted women watch and children enter shot, (odd) native digs in dirt and eats insects, native by water fishing, native carving meat, King Lukenga reclining with aids by him as he watches 175 of his bare breasted wives bang pots on the dirt floor, native women work in the field thrashing the ground, men put grain seeds in basket, native puts reed boat in water and paddles, boys spear fish in rapids, natives herd goats and cows, native men crafting leather, making reed mats, sanding dug out canoe, map of Africa indicating mineral wealth of the continent, natives making tools out of iron and brass etc, a camel pushes on a tred mill, scantily clad natives in field with spears capture another native, jungle, alligator by water, hypo in water, lion, hostile natives one fires a bow and arrow (Bullard), map of Africa showing areas of intense heat and humidity and areas affected by diseases like leprosy, sleeping sickness, parasites, malaria and yaws, oxen pulling wagon, natives with boxes on their head on dirt road, man standing on part of African map on floor with inscription Livingston’s exploration 1849 – 1873 then a white line snakes up the continent, natives approach building, natives outside building with black nurses, airplane lands in field and takes off, train enters station, boat cruises up river, white men at table outside look as if they are dictating to natives, black people mill about, natives pulling a steam locomotive, a native shovelling coal into a steel belly, native labourers with mine helmets leaving building, black men operating factory machinery, black captain in wheel house steering a boat, a band plays. tape 94c hen HF Collection

New York and Philadelphia landmarks and buildings circa 1920’s, skyscrapers on lower Broadway with blimp flying by, busy street taken from 5th floor of building showing Model T cars street cars and people, Post office on 8th Ave and pan to busy street, Library on 5th Ave and 42nd, Shot of Woolworth building at the time the highest building in the US then a closeup of a sign on the building that reads “BUY LIBERTY BONDS”, statue of Liberty, New York parade with people carrying a mammoth size American flag, several shots of the Brooklyn bridge, train blowing steam, people in canoes in central park, moving train on tracks cut to wide shot of train station. Philadelphia: wide of Bellevue Stratford hotel, the Pennsylvania column with Model T cars driving on road, cut to eagle on top of column, memorial in park of man on horse, a fire in Philadelphia, various shots of busy streets in Philadelphia street cars buildings Model T cars, shot of the building Lu Lu Temple nobles of the mystic shrine, sailor feeding pigeons in city square is joined by a cop to help feed, shot of entrance to Fairmount Park in Philadelphia America’s first public park, cut to a couple of monuments in park, cut to map graphic showing Pennsylvania, a bit of New York, New Jersey, Delaware with Delaware river and Schuylkill river and towns Valley Forge, Philadelphia, Brandywine, Germantown, Trenton, cut to exterior of old city buildings, shot of landmark mansion and monuments, painting of John Adams, painting of Thomas Jefferson, shot of the flags of the revolution: In 1775 Massachusetts colony adopted a white flag with a pine tree, the Southern colonies used the snake flag, the first striped flag was raised at General Washington’s headquarters in Cambridge Massachusetts in 1776 it was called the Cambridge flag, cut to statue of Liberty, cut to US flag, exterior of Lincoln memorial, shot of Lincoln’s log cabin, Lincoln statue on city street, long pan of landmark building and grounds. Tape 107a FC Collection

Various shots of dirigible, blimp, two civilian men talk to army officer, cut back to various shots of blimp tethered to tower, aerial shots taken from blimp of farm fields, an industrial site with smoke stacks, a large city suburban s, several aerial shots taken from plane of blimp in flight, shot of US Navy blimp tethered at tower, teenagers and crowd looking up at blimp, men by stacked rows if cannon shells, shots of a plane flying under and over the blimp, blimp flight crew eating lunch outside, Henry Ford talking to two officers outside, Ford walks outside holding his son’s hand, Lot’s more blimp shots. tape 107b FC Collection

1930’s, Opens on boat Benson Ford freighter smoke stack with Ford logo, freighter ship at dock with cargo of coal or oil, shot of loading dock and pan to ship leaving birth, various shots of ship at sea including captain on phone, engine room, ship seen through binoculars, rough seas, 4 women on deck, a shot of a single stack luxury liner off the bow, the letter F is lit up with light bulbs and flash on and off, tug boats by ship, ship enters harbour. tape 108a FC Collection

Freighter ship moves upriver through locks to approach port, locks close, draw bridge goes down, captain on deck looks through binoculars and through sextant navigation device, sailors get on dock from rope on ship, ship goes through lock, ship sails down river and draw bridge closes, steam shovel loads earth on train, train drives off, shot from moving train shows strip mine surroundings, two men talk showing strip mine, various shots of strip mined area. tape 108b FC Collection

1910’s, Ford peace ship, Henry Ford on peace ship with captain, tips hat, President and Mrs. Wilson in Detroit opening world salesmaship congress, US Pres. Wilson and Mrs Wilson greets crowds with hat, crowds, open car draped in US flag, car drives off Wilson walks into building, he walks out of building and poses, takes bouquet of flowers, President Wilson, Henry Ford and governor Ferris of Michigan standing side by side, camera pans group, crowd lines street for presidential motorcade, US president Wilson meets people & visits industrial site, Wilson at docklands, ships, shipyards, shipbuilders, machine shop, testing WWI tanks rolling across field, up hills, over barbed wire, tank stuck in hole. Pan, long shot of an industry with smoke stacks, ship in river. tape 115a FC Collection

1910’s, Medium shot of country road with various vintage cars driving by, Thomas Edison in tent eating with several men, at another table in the tent couples eat including Henry Ford, outside Ford whispers into Edison’s ear, Ford, Edison and three women around a barbeque fire, Edison and Ford talking in lawn chairs, the three women talk, cut to passengers being helped off a ferry including Edison and Ford, Model T cars at dockside drive off, Edison at outside picnic eating Ford pours tea, Group of men stand at garage entrance as Model T drives out, crowd follows the Model T, Edison is in drivers seat of model T, Ford sits on a turn of the century antique open car pre Model T, Henry Ford sits in a number of pre model T cars, some shots of vintage cars some with people driving them, one of the first farm tractors displayed, a number of toy model vintage cars displayed on a carousel. tape 115b FC Collection

Late 1800’s to 1920’s and 40’s Opens with a horse pulling a buggy, pan of a farm house, couple on stairs of house, man gets into buggy takes the reins and horse pulls, couple in horse and buggy, horse and buggy pull up at train station as couple wait, cut to vintage shots of late 1800’s in New York streets, women and men dress in garb of the day, horse and buggies and street cars in street, firemen jump out of bed shimmy down fire pole hitch horses to fire truck and race down the street to put out a fire, all kinds of shots of turn of the century New York streets, a bunch of women jump on a roller coaster, all kinds of shots of Coney Island from the late 1800’s including women and men on the beach and swimming and wearing bathing suits of the day (odd), men and women ride on bicycles in country, man in basement manufacturing his own gasoline car it looks like an open buggy with a stick for a steering wheel (this is one of the first cars ever made, the man takes his horseless carriage outside at night and takes it for a test drive, a vintage car being pulled by a horse, two guys in a vintage car have engine trouble, (odd) man and woman and third passenger at the back steer a three wheeled vehicle with a sale (it looks like an ice boat except with wheels).tape 117 FC Collection

Workers manufacturing one of the first racing cars the 999, close-up of the 999 engine, man on racing track cranking up the 999, the 999 races around track on October 25th 1902 Barney Oldfield broke the speed record when he drove the 999 a mile a minute, cut to 1903 and streets of New York showing early vintage cars being introduced to society on city streets, horse and buggies are still seen (in 1903 there were a thousand car manufacturers in the US the same year Ford started his company), fingers thumb through payroll ledger book, one of the first cars the Model A (it sold for $850) is driven up to a mansion, the driver ushers a woman to enter the car by the rear she says no, the driver cranks up the car and drives off, cut to a barnyard and a man and his horse then a vintage car drives by in the distance, over the should shot of advertising artist drawing a car ad the words read “FORD 4 CYLINDER TOURING CAR $850”, shots of men working on the first car assembly line, man with stop watch times how long it takes to assemble a car, assembly line workers in various plants making various auto parts (motors, rads, bodies etc) Model T’s drive off the assembly line, cut to Model T driving on muddy road, farmers steer harnessed horses, steam shovel like device used in making a cement highway, Model T’s on highway, two women get in model T, man parks model T, aerial shot of two vintage cars on very windy road probably California coast line, Model T drives through US national park with Red Wood trees, one Model T drives through an archway cut out of a red wood, a driver in a model T hand feeds a bear (odd), a family having a picnic by their model T, family picking flowers by their Model T, two couples on a beach, two kids run along shore and pick up sea weed leaves, model T drives through stream, over dirt road, through snow, over bridge, (odd) Model T fitted with train wheels drives on train tracks, Model T driving over big pipe, various shots of Model T assembly line, photo of Henry Ford camera zooms in and Ford walks, Ford laughs with man, Ford operating a farm steam engine, the farm steam engine tills the soil, Ford drives his new tractor in the field, Ford in office talking with man, Ford and a group of people outside by Model T’s, Ford dances, Ford with Edison outside shaving, Ford barbequing, Ford and Edison eating in tent, Edison gets in Model T and drives off, Ford by riverside washing handkerchief, Ford with Thomas Edison and several men eating using a lazy Susan, Ford talking into Edison’s ear, Ford walking through his plant talking to a manager, photo of Ford, cut to exterior of mansion where woman gets into Model T, assembly workers putting body on later version of Model T, Ford sitting in the 19th million Ford car, Model T’s on flatbed trucks, Model T’s being towed, an old Model T being crushed for scrap medal, the time frame speeds up to about the 1940’s and various shots of modern highways and much newer cars, a man drives his tractor, shots of suburban s, kids get on school bus, oil wells, city high rises, highway by sea shore. a 1940’s car passes a Model T, shot from car driving over long bridge. tape 117 FC Collection

1920’s, Prison jail shots: opens with wide shot and pan of Leavenworth penitentiary, three prisoners walk up steps and enter jail guard closes steel bar door behind them, a photographer takes a couple of mug shots of inmate, a man takes measurements of an inmates hands, fingers and ears (odd), an inmate gets fingerprinted, a classroom of men study and catalogue fingerprint sheets, extreme close-ups of fingerprints, inside shot of a cell block, inside shots of various cells, prisoners performing various work duties, exterior of prison towers, prisoners making shoes and clothes, prisoners getting a shave, inmates at the printing press, prisoners planting seeds, lambs in and around a Model T (odd), prisoners at typewriters in classroom, inmates walk two abreast down alleyway, prisoners play baseball in prison yard, outline of prisoner looking through barred window. tape 122a FC Collection

1910’s, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison wash up from wash basin on table outdoors, Ford and Edison eat in tent, a parade with men carrying US flags, one sign says “FORD PATRIOTIC RALLY”, another sign reads “PUT THE IRON CROSS ON THE MAN WHO WORKS THE DOUBLE CROSS HANG THE SPY”, another protest sign reads Hell is too good for the Huns, testing WW i tanks in field, one is stuck in a trench, several men including Ford and Edison at picnic, Ford sits in train engineer’s seat gets off train Edison walks into the shot and is joined by two others, the four talk by the train, seven men stand by model T, slow pan of log cabin and tents a man cooks, construction workers building a house, pan of the whole construction site where a housing development is to be started, man carries board down ditch, construction crew operate steam shovel building a road or highway, shot of a ww i ship, farmer drives a vintage tractor tilling the soil as Ford walks behind him, dignitaries get out of Model T Ford greets them, farmer hauls hay on vintage tractor. tape 122b FC Collection

1910’s and 20’s, Big US peace rally either New York or Washington, procession of Model T’s drive toward large monument on which is a banner that reads Blessed are the peacemakers above the banner is a picture of President Wilson, Model T’s in parade decorated with flowers, President Wilson and dignitaries on reviewing stand, cut to wwi army trucks drive down street in winter, cut to an army truck being towed by another army truck in wooded area, cut to various aerial shots of a large Ford industrial site, same vast industrial site but camera is on the ground taking various shots, lots of smoke stacks and huge parking lot filled with Model T’s, workers pour out of factory after their shift, various specific shots of industrial site including a ship docked in a canal, a coal bin train pushed by steam locomotive entering plant, more shots of the Ford plant but in winter, medium shot of assembly line workers leaving work, vintage Ford parked outside house man gets in drives off, this scene is repeated except with 2 men the second time, another vintage car outside house 2 men in car drive off, another vintage car parked with tight shot on Michigan 1926 licence plate and Ford decal, a series of shots of vintage cars in front of s, buildings and stores then drive off, a couple of shots of model t’s driving out of factory garage, couple of shots of model t in front of s. tape 123a FC Collection

1920’s, (domestic scenes) Man opens Model T door goes to side door of his house wife comes out gets in car they drive off, man enters house, cut to interior where he walks into a room, cut to mom ironing while talking to a woman who is knitting, two women and man leave house, mom and son with school books leave house she walks him to white picket fence and kisses him and he walks out of shot, a couple of wagons drawn by horse and a parked Model T a man does business with a merchant, a farmer pitches hay leans on fork and is joined by another man, customer does business with a shopkeeper then turns to other customers chats (there’s a Hire’s root beer sign in the background) shakes their hand and walks out, two couples in living room one woman is excited gets up and kisses man at table, Model T drives up cut to two women chatting blending into two men talking blending into several people leaving outside table, man sitting on steps shows his new fishing reel to friend, two men sit on chairs outside point and talk, dog on veranda woman comes out cut to two men repairing fence cut to woman ringing dinner bell, woman along side of model T, two men sir outside store and talk Model T pulls up driver gets out goes into store two other men follow, two farm workers wash hands and faces in outdoor basins and go inside house sit at table and have lunch with two women, cut to the two men leaving house and go back to farm work, one drives two harnessed horses other sits in wagon, farmer falls back in hay stack for a nap. tape 123b FC Collection

1920 Geneva, Sir Eric Drummond Secretary General of the League of Nations signs papers and talks, montage of shots of Geneva showing trains and boats, two men hang flags on railing of Hotel Beau Rivage where first meetings of League of Nations took place overlooking Lake Geneva, wide shot of people walking on bridge over lake Geneva, shots of various flags on buildings, flags grouped together on hotel Rivage building in Geneva, wide of hotel Beau Rivage with flags, officials outside hotel, small crowd mill about in front of hotel, (odd) two chauffeurs in Model T limo sleep one on fender one in drivers seat, cement lion with hotel in background, Aristide Briand walks out of hotel and tips his bowler hat, Italy’s representative Scialoja walks down stairs with aids, Japan’s representative Adatci walks down stairs with aid, Hungary’s representative Appony walks down stairs, crowd mills about in front of hotel, Mr. Benes minister of foreign affairs for Czechoslovakia talks with other officials, Model T’s on street, cop directs traffic, wide shot of Hotel Beau Rivage, procession of Model T limos driving VIP’s. tape 6a LN Collection

women walking past camera in dress of the 1920’s (fashion), men handing out newspapers one well dressed man takes newspaper, people leaving hotel building while man draws them, shot of camera men journalists taking shots, dignitaries in foyer shake hands, a couple of shots of officials talking, laughing and smoking, shot of Albert Thomas (time code 3:37’39 director of international labour, Germany’s representative Bernstorff (3:37’50) two men chat and smoke, Hungary’s Appony studies document, a good-looking woman journalist sits at outside table interviewing official, Japanese delegation pose for photo op, 5 Latin American delegates sit at outside table, wide shot of the executive council in League of Nations meeting room, delegates mill about in meeting room, League delegates are seated with a line of invited guests looking on, the 14 country League members chat after meeting, medium shot of League chamber without people. tape 6a LN Collection

This tape (with sound) focuses on the opening of the new League of Nations building in Geneva in the early 40’s and the last League meeting in 1946, opens with president of the League and his wife walking across bridge over Lake Geneva, cut to wide shot of new headquarters, men and cleaners work, bartender puts up bottles of alcohol on shelf, man fixes phone wires, tables are righted, ink is put in inkwell, documents are stamped, documents are put in envelop, League Secretary General Lester, League president and 3 other officials meet in committee room, Secretary General Sean Lester (time code 3:42’30) gives a statement from behind desk, president of the League (3:43’11) makes a statement from behind desk, cut to the last meeting of the League of Nations national assembly in 1946, wide shot of League building, two policemen salute, cars drive up and delegates get out and enter League headquarters, delegates walk down hall, shot of delegates from mezzanine, cut to League National Assembly hall where all League members are in session, the president calls the meeting to order, Great Britain’s delegate gives a good sound bite at 3:45’53 “The League of Nations is Dead long live the United Nations”, the French delegate addresses the assembly, some assembly shots for cut-aways, at 3:47’45 the League president gives a good sound bite “I NOW DECLARE THE LAST MEETING OF THE 21ST AND LAST ASSEMBLY OF THE LEAGUE OF NATIONS CLOSED”, delegates stand up and leave assembly hall, shots of empty eats in assembly hall, the doors close. tape 6b LN Collection

Japanese soldiers board ship bound for Shanghai are cheered by civilians waving flags, Japanese soldiers wave flags and cheer as ship leaves harbour (this with sound), Chinese citizens carry their belongings on rickshaws, bicycles and wagons through bombed out village, Chinese men clear away debris, brick walls fall, Japanese religious procession, Japanese soldiers at attention watch religious ceremony drums, horns and chanting is heard, Chinese internment camp with lots of kids, two Englishmen are given a tour of a bombed out area in Shanghai by Japanese soldiers (they speak English). tape 6c LN Collection

1920’s, Chinese people in run through street in panic to escape Japanese bombardment of their city, Japanese fighter planes fly overhead, shots of aerial bombardment, Japanese battleships off shore, more Chinese fleeing, buildings being bombed, chaos in crowded streets, Chinese people in rickshaws, red cross truck drives by, more bombing, more Chinese fleeing, panicked Chinese pack ferry boat, more bombardment, Scottish soldiers in kilts and Turkish soldiers on pier off-loading goods in Chinese port of Shanghai, British soldiers march through street in Shanghai or Nanking, Scottish and American troops file off boat and board army trucks and drive off in Nanking, army convoy trucks drive through street, American soldiers with band march through street in Nanking (this segment comes with sound). tape 25a LN Collection

Japanese battleships at sea, war planes fly over, chaos in crowded street of Chinese people, rickshaws, Soldier on ground fires anti-aircraft gun, Nanking or Shanghai bombardment by Japanese, bombed out buildings and train and railway, panicked Chinese flee, more bombardment, soldiers behind barrier shooting, Shanghai or Nanking street Japanese soldiers advance, citizens in street, damaged store fronts, allied forces move Chinese people on trucks, Chinese in panic run and ride on rickshaws over bridge, firemen extinguish fire, Chinese people crowd street, bombed out buildings, Japanese soldiers with riffles and bayonets advance through city street, more bombed out buildings and advancing Japanese, frightened Chinese man looks from behind post, dead body on street (camera angle from behind bars). tape 25b LN Collection

1920’s, A variety of shots (including sound) of a fleet of Japanese battleships at sea, Japanese fighter planes fly overhead, buildings being bombed, Japanese soldiers in combat positions in Shanghai street and behind barricade, Chinese citizen running in panic in street, Japanese soldiers behind barricade, Chinese walk carrying possessions, Chinese people fleeing in rickshaws general panic and chaos in streets, soldiers block off street with barb wire fence, armoured personal carriers roar down the street, more barb wire being erected, Chinese citizens being pushed around by allied forces, a variety of shots of Chinese citizens fleeing, Italian soldiers in Shanghai lifting boxes off truck, pan and several shots of Italian soldier barricaded encampment, American, English and Italian officers look at map, more of Italian soldiers encampment, Italian, British and American forces lined up in field. tape 25c LN Collection

1920’s, medium and tight shots of wrecked truck overturned, a few Chinese soldiers in muddy barren area one examines an unexploded shell, twisted rubble, gun turret overlooking sea, soldiers walks past a couple of damaged small buildings, cannon gun manned by soldiers overlooking sea, Chinese soldier talking on field phone, Chinese soldier by doorway of underground bunker, cannon guns in field, fallen radio tower, a couple of shots of idle cannon guns by cement bunker, damaged cement bunker and cannon gun and shells, bombed out small buildings, several Chinese people walk among the rubble, passenger ship cruises down river, graphic map of area in China, a long line of Japanese soldiers on horseback, wagons and waking out of Tokyo on their way to do battle in China at 13:37’48 children wave Japanese flags, soldiers with backpacks march out of Tokyo (camera angle is from back), more Japanese soldiers marching out of Japanese city as citizens wave Japanese flags, three Japanese officers talk on road as soldiers march by (at 13:39’29 the sound kicks in) Japanese soldiers on horseback on road, soldiers position cannon as soldiers march by, Japanese soldier lifts heavy shell and carries it off, Japanese soldiers fire and number of cannons, Japanese soldiers run down road and position themselves in trench, a number of soldiers fire cannons, a number of farm house is ablaze. tape 26a LN Collection

1920’s, Small crowd of Chinese around a truck as British soldier and red cross worker guards injured Japanese soldier then truck drives off, a variety of shots showing bombed out buildings and lots of rubble could be Nanking or Shanghai, a funeral procession with British soldiers and band marching slowly in a city that can’t be determined (at 13:49’21 and 13:49’50 the casket is seen) a motorcycle with side car with either Japanese or Chinese soldiers drives by surrounded by rubble, armoured personnel carriers (tanks) drive through Chinese city street that was heavily bombed, truck convoy drives through bombed out city street, at 13:51’51 man picks through rubble, oriental soldiers in bombed area, truck load of oriental soldiers drives by, more shots of devastation from bombing, Chinese people in street with rickshaws. tape 26b LN Collection

Shanghai 1932, Chinese citizens read proclamation on city bulletin board, tight shot of Proclamation “A DECLARATION OF A STATE OF EMERGENCY”, soldiers behind sandbag and barbed wire barrier some standing on top, a variety of shots of British soldiers stringing barbed wire in street, British soldiers behind sandbag barriers, British soldiers tending to cannon guns, Brit soldiers filling sandbags and erecting a wall, graphic map of Shanghai, flatbed trucks carrying Japanese soldiers through city street, navy men digging behind bamboo fence, Italian soldier bangs post into ground with sledge hammer, French officer talks to soldiers in street, wide of gated courtyard, French officers talk to Italian soldiers, Italian soldiers in sandbag foxhole in street lots of activity around them, shot of building with bars covering broken windows, several people in front of government building, Italian soldier on sentry duty on top of sandbag wall, Italian soldiers talk behind sandbag wall, shot of Shanghai from fast boat, cut to two fighter planes in the sky, various shots of bombed out buildings and people picking through rubble, at 14:10’53 a woman puts out a small fire with bucket of water, Chinese citizens carry their possessions and flee walking past dead body, red cross truck on dirt road with aid workers, two men pick up injured person on makeshift stretcher, convoy of German trucks flying the Nazi flag (Rabe), several shots of panicked Chinese citizens fleeing, Chinese people in holding area. 27a LN Collection

Shanghai the 30’s, Various shots of Italian battleships in harbour, two dignitaries in top hats comes on board and is greeted by military officers take a short tour and disembark, more shots of the battleship, long boat ferry’s Italian soldiers to pier, Italian soldiers line up and get inside army trucks and drive through city, Italian soldiers march into courtyard and march out, Chinese kid selling newspapers in Shanghai (or Nanking) street, various shots of Chinese people in crowded street some in rickshaws, at 14:19’10 a Chinese man is frisking people and a woman is frisking women before they go into a barbed wire compound, at 14:19’42 a woman is manhandled by a policeman after being frisked, barbed wire barricade across empty street, empty street showing damaged buildings as a result of warfare, dead body in street, Chinese people crash into British embassy compound but are beaten back by Brit guards using billy clubs, huge panicked Chinese crowd surges through barbed wire barricade, bombed out Chinese village with smoldering buildings, building ablaze, people picking through rubble, people pull body from collapsed house, Chinese medics tending to the injured in the street, stretcher bearers carry the injured, shots of the injured. tape 27b LN Collection

1914 to 1918, Group of men fist fight in alleyway dozens more join in, cut to a graphic of the world with caption “ONE MURDER MAY START WORLD WAR”, newspaper headline from journal de Geneva, Suisse, 1914 “DERNIERE HEURE”, slow pan of Sarajevo, graphic map of Europe 1914 showing where Sarajevo is, another graphic map of the area also showing Austria, graphic map of Austria and Serbia flooded in black, 1914 graphic map world showing German Empire and it’s German colonies in Africa, graphic map shows Russian Empire, graphic map shows France and French colonies in Africa and South East Asia, graphic map shows Belgium and Belgian colonies in Africa, graphic map shows British Empire and British colonies in Africa, Canada, India New Zealand and parts of Asia, graphic map shows Japan, graphic map shows Turkish Empire, 1915 graphic map of world showing Italy and Italian colonies in Africa, graphic map showing Bulgaria, graphic map showing central Arabia, 1916 Graphic map of world showing Portugal and Portuguese colonies in Africa, graphic map showing Romania, 1917 graphic map of world showing the United States and US territories, graphic map showing central and South America, graphic map showing Greece, graphic map showing Siam, graphic map showing China, 1918 graphic map of world with headline THE WAR ENDS, cut to graphic of Big Ben with words NOVEMBER 11TH, 1918 ARMISTICE DAY, cut to a freshly dug military graveyard circa 1918 pan of crosses in graveyard, cut to rolling sea implying it is a graveyard, wwi British or Canadian soldiers walking through muddy no mans land, British stretcher bearers carrying the wounded through no mans land, British or Canadian soldiers carry wounded man over footbridge on stream, wounded arrive at makeshift hospital, convoy of red cross trucks, Red cross ship sails out of harbour. tape 28a LN Collection

Shots at ww i veterans convalescent , male nurse picks up man and puts him in a wicker wheel chair, medium shot of vetrans in wheel chairs and walking with canes, doctor helps hunched over crippled man into hospital, pan of ww i painting showing blind soldiers being led from the battlefield stepping over dead comrades, group of well dressed men smoking walk past camera, three men smoking a pipe make straw baskets, convoy of wagons pulled by oxen wagons carry peoples possessions as they go through scorched earth in Greece, old Greek man and woman sit by roadside looking forlorn, shot of small Greek boy, bombed out houses, traveling shot of farmland, a pan of battlefield in winter after the war, two men pull a sled over snowy field, children stand outside a makeshift tepee in winter, aerial shot of French countryside with villages before the war, cut to woman walking down quant village street, woman organizes fruits in outside stand and holds up two bunches of grapes to camera, French citizens at open air market, pan of barren land and bombed out houses, head shot of Woodrow Wilson, tight shot of document TREATY OF PEACE BETWEEN THE ALLIED AND ASSOCIATED POWERS AND GERMANY, a hand turns the page which reads THE COVENANT OF THE LEAGUE OF NATIONS, League of Nations delegates in large hall, tight on screen of all the countries who joined the League of Nations in 1920, then Costa Rica and Brazil’s names are crossed off because they left the League, the list expands as other countries joined the League, nice shot of Geneva showing the lake and bridge, a couple of beauty shots of Geneva, auditorium filled delegates representing all the member states of the League, a couple of shots of various delegates in assembly, a number of delegates at an official meeting in a chamber, exterior shot of League of Nations headquarters’ in Geneva, exterior shot of the palace of peace in The Hague where international justice is rendered, inside the palace a court session is taking place showing 11 judges and a lawyer wearing a white wig addressing the court. tape 28b LN Collection

English commentary on the League of Nations, cannon emerges from beneath ground fires and shell exploded, tanks fire military graveyard with crosses, delegates and some military men get out of limos and enter League of Nations building, another shot of delegates in assembly hall, graphic map showing the world in 1914, graphic map showing the world in 1935 with blacked out countries who were members of the League, the following are shots of some of the pioneer members of the League of Nations: Woodrow Wilson reading a newspaper, Leon Bourgeois of France and first president of the council, Lord Balfour of Great Britain second president of the council, Branting of Sweden, Gustav Stresemann of Germany, Fridtjof Nansen from Norway, Aristide Briand of France, Albert Thomas first director of International Labour office, Count Appony of Hungary, Mr. Scialoja of Italy, Monsignor Sypo of Austria, ocean luxury liner with 3 stacks at sea, montage of trains with graphic of Geneva, 4 engine plane in flight, passenger ferry on Lake Geneva, aerial view of Geneva, shot of old and various shots of new League of Nations building, model T Fords pulls up in front of official building delegates get out and enter building, various inside shots of League session in progress, empty council room, various shots of council room filled with delegates in meeting, League members coming down stairs, journalists in press room, men stand in front of notice board, hallway with delegates, pan of press room, man at telegraph window, row of telephone booths, men at bar having a drink, men buy newspapers, people in League cafe, secretaries at typewriters, women putting together papers, two men and a typist in office, League of Nations Secretary General Joseph Avenol in office, Exterior of International Labour building, cut to interior of people walking in hallway and up staircase, exterior of the Peace Palace the permanent court of international justice at the Hague a quaint building with fountains and gardens, close up of brass emblem on gate of topless woman the fade to another topless woman, shot of Mr. Jackin at his desk the treasurer of the League, 6 delegates (the supervisory commission) outside and explain in French who they are. tape 29a LN Collection

English narration Saarland decides to return to Germany by plebiscite in 1935) map of Germany, a couple of soldiers chat, a soldier talks with several young boys, shot of British soldiers in formation, Dutch soldiers walk by, Italian soldiers in formation, Swedish soldiers turn and march, The League of Nations High Commissioner reviews the soldiers and shakes some of their hands, man walks into voting booth, man empties ballot box, votes on table, man reads over microphones as four look on, (this next section deals with the trouble Ethiopia had with Italy in 1934) graphic map of Ethiopia also showing the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, people on ship waving, crowd waving, military vehicles and tanks drive up dirt road, Italian soldiers march in field, cut to League of Nations delegates in a meeting, cut back to Italian soldiers marching in field, cut to sign of Addis Ababa, black Ethiopian soldiers march through village, citizens walk through village, men in white carrying riffles, black me with riffles bowing, Ethiopian citizens in village carrying riffles, Baron Aloisi representative of Italy speaks in French (with English sub titles) at League of Nations assembly, Monsieur Laval speaks in French (with English sub titles) to the assembly, Mr. Eden Great Britain’s representative speaks to the assembly, M. Tecle Hawariate delegate of Ethiopia speaks in French (with English sub titles) to the assembly, a pan of the assembly. tape 29b LN Collection

A delegate at the League of Nations speaks to the assembly from the podium, seven different unidentified delegates address the assembly on Italy’s invasion of Ethiopia, at 07:35’40 an unidentified man addresses the camera from behind a desk, tight shot of another speaker addressing the camera, exterior shot of delegates on balcony of League building as Model T limos pull up, pan of delegates in League assembly hall, Haile Selassie at Victoria train station in London with entourage, Selassie at train window, train pulls out on its way to Geneva, Selassie arriving at train station in Geneva with entourage, delegates walking down stairway, Selassie on balcony reads a statement, Selassie walks up to podium in League of Nations assembly hall and addresses the delegates (at 07:38’38 he is heckled by someone in the audience), as Selassie speaks there are a few shots of delegates listening, Selassie bows to assembly and walks off, shot of Sir Eric Drummond the first Secretary General of the League of Nations sits at desk and does paper work. tape 128 LN Collection

This tape is a pictorial essay of Rome in the 20’s, opens with wide shot in country at sunrise, field with grazing lambs, train races down track, train traffic controller in front of control panel, train yard with moving train, workers on train platform, fountain in Rome at night, busy street at night showing neon signs and traffic, pan of Trevi fountain, Tiber river, shots of church towers, monuments, telephone poles, hydro towers, pan of Rome from elevated spot, pan of Rome’s industries, vegetable and fruit depot, shots of various produce like grapes on the vine, lemons potatoes etc, various shots of buses, street cars, trolleys and commuters and busy streets, various architecture shots showing apartment buildings marble carvings on buildings, pan of Rome’s sports complex complete with marble statues surrounding the track field, shot of huge monument of Italy’s unknown soldier, a few shots of statues of the Caesars, tight on marble carvings on archway in the Forum, shot through the archway with Coliseum in background, various shots in the Forum showing Roman columns and monuments, The dome of St. Peter’s shot from across the Tiber, lots of great shots of St. Peter’s, shots of the Spanish Steps, several horse jumpers jumps over hurdles, polo player in a game, men play golf, man and woman play tennis, shots in a Rome park, more shots of marble carvings on buildings, shots of flora and fauna in park, shot of single fountain water shoot in foreground with Rome in background at sunset. tape 111a MID Collection

This segment is a Nazi propaganda film showing Hitler youth working in field, sharpen scythe, harness horses, cutting and balling hay, oxen pulls wagon of hay, cut to three shots of German newspaper headlines, pan of German newspaper rack, man buys German newspaper and opens page, gates close on German opera house, gates close on the Schiller theatre hall, shots of the German opera house billboard, the word Geschlossen (the German word for closed) is written across opera house and a movie theatre notice, tight on German notice about war, women walk outside to wicket and get a work application, tight on hand filling out application, line up of women at counter, tight on various women’s faces, women walking in a factory, women working in a factory performing various duties, an Italian army officer giving a speech to his soldiers in a hall when the Italians were on Germany’s side, a platoon of German soldiers march out of camp, German officers walk out of camp, Italian soldiers run out of camp, German and Italian officers mill about by camp, graphic map of Poland, German tanks roar across road field, tanks fire, battleships at sea fire at land, soldiers in battleground fire riffles and cannons, a wide variety of German battle scenes, a pan of a town, a German soldier gets decorated with the iron cross, a platoon is reviewed by an officer, a soldier is presented with a baby pig. tape 111b MID Collection

Nazi propaganda segment, opens with statue of an eagle then the words: DIE DEUTSCHE WOCHENSCHAU (The German Weekly Show), cut to miners come out of mine place their lamps on a counter line up and take shovels and picks walk down the road and dig a trench, hundreds of bales of barbed wire stacked by train, workers building a bunker, people by dockside boarding ship, pan and various shots of German battleship flotilla German officer addresses young soldiers and gives a zieg heil salutes, soldiers march past the reviewing stand, various shots of German war planes taking off and various aerial shots of them in the air, planes drop bombs and explosions are seen below, German soldiers on country road walking into a fog, tanks roar down road, soldiers in trenches, tanks fire, soldiers crawl in field. tape 112a MID Collection

Nazi propaganda segment late 30’s early 40’s, the following shots were probably taken at Theresienstadt a so called “model Ghetto” showing that Jews are being treated well, lots of shots of Jewish men, women and children on street with the star of David pined on them with the word “JUDEN”, there is a lot of happy, smiling faces but many look terrified as they walk in the street and form a crowd, at 23:37’47 there is a Jewish man with his thumb and finger over most of his nose then he slides his fingers off revealing a big nose, a feature German purists at the time singled out as a defect, at 23:42’09 there are various shots in a classromm of Jewish men, some smiling, sewing using Singer sewing machines being taught by a Jewish instructor demonstrating that they can learn a trade at Theresienstadt and they are self sufficient, at 23:43’38 there are various shots of Jewish seamstresses sewing and making dresses, more shots of a group of Jews smiling for the camera. tape 112b MID Collection

This segment is an Italian news reel film of the 1930’s with Italian narration, opens with Italian soldiers in Banghazi (Benghazi), Libya, pan of some parked fighter planes, convoy of military trucks, tanks and Italian soldiers on motorcycles, civilians with camels watch, soldiers behind sandbag barrier in desert, pilots take off in fighter planes, sentry patrols along barbed wire perimeter, military convoy winds its way on road through desert, soldiers wave from truck, fighter planes in flight, anti aircraft gun fires on plane, planer takes out anti aircraft placement, cut to Copenhagen where a general on horseback is greeted by hundreds of thousands in city square, cut to Budapest for solemn military procession, cut to bombers dropping bombs (probably Japan on China), shots are from the plane mixed with shots from the ground, people with hoses putting fires out, buildings in city smolder, cut to five battleships off French shoreline, small boat pulls along side of battleship, navel officer goes on board, captain receives telegram, sailor sends Morse code, sailors run on pier, Battleships fire cannons in battle at Dunkirk, navy sailors in lifeboats, debris on water, cut to combat in the sky as fighter planes fire on one another, a couple of planes gets shot down, these dramatic shots are taken from behind the gunner. tape 113a hen MID Collection

Andes mountain range (1920’s) seat if the Inca Empire, Opens with wide shot of ancient stone wall with mountains in the background, cut to native in costume of the day gesturing at wall, two llamas stand by ancient Inca steps, wide shot of village by river Andes, two women cross makeshift vine bridge, street scene in village, woman in market ties up llama, natives in market show their wares, 2 natives chew a leaf from which cocaine is derived, a woman and man weave a blanket or poncho with llama wool, a static shot of an old Spanish church at Cuzco which was built upon the foundation of an ancient Inca Temple to the Sun, a shot of Lake Titicaca the highest lake in the world and its two islands, Island of the Sun and Island of the Moon where the Incas had their capital, pan up stone stairs leading to Incan bath, native women lighting fires under pots for cooking, natives dance and play instruments, shots of nitrate field an important product for Chile, man with pneumatic drill, stem shovel takes load of nitrate ore and dumps it into train car, inside copper refining plant, slabs put in blast furnace, workers on copper assembly line, copper stock yard, cut to shots in the region of the Orinoco River in Venezuela, cattle herded into pen and leaded on river ship, men with oars paddle on river, shots of the shoreline, old woman walks up stairs to hut, natives of the region pose for the camera, cut to Trinidad and a pan of workers digging black earth, cut to various shot shots of Cartagena, man with 2 milk cans on donkey turns the tap and pours milk into container. tape 113b hen MID Collection

This next segment is an Italian anti war anti fascist film from the 30’s, there are no people in these shots, it opens with a newspaper headline fading into thunder clouds cut to rain falling on a barred window, cut to newspapers on bench, camera moves slowly downstairs, cut to underground bunker, riffles stacked up, helmets on riffles, rain falls down grate, rain on pavement, cut to bunker with coats on riffles, various shots in underground bunker, cut to photo of soldiers fade to newspaper headline, photo of crowd running in street fade over with newspaper headlines, cut to tight shots of various war icons, grenades, helmet, swords, knives, riffles, skull and cross bones on wall, camera moves quickly upstairs pans across barbed wire, fire appears on screen as faces from dead bodies fade in and out, cut to map of north east Italy with a circle around Fiume Yugoslavia, cut to shot of an office from hall showing desk and flag of skull with dagger through its mouth, pan across table showing old fashioned roll blotter, grenade, papers, hand gun, news papers, tea set tight on skull, hand gun, old fashioned telephone, pan out window to roof tops then cobble stones then to roadway and fade to black. tape 113c hen MID Collection

Hay stacks in field, cut to busy street in big city in 1920’s, model T’s, cut to busts of famous men who were liberators in north, central and south America: Simon Bolivar, Jose Bonifacio, Jose Marti, Mora, Bernardo O’Higgins, San Martin, Unanue, George Washington, cut to pan of dignitaries of the Americas of the 1920’s standing on steps, another pan of officials in front of building, men walking into Washington government building, cut to interior as audience listens to speech, cut to exterior of 3 men saluting, cut to a medium shot of Calvin Coolidge giving a speech, overhead pan of military band playing, circle of world flags, several men with silver spade puts earth on tree root at dedication ceremony.tape 72 of 33-310 to 87.26 series

A fleet of 1920’s busses drive through city street over bridge, pan of buffalo herd in summer and winter, band of Indians on horseback gallop through shot, 2 static shots of big city (probably New York), wide shot of black Americans in front of shacks, black man tills the soil with hoe attached to horse, two black women till the soil as monk watches with scythe, man making a barrel, long shot of woman guiding two oxen, three men on horseback pull mules through forest, dusty road with houses on either side, shot of rocky cliff and forest, steam locomotive going through country, gang of men laying down train tracks, locomotive drives by, small boat goes down canal, farmer drives a team of horses down road.tape 72 of 33-310 to 87.26 series

Medium shot of well dressed man in front of log cabin, two men drive wagon pulled by two donkeys over muddy road, vintage car drives over muddy road, vintage car pulled by two donkeys over muddy road, vintage steam shovel digs earth and puts dirt in truck, vintage steam roller going over new road, steam roller going over new pavement in winter, model t’s drive down new road in country, steam engine train coming into city, vintage trolley busses in street, wide shot of farm with cows barn and silo, various shots of vintage busses, trucks and cars driving down roads, pan of big industrial area, men walking into factory, black men working in cotton field, bales of cotton on conveyor system, bales of cotton loaded on train, train leaving city, man shovels cotton into big vat, a couple of shots in cotton factory. tape 72 of 33-310 to 87.26 series

The following sequence is about the process of making film stock in the 1920’s and 30’s, man operating film cutting machine, machine punches holes in film, film is fed through sprockets, woman wraps rolls of film in black paper, cut to men on street getting into vintage bus, pan of group of people standing on busy Buffalo street, fleet of vintage buses drive by factory, vintage combine in wheat field, grain shoots out pipe, ocean freighter sails by, tug boats in canal by boat, grain in hold of the ship, men on cold windy day get into vintage buses, man harnessed to rubber tree climbs and makes cuts in tree with machete then a shot of sap oozing down tree, man in hut boiling sap, workers in yard with balls of rubber, women working in fabric factory, men working in tire factory, vintage steam shovels dig earth in open pit and loads ore onto train cars, train drives off with cargo, cargo freighter by dock with train above, train off-loads ore onto boat, shot of coal yard.tape 73 of 33-310 to 87.26 series

Men walking down train tracks at steel mill, steel pours into vat, various shots inside steel mill, wide shot of factory from across a river, pan of factory from inside factory grounds (could be a car plant), pan of car plant from rooftop, shot inside plant, shot of busy street with model T’s, men going into building with sign above BIENVENIDOS SENORES DELEGADOS, vintage buses drive into parking lot, delegates in room go through reception line shaking hands, delegates going through another reception line and shakes hands with Henry Ford, Ford poses with delegates, a fleet of Model T’s drives out of the plant, delegates in Ford plant, man shows model T engine, men walk by car bodies, various shots of delegates in plant, pan of model T’s on Ford car lot, men leaving car plant after their shift, men working in the car assembly line. tape 73 of 33-310 to 87.26 series

Model T manufacturing, 1920’s: this segment contains all the shots you’ll need on building a model T from the beginning of the assembly line to when the car drives off. A shot of a quiet neighbourhood in middle America with a fleet of model T’s drive down the street. A military band marches down a city street followed by vintage Ford buses, shots of a stylish garden party in the Hampton’s, well dressed women and men chat and eat, cut to various shots of Niagara Falls and inside the plant showing turbines that harnesses its energy for hydro electric power, cut to a train car on conveyor during manufacturing process, man at desk taps out Morse Code, women operators at vintage switch board, two reporters rush into room grab vintage phone and read a report, man at desk picks up vintage phone and takes notes, reporters in (Morel story) office, cut to various shots in newspaper printing press, stacks of newspapers come off the press, vintage buses drive down street. tape 74a of 33-310 to 87.26 series

Shot of what could be a university campus (probably West Point) with medium size castle or fortress, group of male university students pose on steps, group of women university students in school uniforms wave as fleet of vintage buses drive by, male university students walk on campus, shot of campus church, men in bleachers watch as prize bulls, cows, pigs and horses are displayed, West Point marching band on parade ground followed by West Point soldiers on horseback, the color party at attention, model T’s and vintage buses drive down wide avenue, dignitaries stand behind head table with American flag behind them, various shots of Hispanic looking men speaking to audience from behind head table, West Point colour party raises flags on parade ground. tape 74a of 33-310 to 87.26 series

In this segment circa 1950, American high school students watch a Nazi documentary, various shots of Nazis beating people and dragging them off, shots of Jews, dead and alive in concentration camps, shots of German industry, marching Nazis as Hitler salutes them, German soldiers fire giant cannons, a building ablaze, bombed out buildings, various shots of refugees, a man spoons garbage on road and eats it, classroom shot of American students, students in hall, students walking on campus. The next segment is a dramatization dealing with the environment circa 1950, wide shot of manufacturing plant, shot of a waste pipe pouring liquid into bay, shots of a fleet of shrimp boats fishing, two scenes of fishermen hoisting net of shrimp and dump it on board, man shovels small catch and shakes his head, fisherman walks down pier talks to another fisherman and they join a group of angry fishermen meeting on the wharf, man pours liquid from plant waste pipe into jar, man pours chemical into jar of waste water, waste water turns color, man shows jar of polluted water to group of fishermen, three fishermen enter plant and meet manager, the four men are animated in debate. tape 74b of 33-310 to 87.26 series

This segment consists of beauty shots of Alaska in the 1920s and 1930s, opens with a cruise ship sailing down a river, pan of mountain range taken from ship, man on ship deck points, ship is in Tongas Narrows leading to Kitchikan, shot of fishing village and fishing boats taken from ship, pan down a totem pole, pan of fishing boats in harbour, fishermen pull net filled with salmon from water and dump them on deck, fishermen fork the salmon down a shoot, shots of Mount St. Ellas range (18,024 feet above sea level, a ship by the dock on the Copper River in Cordova is loaded with supplies, cut to shots taken from a moving train of wilderness, river, mountain ranges, Child’s Glacier 300 feet high and a mile wide, train crosses the Copper River and there is a shot of the Chugach mountains, the train winds its way through more Alaskan wilderness, a shot of Thunder Creek and the water falls, just past Point Pellew and a shot of Columbia glacier, various shots taken from land of great herds of seals on shore and in water, a mass of ice from the Columbia glacier falls into the sea, a herd of caribou swimming in a river and getting to shore, a ship is offloading at Seward, shot of a steam locomotive roaring down the track with mountain range in background, a long shot of the Loop train ride, a shot of the Spencer glacier, train bridge spans deep valley, pan down mountain to stream cascading over rocks, man shaking hands and greeting visitors to Mount McKinley, shot of Mt. McKinley 20, 300 ft. above sea level, sheep on cliffs, shots taken from air plane of Mt. Foraker 17,000 ft. and Mt. Russell 11,600 ft., shot of squirrel or chip monk staring at camera, static shots of Alaskan mountains, herd of caribou graze in Mt. McKinley National Park, huge shovel gathers earth as miners pan for gold in Fairbanks, Model T drives on the Richardson Trail the Alaska’s principal highway, native Alaskan Indians with dog sleds mushing through snow. tape ii49 of 33-310 to 87.26 series

This segment features a US army officer standing in front of a map of southern Europe and North Africa explaining the effectiveness of dropping leaflets on Sicily. The leaflets were the main reason for destroying the morale of Italian soldiers. He also explains the US strategy of intelligence gathering in Sicily. He talks about the role his propaganda pamphlets played in a few successful military campaigns. His talk is interrupted a couple of times with shots of planes dropping the leaflets, people on the ground picking them up and reading. He also characterizes the German soldier as being weird and stupid. ii50 of ii49 of 33-310 to 87.26 series

GREAT WWII SHOTS, opens in the winter of 1944 on the eastern front with Russian soldiers firing artillery at the Germans, German soldiers wave white flag and file out of building, battalions of Germans with white flags, cut to aerial shot of military armada crossing the English channel on D Day, shots of US, Canadian and British soldiers landing on the beach on D Day, allied tanks and soldiers in French coastal town fighting the Germans, hoards of captured German soldiers being marched into a camp, cut to the famous shots of Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin at their historical meeting in Yalta in 1945, victorious Russian and American soldiers meeting at the river Elbe, cut to the Nazi Swastika being blown up on top of the Reichstag, aerial shots of bombed Brandenburg gate and bombed out Berlin, German representatives sign the official unconditional surrender, cut to the summer of 1945 in Potsdam, US president Truman, Churchill and Stalin meet to clarify and implement agreements reached at Yalta. tape 55 of 33-310 to 87.26

The war in the Pacific and Iwo Jima, various battle scene shots of navel ships firing upon shoreline, ground troops firing, the shot of US soldiers planting the US flag and the most famous shot of WW II, aerial shots of bombed out Tokyo, September 1945 various shots on board a US battleship in Tokyo Bay Tokyo signs the unconditional surrender, General MacArthur speaks to all on board. Cut to various shots in various countries of huge crowds celebrating the end of ww ii. Cut to exterior of UN building in San Francisco where 50 nations sign the UN charter, several shots of hands signing a document with the following country names seen in the shot: China, Iran, Ethiopia, Liberia, Turkey El Salvador. Harry Truman gets out of car and enters building with Russian Foreign Minister Molotov behind him, UN delegates from the big 5, China, Russia, the US, Great Britain and France sign the bill of human rights as Truman looks on. Shots of US soldiers getting off boat returning , happy US soldiers coming out of building all waving envelops.tape 55 of 33-310 to 87.26

Graphic showing US troop strength in May 1945 (12,294,713) and May 1947 (1,634,142), shot of mothballed US submarines, ships and fighter planes, a number of US planes are rigged with explosives and purposely blown up, stacks of crushed jeeps and armoured personal carriers, cut to scenes in a steel mill where weapons of war are melted down, various manufacturing industries: tractors, refrigerators, appliances, car tires, car assembly line. Cut to the United Nations Security Council where the Russian delegation led by Gromyko walks out in a huff, exterior shot of a elegant European government building, interior shot of delegates from 16 European nations meeting at huge conference table. It is here where US Secretary of State George Marshall launches the Marshall plan. Graphic of map showing the Soviet Union gobbling up eastern Europe. tape 55 of 33-310 to 87.26

Cut to dock where trucks, a train locomotive, containers, construction caterpillar and various other good are loaded onto a ship, a European farmer drives a Massey Harris tractor in countryside, construction site in European city, European construction workers laying bricks, man climbing over gate in East Berlin as the Berlin blockade begins, angry crowd in East Berlin, goods piled up in East Berlin train station, no mans land between east and west Berlin, trucks carrying goods lined up on highway, truck driver points to his leaking truck carrying perishable goods, US soldiers loading foodstuffs on truck, planes takes off thus starting the Berlin air lift, various shots inside the plane, the plane lands and the ground crew off loads foodstuffs, the Soviets life the blockade, night shot of trainload of soldiers hanging out window. Cut to Eastern European citizens running up hill in forest escaping Soviet dominated eastern Europe. tape 55 of 33-310 to 87.26

Cut to shot of graphic map showing Manchuria Korea and Japan, cut to the number 38 written on dirt road indicating the division of the 2 Koreas, cut to US government building, cut to committee in session, cut to US soldiers carrying their kit bags and boarding a train, train takes off, cut to a couple of shots of Seoul south Korea, cut to a forest on fire, south Korean soldiers march on street, military truck with south Korean soldiers on board, Korean soldiers in trench and firing guns, Korean civilian refugees on the move, UN conference in session, delegates raise hands and vote, Douglas MacArthur accepts UN Flag, aerial shot of Bay in Seoul and US battleship, US soldiers walk down dirt road, various Battlefield shots of US soldiers fighting in Korea, more shots of US soldiers getting on train, a brigade of Canadian soldiers march in Ottawa street, a tight shot of the maple leaf on soldiers arm, soldiers from the Netherlands march, Australian soldiers stand at attention, British navy soldiers board ship, Australians board ship at night, Korean soldiers march on parade ground, shot of UN security council in session, graphic of a spinning world with flags of 40 countries flashing. tape 55 of 33-310 to 87.26

This segment shows the oil fields in Germany and France shot in the early 1930’s. It opens with the Wietze oil field near Hanover, Germany. Pan of oil rigs pumping, oil drill rig covered in case of bad weather, team of horses pulls haying machine in field, pan of the Celle oil field in forest area in Germany, oil storage tanks. Pan of the Pechelbronn oil field north of Strasbourg in the Alsace, France, oil drill, static shot of drill site, pan of the oil refinery near Pechelbronn, static shot of the water tank, pan the Havre the main oil sea port in France, oil tankers and oil storage tanks, barrels of oil on dock, crain hoists oil barrels, barge sailing down the Seine in Paris, vintage truck with cargo of oil barrels drives on Paris street, team of horses pull wagon carrying oil barrels through Paris street, vintage oil truck drive by. tape ii16 of 33-310 to 87.26

This segment opens with a wide shot of the League of Nations building in Geneva Switzerland in 1946 the year it dissolved itself, delegates assemble in League Hall, hand shaking, the Assembly in session, flashback shots of when the League was formed right after ww i with the then Assembly in session, cut to dark cloudy sky, cut to government building in Moscow, steam locomotive pulls into Moscow train yard in winter locks on to other train cars and a women hooks them up, Russian man blows whistle and train engineer looks out of engine room, the steam train pulls away carrying a cargo of pipes, short pan of Moscow suburb in winter, cut to women buying bread and sausage in small Moscow store, inside Russian factory as women seamstresses make clothes, picture of Stalin on wall, inside another factory with various shots of Russian men making shoes, pictures of Lenin and Stalin on wall, people walking on Moscow street, women walk into dress shop. tape ii17 of ii16 of 33-310 to 87.26

This segment shows oil fields in Italy and beauty shots in Venice, Hungary, and Rumania, shot in the 1920’s. Opens with a pan of the Naples sea port with tankers and Mt. Vesuvius in the background, pan of the Villleja oil field south of the river Po, pan of the Montechino oil field in forest area, pan of the Cento pozzi oil field on beautiful Italian hillside, shot of oil storage tank by covered drill at Salsomaggiore, cut to nice shot of the Rialto bridge in Venice as gondolier paddles by, nice shot of the Ca’d’oro palace on the Grand Canal in Venice as gondolier paddles by, a nice shot of the entrance to Piazza San Marco from the Grand Canal with the Campanile on the left the Doge’s palace on the right an example of medieval architecture, a nice shot of the church of San Marco taken in San Marco square, shot taken from the Grand canal of the Sighs bridge connecting the Ducal Palace and the prison, very nice shots of gondoliers paddling on lagoons and going under bridges. tape 0.017 of 33-310 to 87.26

Cut to Mezokovesa, near Budapest Hungary in the 1920’s, an open air market, two Hungarian policemen walk by, women in typical dress of the day buy vegetables, Hungarian peasant girls wear traditional costumes, a priest is in the shot, Hungarians in traditional costumes dance, even the men are wearing dresses. A mill with a paddle wheel beside it anchored in the Danube grinds grain. Several oil barges sailing down the Danube with hills in background, a vintage two stack barge on the Danube. tape 0.017 of 33-310 to 87.26

Cut to dockside in Russe, Bulgaria, passengers disembark. Shot of oil port of Giurgiu, Rumania, pan of an army camp in Rumania, several men sitting around talking and having a smoke, three fishermen sitting on shore sew a fishnet, gypsies eat under a makeshift lean-to, Shots of a Rumanian wedding, people wearing traditional costumes dancing in a circle, zoom in to violinist and guitar player, medium shot of dancers, a horse drawn wagon carrying a load of reeds goes through village, a shot villagers weaving, a horse drawn wagon enters village near the Danubian swamps near Bucharest, shots of bee hives housed in the hollow of trees, a oil tanker train driving into train yard in Ploesti, Rumania, pan of oil rigs on hilly terrain in Moreni in the Prahova district Rumania’s largest oil field, man carrying wicker basket up hill, team of oxen pulling heavy cargo up muddy hill into oil camp, shot of workers in oil camp, team of horses pulls long tree, worker buys food from a man on muddy roadside in oil camp, shot of oil gushing out of ground, another shot of oil rigs on hillside, gypsy woman washes clothes in dug out tree in tent camp, gypsy man sits as three gypsy women talk and smoke, pan of oil rigs at Baicoi and Bustenari, two shots of a hand dug oil well as a horse on a pulley raises a bucket of oil from the pit, a worker tips the bucket and oil runs down a trough, five women screwing an oil pipe into ground under a rig as men look on. tape 0.017 of 33-310 to 87.26

This 27 minute tape, in color with sound, follows a 1967 anti Viet Nam war protest in Los Angeles from dawn to night time, it opens with an early morning shot of office building with US flag fluttering in the breeze, pan to sign on hotel CENTURY PLAZA, limo in front of hotel, pan down hotel, medium shot of hotel with street sign AVENUE OF THE STARS in foreground, motorcade of LA policemen on motorcycles, various shots of LA police forming up in parking lot across the street form Century Plaza hotel, cop going over map with colleagues, sign reads POLICE PERSONNEL REPORT HERE, couple of cops on motorcycles drive out of lot, camera man as passenger takes shots from moving motorcycle, shot of two carrying signs supporting Lyndon Johnson, anti Viet Nam war protestors carrying signs on sidewalk on their way to peace rally, a reporter interviews a man on the street, a neo Nazi with a swastika armband yells at protestors “You scum ..they’re killing my white brothers” then the cops come and take him away, a cop on a bullhorn yells out a few orders of which one of them is “I command you to disperse”, things start turning ugly as protestors defiantly sit down, cops manhandle protestors and drag them off to the paddy wagon, press photographers are there recording all the action, protestors heard singing We Shall Overcome, cops with Billy sticks walk in formation toward crowd of anti war activists, camera walks through assembled crowd carrying protest signs, cops roughing up protestors from crowd and dragging them off, a long pan and various shots of more protestors on sidewalk with the cops on the other side, protest march gets bigger as crowd goes to Century Plaza, inside the hotel medium and tight shots of Lyndon Johnson in a tux with his daughter and a group of officials, the protest crowd swells as they chant anti war slogans, cops are still trying to disperse the crowd but they are too overwhelmed by the numbers. tape 24 of 33-310 to 87.26

This film is about Ernest Shackleton’s last Antarctic expedition in 1922. It opens with a pointer on a map showing the route he took. Cut to Shackleton SOC, a shot of his ship The Quest passing the Aquitania luxury liner, aerial view of the Quest leaving Southampton, various sea shots, a shot from The Quest of La France the world’s largest sailing ship at the time, a shot of St. Paul’s rocks in the middle of the ocean, shots on the rocks of birds and crabs including the Booby bird, porpoises in front of ship, a porpoise is harpooned and hoisted on board, shots of albatrosses on St. Georges Island, Shackleton beside an albatross, various shots of Albatrosses flying and nesting, various shots of penguins. tape 75a 200 to 490 series

Penguins sitting in nests as a penguin goes from nest to nest stealing grass to build his own nest, a herd of sea elephants on shore with mouths open, birds flying low over sea, a herd of whales swim by, a gunner on the bow of the ship harpoons a whale, a shot of the rope tugging the whale, the wale is brought along side the boat and the crew cuts the fins off, a flag is attached to the dead floating whale so the crew can come back for it later, the crew takes of to kill another whale and brings the carcass alongside, shot of mountainous Elephant Island, shots of 200 foot high icebergs, ship cuts thru ice floes. tape 75b 200 to 490 series

This segment follows an expedition in Antarctica led by Ernest Shackleton in 1922. It opens with ice floes in rough seas, shots of the ships bow breaking ice and navigating through ice floes, deck crew with sledge hammers breaking ice off ships’ railing, wide shot taken from an ice floe of Shackleton’s the turn of the century ship The Quest, side shot of ship docked by ice as crew puts ice blocks in wicker basket and hoists it on board, three crew members drop a line down a bored hole in ice to get a depth reading, another nice shot taken from an ice floe of the ship sailing through the ice, shots from the ship of seals on ice floes, shots of big fish, shots of rough seas, crew member climbs up mast of ship, man and woman on Ascension island in the south Atlantic, they walk through a natural bird habitat, various shots of hundreds of thousands of a variety birds flying, pecking and perching, pan down Shackleton’s log book, seven crew members trudge through snow and lay a wreath at Shackleton’s grave, there is a makeshift inscription that reads: SIR ERNEST SHACKLETON, EXPLORER, DIED HERE JAN. 5, 1922, ERECTED BY HIS COMRADES. He is buried in the Gritviken cemetery at the entrance of King Edward Cove, South Georgia Island. tape 76a 200 to 490 series

This segment from the 1920’s focuses on Shanghai, China, Japan and Fort William McKinley in Rizal, Philippine Islands, opens with a pan of large crowd catching leaflets falling from the sky, cut to a busy dockside, a crowd of men is so thick that a man is crawling on top of their heads as they cram getting into a building as soldiers march through street, British soldiers try to contain the crowd, crowd of Chinese men huddle together and eat, Chinese man give speech to flag waving crowd, parade of Chinese people march through street as straw hat waving crowd cheers them. Cut to Japan, opens with a medium shot of a giant statue of Buddha at the Kamakura shrine shot in forested area, medium shot of several people at the base of the statue, a wide shot of a temple at Kyoto where 6000 women gave their hair to make a rope that hoisted the temple’s beams, worshipers approach temple, pan of the temple’s beam, medium shot of the rope of human hair, head shot of Japanese woman from behind and front. 76b 200 to 490 series

Graphic of map showing Japan’s territorial expansion in the region from 1894 including Manchuria, Japanese soldiers marching in parade square, soldiers in parade square lift cannons from horse drawn wagons and set them up, Japanese soldiers in field on military exercise, soldiers on horse back on manoeuvres, Japanese Emperor Hirohito salutes from reviewing stand, soldiers in trench, smoke screens on river shields an army crossing, soldiers wading out of the river to the bank, soldiers paddling life raft as Hirohito looks on, soldiers paddle military boats across river, shots of the Imperial Japanese Military Academy in Tokyo, cadets with face guards practise martial arts with sticks, soldiers in exercise area jump over hurdles, run across logs over ditch, climb up steep wall, children at a military school in Kobe being taught to fight, various shots of the kids practising martial arts with sticks, Japanese navy sailors in white march in field, replica of Japanese battleship in foreground in classroom with navy students listening to lecture, a young Hirohito in uniform on deck of battleship Katori, battleship fires cannons at practise target in sea, Hirohito’s entire naval forces assemble for his review in 1927, Hirohito walks up gang plank to battleship Matsu, shots of battleship firing cannons, people from dockside wave as Japanese battleships sail by, battleship with angled stack and pagoda-like foremast sails by, wide shot of Japanese battleship flotilla taken from the air.76b 200 to 490 series

Fort William McKinley in Rizal, Philippine Islands American soldiers march on parade grounds, color party, military band, Bontoc Philippine scout soldiers perform Bontoc war dance, scantily clad Bontoc natives carry spears and shields and bang on drums, Ifugoa Philippine scout soldiers perform Ifugoa war dance, scantily clad Ifugoa natives threaten with tomahawks while other natives dance and beat on drums. tape 76b 200 to 490 series

1910’s or early 1920’s. This tape opens with a giant logs being hoisted on a flat bed rail car and loggers stand on logs as steam engine train pulls away, cut to shots of a coast line taken from a moving boat, pan of busy dock in India, oxen pulling carts, horse drawn carriages, labourers, busy street in Indian city, men wearing turbans, women all covered up, men selling tin objects on street, men walking up stairs entering into temple, pan of courtyard showing statues, mini temples, cut to oxen in water pulling load of straw, cut to horse regiment of British soldiers leading the way for a viceroy and his wife in horse drawn carriage followed by Indian soldiers on horseback, cut to crowded street as Indian men carry giant temple-like structures in a religious like parade, men dance in street, hundreds of men cram going up steps into temple, Indians put a body on a funeral pyre and set it afire, Indian men by pool wash their face in a ritual fashion, several decorated elephants walk by with covered seats on their back. tape 88a 200 to 490 series

This segment opens with a street scene in an Egyptian village as men on donkeys ride down dirt road and pass market, cut to man as he performs a pantomime with an another man dressed in an elephants costume it’s a comedy and the elephant dances after the show the actors take a bow, cut to sail boats of the 1910’s period sailing on the Nile, cut to Venice, Italy and a shot taken from a moving boat of the famous strip on either side of San Marco square, cut back to India as three men mount their elephants (watch out, one elephant is starting to get an errection), they ride off by river, next shot the elephants frolic in the river blowing water out of their trunks, Indian riders make their elephants lie down in the water, cut to somewhere in North America where several row boats with well dressed men and women crowd into a lock, the lock doors open they row out and several more row boats enter and lock doors close, shot of crowded dock side with single steam stack pleasure boats, lots of well dressed people in clothing from the 1910’s or early 20’s. tape 88b 200 to 490 series

Opens with a moving shot from a boat of a canal in 1920’s Venice, cut to pan of interior of the Coliseum in Rome then pan of exterior of Coliseum and back inside for another interior pan, cut to the Grand canal in Venice then to other canal shots with gondolas, cut to Japan, 1920’s or 30’s and 16 Sumo wrestlers on a wrestling ring surrounded by audience, the Sumo wrestlers go through a number of traditional Japanese rituals, then two almost naked Sumos wrestle. Cut to a number of motor boats in a bay in Italy as they form up and race. tape 89a 200 to 490 series

This next segment features all manner of shots of a fox hunt in the English countryside in the 1920’s. It opens with fox hounds joining gentlemen and ladies on their horses as they canter through an English village to the countryside and the chase begins, we see a few deer, over hill and vale the dogs and horses gallop until the dogs surround a deer in a river, the poor deer butts the dogs with his antlers and runs off, unfortunately he goes in the direction of a hunter with a gun, cut to men off loading a dead deer from a row boat and tallyho the hunters are off again hopefully to get a fox this time. The final segment contains all manner of shots of a steeplechase race at Ascot in England circa 1918, men are wearing top hat and tails and women wear long gowns and big hats and hold parasols, cut to the odds board, finally the steeplechase begins, horses race, jump over bushes, ponds and fences, a few horses fall. tape 89b 200 to 490 series

This segment from the late 1910’s and early 20’s opens in Japan with people walking through an open air market featuring banzai shrubs, a close up of the dwarf trees, stork like birds indigenous to Japan in wading pool, small herd of playful doe’s in park, Japanese children in school uniforms are led into nature park, a 2 stack pleasure cruiser sails on sea followed by a turn of the century Japanese battleship, shot taken from boat of Japanese houses on the edge of a lagoon, wide shot of lagoon with houses and men paddling junks, man makes Japanese paper umbrella, Japanese parade commemorating a religious or cultural event in quaint village, marchers carry bushes, people ride in rickshaws, 6 men carry a miniature pagoda, street vendor cleans what looks like an opium pipe, a man smokes this pipe, street vendor hands out bowl of food to 3 customers and they eat with chop sticks, a big canoe built for 5 paddles down rough river, 2 oxen in pulley device haul two bags of water from well, water is dumped in trough, scene is shot twice .. could be in North Africa. tape 90a 200 to 490 series

The next scenes are odd excerpts from an early American silent film: opens outside a log cabin with a little girl trying to revive her mother who has fainted on the floor, in comes a native American Indian, the mother comes around and exits with the Indian, the little girl prays on her hands and knees, cut to a path in the forest as the distraught woman and Indian come upon 8 posse members, a sheriff and a prisoner, the Indian pleads with the group and he leads them to a ditch and indicates something, they discover a small suitcase with jewelry in it … fade to black … what a cliff-hanger! tape 90a 200 to 490 series

This rare footage is of the 1908 Olympics held in London England, opens with King Edward VII and British royal family walking into stadium followed by entourage of horse drawn coaches, house guards on horseback, the Royals are seated, a pan of the Royal Box, the athletes parade around stadium, Olympic games begin with a tug of war, athletes jump hurdles, cyclists perform on penny farthing bicycles, athletes do callisthenics, athletes row in man of war regatta race on the Thames, another shot of the Royal Box, the Royal horse drawn coach followed by Royal house guard exits the stadium. tape 90b 200 to 490 series

This segment contains many various shots in London, England in May 1945 showing people’s euphoria celebrating the end of WW II, most are exterior shots filmed in streets and at famous London land marks, opens with tight shot of three Brit soldiers reading the newspaper with the headline GERMANY SURRENDERS to the camera, medium shot of an air raid siren, man digs through rubble with full length portrait of Queen Victoria in background, couple more shots of rubble resulting from the blitz, medium shot of the Tower of London with people sitting on its railing, shots of the Union Jack and other allied flags on various buildings, pan to Westminster Palace and Big Ben with tens of thousands of people, a procession of parliamentarians led by Winston Churchill enters Westminster, a group of soldiers enter Westminster Abby, two soldiers kneeling in prayer, two army women kneel and pray, people exit Westminster, shot of a clock advertising Guinness, elevated shot of double decker busses trying to manoeuvre through thousands of people, crowds on Oxford street, many shots of happy soldiers and army women in streets walking and waving flags, men and women soldiers on monument waving flags, happy people in a pub drinking, four people lock arms and drink, soldiers in horse drawn wagon and two of them sit on the horse, students carry a statue of a lion, King George VI his wife Elizabeth (soon to be Queen mother), a young soon to be Queen Elizabeth in uniform and princess Anne come out to the balcony at Buckingham Palace to greet the thousands of people on the Mall, a couple of pans of the huge crowd, happy couples dancing in the street, guy in uniform does a jig, euphoric people drink champagne, people do the bunny hop, couple does the jitter bug, Nelson’s statue, shot of big sign VICTORY OVER GERMANY 1945, pan of crowd in Trafalgar Square, people are singing. tape 90c 200 to 490 series

This is an anti world war i documentary that was done in the early 40’s (presumably to be shown as an anti WW II pacifist film), everybody is dressed in clothing from 1914, it opens with nurses in a room folding bandages, cut to a street scene with an organized anti war parade with pacifists carrying protest signs saying things like America Does Not Need Battleships and Why buy Guns If you do not mean to shoot, some protesters carry the American flag, women carry a banner saying ‘Peace at any price’, three women in white on a float two blow long trumpet and one carries a dove, children in the anti war parade carry banners and American flags, cut to a father and son at an office window looking at the anti war parade below, the father closes the window and tells the son his blood boils when he sees people against the war, then son informs the father he wants to join the army and fight, the father changes his tune and tries to talk him out of it, cut back to the parade with women in white marching, cut to the son who is now sitting on a veranda with his girlfriend, she tells him she’d be proud to see him go overseas and fight, she doesn’t want the Germans to win even though her father is German, they kiss, cut to the train station as the whole family and girlfriend sees him off, cut to actual footage of WW I, cannon guns going off, various battle scenes, cut to battleships firing cannons, cut to sailors assembled on ship’s deck as King George V comes on board, cut to poster that reads “Kaisers navy routed”, back to the staged 40’s documentary and a man talking to his congressman trying to convince him to strengthen the army and navy but the politician isn’t buying, then the man goes to a newspaper editor asking him to print a story advocating more training camps but the editor said it’s not necessary because “our boys won’t be sent into WW I”, cut to WW I era footage of Woodrow Wilson marching in a preparedness parade, cut to a shot of Charles Evans Hughes who was running against Wilson in the presidential election, back to 40’s staged documentary and an election parade where a guy dressed like Uncle Sam carries a sign that reads ‘Vote for Wilson he kept us out of war’, cut to a guy making an election speech in front a poster of Wilson and his running mate Marshall, cut to an election parade for Charles Evans Hughes, a shot of a clock tower at night, a man with a megaphone barks out the election results ….. fade to black. tape 116a 200 to 490 series

This segment follows the S.S. Reliance cruise ship from New York to Norway and Russia in the 1930’s, opens with the steam whistle blowing and well wishers waving good bye from dock, shots of the New York skyline as the ship sails by, the captain looks through a sextant, shot of sunset at sea, flags blowing on mast, passengers play deck games, the ship arrives in Reykjavik, Iceland, passengers get out of boat and go to the fish market where fishmongers off load fish from truck, long shot of the Icelandic House of Parliament, one of Iceland’s hot springs, group of Icelanders staring at something, a man salts and dries codfish, kids fish by dock side, a lady walks a horse through a field, shot of a waterfall at Thingvellir meeting place of the world’s oldest parliament,(funny) people watch a pantomime of a dancing polar bear, an official greets other cast members, close up of sea birds flying, the ship passes Jan Mayen Island, people on deck looking at sea of floating ice, the ship at Magdalena Bay with mountains and glaciers in background, two sailors drop anchor from row boat at shore line, passengers walk on shoreline at Magdalena Bay, nice wide shot of bay mountains on either side and glacier, motor launches near the glaciers at Cross Bay, shots of King’s Bay, shot of the hangar that housed the dirigible Norge used in the Nobile North Pole flight, shot of the Amundsen Expedition monument, shot of a whale skeleton on the shoreline, long shot of the Reliance ship sailing into the sunset, various shots of Hammerfest, Norway most northern town in Europe, a shot of the Meridian Column commemorating the completion of the Greenwich meridian survey, a shot of the North Cape the extreme north end of Europe, a shot of the midnight sun while ship is at sea, long shot of the Reliance in a bay, passengers being helped on board, beautiful shots of the irregular coastline of Norway including fjords, streams cascading down mountainside, Lyngseidet by Stolkjaerre to a Lapp Encampment, these people are called nomads of the north, a group of them ride on horse and buggy down a road, one sits outside a tee-pee, a native stands by a rain deer, a herd of rain deer in a meadow, women passengers play shuffleboard. tape 116b 200 to 490 series

This is a 1942 Russian propaganda war film shot at various battle grounds in Russia during a bitter winter. Although the scenes are real it is an epic film with lots of action that looks as if David Lean directed it. It opens with two officers talking outside then pilots run to their bombers and get in, bombs explode in field, tanks roll through a forested area, bombers take off, cannons fire, planes fly over head, soldiers dressed in white fire rifles, tanks roll through field firing, hundreds of Russian soldiers dressed in black charge through an open field on horseback with raised sabres looks like a scene from Doctor Zhivago, soldiers dressed in white board planes, aerial shot of planes, various shots of soldiers in white parachuting and landing and putting on cross country skis and skiing off and being fired upon, hundreds of soldiers in white ski across frozen lake as tanks roll by them, fighter panes fly low overhead, hundreds of soldiers ski across frozen lake to other side then ski down hill, soldiers take their positions on the perimeter of a village then hundreds charge en masse, they fire upon a log house and go inside and drag out a German soldier, in another log house the Russians capture a few more scared Nazi soldiers, various scenes of Russians in village rounding up German soldiers, some shots of wounded Russians, one guy is pulled away on a sled, some dead bodies, tight face shots of captured German soldiers, more dead bodies. tape 83a 200 to 490 series

Happy villagers wave and cheer Russian soldiers as they liberate their town, women give food to the soldiers, a woman kisses a few of the soldiers, lots of hugging and kissing, lots of tight face shots, townsfolk assemble outside city hall, a brigade on horseback ride over bridge, tanks and APCs push on to liberate another town, soldiers in white cross country ski, planes fly overhead and drop bombs, cannon fire, hundreds of soldiers in black charge on horseback over frozen lake, shots of a liberated Venev (a town not too far from Moscow), derelict German tanks and army trucks, more cannon fire and tanks roaring on, soldiers charging, aerial shot of Rogacvhev (not too far from Minsk), villagers from Mikhailov shovel burning grain then shovel saved grain, aerial shot of smoldering granary, aerial shot of bombed out s, aerial shot of bombed buildings of Klin (a city near Moscow), shots of destroyed cultural, educational and religious buildings in Melikhovo (Chekhov lived there) as a result of Hitler’s scorched earth policy, shots include the bombed out New Jerusalem Cathedral, shots of the ransacked of Tchaikovsky in Klin, a bust of the composer on the ground with books and papers, a man walks into the shot and picks up the bust, various interior and exterior shots of Tchaikovsky’s before it was ransacked including tight shots of sheet music, cut back to the ransacked shots as man walks away with bust, another man picks up sheet music from the snow. tape 83b 200 to 490 series

Various shots of the ransacked of Tolstoy in Yasnaya-Polyana, shot of a photo of Tolstoy, cut to a bombed out hospital, cut to various shots of snowbound cemetery, an old peasant woman mourns as she stands by her house that has been burned to the ground, the babushka is joined by another woman, nose-bleeding lady is helped by 3 walking women, shots of crying women, a Russian soldier walks with a woman with a bloody face, a building smolders, a burned body on the ground, several bodies lie in the snow, women stand over bodies and cry, gruesome shots of children’s bodies some of them were stripped naked by the Nazis and froze to death, townsfolk stand over bodies and grieve, cut to battle scenes, cannons fire, soldiers in white take up positions, tanks roll by, cut to a sign on a pole ‘Moskauer Str’ (German for Moscow Street) put up by the Nazis, derelict German military vehicles, aerial shot of destroyed German vehicles, more shots of destroyed German trucks and cannons, shots of dead soldiers in the snow, pan of a couple of downed Nazi planes, captured armaments, pan of a vehicle graveyard, cut to a tank driving by then two Russian officers look on, a nice shot of a brigade of soldiers in white in single file cross country skiing up hill, soldiers take up positions outside of Kalinin, wide shot of hundreds of soldiers in white racing across a frozen lake, a couple of shots of shooting in a street, the victorious Russian soldiers in white march into Kalinin greeted by cheering citizens, tight shots on happy faces of liberated citizens, a flag is raised, more soldiers march into town, a couple of shots of bombed buildings, a few tanks role by …. fade to black. tape 83c 200 to 490 series

Wings Over Brazil, this short segment from the 1940’s focuses on the history of Brazilian aviation pioneers. It opens with 4 single prop planes flying over the bay in Rio de Janeiro, cut to an eagle soaring then a photo of a hot air balloon from the eighteen hundreds, cut to various shots of the earliest flying machines trying to get airborne, cut to photo of Brazilian priest Bartolomeu de Gusmao who in 1709 invented the first hot air balloon, next is a photo of Agusto Severo de Albuquerque Maranhao another Brazilian aviation pioneer, next is a photo of Santos Dumont ‘The Father of Aviation’, (in 1901 he flew a dirigible balloon around the Eiffel tower, in 1906 he was the first to build an aircraft heavier than air and fly it by its own means of propulsion), cut to film of Dumont in 1906, next is a photo of Dumont’s aircraft, cut to Dumont in his aircraft, cut to a historic photo of Dumont’s aircraft flying over Paris street with Arc de Triomphe in the background, cut to shots of Thomas Edison sitting in a chair (Edison sent Dumont an autographed picture congratulating him), back to the 1940’s and fighter planes flying, cut to memorial in Brazil, president of Brazil in 1941 walks among military men in white, the Brazilian head of ministry of aeronautics makes a radio speech, wide shot of military base, officer at desk signing papers, planes on airfield, new recruits walking on base and show ID, bare chested recruits get medical (they don’t cough), recruits in shorts march and perform a number of gymnastics, they play basketball and swim, cut to inside the barracks and about a hundred of them sleep in cots, soldier with trumpet blows reveille and recruits get out of bed, recruits in uniform march, the recruits perform a number of activities in flight school, they’re in class, one is in a simulated gunners box with machine gun getting instruction, another is in a flight simulator, mechanics work on engine, some are shown how to fold a parachute, single prop planes taxi, take off and land, a couple of pilots hold a fellow pilot’s hands and legs and throw him into a fountain, pilots stand around on tarmac, planes in formation dive and fly close to the ground, pilots in full dress uniform march and salute on parade ground, planes in formation fly, cut to ships at sea and sailor looking through binoculars, pilots by plane study flight plan, planes fly over navy ships, pilots at attention on airfield, several flight simulators lined up and rotating, rear gunner in rear gun simulator, teenagers with plane hand gliders throw them in the air, a real glider takes of, close up shot of the glider in the air, the glider lands, cut to a map of south America and Brazil is highlighted, it shows topography, cut to aerial shot of Belem, Brazil, then to air force planes on runway, cut to wide shot of bay in Rio de Janeiro, the to a plane taking off, cut to aerial of Sao Paulo then planes on runway, cut to wide shot of Porto Alegre then an exterior shot of airport control tower, cut to aerial shot of Natal then its airport and a plane landing and fighter plane takes off, soldiers carefully take of two injured soldiers on stretchers off plane, sea plane in flight, bomber sea plane flies close to water, bomber taxis, bomber in air, the Santos Dumont monument, Dumont’s photo fades in then a plane fades in. tape 53a 200 to 490 series

This segment features a 1960’s peace rally and anti Viet Nam war protest march in Ohio, it opens with college students preparing their protest signs, many people milling about and talking with one another, they are joined by a black minister, the crowd forms up and the march begins, the signs feature various saying on peace and anti Viet Nam war slogans, the crowd marches peacefully down the street and ends up outside the fence of a military base. tape 53b 200 to 490 series

This two minute segment features a flying machine from the 1910’s, the vintage aircraft takes off, a camera is mounted on the wing and aerial shots of countryside are seen, jump ahead to the 1940’s as a passenger sea plane takes off, cut to close-up of propellers in flight and pan to pilot, cut to old planes in formation. tape 53c

Cut to a room full of mink animals in cages at an auction in the 1940s, a man picks up a cage and examines a mink, close ups of minks, men at table examine mink pelts, close up of a live fox with his snout tied, women model various types of fur coats. tape 53d 200 to 490 series

Inside Tibet is a 40 minute film in color shot in 1943. The purpose of this trip was to exchange letters and gifts between President Franklin Roosevelt and the Dalai Lama, the first such gesture in history. Two Americans, Major Ilia Tolstoy and Captain Brooke Dolan were the emissaries. It opens with a graphic map showing Tibet, Burma, India and China, cut to a Union Jack flag fluttering with the Himalayas in the background, cut to the two American officers showing the gifts they will present to the Dalai Lama to two Tibetans (a watch, pottery, a photo of FDR), wide shot of Himalayas, the caravan begins its journey, mules carrying supplies follow path, several shots of the Himalayas, the guides unpack the supplies, the two American officers walk past a platoon of saluting Indian soldiers, Tibetan villagers in colorful costumes gather, the caravan continues with the mountains in the background, they are met by a platoon of Indian soldiers and taken to an outpost, the US flag is raised at the fort, the two American shake hands, exchange gifts and have tea with Tibetans inside the fort, Tibetan in native dress blows horn, lots of shots of Tibetans wearing colorful ceremonial and native costumes as they dance at a traditional ceremony, some wear masks, the two US officers leave the fort on horseback and continue the journey to Lhasa, the caravan is joined by a number of yaks, a Tibetan from the caravan ties a flag to a number of other prayer flags as a gesture to the mountain gods to keep them safe, shots of a river and lake, the caravan is put on barges and cross the river, Tibetan tribesmen drink tea by river side, the two Americans shake hands with a monk, the two Americans arrive in Lhasa and meet with a number of Tibetan officials, a regiment of the Dalai Lama’s guards greets the US officers, a long shot of the Potala Palace, various shots in the town of Lhasa showing people of all ages, a group of men spin prayer wheels, various shots of men doing manual labour, a group of women perform a lively, traditional Tibetan dance while others play Tibetan instruments, nice medium shot of Potala palace, various shots of Tibetan architecture, a monk holds a golden cup of the Dalai Lama, shots of various gifts that were given to the Dalai Lama particularly a Chinese mural made of ivory, a Tibetan entourage enters the summer palace, various shots of animals native to Tibet, Tibetan officials on horseback arrive for a meal of mutton with the two Americans, they eat outside, Tibetan government officials and a couple of monks pose for pictures, the entourage eats and leaves, the two Americans talk with their hosts, lots of shots of Tibetan monks in their monastery, lengthy shot of a woman wearing ceremonial clothing, Tibetans dressed as soldiers from early in their culture perform a ceremonial mock battle, a man dressed like a bull dances in ceremony, monks hit traditional drums as dance ceremony continues, an entourage of Tibetan nobility enters Lhasa, men in an archery contest, monks perform a ceremony, men dressed as cavalrymen ride into the scene, another entourage enters Lhasa, men on horseback ride up to a box suspended by a rope and try to knock it down, wide shot of the Potala palace, man performs the holy walk to the palace, he stands up bows then lies face down, kisses the ground and takes a step and repeats this for 7 miles!, he is joined by other pilgrims, people a the base of the palace do various thinks like paint a picture of Buddha on the wall, s nice pan of the Potala palace, the film finishes with a close up the of Dalai Lama (he was a boy then) sitting and looking into the camera. tape 67 200 to 490 series

This twenty four minute film is about the rise of Hitler starting from 1921 to when he was named Chancellor in 1933 (To see Hitler in power from 1933 up to the war to tape 97) . It opens with a statement from E.R. Kellogg, Commander United States Navel Reserve dated November 1945. In his official affidavit Kellogg informs us that his orders are to compile photographic evidence on Hitler and the Nazis and hand it over to the United States Chief of Counsel who will use said material in the prosecution of major European Axis war criminals at the Nuremberg Trials. Next is an opening three minute statement to the camera by Alfred Rosenberg the Nazi ideologist and politician who was executed as a war criminal in October 1946. In his statement, in German, he tells of the early struggles from 1921 to 1933 of the Nazis and the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP). Next comes the footage of the early days of Hitler and his henchmen. It starts with a Swastika flag fluttering, cit to a swastika emblem with NSDAP inscribed below, cut to a 1921 parade of Nazi sympathizers, Goebbels making a speech at an open air rally, crowd shots, newspaper headline, Hitler enters hall for a rally, Goebbels makes a speech, the brown shirts at attention outside, cut to shots of a riot in the streets as police beat back NSDAP supporters, newspaper headlines, over the shoulder shot of Hitler signing an NSDAP ID card, a Nazi brown shirts and supporters march, Goebbels at his desk writes and uses the phone, two brown shirts escorted to the camera Dr. Santoni, a fascist and representative at the NSDAP congress, a number of Nazi brass gets out of limo and enters a building, cut to Nuremberg 1927, Hitler, Hess, Julius Streicher and a few other cronies stand outside a government building with a crowd in the background, supporters march down the street carrying a banner, back to a smiling Hitler giving the salute as people mill about preparing for a rally, Julius Streicher (executed as a war criminal in ’46) chats in front of the camera, Hitler and his officials on stairs preparing for a photo-op, Hitler gets into limo as adoring fans wave bye-bye, outdoor rally as Nazi band and flag bearers parade down isle, a pan of the crowd as they give the zieg heil and there’s Hitler giving one of his animated speeches, a smiling Hitler from the stage give the zieg heil to the loving crowd, there’s a Nazi march in the street as Hitler salutes from the reviewing stand, cut to 1929 and another march as Hitler’s limo is besieged by adoring citizens, the march continues and everybody is giving the zieg heil, Hitler tosses out a bouquet of flowers, a wide shot of a town square (could be Munich or Nuremberg) crammed with thousands and thousands of citizens watching Nazi parade, Hitler reviews from the stand. tape 96a 200 to 490 series

Hitler making a speech outside in the fall of 1932 when he was running for president, newspaper headlines, newspapers roll off the press, Hitler in a limo surrounded by fans, Alfred Rosenberg addresses the camera in German, Hitler comes out of Reichstag in 1933 after President Paul von Hindenburg named him Chancellor, newspaper headline reads ‘Reichskanzler Hitler’, night time Nazi rally with Hitler waving from window, headline, various shots of audience and Hitler’s first speech as Chancellor in Jan. 1933, audience salutes and sings as flag bearers march in hall, Goering makes a speech in his office in Feb. 1933 outlining his program as new Prussian minister of the interior, newspaper headlines, posters on walls as Nazi brass drives by, Nazis carry torches at night time rally, Nazis guard official building with machine gun on election day in March 1933, platoon of Nazis march down street, Nazi officers chat, people go in and out of voting booth, newspaper headlines, graphic of two hands shaking with swastika in background, Hitler makes a speech in the Reichstag March 24 1933 where he and his cabinet receive plenary powers of legislation …. fade to black. tape 96b 200 to 490 series

This tape opens with Goebbels making a speech to thousands opening the official anti Semitic campaign on April 1, 1933, cut to young brown shirts waving flags in moving truck on busy street, cut to brown shirt painting the star of David on a store, then a sign with skull and cross bones and words ‘Achtung Juden’, German citizens on busy street, shots of various stores and shops, three brown shirts in street, man paints Juden and star of David on store window, brown shirt stands in front of shop sign that says “Kauft nicht bei Juden” (many shop owners declared that their goods are not sold by Jews), more of crowded shopping street and brown shirts yelling out offensive slogans, Goebbels and a not so animated Hitler address the Foreign press conference April 1933, cut to a bonfire that began the Nazis book burning campaign in May 1933, Hitler Youth and brown shirts toss books into fire as Goebbels makes a speech then the book burners sing a Nazi song, cut to Goering speechmaking at the christening of a German aircraft as cabinet members watch then Goering smashes a bottle of champagne on the plane, on the side of the plane is written von Hindenburg, cut to Hitler addressing the Reichstag on German disarmament May 17, 1933, Hitler screaming another speech at a Hitler Youth rally. tape 97a 200 to 490 series

Cut to Hitler addressing a multitude outdoors in July 1933 as he names the Swastika the German national symbol, cut to Hitler walking into a stadium filled with adoring citizens as he opens the fifth party congress Sept. 1933, he makes another one of his scorching speeches to the multitude, cut to inauguration of the autobahn at Frankfurt am Main in Sept. 1933, construction workers march down dirt road with shovels and sing Deutschland Uber Alles, Hitler is handed a spade to turn the soil then makes a speech to the construction workers, Hitler exits and they give him a zieg heil, 1934, cut to Hess administers oath of allegiance over radio to more than one million leaders of the NSDAP in Feb. 1934, camera pans down government building to podium where Hess addresses the multitude, cut to German flags fluttering in the wind, cut to Rudolph Hess making a speech to the camera. tape 97b 200 to 490 series

A previous tape (#96) focused on the rise of Hitler from 1921 to when he was named Chancellor in 1933. This continues with Hitler in power before the war. It opens with Hitler addressing the seventh party congress September 1935, then Goering addresses the congress, at the end the assembly gives three zieg heils, next Hitler standing in his limo saluting his adorning citizens, Hitler addresses a hundred thousand people mostly Hitler Youth in a stadium, tight shots of young boys in brown shirts, Hitler and his henchmen walk down the isle in the stadium, Adolph hugs one of the boys, cut to Hitler’s arms build up as planes fly overhead and tanks fire during military exercise, soldiers goose step as Hitler looks on, tanks and troops on horseback go before the reviewing stand, cut to Hitler accepting a ceremonial sword, cut to a reception for Prime Minister Goemboes of Hungary, the PM reviews the troops, the PM chats outside with Nazi brass including Goering, the PM makes an informal speech at a garden party. tape 97c 200 to 490 series

This Japanese propaganda film from the 1930’s and 40’s opens with Japanese writing on a wall then shots of a rolling sea then countryside and industrial area taken from a train, cut to farm field and hay wagons drawn by oxen, smoke billowing from a volcano, fade to lightning striking, cut to water lapping on shore, a few quick cuts of steam locomotive train roaring over steel bridge then tight on a ships smoke stack then wide shot of an industry with smoke stacks, cut to a weird head and shoulders shot of a Japanese man and his image multiplies itself several times, cut to people in room madly waving their arms, then tight on wheels of moving locomotive, aerial shot of an isthmus, a Japanese military man stands in front of the Japanese flag and addresses the camera, cut to a graphic of the world spinning as the globe stops showing Japan’s location, then a graphic relief map of Japan, cut to weird spinning circle of lines sucking the viewer into the vortex, next are a number of weird shots of people walking and we only see them from the knee down. tape 98a 200 to 490 series

Hundreds of Mongolian horsemen on a plain, cut to old Japanese man smoking a long pipe, cut to 1930’s Manchuria, China and a busy street in possibly Nanking (either before the Japanese invaded Manchuria or after a truce was signed), Chinese soldiers and civilians in a hurry, a stream of Chinese crossing the street then trying to enter building, cut to rolling sea as shot from a ship’s deck, pan down of navy battleship then various shots of navy ship battle scenes, a ship’s bow going in and out of waves, tight on ships cannons moving to position to fire, wide shot of navy flotilla, cut to tight shot orange blossoms on a tree followed by medium shot of tree the wide shot with Japanese temple in background, the tight on Japanese flag fluttering in the wind, cut to hay wagon drawn by donkey going over great wall of China, Chinese peasants carrying hay and bamboo by Great Wall of China, two Chinese kids play at wall, man feeds dog, two Chinese men saw log, Chinese barber shaves man outside, Chinese man prepares food outside in a wok, Chinese man carries two children suspended on bamboo sticks, cut to Japanese military officer addressing the camera with flag in background, world flags side by side and from the middle the Japanese flag rises above all, graphic map of Japan and surrounding area. tape 98b 200 to 490 series

Shot of valley, medium shot of water wheel, a babbling brook, pan down from cloudy sky to brook, raging water, cut to hydro wires and hydro plant, cut to train coming into station, pan of several buildings, shot of busy shopping street in Japanese city, shot of women window shopping, cut to an excerpt of a Japanese TV drama, it opens with a bar scene, people drink and laugh, pan exterior of houses, cut to inside living room and two couples dance as man in beret plays mandolin, two women sit on couch and talk, man in beret exits, cut to night time and shots of neon signs in city, man in beret walks down busy street with woman as he keeps looking over his shoulder, woman and man in beret confronts a man with a beard in the street, three geisha girls and two men look on, man with beard seems to be apologetic, man in beret slaps bearded man in stomach with his glove and kneels down then bearded man kicks him down, everybody backs away in fear from bearded man, bearded man walks away as man in traditional Japanese dress waves a fan at him very dramatically, bearded man notices fan man and walks back to confront him, the two have words, bearded man walks away ….. fade to black. tape 98c 200 to 490 series

This film contains various military, sports, industrial and cultural shots of life in Japan in the 1930’s and 40’s. It opens with a moving shot of neon signs at night time in a major Japanese city, people walking in the street at night time and shots of the downtown from a moving car, shot of downtown at night from tall building showing lots of lights, Japanese military man with moustache addresses camera, cut to Japanese soldiers in trench firing gun, officers view the action with binoculars, soldiers walk through field in cold weather, steam locomotive stationary on track, soldiers walk single file through field then up hill then through field, steam engine train comes into station with thousands of people waving Japanese flag, young people bow outside temple, woman in white yells through megaphone, people in queue, kids in schoolroom, factory workers wrap up books put them into bags and dump them in a pile.tape 99a 200 to 490 series

Japanese TV drama staged scene of little girl selling newspapers on a corner, she looks at a clock that shows eleven o’clock, pan of neon signs, cut to four couples dancing in a room, one couple leaves, she checks her ring watch that shows five to one a.m, he helps her on with her coat, they bow, their car drives down the busy street at night, cut to girl holding her newspapers with three other kids behind her, tight on her face as she thinks about Japanese soldiers at war, cut to Japanese cavalry riding across plain, soldiers with large machine gun and ammo box run through rocky area, soldier looks through viewfinder, soldiers in trench fire machine guns across plain, cut back to little girl in pensive mood with three kids behind her, the little girl runs out on the street and the dancing couple who left the room and drove their car down the busy street hits the little girl, the couple leap out of the car pick her up, cry and kiss her (what a tear jerker!). tape 99a 200 to 490 series

Cut to graphic map of Asia and black ink blotches blank out the map, cut to people in busy street, cut to poster of British film stars (Chester Morris, Adrienne Ames, Alison Skipwort, Philips Holmes, Sylvia Sidney, Norman Foster), cut to a montage of Japanese newspapers, cut to a staged scene, shot from the waist down of a woman walking in the street, the same shot of a man, woman applies make-up in street, tight on her eyes and mouth, she notices someone and blinks at him, now she’s arm and arm with him walking down the street, they’re in the malt shop sucking a drink through two straws as staged scene ends, people walking down the street, cut to a golfer as he drives the golf ball, two caddies look on, cut to labourers working in field, cut to about four hundred school girls in uniform doing exercises in yard, cut to ink blotches disappearing and graphic map of Asia appears, fade to Japanese flag waving on flagpole, cut to Chinese soldiers walking down railway tracks circa 1916, British soldiers look on, Chinese soldiers in open train cars as they are handed food, train leaves station, cut to Chinese people and soldiers doing various things on road, pan down Chinese characters and various poster shots, cut to map graphic showing Manchuria and Japan and Japan’s sphere of influence, close and wide shots of Chinese notice board , shot from moving car on busy Chinese street with many pamphlets on the ground, people in open trucks as if they were going to a demonstration, Chinese people under a dragon, cut to school kids, cut to Chinese soldiers marching down street. tape 99b 200 to 490 series

cut to graphic of samurai with bow, cut to pages turning with Japanese characters, staged scene of samurais fighting, close up of fingers flipping through Japanese book, cut to poster of two Japanese soldiers, near naked man flexes muscles while another does exercise, recruits walk down street and assemble in field , soldiers form up, Japanese cavalry rides by, Hirohito on his white horse and listens to officer, medium shot of pagoda or temple, tight shot from knees down of soldiers marching, Japanese flag bearers march in front of army with band playing in background, navy men in white get out of truck, fire truck drives buy, various shots of people in street, three women in white hand out paper, busy street scenes with young people on street corner one with a megaphone, Japanese women in traditional dress sew in street, girls in school uniform in street, wide shot of busy street taken from top of building and pan of city, shots at airfield showing people and single prop airplane, cannons, army trucks, air raid sirens, search light shines in night sky, soldiers and medical people wearing gas masks in mock drill, they spread smoke in city street, children with guns fire, a riveter drills in bolt, motorbikes, cars and bike speeds by, busy intersection, train speeds by, steam shovel takes earth, pallet loads good in ship’s hold, wide shot of moving train, pan to empty flatcars, walking shots of people, old fashioned switchboard operators, tight on fingers typing, a montage of industrial shots, steel mill, rivet, smoke stacks. tape 99c 200 to 490 series

Japanese officer with moustache addresses the camera, Japanese battle scenes in winter 1930’s and 40’s, three soldiers running with machine gun and firing in snow covered field, machine gun fires from bush, tanks cross ice field and over barbed wire fence, cut to summer as four soldiers on horseback gallop across field, officer observes through binoculars, cavalry gallops through forest, soldiers run across plain and deploy smoke bombs for cover, cavalry galloping, three horse teams pull cannon, various cavalry shots, single prop fighter planes fly overhead, cannons being deployed and firing, cut back to winter and a long, wide shot of battle scene in field, soldier runs up to radio operator to give a message, tight on fingers tapping out Morse code, medium shot of radio operator tapping Morse code, gunners fire cannons, big explosion, two soldiers pull long pipe containing explosives to barbed wire barricade run away and wide shot of explosion, soldiers charge through barricade, explosions in field, soldiers inflate rubber dingy set it in river and paddle across water, soldiers manufacture a wooden bailey bridge and set it in river, soldiers run across to other side. tape 100a 200 to 490 series

Four mountain climbers looking at mountain range, pan of mountains, tight on faces of Japanese mountaineers, mountain climbers begin assent tied to each other using ice picks, various shots of them climbing mountain, one climber falls into a deep ice crevasse and the other pull him out, cut to exterior shot of League of Nations building in Geneva circa late teens/ early twenties, cut to interior shot and a League meeting taking place, a Japanese delegate addresses the camera, graphic map of a cloud of smoke engulfing Europe, the cloud floats over to Japan, the cloud forms a chain around Japan, cut to railway station platform filled with people some carrying placards, cut to Japanese dignitary getting out of limo and is joined by other VIP’s, back to graphic map as chain around Japan turns into a noose surrounding Japan and Manchuria, cut back to the mountain climbers as they reach the summit, shot of them raising their arms in victory on top of the mountain, a shot of Mount Fuji taken from a moving train, static long shot of Mount Fuji with lake in foreground, closes with Mount Fuji from another angle. tape 100b 200 to 490 series

This segment is propaganda shot by the Germans in WW II, opens with a graphic map showing the Baltic region and the names of places where these battles and scenes were shot, Nazi soldiers in motorcycles with side car drive across farm fields, cannons are fired, tank burns on road, three kids and woman hands bouquet of flowers to Nazi motorcyclist, a few Nazis enter city, giant swastika flag over public building, battle on road as soldiers head for ditch, soldiers lie down and engage enemy, tank on fire, road sign Jonava, Hebrew written above temple, cut to interior shots of synagogue and pan down to star of David, cut to medium shot of dead bodies on the ground with citizens looking on, women cry, woman puts hands of corpse together in casket and places the lid on, moving shot of cavalry riding slowly down road, army vehicles pass them, gunner fires cannon, flame thrower torches hut, women and children give flowers to Nazi cavalrymen as they ride into town, infantrymen walk into town, shot of Nazi cameraman shooting, various shots of the war torn city, soldiers deploying in city, cut to three teams of horses pulling artillery gun, Nazi soldiers walking down road to Riga as women wave and throw flowers to them, tanks roll across field followed by infantrymen, cannons fire, farm building burns, soldiers creep around, two Russian soldiers surrender with arms up, tight on faces of some POW’s, abandoned tanks on road, soldiers by bridge fire bazooka, soldiers get in boats and cross river, tank is put on barge, the citizens of Riga wave and cheer the Nazis as they march into Riga, lots of smiling faces, on to another town in the Baltic region, a hot air balloon shaped like a plane tethered to the ground (used to snag dive bombers), various battle scenes, cannons fire, flamethrowers, bazookas shoot, machine guns, soldiers in flotilla in marshland, anti aircraft cannons fire at Allied planes, they hit one and it crashes, close up of crashed plane. tape 106a 200 to 490 series

This segment contains shots of the old west in the 1930’s, it opens with four cowboys in a corral, one splitting wood making a fence post, the other digging a hole for the post, slow pan of wide open plain with cattle grazing, cut to cowboys branding a steer, a cowboy cuts one from the herd the others hold it down and brand’s it, cut to three deer and horned mountain goat grazing with snowy mountain in background, back to the cattle ranch as cowboys rope another steer to the ground and the branding iron is thrust in its side, the herd is in the background, another branding, cowboys let some of the herd out of the corral, cut to small town USA and a parade, man climbs on an elephant, marching band, wide shot of townsfolk in parade, cut to a wheat field and farmers with pitchforks loading wheat on tractor drawn wagon, old fashioned thrashing machine spits out wheat, farmers feed thrashing machine, several tractors, one of them a steam engine tractor, line up for the thrashing machine, four thrashing machines spit out wheat forming a mountain of wheat, several old fashioned combines cut down wheat in field, cut to a shot of the New York skyline (1930’s) taken from a boat, static and pan shot of the Brooklyn bridge with New York skyline in the background, pan of the bridge taken from its top, another angle shot of the bridge, cut to shots of New York monuments and stone carving of the landing of the pilgrims, cut to a small town in eastern USA and pan down clock tower of city hall wide shot and close up of seventeenth century Howland House the only house left where pilgrims lived, several shots of Newport of the 1930’s, a mansion, main street, a church, a colonial house, main street with model t cars and horse and buggy, another mansion, back to the old west and grazing cattle on plain, two cowboys on horseback with mountains in the background, two cowboys ride by herd and rope a steer. tape 106b 200 to 490 series

This twenty nine minute film shows Nanking before, during and after the Japanese invasion, known as the Rape of Nanking, in 1937. It opens with Chinese mother and son standing in alley way, cut to students standing in classroom listening to a lecture, students exit missionary school and line up in front of building, two missionaries pose with students, girls by well pull out water, crowd of girls walk down road, kids crowd around man at desk outside, girls inside big room sitting on floor, girls line up, people in town gather outside building, mother father and son pose for camera, four people in empty alleyway pose, boy shows wound on back, wide shot of missionary school as students line up, inside girls listen to lecture, outside students put on a play, various shots on campus, smiling Chinese walk past camera, man at desk hands out tags to students, exterior shot of kitchen house, interior shot of men stirring a pot, people pose at doorway, faculty poses on lawn, students inside chapel, people posing at missionary school, missionary cleric conducting a service, priest poses with group, doctors vaccinating students, minister gives sermon in chapel. Cut to a near naked man in hospital bed as doctor shows wounds inflicted by Japanese soldiers, several victims are shown, cut to outside in December 1937 as Japanese tanks roll into Nanking, a victim sits in car, more torture victims in hospital, students put on play outside, two men and woman Caucasians pose outside with mountains in background, pan of Yangtze River, five Caucasians pose outside, they could be missionaries or foreign dignitaries, cut to shots of Chinese going into bunkers protecting themselves from Japanese bomber attacks, buildings on fire, refugees fleeing Nanking as Japanese approach, the next shots are of Nanking after the occupation of the Japanese army, opens with a hidden camera taken from behind a window of a group of Chinese are selected to be executed by machine gun, cut to Japanese zero bombers flying over Nanking, cut to refugees attending an open air religious service in one of the camps established for them by the international relief committee, a crowd of Chinese women walking to a safe haven, chaos in the streets of Nanking, Japanese bomber drops bomb on building, pan of dead bodies in street and rubble of war. tape ii52 200 to 490 series

This twenty nine minute film is a visual testimony of the atrocities committed by the Japanese army when they invaded Nanking in 1937. Known as the Rape of Nanking this film features individual Chinese people, some under age ten, showing their wounds by bayonet and severed legs and arms. The film shows the torture victims in graphic detail and is very, very disturbing. It opens with a nineteen year old woman who was pregnant when she resisted rape by Japanese soldiers they cut off her leg and bayoneted her 29 times, next is an eleven year old girl in a hospital bed as the doctor shows the back of her neck where a soldier tried to cut her head off with a bayonet, another woman showing her wounds, next a doctor shows a dead seven year old boy who was bayoneted five times, next a doctor shows the wounds of a traumatized man, next is a body whose head is burned, next is a man who was shot in the jaw doused with gasoline and set on fire, next is a thirteen year old boy who was beaten with an iron bar then bayoneted in the head, doctors show more wounds of victims, next, two Japanese soldiers tried to decapitate this woman, the gruesome shot shows her neck muscles severed to the vertebral column, next are several shots of more victims of all ages in hospital, cut to a village and bodies outside as a result of a massacre, next a mother holds her dead infant son while a nurse shows where he was bayoneted around the rectum, cut to outside and the landscape littered with bodies, various shots of survivors in villages, crowds of Chinese people rummaging through the debris of war, refugees getting into a boat, meanwhile back in Japan people wave Japanese flag as Japanese cavalry rides into town, back in Nanking Japanese soldiers patrol streets, pan of Nanking from hilltop, bombed out buildings and pagodas, more Chinese refugees carrying their possessions crossing a border point guarded by a British soldier, a destroyed temple with Buddha statue in tact, a damaged pagoda, people pick through rubble, boat loads of refugees going down river, Japanese soldiers pose by giant cannon … fade to black. tape ii53 200 to 490 series

This eighteen minute film is about the Berlin airlift in 1948. It opens with a pan of the bombed out Reichstag, cut to a streetcar going by bombed out building, cut to people on sidewalk on the Kurfurstendamm with famous bombed out church in background, Russian soldiers line up preventing citizens from entering or leaving their sector, men working at a lathe in factory, light, machine and gauge turn off indicating that electricity has been shut off, two workers put tarpaulin over a turbine engine, people line up at grocery stores, crowd outside building, pan down to man reading Der Tagesspiegel newspaper, army plane lands at Tempelhof airport, wide shot of airplanes parked by runway, workers get in army trucks, men offloading airplanes, cut to night shot of workers at Tempelhof, truckloads of workers arrive at Tempelhof, cargo doors of plane is open two pilots walk by and enter lounge with airfield in background, pilots board a plane. tape 71 200 to 490 series

Cut to plane in flight and good shot of clouds, cut to red cross ambulance driving by, cut to bombed building and a truck carries rubble away, several shots of planes flying by from all directions, pilots in briefing room, graphic map of Berlin showing the sectors, then the graphic map shows planes flying through the air corridors, cut to three lines and three planes superimposed over a cloudy sky each line represents an altitude at which each plane flies to avoid collision, pilot gives a signal from the window of his cockpit, the propellers begin to turn, inside the cockpit the navigator flicks switches and buttons, shot of dials on instrument panel, plane taxis and takes off, workers offload goods, bakery shot of hundreds of loaves of bread. tape 71 200 to 490 series

Men offloading coal, smoke stacks, a time card goes into a sleeve, wide shot of interior of factory, cut to a doctor examining a kids teeth as others look on, streetcar enters a tunnel, traffic and streetcars, headlights at night time, people walk up stairs from subway, women in a bakery shop, a shot of the bombed out church on the Kurfurstendamm, little boy runs to father and gives him a teddy bear, men sweeping the runway, pilots get out of plane and walk over to an officer, snack bar pulls up, the man with the teddy bear goes up to the two pilots and gives them the teddy bear, they pull the teddy bear’s string it plays a tune and the two pilots dance. tape 71 200 to 490 series

Cut to the pilot putting the teddy bear in the cockpit, cut to the pilot in front of his house kisses his wife gives the teddy bear to his daughter, cut to pilot inside the cargo hold of a plane in flight, he wraps a candy bar with a miniature parachute and stuffs it out the window, the mini parachute opens and gently falls to the ground, cut to a dozen kids running down the street, the parachute lands, the kids pick it up unwrap it and its a couple of candy bars, this is a true story, during the Berlin Airlift a pilot by the name of Gail Halvorson would drop hundreds of candy bars attached to mini parachutes for kids trapped inside the Russian sector of Berlin …. the kids loved him and called Halvorson the candy bomber, plane lands and pan of runway area, plane taxis, two pilots talk to man who gave them the teddy bear. tape 71 200 to 490 series

Cut to a large crowd assembled outside of Reichstag, planes landing in wet weather, pilot talks to control tower, air traffic controllers, radar screen, inside the cockpit, a plane crashes, firemen extinguish the fire, pilots get out safely, wide and pan of airfield, several shots superimposed over each other showing flights, offloading and working, hundreds of kids run to an officer near runway area, the candy bomber takes off. tape 71 200 to 490 series

This segment opens with an exterior shot of the building where Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin met in Yalta in 1945, cut to the courtyard and a number of dignitaries are standing around the big three, the camera moves in for a close up of Churchill, FDR and Stalin, cut to American and Soviet soldiers meeting in the field, a US General shakes hands with a Soviet General, cut to a funeral of a US soldier with Harry Truman in attendance, cut to the deck of the ship where a Japanese dignitary signs the unconditional surrender of Japan, General MacArthur makes a speech to all on the deck, cut to Harry Truman arriving at the United of Nations 1945 where representatives of 50 countries met in San Francisco at the United Nations Conference on International Organization to draw up the United Nations Charter, delegates enter the chamber, the Chinese, Russian (Gromyko), British, French and US delegates sign the charter as Harry Truman looks on, cut to interior shot of a UN general assembly in session, graphic map showing countries in the South China sea, Pacific and Indian ocean area. tape 61a 200 to 490 series

Cut to a tropical area in Indonesia and women picking a crop, young boys split coconuts, another boy polishes a seashell, two men lift a steel tube for an oil well, cut to a very large crowd in front of an a government building in Jakarta, Indonesia, the nationalist leader Sukarno is about to address the crowd, cut to Dutch soldiers getting off boat carrier and wading to shore, a tank rolls on to shore, military convoy in street, cut to a security council in session at the UN where a Canadian delegate speaks, cut to another meeting in Jakarta where Indonesian and Dutch delegates sign a document. tape 61a 200 to 490 series

Cut to Indonesian tropical area and a smoldering fire then a close up of a small building fire being extinguished by a soldier, Indonesian refugees board trucks, Indonesian delegate speaks at a UN security council session, various nationalities sign UN document related to Indonesian independence, close up of document, Indonesian and Dutch delegates shake hands, cut to a meeting in the Hague, Netherlands on Dec. Find addiitional information around 20 free spins add card. 27, 1949 and a shot of Queen Juliana signing the document giving Indonesia independence, close up of document, cut to Sukarno being sworn in as President, Sukarno standing in moving limo waving to the crowd. tape 61a 200 to 490 series

Cut to graphic map of India, cut to wide shot of Indian mountain valley then people working in rice paddy, Indian man swats two bulls on tread mill, men fold cloth, street scene of cars and wagons being pulled by camels, cloth factory, Gandhi walks through crowd into government building, the Muslim leader Ali Jinnah arrives in a rickshaw, Nehru speaks, Nehru waves to a very large crowd and speaks, a shot of the Indian flag, a graphic map showing India, Pakistan and Jammu and Kashmir, British officers arrive at ceremony in limo, the Pakistani flag is raised. tape 61a 200 to 490 series

Camera zooms in on graphic map of Jammu and Kashmir, Nehru address a crowd, Muslim soldiers carry riffles through forest area, Indian soldiers fire cannons, aerial of bombed village, UN security council in session, cut to office meeting with Indian, Pakistani and a US official, Nehru and President of Pakistan on couch talking, this next section deals with events leading up to the birth of Israel in 1948, opens with a graphic map of what was then Palestine, various shots of streets, camel, a farm, olive grove, food processing plant, UN general assembly in progress. tape 61a 200 to 490 series

Three UN cars with UN flag drive in desert area, man gets out of car and shakes hands with soldier across fence, graphic map of Palestine showing how it could be partitioned, border clashes, building afire, people fleeing, bombed buildings, cut to a UN building in the middle east, Count Folke Bernadotte of Sweden (appointed by the UN General Assembly to mediate peace between the Jews and Arabs in Palestine) is on a balcony shaking hands with a few Arab and Jewish dignitaries. tape 61b 200 to 490 series

Cut to a wide shot of an airport hangar where a sombre crowd is gathered to pay their last respects to Count Bernadotte who was assassinated in Jerusalem, next is a good shot of Mackenzie King (Prime Minister of Canada at the time) with two other mourners, the coffin is loaded onto a plane, burning buildings, wounded being treated, partisans fighting in the hills, soldiers walk single file in desert hills, cut to a committee room with Jewish and Arab delegates, Ralph Bunche (who replaced Bernadotte) is chairing the meeting and they sign documents. tape 61b 200 to 490 series

Cut to three soldiers climbing up outside stairs of a lighthouse and wave Israel’s new flag, a couple of shots of a crowded street in Jerusalem, group of flags unfurled at UN highlighting the Israeli flag. Cut to next section on the North and South Korea conflict, opens with a graphic map of Korea showing the 38th parallel, cut to a 1947 meeting of the UN General Assembly, Soviet ambassador Gromyko addresses the Assembly, cut to panoramic shot of the head of government building in Seoul, Korea, Soviet and American military commanders meet, cut to another meeting between Soviet, American and Korean officials, cut to Korea and a line up of citizens waiting to vote at the UN Korean Commission, thousands of Koreans listen to Politician’s speech, various street scene shots in Seoul. tape 61b 200 to 490 series

Graphic map showing North Korean invasion of South Korea, opens with cannon fire lighting up the night sky, shots of forest area and building on fire, refugees walk down road with their possessions, soldiers at UN raise international flag, security council in session, Warren Austin President of UN security council, cut to General Douglas MacArthur walking down steps of air force plane and accepts the first UN battle flag, UN troops walk down road with military convoy, Korean battle scenes with tanks and cannon fire, cut to the Soviet delegate and Warren Austin walking into chamber, once in session Austin gives the Soviet delegation hell for their role in the Korean conflict, the Soviets ignore Austin, back in the war zone more battle scenes, back in the Security Council Warren Austin intensifies his verbal attack on the Soviets and the Russian sits silently and takes it, cut to a graphic globe spinning as flags of countries who belong to the United Nations flash across the screen. tape 61b 200 to 490 series

This twenty eight minute black and white film set in the 1950’s is about Tibetan refugees settling in various regions of the Himalayas after escaping Communist rule in Tibet. It opens with two Tibetan monks blowing long horns in a mountainous area, young monks file into temple and begin chanting and praying, various beauty shots of surrounding mountainous countryside, young girls run into school yard, Tibetan refugees walk down mountain road, men ploughing with oxen and women working the field, tobacco crop loaded on wagon, committee meeting with Tibetans and Indians, men working in a quarry, man working a drill, blacksmith forging a pick axe, a woman sews, girls work Merritt sewing machine, Indian teacher lectures in classroom, student stands up and reads, young boys in outside class reading, woman spoons out food to young students and kids eat, children play in school yard, nurse and doctor examine a young patient, pan of cloudy mountainous region, donkeys carry cotton crop up mountain road, men on horseback ride across range, pan of blossom grove, man sews seeds, wide shot of mountain village, woman holds and kisses baby, woman working on tapestry on loom, young monks blow horns and wide shot of men beating drums and dancing, procession of monks including the Dalai Lama, the Dalai Lama in temple ordaining a monk, hundreds of Chinese women and men in bathing suits march threateningly, Chinese soldiers line up and march, two Chinese soldiers plant Chinese flag on mountain top, the Dalai Lama greeting Chinese officials in Peking (Beijing), officials at the 1955 Bandung conference shots of Zhou Enlai, Nehru, flags of the nations attending the conference. tape ii1 200 to 490 series

Dalai Lama gets off plane in India (1956) and bows and is greeted by Nehru, children sprinkle flower pedals at the Dalai Lama’s feet, the Dalai Lama, monks and officials squatting at dinner table in great hall, an official hangs a ring of flowers on the Dalai Lama, Dalai Lama talks with Nehru, Nehru, Zhou Enlai and Dalai Lama toast each other, wide shot of the Potala Palace in Lhasa, men digging in snow, Tibetan men on road gang (forced labour), a moving shot of the Potala Palace, a photo of the Dalai Lama on horseback escaping Tibet, Tibetans escaping down snowy hill, Dalai Lama in army jeep, Dalai Lama surrounded by crowd of Indians in camp, Dalai Lama accepting political asylum from Nehru, monks walk up stairs, pan down on mountain range, older monk talking to class of young monks in front of temple, a monk talks to a class of adults, a monk who escaped to India tells his story (with English voice over). tape ii2 of ii1

Monk carries on with his story and answers question about Chinese brutality in Tibet, pan of Himalayas to monk holding beeds looking over maountain range, zoom into mountains. tape ii3 of ii1 200 to 490 series

This sixteen minute film in black and white from the 1960’s is about Dag Hammarskjold Secretary General of the United Nations 1953 to 1961. It opens with a wide shot of the UN building and New York skyline from across the river, another wide shot of the UN building, UN flag hanging at half mast, General Assembly with empty chair, pan of conference table and empty chairs, Dag Hammarskjold in front of cameras and reporters, static shot of UN building, secretary goes through file in office, medium shot of Lester Pearson sitting down in front of General Assembly, various shots of the General Assembly in session, Korean flag flies with UN flag behind it. tape ii54 200 to 490 series

Graphic map of Korea showing the division at the thirty eighth parallel, General Assembly members in committee meeting, medium of navel ship, tight on the word Ethiopia sewn on a soldiers uniform, soldiers from different nationalities walk, a sign that reads 25th Canadian Infantry Brigade, Canadian soldiers march, various soldiers march including Scotsman with kilt, graphic map of Korea showing the aggressors being pushed back, rocket launcher firing, night battle shots, soldiers leaving battle area, military cemetery and a Chaplin prays, a bugler plays in cemetery, dockyard with cranes, tight on Dag Hammarskjold, wide shot of ship in Suez canal, UN soldiers at checkpoint, Dag Hammarskjold inside tent with UN soldiers. tape ii54 200 to 490 series

Night shots of Dag Hammarskjold inside tent with UN officers, they all hold hands form a circle and dance around a Christmas tree (odd), African natives in traditional costume dance, Dag Hammarskjold looks on, African women in colourful dress parade in front of crowd, riot in the street in the Congo as black men beat other black men, black army men patrol street, the delegate from the Congo at Assembly, Dag Hammarskjold addresses General Assembly, medium shot of Assembly, shot of plane in flight, shot taken from inside plane in flight of propeller, Dag Hammarskjold looking out plane window, shot of African river and countryside taken from plane window. tape ii54 200 to 490 series

Cut to medium shot of St. Peter’s in Rome, Dag Hammarskjold walks down hallway with Vatican officials enters into room and greets Pope Pius the twelfth, Dag Hammarskjold meeting with Nasser, Dag Hammarskjold meeting with David Ben-Gurion, Dag Hammarskjold meeting various leaders, shot of the gallery at the UN, shot of a waterfall, a dam with water rushing out, black workers at an oil rig, black man saws down giant tree, black man working in saw mill, black men hoist full net of fish on trawler, black children point up to building under construction. tape ii54 200 to 490 series

Chinese children in hospital, Chinese woman dances for children, Chinese children dance and sing, black kids in schoolroom, coal engine train goes by, doctor gives needle to Africans outside, various shots of Dag Hammarskjold meeting people, Dag Hammarskjold walks by temple in Burma, he watches traditional Burmese dance and he shakes hands of one of the dancers, Dag Hammarskjold in gown accepts honorary degree from McGill university, he makes a speech in front of CFCF and CBC microphones, Dag Hammarskjold with widow of Count Folke Bernadotte and Lester Pearson unveil a monument to Bernadotte. tape ii54 200 to 490 series

Hammarskjold takes a picture of old European city, shot taken from inside plane in flight of propeller, Hammarskjold talking with official inside plane, shot of African river and countryside taken from plane window, UN peacekeepers at attention on runway, plane taxis, Hammarskjold is greeted by black officials and is driven off in limo, he is eating with black officials, plane takes off at night, man taps out Morse code, man talks on ham radio, switchboard operator, newswire machine, the crashed UN plane in the African jungle, Hammarskjold’s body is taken from the wreck, UN delegates stand at attention at the General Assembly, Hammarskjold’ s picture, delegates sit down, UN delegates vote and put ballots into box, various shots of General Assembly meeting, pan of Nations flags and UN flag outside UN building. tape ii54 200 to 490 series

This is a one hour documentary in colour on the Camp David Accords, the 1979 peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. The treaty was signed by Anwar Sadat, Menachem Begin and President Jimmy Carter signed as a witness. There are numerous shots of Camp David, the White House, Oval office, Capitol hill, Begin, Sadat and Carter, and the President addressing Congress. tape 132 200 to 490 series

This twenty four minute tape focuses on the life of Mahatma Gandhi, it opens in a big city in India as citizens protest in street and police beat them with billy sticks, Gandhi leads thousands of Indians in march, Gandhi talks to a group, several shots of Gandhi, peace marchers, pan of Porbandar the city where Gandhi was born, a photo of a teen age Gandhi, photo of his new bride, photo of him at 18, vintage shots of 1888 London where people get on and off train at station, interesting shots of the fashion of the day, downtown London with horse and buggy, photo of Gandhi in his twenties, photo of “M.K. Gandhi Attorney” when he practised law in South Africa, pan down to photo of him, photo of man about to be hanged at gallows, a couple of photos of Gandhi, Indian soldiers parade by on horseback, British officers ride in buggy. tape ii51 200 to 490 series

Various shots of extremely poor Indians in street, Gandhi walks by, Indians sit in large tent, Gandhi works at his spinning wheel, he speaks to the multitude over a microphone, empty streets in Indian city, protest march, one sign says ‘boycott British motor cars & goods’, vintage shots of a massacre when British soldiers open fire on a crowd of Indians killing hundreds, Gandhi sits before a crowd and launches his protest against the British salt law, on March 12, 1930 he is on the road for his three hundred mile walk to the sea to get salt, hundreds of thousands join him on his walk, twenty four days later Gandhi arrives at the Indian ocean, Indians get sea water, boil it and distil it, hundreds of thousands on beach, mountains of salt on beach, police move in on the crowd and beat people with billy sticks, the British bag the salt and confiscate it, thousands protest in street, thousands breach a barbed wire fence at British salt factory, police line up with steel bamboo clubs, police beat citizens in the street. tape ii51 200 to 490 series

Gandhi and many of his followers are marched into Central Prison, photo of Gandhi in jail, Indians behind barbed wire fence, Gandhi on ship on his way to England, he is at his spinning wheel, a beautiful toothless Gandhi smile as he plays with a child, a shot of Westminster and Big Ben from across the Thames (1931), British Prime Minister Ramsay Macdonald walks out of number ten Downing street, and walks through the press corps, Gandhi gets off the boat in London and walks with crowd, he is on a balcony looking upon the English crowd below, a photo of Gandhi at conference table. tape ii51 200 to 490 series

Gandhi walks through east London and greets citizens, Gandhi speaks to the camera and says “I know I shall carry with me the pleasantest memories of my stay in the midst of the poor people of east London”, Gandhi at a small tree planting ceremony where he shovels earth, Gandhi addresses a small crowd, he is in a small crowd of adoring English women, another photo of Gandhi at conference table, Gandhi makes a statement about the conference’s lack of success, a shot of Gandhi’s wife waiting for him at dockside in Bombay, thousands of Indians welcome him back, crowds line the streets as Gandhi’s car drives through the street, man climbs telephone pole and plants a new Indian flag with Gandhi’s spinning wheel sewn in the middle, British police destroying flag. tape ii51 200 to 490 series

Gandhi in bed on protest fast, supporters outside hold signs “Long live Bapu”, Gandhi walks up to stage, he is on a train, he shakes hands with citizens from train window, he steps down from train, an explosion set of by a cannon, soldiers fighting the Japanese in 1941, Indians play in marching band, Indian soldiers march, Gandhi speaks to crowd, riots in the street, blood soaked British policeman walks by, British soldiers hold citizens at bay, plane lands and Sir Stafford Cripps gets out and shakes hand of Brit officer, Mohammad Ali Jinnah the Muslim leader, Nehru, Cripps and Gandhi talk and share a laugh. tape ii51 200 to 490 series

Gandhi sits in front of white backdrop, wide shot of building in Simla, India where a conference is held, Gandhi arrives, Nehru rides in on horseback, Ali Jinnah arrives, scenes of empty streets where riots took place, four guys carry man on stretcher, bodies in street, various shots of refugees on road, Gandhi meets with Lady and Lord Mountbatten, Indians celebrating their independence in 1947, Mountbatten making a speech, hundreds of thousands of Indians in city square, Gandhi on train then gets off, he walks with small crowd, flags at half mast, Gandhi’s coffin is carried through crowd, Mountbatten at funeral, body of Gandhi being burned on pyre as thousands watch. tape ii51 200 to 490 series

This 1950’s twenty six minute US propaganda film focuses on the atrocities committed by North Korea during the war. It opens with some quick shots of a couple of soldiers in a fox hole, a tank rolling down a street, some soldiers on patrol on cross country skis, soldiers landing on shoreline. A US Sergeant introduces a journalist who interviews four American soldiers who recount their ordeal as POW’s in North Korean camps. The atrocities committed by the communists are included in the interviews. The interviews and dialogue are laced with Cold War terminology. The gruesome shots of torture victims include: a wide shot of people walking among bodies in a field, close up of the dead in pits, dead prisoners of war with hands tied behind their backs, bodies lined up on tarmac. General Mark Clark former Supreme Commander of United Nations Forces in the Far East summarizes the treatment of American POW’s in North Korea. The film ends with more shots of dead torture victims. tape ii21 of 111 series

This US army propaganda film, bordering on black humor, is from the 1950’s and focuses on the safety of atomic weapons. Most was shot at Camp Desert Rock, Nevada, the Headquarters of the A Bomb test site, where by 1954 more than 30 atomic devices were tested. An army instructor tells his troops that they are there to participate in an atomic manoeuvre. He tells the troops that they can live through an atomic attack and live to fight another day. Soldiers map out ground zero. Soldiers dig the foxholes in which they will stand during the blast. The instructor at the chalk board takes his troops through the explosion step by step. tape ii25 of 111 series

There is a graphic of the fireball as the instructor explains the various colours the cloud will go through. Then he explains how the nuclear cloud will rise up to fifty thousand feet and just drift off. He says “watched from a safe distance, this is one of the most beautiful sights ever seen by man!” He explains there are only three things to think about: blast, heat and radiation. Then he explains, with the aid of a graphic, what these three elements do and how to avoid injury. When the blast comes he advises to get down on the ground fast to avoid debris coming at you at hundreds of miles an hour. He goes on to say that you have 5 seconds per mile before the blast will reach you. tape ii25

Now to the heat. The fireball is about a thousand times hotter than the surface of the sun. He says it takes a half a second for the heat to reach you from the detonation site a mile away, but if you are wearing clothes, you won’t burn! And, here’s some more good news; if you’re in the shaded part of a foxhole you are “perfectly safe from the heat of the bomb”! He saved the best news until last: “Radiation is the least important of the three effects”. He tells the boys that radiation only spreads out about a mile from ground zero. He explains that 1 inch of steel or 4 inches of concrete or 5 inches of dirt will cut out about half the radiation you would otherwise receive (no problemo). Half of this radiation occurs during the first second of detonation, and the other half during the next 89 seconds. So you’ve got 1 second to hit the ground, miss hundred mile an hour flying debris, throw 5 inches of dirt over you and bend over and kiss your butt goodbye. tape ii25 of 111 series

The class is dismissed and next morning the soldiers rise at ‘O’ dark early to begin a 30 mile orientation drive to ground zero. The convoy passes the Control Center which is a concrete bunker many miles away from ground zero. This is where the brass will communicate with those poor SOB’s in trenches in the forward area (I wonder what Carlin would say about “forward area”). As we see various instruments the voice over says that the many measuring devices is reassuring to the man who will be in the range of the explosion. tape ii25 of 111 series

They even built a model city complete with a family of manikins in the house to see how they would fry. There are various pieces of military equipment in the open as a test to see how they will stand up to the blast. Tanks and a convoy roll through Mojave and Death Valley deserts. Maintenance crew works on tank. Two silhouetted soldiers have a smoke at sunset. Cut to a night shot of neon signs in Las Vegas, interior shot of a chorus line (the dancers wore a lot of clothes in those days), cut to some soldiers in the audience. Back to the desert and various shots of a battalion taking up its position readying for the atomic detonation. tape ii25 of 111 series

Soldiers in trenches waiting ….. then the big blast … various camera angles show the various stages of the nuclear explosion. Soon after the blast the camera shows the damage caused to buildings and equipment. A soldier with geiger counter gets readings. Soldiers walk through ground zero without wearing protective clothing. Once back at the buses soldiers are brushed off with brooms and monitored with a geiger counter. A soldier is interviewed by another soldier about his experience being in proximity of a nuclear explosion. He gave it a glowing review. (I wonder how long he lived). Then a Battalion marches down a country road. tape ii25 of 111 series

This segment of a US propaganda film, with narration, is a verbal condemnation of Hirohito, Hitler and Mussolini. It opens with Hirohito on his white horse reviewing his troops, women and men wearing white karate uniforms bow, Japanese officers walk out of building, Japanese Premier during war years holds his arms up and gives a banzai to the troops and they cheer back. Cut to Germany and Hitler on a balcony giving a zieg heil to the crowd below, cut to a mass Nazi soldier rally. Cut to Italy and soldiers at attention. Cut to a graphic map of Japan as it turns into a dragon, cut to a graphic map of Germany as it turns into a Swastika, then a graphic map of Italy as it turns into an old Roman symbol, cut to a Nazi soldier parade with lots of flags, then Japanese soldiers march, Hirohito rides by on white horse, wipe to Hitler speechmaking then zoom out to a still of Hirohito, Hitler and Mussolini, zoom into Hitler as he resumes his tirade. tape 33a of 111 series

Cut to the audience as they jump to their feet and give Adolph a zieg heil, cut to Mussolini on a balcony speechmaking, cut to the crowd below as they yell Il Duce. Meanwhile back in Japan, Japanese official speechmaking to a field of soldiers, the soldiers yell banzai, cut to a still shot of the Reichstag in Berlin, the House of Deputies in Rome and the Diet in Tokyo, cut to interior shot of sitting members of the Diet, wipe to Hitler tirade in Reichstag, cut to Mussolini speechmaking in House of Deputies, cut to a German public notice that says “Public assembly of more than five persons is strictly forbidden. Violators will be prosecuted”. tape 33a of 111 series

A few German newspaper headlines flash by, a shot of a plaque that reads REICHSMINISTERIUM FR VOLKSUFKLARUNG UND PROPAGANDA, Goebbels giving a speech is supered over the plaque, cut to another plaque that reads VOLKSGERICHT (it means Peoples Court), Nazi judges sit on bench, cut to German labourers digging in a deep trench, Nazi forman yells ACHTUNG!, labourers give the Nazi salute, forman yells a short speech and punctuates it with heil Hitler, Nazi storm troopers walk by, one of them bangs on a door with a riffle butt. Superimposed over posters of Hitler is a quote from Mein Kampf “Only the application of brute force used continuously and ruthlessly can bring about the decision in favour of the side it supports”. tape 33a of 111 series

Meanwhile down in Italy an Italian officer gives a speech the cheering soldiers below as they wave their hats on top of their bayonets. Back to Germany a Brown Shirt speechmaking to a crowd then he pulls out his handgun. A New York Times front page from 1934 flashes, zoom in on headline ” 4 FOES OF PUTSCH SLAIN IN MUNICH, EX-PREMIER VON KAHR AND AIDES CRUSHED HITLER’S ATTEMPT TO SEIZE POWER IN 1923″, cut to another American newspaper headline “HITLER EXECUTES MORE ANTI NAZI LEADERS”, zoom in on newspaper story that reads “GENERAL KURT VON SCHLEICHER, HITLER’S PREDECESSOR AS CHANCELLOR WAS SLAIN TODAY BY HITLER’S SECRET POLICE” this headline is superimposed over a re-enactment of a Nazi going into an office shooting and killing Von Schleicher. tape 33a of 111 series

Cut to another American newspaper headline “GIACOMO MATTEOTTI SLAIN BY ITALIAN FASCISTI” this is superimposed over a re-enactment of a gun firing into a moving car, a body falls out and rolls down a hill, cut to another American headline “VISCOUNT SAITO ASSASSINATED BY TOKYO ARMY CLIQUE” this is superimposed over a re-enactment as Japanese soldiers rush into office firing guns, cut to another US headline “ROEHM ASSASSINATED IN NAZI PURGE”, another one, “JAPANESE FANATICS MURDER GENERAL WATANABE”, another one, “J. INOUYE JAPANESE MINISTER OF FINANCE SLAIN” these headlines are superimposed over shooting riffles. tape 33a

Cut to moving camera shooting up at Cathedral steeples, cut to cathedral interior, old woman’s hands together in prayer with rosary beads over fingers, a couple of elderly people make the sign of the cross, cut to sign on wall that reads “I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD, HE THAT FOLLOWETH ME SHALL NOT WALK IN DARKNESS, BUT SHALL HAVE THE LIGHT”. Cut to a stain glass window of Virgin Mary beside crucifix then a rock crashes through it and as it breaks a poster of Hitler is revealed (Father Max Josef Metzger). tape 33a of 111 series

Cut to Chief of the Political Bureau of the Nazi party addressing the Nuremberg Congress in 1938, the audience claps and cheers his condemnation of religion. Cut to two brown shirts mounting a Nazi flag on a cathedral steeple as the following words roll by: “THE CHRISTIAN CROSS IS TO BE REMOVED FROM ALL CHURCHES AND CATHEDRALS AND IS TO BE REPLACED BY THE IMMORTAL SYMBOL OF GERMANY, THE SWASTIKA”. Cut to a brown shirt busting his rifle butt through a glass case, cut to interior of a burning synagogue with the star of David in the forefront, cut to a pan of Christ on the crucifix. tape 33a of 111 series

Cut to these words: “BERLIN 1935, 700, 000 MEMBERS OF THE PROTESTANT YOUTH ORGANIZATIONS WERE FORCED TO DISBAND”, in the background is a sign on an iron gate that reads: “EVANGELISCHE JUGEND DEUTSCHLAND BRANDENBURG”, then a brown shirt pastes the following banner over the sign; “EINTRITT VERBOTEN” (Entry forbidden). tape 33a of 111 series

Cut to and zoom in on American newspaper headline: “NAZIS STORM CARDINAL FAULHABER’S PALACE”, cut to another headline: “PASTOR NIEMOELLER SENT TO PRISON CAMP, cut to another headline: “PASTOR WIESLER ‘SUICIDE’ IN NAZI JAIL”, cut to another headline:”NAZI GERMANY JAILS PRIESTS, FRIARS AND NUNS, ARREST FOLLOWS SEARCH OF CONVENTS, MONASTERIES, another headline: “NAZIS VENT RAGE ON JEWS, RIOTS ALL OVER GERMANY, MOBS KILL, LOOT AND BURN”, another reads: “1500 GERMAN PASTORS IMPRISONED IN S”. Cut to medium shot of Goebbels speechmaking, then Julius Streicher speaks, cut to Hitler listening in the audience. tape 33a

Cut to a classroom setting with a very stern woman teacher giving the zieg heil salute to her young brown shirt pupils then the kids sing an Adolph Hitler hymn, cut to Italian kids in class then to Japan as pupils yell Banzai, cut to Hitler youth in marching band parade, then to Japanese kids in marching band, then to Italian kids in marching band as they march past the tomb of Italy’s unknown soldier in Rome, back to Hitler youth in marching band, then to adult Nazi soldiers marching, then to Japanese soldiers marching, then the Italians goose stepping, tight on Nazi marchers, overhead shot of Nazi marchers giving the Hitler salute, various tight shots of marchers and tight on faces watching the parade. tape 33b of 111 series

Cut to a graphic of two globes, one is of Europe in darkness, the other shows North and South America in brightness. This segment opens in Washington with a medium shot of Capitol Hill, the narrator talks about the Washington disarmament conference initiated in 1921, interior shot of politicians and dignitaries signing declaration, cut to 1929 and delegates signing of the Kellogg Briand Pact, close up of the signed document, next is a shot of an official (could be Charles Evens Hughes) handing the London Navel treaty to President Hoover. tape 33b of 111 series

Cut to a shot of a battleship being blown up on purpose because the treaty called for the scrapping of more than 60% of navel tonnage, cut to a graphic showing US army being reduced to 136,000, cut to a peace parade and women dressed as angels on a float, one is holding a dove, people watching parade hold anti-war posters, citizens in a peace parade, cut to a number of man-on-the-street interviews in the US where people are against going to war in 1939, cut to a number of people carrying anti-war posters as they picket outside the White House. tape 33b of 111 series

Cut to a few shots of abandoned factories, then to men on box car as they ride the rails during the depression, cut to FDR signing a New Deal document, then a newspaper headline that reads “CONGRESS PASSES WAGE BILL”, then various shots of men coming out of factories, newspaper headline: “SOCIAL SECURITY LAW GOES INTO EFFECT”, then a poster that reads “HOW MUCH HAVE YOU EARNED TOWARD YOUR OLD AGE SECURITY”, labourers doing the following activities: stringing wire up a hydro pole, chopping wood, working at a saw mill, driving a bull dozer, shovelling and clearing the way for a road, aerial shot of a highway cloverleaf. tape 33b of 111 series

Cut to a couple of quick shots of the Hoover Dam, hydro towers, hands pushing up switch turning on the electric power generator, cut to newspaper headline (New York Times 1921): “SENATORS OPPOSE THE LEAGUE OF NATIONS” and “SENATE PASSES TARIFF BILL BY 44 TO 42 VOTES” and from prohibition in 1919 “DRY LAW NOW OPERATIVE”, cut to various shots in the following US presidential political conventions: Willkie, Taft, Dewey, FDR, then to posters of Hitler then some marking a ballot voting for Hitler, then Hitler ballots stacking up, pan of the following books: Napoleon, The Decline Of Rome, Berlin Diary, Roosevelt, Mein Kampf, Stalin. Cut to night shot of Hitler Youth burning books on bonfire, the following book titles and authors flash by the screen: Heinrich Heine, Martin Eden, A Farewell to Arms, Thomas Mann, Orpheus in the Underworld, Mendelssohn tape 33c of 111 series

Cut to a shot of a church steeple, fade to choirboys singing Onward Christian Soldiers, cut to a toddler in diapers taking first steps, then children playing on teeter totter, children playing in playground, on a slide, a swing, girl drawing and pan of the drawing, boy paints on easel, kids playing football, girls roller-skating, boy repairs bike and pumps tire, cut to Nazi Germany where kids are involved in other activities like loading shells into cannons, in Japan kids in field with rifles charge, then in Italy kids with rifles on manoeuvres put on gas masks and run through smoke, back in the US kids come out of school and donate money to a Red Cross box that says “HELP JAPANESE CHILDREN: JAPANESE EARTHQUAKE RELIEF”. tape 33c of 111 series

Back in Germany and a German army band marches and plays, cut to a smiling Hitler then a smiling Himmler, cut to a Nazi on a horse playing kettle drums, Hitler with Mussolini and his henchmen parade down the street, millions in a city square listening to Hitler yelling a speech then the crowd gives the zieg heil, cut to Rudolph Hess looking up, then Himmler, a couple of quick shots of Nazi brass speechmaking including Goebbels, couple of quick shots of crowds in Japan, Germany and Italy yelling fascist and Nazi slogans, Hitler shakes hands with officials. tape 33c of 111 series

Cut to a graphic map of southern Europe and North Africa showing countries, in black, that Italy took over, Libya, Ethiopia, then the graphic map illustrates, in black, Mussolini’s dream of taking back all the territory that the Roman Empire once had, which was all the lands that adjoined the Mediterranean, then cut to a graphic map of Japan and area showing the countries it had taken over by 1920 (Formosa, Korea, Sakhalin), fade into a scroll called the Tanaka Memorial, a document written by Prime Minister Tanaka, presented to the Emperor that set down a blueprint for conquering the world starting with China, cut to a graphic map of Europe as black ink spreads throughout the continent to illustrate Hitler’s dream of world domination, then the ink spreads to Iran, Iraq, down through Africa, then south America, then North America. tape 33c of 111 series

This segment of a US propaganda film, with narration, is a condemnation of Germany, Italy and Japan. It opens with a Japanese officer giving a speech on how the Japanese army will be victorious and march on Washington, cut to a wide shot of Capitol Hill and fade over Japanese army marching down Pennsylvania Avenue. Cut to a graphic map of Europe and radio transmission towers in Berlin and Rome emanating signals throughout the continent, then a close-up of the top of the tower with the word “Lies” beaming out of it with German, Italian and Japanese propagandists fading in and out. tape 34a of 111 series

Cut to an Italian officer pinning a medal on a woman’s chest honoring her for bearing the most male babies, cut-away to a crowd cheering her, then a group of young boys beside her give a Nazi salute, cut to an Italian soldier herding a group of willing Italian women offering themselves to get pregnant to further the cause of fascism, cut to a poster of a head shot of a German soldier with the following words supered over: “ROUND UP 100 YOUNG GIRLS. ISOLATE THEM IN A CAMP, THEN LET THEM BE JOINED BY A HUNDRED GERMAN MEN. IF A HUNDRED SUCH CAMPS WERE SET UP, YOU WOULD HAVE 100,000 THOROUGHBRED CHILDREN IN ONE STROKE.” cut to three nurses attending to dozens of babies on a table. tape 34a of 111 series

Cut to a head shot of Mussolini giving a speech with a graphic of a radio transmission tower supered over him and the word “lies” beaming from the tower then a cut to Hitler speechmaking, a Nazi flag covers the screen folds back to reveal a wide shot of a Nazi military parade, cut to a graphic of a Swastika in the background with a stack of coins in the foreground and a headline at the top that reads: GERMAN MILITARY BUDGET, at the bottom it shows the money spent on the military build up from 1932 to 1940 then 80 billion flashes across the screen (German journalist Carl von Ossietsky tipped off the allies about the build-up and he was sent to a camp where he died but not before he won the Nobel peace prize). tape 34a of 111 series

Cut to shots of Germany’s military might with a parade of a panzer division showing off its tanks then troops goose stepping then a fly-past of fighter planes then a launching of a battleship, cut to a newspaper headline from the Dallas Journal that reads: “PRES. ROOSEVELT SUBMITS WAR BUDGET OF $58,927,902,000”, another headline: “PRESIDENT PUTS VICTORY COST AT 120 BILLIONS”. tape 34a of 111 series

Cut to various shots of Japanese military might, tanks, cannons, soldiers at attention, graphic map showing a dark cloud descending on Manchuria as the date of Sept. 18th 1931 flashes up marking the date Japan invaded the country, dissolve to a map of Manchuria and Korea showing a railway line and Mukden, Harbin and Changchun, fade in Japanese flags showing troop strength along Korean border, cut to a steam locomotive going over bridge, then a tight shot of a section of track that had been blown up (this was the excuse the Japanese had used to invade Manchuria). tape 34a of 111 series

Cut to cannons firing, explosions, fires, soldiers charging, convoys moving, cut to a graphic map of Manchuria as black ink covers it indicating the Japanese had taken the country, tight of Japanese officer who took over the puppet regime, Japanese soldiers on horseback on parade square, cut to Japanese officer shaking hands with superior officer at train station, newspaper headline: “STIMSON DENOUNCES JAPANESE AGGRESSION”, then Stimson gives sound bite, shot of 5 dignitaries, including Lord Litton and General Frank McCoy, who were sent by the League of Nations to investigate the invasion of Manchuria. tape 34a

Cut to a locomotive racing down the track, cut to Lord Litton giving a sound bite denouncing Japan, wide shot of the League of Nations building in Switzerland, cut to interior and delegates in session, the French delegate speaks, then the Japanese delegate speaks to the assembly in English, cut to a team of horses pulling a combine in a wheat field, cut to a London bus going over a bridge, a quick shot of a cafe in Paris, cut to a burning building, then cannons going off, soldiers run towards burning huts tape 34a of 111 series

Cut to graphic of a book titled “THE TANAKA MEMORIAL, JAPAN’S DREAM OF WORLD EMPIRE”, cut to inside page, PHASE 1, CONQUEST OF MANCHURIA, PHASE 2, CONQUEST OF CHINA, PHASE 3 BASES IN SOUTH PACIFIC, PHASE 4, CONQUER THE UNITED STATES, cut to a graphic map of the coast along Shanghai and Japanese battleships, the cut to Japanese battleships shelling Shanghai in 1932, navel officer looks through binoculars, various shots of building blowing up, thousands of panicked Chinese citizens running in streets, planes dropping bombs, dead bodies in the street, aerial shot of Shanghai on fire. tape 34b of 111 series

Japanese foot soldiers landing on shore, various shots of Japanese soldiers engaged in battle in Shanghai streets, Japanese soldier roughs up Chinese citizen, cut to graphic map of china showing Shanghai then arrow sweeps up to Jehol then into Manchuria indicating the second phase of the Tanaka plan, Japanese tanks roll through countryside, cut to General Chiang Kai-shek walking with other dignitaries. tape 34b of 111 series

Cut to thousands of Chinese men marching in street, cut to thousands of Chinese soldiers walking through the Great Wall of China, cut to a graphic map of Japan region and the camera pans over to Germany, cut to a head shot of Mussolini, nice shot of thousands of soldiers assembled in front of the Coliseum in Rome, Mussolini giving one of his animated speeches. tape 34b

Cut to graphic map of Ethiopia, cut to Africans in white dress walking tight shot from knees down, then wide shot with Haile Selassie on horse, Selassie getting on plane, aerial shot of fighter planes parked on airfield, Italian soldiers firing flame thrower then a field of smoke, cut to a flotilla of battleships moving into position in 1935 off the coast of Ethiopia, graphic map of Ethiopia showing Wal Wal, headline on newspaper box: “MUSSOLINI INTO ETHIOPIA”, thousands of Italian troops on dockside boarding a ship, ships going through the Suez canal. tape 34b of 111 series

Haile Selassie addressing the League of Nations, shots of League members in session around tables, passing papers, cut to Ethiopians running up to Haile Selassie on stage, Ethiopians with guns and spears and some cannons run through field, cannons fire, aerial shot of bombs dropping, a wide variety of shots of battle scenes between Italian soldiers and Ethiopians, cut to a very big flag with Mussolini’s head stamped on it, cut to FDR giving a speech over a microphone condemning Italy. tape 34b of 111 series

Cut to graphic map showing the distance between continents while boats and planes go back and forth illustrating it only takes hours to get anywhere, cut to hut burning in Africa, a village is burning, cut to Mussolini, Hitler and Himmler and henchmen laughing and talking, cut to graphic map of Japan region as spotlight moves over to Africa and up to Europe, Hitler gives the Nazi salute, graphic map of the world showing all the countries with Nazi and Japanese flags over them, then a photo of Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito together, thousands of Japanese soldiers at attention, cut to burning building, then laborers digging in big ditch, then books burning, then kids wearing gas masks, then a couple of dead bodies. tape 34b of 111 series

This portion focuses on India in the 1930’s. It opens with various shots of rioting and civil disobedience in Bombay, British officers beat Indians with wooden sticks, there are thousands in the streets in a chaotic demonstration, there are some shots of the wounded and a red cross truck taking the injured away. Cut to Gandhi sitting under an awning before a crowd, cut to Gandhi on a balcony with other officials, cut-away shots of crowd below. tape 34c of 111 series

This last segment is a two minute weird comedy staring Adolph Hitler! It opens with Hitler making another animated yelling speech, cut to a Nazi marching band goose stepping to the beat . then the funny business begins . The Nazis march backwards a couple of steps, then forward, then they march down some steps like in a Busby Berkley musical, then as if from The Producers the mustachioed monster gives a couple of zieg heils to Himmler who does something simmler …. but Goebbels had no … well you know the rest. tape 34d of 111 series

This opens with an aerial shot of Japanese planes in flight over Shanghai in 1947, cut to the bombardier looking through sight glass, cut to bombs falling, the camera moves to the streets, a multiplicity of shots of buildings being bombed, Chinese citizens running for their lives, dead bodies. Cut to iron doors opening to reveal a pagoda, then a pan of Chinese farmers working in a rice field, fade to a crowd of men, pan up to a stone lion-dragon. tape 80a of 111 series

Fade to the painting of Washington crossing the Delaware in 1776, fade to a painting of Columbus’ ship the Nina, fade into Roman columns, fade into Michelangelos statue of Moses, fade into a painting of the pyramids, fade into a painting of a Chinese palace, fade into a man carrying two barrels of water at either end of a pole in the background is a Chinese temple, cut to a graphic map of China with an outline of the USA to illustrate the size of China, the lines are drawn showing China proper and Manchuria, cut to Chinese coal miners working in a strip mine, back to the map as lines are drawn showing Mongolia, Sinkiang (now known as Xinjiang) cut to a shot of a caravan crossing the Gobi desert, then a close-up of the camels and the bales of cotton they carry. tape 80a of 111 series

The map again showing Tibet, pan of the Himalayas, cut to a crowd of Tibetans kneeling in prayer, back to the map and a line drawn showing the Yellow River and the Yangtze River, shots of Chinese junks at sunset on the river, cut to a farmer tilling the soil using oxen, farmers working in wheat field, cut to a narrow city street teaming with people, supered over this is a number of tight shots of Chinese faces young and old, more shots of Chinese people in street, one guy holds out his straw hat and another guy puts money in it, various street shots in a major Chinese city. tape 80a of 111 series

A number of shots of some of the things the Chinese invented: the compass (with a ship in the background), a giant globe made of steel and various globes illustrating the Chinese influence in astronomy, cut to china dishes being put into a kiln, a tea spoon full of gun powder is put in a bowl and lit, fire crackers going off, a group of happy Chinese men bang on drums and play symbols, a few quick shots of a Chinese dragon and tight on people wearing masks, cut to a drawing of a book the title of which is: ANALECTS OF CONFUCIUS, then one of his sayings comes up “WHAT YOU DO NOT WANT DONE TO YOURSELF, DO NOT DO TO OTHERS” (Confucius said this 500 years before the birth of Christ). tape 80a of 111 series

Statues of Chinese icons in a park and various shots of typical Chinese architecture, cut to cannon going off and various shots of Chinese soldiers in battle, supered over one battle scene is a fluttering American flag, cut to a drawing of a Japanese Samurai over a map of China, cut to a book titled “THE TANAKA MEMORIAL: JAPAN’S DREAM OF WORLD EMPIRE”, cut to a shot of Baron Tanaka sitting down, cut to a quote from his book: “IN ORDER TO CONQUER THE WORLD, WE MUST FIRST CONQUER CHINA”, a quick shot of Japanese officers in front a tent. tape 80a of 111 series

Graphic map of the world showing how the Japanese intended on conquering the globe, then a graphic map of northern Europe showing arrows coming from Nazi Germany pointing to Leningrad and Moscow, cut to a graphic map showing Japan and China, then a giant cartoon of Chinese man appears on China and a midget cartoon of a Japanese man appears on Japan, then China breaks up like a jigsaw puzzle, Japanese soldiers parade past a reviewing stand. tape 80a of 111 series

Graphic map of China and Japan with their flags showing, cut to vintage film circa 1917 of Chinese man addressing a crowd, then young Chinese men peacefully demonstrating in street, cut to a shot of the Lincoln memorial, then the words “of the people by the people shall not perish from the earth”, then pan down on Chinese pagoda, Chinese university students in class, two sip tea by window overlooking city, construction workers on steel beams, architects with model building, man looks through microscope, Chinese hospital ward, young kids in class, pan down to a picture of Christ to people in pews as minister preaches, a procession with cross bearer, men carry a heavy pagoda looking hearse up stairs to mausoleum. tape 80b of 111 series

Chiang Kai-shek speechmaking, two workers spinning cotton, a Chinese junk on river, steam locomotive roars by, three trucks dive by on dirt road, laborers splitting rock and shoveling, coal dumping into bin, liquid tin pouring into mould, various industrial shots, steel mill, women on loom, children in parade ground, cut to a graphic map of ship sailing from Shanghai to Tokyo, cut to Hirohito parading on his white horse, his soldiers salute, armored tanks roll past, cut to 1934 World Telegram newspaper headline: “TOKYO HOUSE PASSES HUGE ARMS BUDGET”, LA Times headline: “RECORD ARMS FUND APPROVED IN TOKYO”, from the New Orleans Times Picayune: “HUGE ARMS COST A STRAIN ON JAPAN”, tape 80b of 111 series

Japanese man looking through periscope, another with a rivet gun, a ship takes on raw materials like coal, scrap iron, oil, ship sails off, cut to delegates at the Washington Naval Conference, battalions of Japanese soldiers march, Japanese battleships, Japanese zero fighter planes revving up and in the air, cut to graphic map with the Marshall islands, Caroline Islands and Mariana Islands highlighted, the giant cannons rise from them indicating Japanese fortifications, then a sword cuts through Manchuria, fade to raging fires as village is torched. tape 80b of 111 series

New York Times headline: “JAPS SEIZE MANCHURIA”, headline on newspaper box: “MUSSOLINI INTO ETHIOPIA”, headline from Des Moines Tribune: “SPANISH CIVIL WAR RAGES”, headline, “CZECHS SURRENDER”, headline from the Hartford Courant POLAND INVADED, headline from New York World Telegram: “NAZIS DRIVE ON FRANCE, BELGIUM, NETHERLANDS, headline from The Sun: “AIR BLITZ ON LONDON”, headline from Boston Globe: “NAZIS CLOSING TRAP ON RUSSIA, the Boston Herald: “PEARL HARBOR BOMBED”. tape 80b of 111 series

Tanaka and two smiling cronies sitting, battalion of Japanese soldiers making their way up a hill, close-up of smiling Japanese soldiers, Chinese civilians in street, graphic map showing China, a fleet of battle ships off the coast of Shanghai, cut to bombardment by sea of Shanghai, cut to graphic map of Manchuria (Manchukuo) and Jehol, Japanese soldiers walking in street, Sun newspaper headline: “LEAGUE CENSURES JAPAN”, Japanese soldiers on train platform, Japanese stooge who headed the puppet government in Manchuria. tape 80b of 111 series

Staged shot of bare chested Mongolian Barbarians on horseback galloping up to the great wall of China, graphic map of China with line indicating the length of the wall, a nice aerial shot of the great wall of China, a column of Japanese soldiers march under stone bridge and through street as Chinese citizens look on, Japanese officer looks at map in field, trucks carry soldiers, they get out, cut to the emblem “EMBASSY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”, cut to an American officer behind a desk, he addresses the camera and has some tough words for Japan, cut to night time battle shots, a platoon of Japanese soldiers with flag on top of bridge yell BANZAI, officers sit around table, cut to artillery fire, soldiers in trench fire guns, various battle scenes in field, in street tape 80b of 111 series

Graphic map of China with Lanchow, Chengtu and Chungking highlighted, zoom in on Chungking to a shot of the city with the Yangtze river in foreground, cut to Chinese officials walking onto courtyard, busy street, steps leading to the Yangtze, busy street, huts on cliffs of Chungking city, people walking up stone steps, workers digging out a cave. tape 80c of series 111

Japanese soldiers getting out of trucks, Japanese officer yells out orders, soldiers come running, zero fighter planes rev up and take off, nice shot of the planes in formation, various shots of them in the air, cut to Japanese gunners, shot of planes dive bombing, shot of gunner shooting, good action shots of actual aerial battle, plane against plane, shot of and sound of air raid siren, lots of good shots of Chinese people running for cover, cut to plane interior as Japanese bombers look at their targets through a telescope, shots of bombs dropping, cut to shots of Chungking being bombed, cut to various factory machinery shots, various shots of buildings on fire, people pumping and carrying water and hosing water on fire, wide shot of city ablaze. tape 80c of 111 series

Two Chinese buglers blow horns, Chinese recruits march on field, two recruits sign paper, pan of large crowd of Chinese men, two buglers, various shots of recruits, people walking and on horseback crossing field by river, recruits yell out number one by one, recruits in training do calisthenics, judo practice, more exercise with rifles, women recruits in uniform, women on firing range. tape 80c of 111 series

American pilot on the ground with US flag in the background, US pilots run out of building, American officer shakes hands of Chinese soldiers, fighter plane with tiger teeth painted on it revs up, cut to aerial shot from inside the pane we see through the cross-hairs a plane in front, it gets hit smokes up and dives, more Chinese recruits march on parade ground, Japanese officials in meeting room, Japanese soldiers overlooking Chinese forced laborers working on railway line, wide shot of flatbed train with Japanese soldiers waving flag. tape 80c of 111 series

Graphic map of Japan and China showing supply lines to Tsingtao and Hangchow then Japanese fleet cutting those supply lines, fade into Japanese sailors on launch in harbor, a couple of Chinese dock workers sit on bales, parked trucks, pan of giant oil tanks, then oil drums stacked up, parked fighter planes, battleship in harbor, tape ends with graphic map of Chungking. tape 80c of 111 series

The segment centers on the Sino Japanese war 1937-1945, in particular The Rape of Nanking. When the Japanese occupied Nanking they murdered and tortured more than 40,000 men, women and children and raped thousands. It opens with a battle in a field, soldiers besiege a fortress, street battle, cannons fire, houses burn, bombs go off. The Japanese army is victorious and a group of soldiers yell banzai, a Japanese platoon hold flag and yell banzai. tape 81a of 111 series

The following scenes are disturbing shots of Japanese soldiers rounding up Chinese citizens, executing them, burying them alive, various shots of murdered Chinese children, women and men in the street. A gloating Japanese officer gets off plane. Cut to various shots of grieving Chinese citizens. Cut to a missionary doctor in a hospital showing Chinese torture victims (very hard to watch). Cut to grieving citizens. tape 81a of 111 series

A high ranking Chinese officer addresses a crowd, in city other than Nanking, and encourages them to rise up and fight the Japanese. Cut to Chinese carrying protest signs marching in street, various shots of anti Japanese rallies. Cut to Chinese war room as a General speaks to his officer staff. An officer gets up and goes to a map of China and points to strategic locations. Cut to Chinese soldiers laying dynamite and blowing up roads, railways and key industries and setting ablaze wheat fields in order to thwart the advancing Japanese army. Thousands of Chinese citizens flee a big city in an orderly fashion with their belongings on their backs, various shots of the 30 million person mass exodus. Thousands of Chinese crowd onto a steam locomotive train, men dismantle a rail line and rail ties, cut to people on Chinese junks on river, people rowing boats, hundreds men pull boats through shallow water with ropes, various shots of millions walking through barren land. tape 81a of 111 series

This segment focuses on the early settlers in North America and takes us up to the late 40’s. The scenes show the beginnings and advancements made in agriculture, industry, communications and transportation. Scenes also include cultural and religious development. Some of the shots are re-enactments showing pioneer men and women working in a number of occupations. It opens with a pan of an oil painting showing European immigrants. Cut to live action of men working in the following occupations: loggers, a black smith hammering a horseshoe on an anvil, laborers digging in an open pit mine, man plants a vine in vineyard, farmers sow seeds in field, coal miner digs in mine, black people pick cotton, a lone horseman on a ridge, a Hispanic looking man works on an oil rig, cowboys guiding a herd of cattle, fishermen working on a net and scooping fish, a jeweler examining a gem, men in a steel mill, workers laying railway tracks, men with axes chopping down tree, in review there are quick shots of the above, a short shot of a vintage turn of the century single stack open steam engine rail car, men string wire on telephone poles, a steam engine train roars by, cowboys herd cattle, horse drawn ploughs till soil, black people stack bales of cotton. tape 81b of 111 series

A mill spinning thread, a single water wheel paddle boat on river, a vintage car drives by, a vintage plane flies overhead, combines ploughs wheat field, car assembly line, chemist in lab, a side of a mountain explodes to make way for a road, quick shots of building Hoover Dam, water gushes out of dam, hydro towers, night shot of big city, locomotive roars by, the San Francisco Bay Bridge, Empire State building still under construction, aerial view of New York city, a pan of a US military graveyard, crowds on a 1930’s city street, various shots of people working at various jobs like, office, lab, submarine, 1940’s plane shot from the air beside it, woman sews on vintage Singer sewing machine, brief shot of woman dancing on TV circa 1950, cows give milk while cat looks on, draftsmen working at tables, man makes a circle with a compass, shots of lots of vintage cars on highway, parking lot filled with vintage cars, street sweeping vehicle on street. tape 81b of 111 series

Doctors and nurses performing an operation, exterior shot of hospital, various shot inside hospital, patients, nursery, various shots of children eating, in school leaving Vine Street school, exterior shot of Frank Wiggins Trade School, ww i US soldiers march, wwii US soldiers march, cut to sun bathers on beach, a duck gets shot while flying, an angler fishes in a stream and catches a fish, a flock of geese fly over, sport scenes, 1930’s football game, a 1930’s baseball game, a 1930’s horse race, runners jump over hurdles in a track meet, cowboy rides a bronco horse in a rodeo, a 1930’s basketball game, a line of golfers swing at a driving range, a line of bowlers roll the balls down an alley, an kid shoots an alley, a kid pushes a toad in a frog race, a bunch of skiers on a mountain, a woman dives in a pool, speed boats go buy pulling two women water skiers, ice boaters glide by, boxing match, vintage car races. tape 81b of 111 series

Various transportation scenes, a train, people in dinning car, car hauls a trailer, shot of Arizona welcomes you, man on vintage motorcycle, exterior shot of Portal Motor Hotel motel, man with hot dog and beer on poster , shot of “Cheeseburger with the works” on a fast food restaurant, tight on hands making a sandwich, bacon and eggs cooking, coffee pouring out of coffee maker, coke bottle opening, pancakes, toast pops up from toaster, people at lunch counter, shot of signs at city limits: Lions club, Kiwanis club, chamber of commerce, American legion, shot of Greek letters on building, tight on hand signing a Certificate of Membership for the Lake Mountain Club. tape 81b of 111 series

NBC STUDIOS neon sign supered over a vintage radio dial, various shots of vintage radios in s, cars and a man carrying one of the first vintage portable radios, a vintage juke box, nice tight of bobby soxers from knee down, teens in the 40’s dancing in hall with big band in front, cut to a band shell as musicians play tight on jazz trumpeter, girls drum marching band, newspaper press, magazine rack, nice collage shots of newspaper names: Boston Globe, Tulsa Tribune, The Des Moines Register, The New Orleans Item, The New York Times, The Arkansas Gazette, Daily Mirror, shot of library book shelf, pan of magazine rack, tight on comic of Flash Gordon, Dick Tracy. tape 81b of 111 series

Various shots of church steeples and churches, tight on signs of various denominations, Presbyterian, Filipino Christian church, Finnish Lutheran, Armenian Apostolic Holy Cross, Temple Israel, Church of All Religions, people at polling booths voting, women walk in and out of vegetable store, cut to word “PROHIBITION” supered over a meeting of US congress in session, cut to tight on hands of a guy making bootleg booze in a bathtub, medium shot of a guy bottling bootleg booze, pan of bottles of bootleg booze, cut to words “PROHIBITION REPEALED” supered over US congress in session, man reads stock market ticker tape, ticker tape machine crashes to the floor indicating the stock market crash of 1929. tape 81b 0f 111 series

Opens with tight shot of heads and shoulders of several men running past camera, cut to a crane moving a bucket of cement, aerial of highway and clover leaf, wide of low rise apartment builds, wide of crowd of people walking out of parking lot, crowd of office workers leaving building, crowd walks up subway stairs, generic of people walking on busy street, people walking into church, cut to worshipers inside church during a religious service, cut to interior of Catholic church during mass, tight on a nun, a minister gives a sermon, various interior shots of churches, exterior of small town church, cut to 30’s and 40’s cars on highway, cut to a crowded beach of sunbathers. tape 81c of 111 series

Dead soldier in a field, dead soldiers floating in river, cut to number “1917” on screen, various shot of wwi cannons going off, soldiers climb out of trenches and race onto the battlefield, wide shot of the battlefield scene, smoke, fire, guns go off, aerial shot of wwi war planes dropping bombs, tanks roll by, wwi soldiers emerge through smoke on battlefield, cut to words on screen “ARMISTICE DAY NOV. 11, 1918” supered over a cheering ticker tape filled New York Street, sailors and civilians dance. Cut to Portsmouth Treaty in session, cut to a couple of battleships being destroyed on purpose as agreed to in Portsmouth Treaty. tape 81c of 111 series

The following illustrates US troop reduction after wwi graphic of soldier standing on map of US, on bottom of screen words say 1918, three point seven million troops, soldier graphic shrinks and words say 1925, one hundred and thirty four thousand. Cut to a nice wide shot of Tiber River in Rome with St. Peter’s dome in background, then there are some quick shots of world capitals: wide of Paris boulevard Champs Elysee, a Japanese temple, a temple in Burma, two women dancers in either Thailand or Burma with gold rings around their necks. Supered over a Japanese type tower is 1931, cut to young boys in baseball uniforms playing ball. tape 81c of 111 series

Graphic map of Manchuria and a Samurai sword cutting through it, cut to various battle scenes of Japanese army invading Manchuria, a couple of Chinese prisoners tied up, Japanese soldier waves Japanese flag. Cut to Washington DC and Capitol Hill building, fade in to headline “Stimson Denounces Japanese Aggression, US will not recognize territory taken by force”, then a head and shoulder shot of US secretary of State Stimson making a speech. tape 81c of 111 series

US citizen give a speech on a soap box supered over him headline from New York World Telegraph “Bonus March On Capital”, cut to shot of chain across gate with sign “EMPLOYEES ENTRANCE”, then men getting food at a 1929’s soup kitchen. Cut to a night shot of an Al Capone gangland hit in the 1920’s as a car races by with machine guns blazing. Cut to some two quick Dust Bowl shots of the 1930’s, a man with a baby outside tent. Cut to 1933 supered over a school gym stage at a high school graduation. tape 81c of 111 series

People walk out of subway man picks up newspaper out of trash can, cut to headline “HITLER IN POWER MADE GERMAN CHANCELLOR”, night shot of Nazi parade with neon Swastika on building, Hitler on stage, HEIL HITLER in neon with fireworks supered, various shots all of the German army assembled in the Munich stadium, then Hitler zieg heiles with the words supered over “Today we rule Germany, tomorrow the world”, then more shots of Hitler and his tens of thousands of Nazis at the rally. tape 81c of 111 series

1935 supered across the screen over a debutants ball, cut to a man sitting in his lawn chair reading a newspaper with the headline MUSSOLINI ATTACKS ETHIOPIA, cut to aerial shot of planes dropping bombs, Ethiopian native bangs on kettle drum, rag tag Ethiopian soldiers in white form up, tight on Haile Selassie, various battlefield shots of Italian army invading Ethiopia, machine guns fire, natives run. Cut to Washington and shot of Capitol building, interior shot of US congress in session, senator Hiram Johnson addresses the congress, supered over the congress is NEUTRALITY ACT NO ARMS FOR SALE TO NATIONS AT WAR, cut to graphic NO ARMS FOR SALE over an industrial site. tape 81c of 111 series

1936 is supered on screen then young teen boys stand around a convertible with a couple of young sailors in the front seat, they wave good-bye. Cut to CIVIL WAR IN SPAIN on screen in movie theatre, cut to various battle shots of Spanish civil war and various shots of civilian victims of war, Franco gets off train and shakes the hand of a waiting Hitler. Cut to sign AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC OPINION on iron gate, men in meeting, man woks on engine, mother makes dinner. Supered on screen: NOVEMBER 1936 IF ANOTHER WORLD WAR DEVELOPS IN EUROPE SHOULD AMERICA TAKE PART AGAIN?, then the result of the poll shows NO 95%, quick shots of various people saying NO, cut to shot of US congress in session with CASH AND CARRY RAW MATERIALS ONLY BUT COME AND GET THEM supered over session, graphic map of North America showing items: arms, wheat, oil, coal. tape 81c of 111 series

1937 supered over wide shot of San Francisco Bay Bridge, newspaper men work in news room, tight on typewriter typing SHANGHAI: JAPANESE LAUNCE ALL OUT CHINA WAR, Battleship goes by as warplanes fly overhead, medium pf Japanese flag on deck, sailor signals with flags, battleships fire guns, bombs from plane drop on Shanghai, citizens run in panic, various shots of Shanghai under siege, bodies on street, gruesome shots of the dead dumped into truck, supered over the screen is SEPTEMBER 1937 IN THE PRESENT FIGHT BETWEEN JAPAN AND CHINA ARE YOUR SYMPATHIES WITH EITHER SIDE? then some shots of a pollster asking the opinion of various people, the result of the poll: 43% side with China, 29% with Japan undecided 55%. Man on veranda reads newspaper with headline BOMB CANTON. Crane offloads scrap iron, ships load iron. tape 81c of 111 series

MARCH 1938 is supered over Hitler meeting with his henchmen, graphic of Europe with Swastika over Germany, graphic of goose-stepping German soldiers march over map. SEPTEMBER 1938 supered over street corner in US or Canadian city, boy takes bundle of newspapers of truck and holds up headline POWERS SIGN MUNICH PACT, Hitler with his henchmen, including Himmler and Mussolini, over a map, officials sign documents. Graphic map of Europe, zoom into Czechoslovakia with an arrow showing SUDETENLAND pointing at it, goose stepping Nazis march by, wipe to Hitler in an open car saluting to crowd … fade to black. tape 81c of 111 series

This American propaganda film set in the late 1930’s shows what the US would be like if Germany, Japan and Italy weren’t stopped in their march toward world domination. Much of the film is staged. It opens with a busy street corner scene in Los Angeles, a newsie holds up a Los Angeles newspaper that reads: “EXTRA Nazi Spy Gang Arrested”. People in movie theatre watching a film called CONFESSIONS OF A NAZI SPY. Dolly into an American Nazi giving a Hitleresque frantic speech with the Swastika and American flags behind him. The people in the room jump to their feet and give a zieg heil salute. Cut to a Nazi parade in a US stadium, Nazi and US flags, youth marchers, Nazi salutes. Cut to a Nazi rally in Madison Square Gardens with American and Nazi flags, in the background a large portrait of either James Madison (4th US president) or George Washington, a variety of shots of the fully packed Gardens with audience doing Nazi stuff. Cut to a Newsweek magazine with Hitler and Mussolini on cover supered over a US city and an industry. A bottle of Champagne smashes against a ship as it is christened. Parade of Nazi soldiers, tanks. Cut to Life magazine with Japanese youngster holding a gun on the cover supered over various industries, then Japanese Yen is supered over industries. Cut to men working in a steel plant, welders, new ship is lowered into water. Nazi soldiers march. tape 82 of 111 series

Cut to Rome (Coliseum in background) and various shots of big parade of Italian soldiers marching. Cut to the following Mussolini quote supered over the Coliseum: “WE HAVE ACTUALLY BEEN AT WAR SINCE THE DAY WHEN WE LIFTED THE FLAG OF OUR REVOLUTION AGAINST THE DEMOCRATIC WORLD!” Cut to tight shot of Mussolini beside a statue of Caesar giving a salute. The Swastika zooms out showing a Hitler quote supered over a Nazi rally: “THE GERMANS ARE A NOBLE AND UNIQUE RACE TO WHOM THE EARTH WAS GIVEN BY THE GRACE OF GOD” then Hitler gives a zieg heil. Cut to the Japanese flag as it zooms out with the quote supered over Japanese bell in background: “THE WORLD MUST COME TO LOOK TO OUR EMPEROR AS THE GREAT RULER OF ALL NATIONS”. Hirohito rides by on his white horse as all bow to him, he salutes, flag waving Japanese, cut to a cluster of Nazi flags, cut to thousands assembled in front of the monument to Italy’s unknown soldier, then supered over is a picture of Hirohito, Hitler and Mussolini together. tape 82 of 111 series

Cut to a tight shot of the head of the statue of Liberty. Cut to a medium shot of the declaration of independence document and zoom out the quote: “WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS TO BE SELF EVIDENT, THAT ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL”. Cut to a man giving a speech outside with the US flag behind him, cut to a church steeple. A Nazi soldier smashing the butt of his riffle against the statue of Abraham Lincoln then a picture of Hirohito, Hitler and Mussolini together zooms out. A man in a suit takes a poll in 1938 and asks: “SHOULD THE UNITED STATES INCREASE THE STRENGTH OF ITS ARMY, NAVY AND AIR FORCE?” Then the poll results are shown, 85% say YES. A shot of the Capitol building in Washington, cut to various shots of Military Affairs Committee, House of Representatives meeting in session, then various shots of Naval Affairs meeting in session, Charles Edison, secretary of the navy addresses the committee. Cut to graphic: MILITARY BUDGET 1 and 1/2 BILLION 1939, then pan to graphic 1943, 81 BILLIONS. Cut to graphic of Swastika on German map and words March 1939, then the Swastika casts its shadow over Europe and marching Nazis goose step their way over the graphic (a nice affect), then tight on a smiling Hitler. tape 82 of 111 series

Cut to the words April 7th 1939 supered over a long shot of St. Patricks cathedral in New York, a medium shot of St. Patricks, cut to interior and shot of stain glass windows, medium shot of choir boys singing, ceiling shot. Cut to a newsie holding up newspaper with headline: “ITALY ATTACKS ALBANIA”. Various shots of battleships firing cannons, ship enters Albanian port, Italian soldiers get off, Italian soldiers, some with bikes, in city and walk through countryside and drive tanks. Cut to a shot of the White House, Franklin Roosevelt at desk signs document. Cut to various shots the Reichstag in session as Chancellor Hitler makes a speech, Himmler listens, Hitler says something funny (could you imagine that evil one having a sense of humor) and all assembled laugh, then all stand and give a zieg heil. tape 82 of 111 series

Cut to tight on goose-stepping boots with September 1939 supered over. The Hartford Courant newspaper spins up with headline: POLAND INVADED. Soldiers walk across a bailey bridge, various shots of battle, cannons fire soldiers in field, WARSAW is supered over a building, Polish people read newspaper posted outside, tight on air raid siren, Polish people run in streets, Nazi war planes overhead, bay doors open and bombs drop, explosions on the ground, various shots of street fighting, nice shot of distraught old lady sitting on outside window sill, mother in maternity ward holds newborn, bodies stacked up outside, woman out of focus with statue of Virgin Mary in focus. Cut to US flag on pole, cut to nine North Americans standing around a 1930’s radio in a general store listening to news about the war a pot belly stove is also in the shot. Mother knits, dad reads the newspaper as both sit beside a 1930’s radio. tape 82 of 111 series

Cut to LONDON September 3rd, 1939 supered over Big Ben and the Parliament buildings in London, wide shot of Parliament building, cut to Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain sitting at his desk as if he’s listening to radio, cut to newspaper headline IMMINENT PERIL OF WAR, cut to street sign that says CITY OF WESTMINSTER, DOWNING ST., pan to number 10 Downing street as black cat walks by door, two men in backyard shovel dirt over a makeshift bomb shelter as mom with baby looks on, cut to people being fitted with gas mask, child is put into a protective gas suit, cut to helium balloons shaped like planes (they were tethered to the ground and stayed in position at various heights to prevent German fighter planes from diving and using machine guns. The balloons would get caught up in the plane’s propeller). British soldiers march down a London residential street, then they’re on trucks, cut back to tight on them marching in street, tight on a soldier giving a thumbs up. Cut to tight on 1930’s radio zoom out to man and wife in separate beds listening to radio. tape 82 of 111 series

Cut to head and shoulders shot of French soldiers marching by sign that says CASERNE MAGINOT (a caserne is the equivalent to an American PX), brief shot of French soldiers on rail car in Maginot underground. Tanks fire, cannons fire from Maginot line. Man taking a poll to question on the screen: “SEPTEMBER 1939, What country do you consider responsible for causing this war?”, then the answer flashes up: GERMANY 82%. Cut to a husband and wife and neighbor reading a newspaper on a front lawn as another neighbor joins them. Cut to a shot of the dome of the capitol building. Politicians mingle in hall, US congress in session, Franklin Roosevelt addresses the congress. Senator Gerald Nye (North Dakota) addresses the camera, Senator Elbert Thomas (Utah) speaks to the camera they speak on behalf of modifying the arms embargo act. Cut to a few shots of men on the street debating. A question comes up on the screen: “OCTOBER 1939, Should we change the neutrality act so we can sell war supplies?”, then the answer comes up: YES, 57%. A document that says JOINT RESOLUTION is supered over the congress in session, then ARMS EMBARGO REPEALED ARMS FOR SALE. tape 82 of 111 series

Cut to graphic of North America showing a wheat bale, oilrig and axes positioned on the US, then a cannon, airplane and tank positioned on the US. Cut to a single stack ship at sea. Cut to a graphic map of China, then various shots of Japanese soldiers firing cannons on a Chinese city, Chinese citizens running in panic, a disturbing shot of three Japanese soldiers executing two Chinese men with a bullet to their heads. Various shots of Chinese women and children crying, dead citizens. Cut to a man taking a poll asking a housewife at the door: “SEPTEMBER 1937, In the present fight between Japan and China are your sympathies with either side?” then the answer flashes up, CHINA 43%, JAPAN 2%, UNDECIDED 55%. In June 1939 the same poll question was asked showing the following result: CHINA 74%, JAPAN 2% ….fade to black. tape 82 of 111 series

This tape opens with various shots of a 1930’s American football game, the receiver catches a long pass and scores a touchdown, the referee fires a pistol indicating the game is over, various shots of the fans in the bleachers going wild. Cut to 5 of the football players with their shoulders pushing against blocking dummies, the players run toward the camera. Cut to various battlefield shots of British soldiers fighting, pan of allied flags, fade up of tight on Japanese soldier, tight on various allied soldiers faces, a nice shot of an American soldier giving the V for victory sign, shots of allied forces marching. Cut to map of Great Britain, a hand picks Great Britain off the board and places it beside Idaho in order to give the viewer an idea of the size of Britain. Cut to a variety of shots of British citizens in busy downtown London, street scenes include double decker buses. A couple of shots of a woman talking to a couple on their veranda, a man walks into a nice house surrounded by a hedge. More street scenes of citizens in London, a London bobby with a waxed mustache, a policeman roughly takes a man by the arm and arrests him. 86a of 111 series

Cut to a headline from 1926 the New York World Telegram GENERAL STRIKE IN BRITAIN, wipe to another headline from The Sun MILLION MEN WALK OUT ENGLAND FACES CATASTROPHE, wipe to The Chicago Daily News BRITISH INDUSTRY AT STANDSTILL. Cut to various shots of British team playing rugby. Cut to graphic of the British Isles. Cut to a nice shot in London of the Tower Bridge opening. A tugboat’s smoke stack straightens up after going under a low overhead bridge, a ship in rough sea, an old man wearing a sea cap is showing a young boy his model of an old time sailing vessel. Cut to a bridge in Australia, a ship in the bay. Shot of Christchurch New Zealand, wide of a Canadian city, wide of ferry going by with in background. Cut to a couple of tight shots on Coldstream Guard soldiers. Cut to head and shoulders shot of six New York Yankee baseball players in 1938 including Wrong Way Corrigan then a shot of him by a plane, a New York subway going by overhead, a horse race, a man sips tea at his desk, a boy helps his dad dig up ground, shot of soccer game and fans. Cut to a Nazi rally as Hitler walks down isle with Rudolph Hess. 86a of 111 series

Exterior of British Museum in Trafalgar square, a newsie wearing a sandwich board that says RENEWED VIOLENCE IN GERMANY, people walk by as lady buys newspaper, zoom out of headline from New York World Telegram HITLER DEMANDS SUDETENLAND ANNEXATION FROM CZECHOSLOVAKIA, wipe to headline from Boston Evening Globe CZECH BORDERS THREATENED, zoom into smaller headline FRANCE UNITED WITH CZECHOSLOVAKIAN REPUBLIC, zoom up with headline from Los Angeles Times CZECHS DEFY NAZIS, zoom into secondary headline WORLD AWAITS FRENCH AND BRITISH REACTIONS. Cut to people waiting in a long line up, a bronze statue of a dead wwi soldier laid out, names of wwi soldiers engraved in stone, fade to military cemetery and crosses row on row. 86a of 111 series

Headline from Chicago Daily News CHAMBERLAIN FLIES TO MUNICH, three concerned looking men listen to a 1930’s radio, Chamberlain in Munich office signing documents with co-signers Hitler, Mussolini and Himmler is there with other Nazi big wigs. Cut to Chamberlain holding up the infamous document as he gets off the plane in London. Then a newspaper headline is supered over the screen “HITLER INVADES CZECHOSLOVAKIA”. Cut to three tight headshots of middle age men, one smokes a pipe. A group of young British men point to a board that says MILITARY TRAINING ACT, 1939: REQUIREMENT TO REGISTER AT MINISTRY, LABOUR EMPLOYMENT EXCHANGES. Young British men get outfitted with uniforms and gas masks then the battalion marches out of compound and down the street, tight shot of Big Ben with scaffolding attached to it, tight on a laughing Hitler, cut to a tight head shot of a lion, then a newspaper headline BRITAIN DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY. 86a of 111 series

Three bomber planes taken from another plane, cut to a hand pulling a lever opening the cargo bay door dropping propaganda leaflets, nice tight shot of leaflets falling to the ground, tight on the leaflets on the ground, German tanks rolls by, four concerned men listen to a 1930’s radio. Nazi parachuters jump from airplane, four fishermen at dockside look skyward, tanks with Nazi soldiers on top roll by, seven men listen to radio outside. Cut to a graphic map of Europe showing the countries Hitler took, cut to Hitler outside laughing with his Nazi pals, tight on lions head, man listens to radio, mom hold son and dad in other chair as they listen to 1930’s radio, three other shots of people listening to radio. 86a of 111 series

Head and shoulders shot of man smoking a cigarette and listening to radio, fade in to the Blitz, various night shots of firefighters putting out burning buildings, soldiers aiming spotlights in the night sky, various daytime shots of rubble and people cleaning up after Blitz, a horse drawn hearse followed by mourners go past bombed out buildings, various tight shots of men and women working in weapons factory. Cut to DUNKIRK supered over soldiers wading to shoreline, cut to GREECE supered over country scene, British soldiers getting off ship, dead bodies on beach, nice shot of two Brit helmets on shore as waves wash over them, German soldiers walk up country road, HONG KONG supered over Japanese soldiers stacking machine guns, SINGAPORE supered over a crowd, BURMA supered over a crowd of soldiers behind bars. 86b of 111 series

Various tight shots of workers in a weapons factory, various shots of fighter planes taking off, various shots of fighter planes in formation taken from the air and from the ground, tight of plane’s machine gun firing, fighter plane strafes ship at sea, nice tight of dive bombers very low over sea, camera angle from pilots seat as plane fly’s over coast line, bomb doors open, bombs drop, rail lines hit, rear gunner gives thumbs up, the following German cities are supered over various night bombing shots COLOGNE, LUBECK, ROSTOCK, MUNICH, NUREMBERG, KIEL, MANHEIM, WILHELMSHAVEN, HAMBURG, EMDEN, HAMM, DUSSELDORF, HANOVER, OSNABRUCK, DUISBURG, DORTMUND, STUTTGART, GENOA (ITALY) BERLIN. Night shots of planes taking off, tight of tank tread rolling, tanks fire, cannon fires, various shots of desert warfare, soldiers with riffles and bayonets charge. 86b of 111 series

Pan of the following road signs: EL ALAMEIN, soldiers charge, dead soldiers, MATRUTH, more desert warfare, SIDI BARRANI, soldiers with hands in the air surrender to allies, various desert warfare shots, TOBRUK, EL ADEM, crowd of German POW’S, BENGHAZI, battalion of soldiers walk up road, EL AGHEILA, soldiers on road, TRIPOLI, tank warfare, MARETH, thousands of defeated soldiers, tanks roll by, nice tight of dead German soldier on desert road, tight on church bell ringing, various shots of steeples as bells ring, English church steeples, various shots of English people doing the following activities, lady buys a newspaper from a newsie, people on street, passengers get off double decker bus, soldier walks with wife and baby, girl by pond with 2 swans dog walks by, pan up of St. Paul’s cathedral, cut to inside shot from choir loft of packed church, various shots of worshipers, man holds rosary, exterior of makeshift cross with cathedral and stain glass windows in background, dusk shot of silhouette of two soldiers at seaside observation tower. 86b of 111 series

Tight on Hitler with hand raised, Stricker the Nazi speaks, various Nazi big wigs speak, Nazi propagandist speaks on microphone in English. Cut to a four lane highway with 1940’s cars, American soldier nails sign on tree that reads: YOU ARE IN BRITAIN, DRIVE LEFT, Yankee baseball game as batter hits ball, sports fans go wild, player dives into base, shots of a cricket match, in the bleachers an (funny) American soldier falls asleep during match, the British fans are so much more quiet and politely clap, an American soldier in a restaurant sips from a tea cup and makes a grimace, the same soldier is now on his army cot turning the radio dial and doesn’t like the programs he’s tuning into, he shuts the radio off in disgust, pulls out a pack of cigarettes and lights up, various shots of happy Brit soldiers standing around smoking. 86b of 111 series

Wide shot of Capitol building, wide of Big Ben and parliament buildings in London shot from across the Thames, man speaks to crowd at Speakers corner in Hyde Park, man on a soap box with US flag beside him speaks to small crowd on US street corner, newspaper press running, church goers go into country church, cut to them leaving, shot of the MAGNA CARTA document with TO NO ONE WILL WE DENY OR DELAY RIGHT OR JUSTICE supered, then over another document NO MAN SHALL BE COMPELLED TO YIELD ANY TAX WITHOUT AN ACT OF PARLIAMENT. Shots of Quakers, Amish in village, house raising, supered over the US Constitution: CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAWS RESPECTING AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF: OR ABRIDGING THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH OR OF THE PRESS, OR THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE PEACEABLY TO ASSEMBLE. 86b of 111 series

Back to the soldier shutting off his radio, brief shot of Washington crossing the Delaware, statue of George Washington, Big Ben and parliament buildings (Westminster), pan down on Trafalgar square, Lord Nelson’s statue, tanks roll by on foggy day past Big Ben, soldiers point up to Abe Lincoln, tight on Abe’s statue. Cut to FUR ENGLAND SENDUNGEN on studio glass door, pan to German propagandist speaking into microphone, while weird cartoon images of men in top hats smoking a cigar and carrying bags of US dollars walk across the screen, then cartoon images of gangsters with pistols walk across, camera pans to FUR AMERIKA SENDUNGEN on studio glass door, German propagandist reads into microphone as weird cartoon images walk past screen, cartoon men in tux smoking, 86b of 111 series

Cut to India and a procession including an elephant carrying a box carriage on its back with passengers, the parade goes through a marble archway, cut to a man sitting in chair addressing the camera with Life magazine supered over him, head and shoulders shot of photo of a British officer in a book, pan over to section in book called WHAT ABOUT INDIA?, cut to horse drawn carriage in busy Indian city with passenger sitting on top, variety of people shots in crowded city, man eats in outside restaurant, two Indians pass by a guru, Indian men perform religious rituals in the Ganges river, men gather rice in paddy with oxen in background, cut to a racism sign that reads NO ADMISSION EXCEPT HIGH CLASS HINDUS, Gandhi stands on balcony with followers, Nehru gives a speech outside over a microphone, Mohammed Ali Jinnah addresses the camera, Vinayah Damodar Savark talks to somebody off camera, a British official walks out of building with Gandhi. 86c of 111 series

Cut to newspaper headline BRITAIN OFFERS INDIA DOMINION STATUS AFTER WAR, Evening News headline SIR STAFFORD CRIPPS CONFERS WITH INDIAN LEADERS, graphic map of the sub continent showing India, graphic of planes flying out of India, graphic of Europe with swastika stamped on it, D Day landing, soldiers run out of landing boats, a jeep goes ashore, a tank in water drives ashore, Nazi propagandist in SS uniform reads over a microphone, cut to a shot of a Canadian soldier sitting inside, Australian soldier sitting inside, New Zealand soldier sitting inside, a couple of battle scenes, cannon goes off, explosion, soldiers with bayonets on riffles walk by, soldier smokes pipe in cafe, civilian drinks beer, Arab man in background Australian soldier at bar talks with black man then a graphic map of Britain appears over soldier with pipe, cut to dead British soldiers as graphic map of Britain is supered over them, then a graphic statistic is supered ONE IN TEN OF POPULATION, SEVEN IN TEN OF CASUALTIES. 86c of 111 series

Tight on a fighter plane taken from another bomber plane in the sky, the a shot of ten fighter planes in formation, fighter planes take off from desert floor in North Africa, another shot of planes in formation. Cut to battleships and ships with landing strips at sea, sailors ascend to flight deck on platform, King George reviews sailors on deck, cut to old man with sailor cap showing his young grandson a model of a tall ship with sails, cut to a flotilla of ships at sea, side of a ship at sea encrusted with ice, cut to two sailors in boiler room, man sits and looks, (odd) guy pulls back curtain and he has a parrot, a ship is bombed and merchant marines go to lifeboats, various nice shots of crew abandoning ship, they swim with life jackets, police on shore help men wrapped in blankets from lifeboats, a crowd of British citizens look on as survivors walk up path. 86c of 111 series

Tool and dye maker works on machine, two air force pilots talk by plane, head and shoulder shot of Himmler, the he talks, man walks off ship the shakes hands with London Bobby and talks with him, he waves and walks down dock. Cut to Whitney Brown in uniform by fighter pane shaking hands with another air force soldier, Brown was the first one to fly the Atlantic from Newfoundland to Ireland in 1919 with John Alcott, cut to crowds in either Dublin or London hoisting Brown on their shoulders giving him a hero’s welcome. 86c of 111 series

A soldier on KP peels potato, pan of soldiers at ease on parade ground, cut to a wife she gives her husband his helmet at the door as he leaves for war, pan of older soldiers in uniform, a cartoon shot of a nurse holding a baby in front of father with his 5 other kids in maternity ward, several young recruits at counter, recruiting officer helps a recruit do paper work, army women in uniform march by saluting, women work the field in wheat combine thrashing machines, tight on a couple of women in uniform laughing by fighter plane, women put on army boots, women soldiers aim cannon, women soldiers use military arms, a variety of shots of women working in arms factory. Cut to man walking into arms factory, blows whistle and factory workers put on their helmets. 86c of 111 series

This fascinating American propaganda film examines the German penchant for waging war from 1870 (the Franco Prussian war) to the end of ww ii. There are vintage shots going back to the turn of the century and some wonderful recreations including the founding fathers of the USA signing the Constitution. The film also contains some very graphic, disturbing shots of Holocaust victims. It opens with an aerial shot of a major German city by the Rhine, followed by a number of beauty shots of Germany including Coblenz by the Rhine, the Rhine valley with river flowing through it, a passenger boat goes under bridge with smoke stack down, nice shot of village taken from a passenger boat, shot of major monument by the Rhine, the Reichstag (German parliament) in Berlin, shots of various German monuments. Cut to shots of various German industries, steel, coal, agriculture, man on a wheat combine, potatoes dumped out of a sack, a boy herds a flock of geese, man guides sheep down a shoot, farmers load hay, wide shot of Rhine harbor with train, close up of train going by, a truck on the autobahn, a ship at sea, a plane landing in Berlin, a non descript building, busy crowded city street. tape 103a of 111 series.

Exterior of people in a cafe, old woman braids little girl’s hair, woman hangs out wash, man sweeps dock in harbor, woman cleans door knocker, sweeps street, interior of library with men looking for books, teacher conducting class outside, older students inside, man in shop with flute, violin maker and his apprentice making a violin, shot of a man playing a saxophone, tight on a bell of a tuba, shots of a small umpapa band playing outside, five musicians in lederhosen play traditional Bavarian music outside with mountains in the background, cut to various shots of symphony orchestra playing a couple of shots of people on busy city streets, a secretary types at desk by window, men hammer by dockside, man with beard weaves basket, women in a circle weave, men with wicker baskets full of grapes on their back walk down mountain path, they dump grapes into truck, cut to a brick layer, a steel mill, people on the street, a mailman delivering, a farmer throws seeds on a field, a man in a Kaiser uniform escorts young school children across the street, a busy city street, young boy runs into kitchen and jumps into dad’s arms, mom sets table, cigar smoking elderly man plays cards with two others outside, woman behind produce bins in open market hands bag to a shopper, pan of men smoking pipes. tape 103a of 111 series.

Men working in a weapons factory, a quick shot of priest saying mass. Cut to a burning building, a few Nazi soldiers run down stairs outside, a shot of a big statue of Jesus Christ, cut to dead soldiers, shot of a concentration camp through barbed wire, man feeds colts and horse from his hand. Cut to disturbing holocaust shots, chains are tied around a torture victim as a soldier tightens the chains with steel bar, pan of emaciated bodies in mass grave, pan of skulls, a variety of shots of dead holocaust victims, zoom into a number tattooed on a corpse’s stomach, a pile of skin and bone bodies, stacks and stack of bodies, now a variety of shots of holocaust survivors near death, various shots of the concentration camp ovens with human ashes, gas chamber, shot of concentration camp barracks, various shots of the items the Nazis stole from holocaust victims, shoes, dolls, toys, purses, more bodies, allied soldiers lift bodies, some bodies have their hands tied behind their backs, US soldiers in snow lifting bodies of prisoners of war into truck. tape 103a of 111 series.

Cut to German factory workers walking down street, commuters get of subway and walk down stairs, street scene, kids in wading pool, symphony orchestra performing, Nazi soldiers marching, 6 different tight shots on German soldiers, pan of crowded diner in US. Cut to Wendell Willkie addressing the camera, Fleet Admiral Nimitz, Henry Katser, a young black guy and white guy talk outside, five American middle age men talk and drink at a bar, a guy with a very long pole walks in front of a house, four middle age overweight women talk on fire escape stairs, two young college girls walk by as four guys look. tape 103a of 111 series.

Cut to a 14th century sailing ship a sea, waves crash on a rocky coast, pan down the US Constitution engraved in marble, medium shot of bell ringing in church steeple, interior shot of parishioners attending service, stain glass window, shot of church stone steeple, another steeple, pan of teenagers in classroom, pan of kids in a library, guy selling hot dogs at a sporting event, a barber giving a guy a shave, a family just finishing grace at the dinner table, young kids in class holding up their hands, middle age people dancing at a hoe down, riveters riveting, tight on a US soldier, tight on US soldier holding a baby, 3 tight shots on three different US soldiers smiling. tape 103a of 111 series.

Six tight shots on six different Nazi soldiers looking very serious, on the parade ground ww ii Nazi soldiers at attention as one goosesteps, then a wwi German soldier goosesteps by wwi soldiers at attention, then another German soldier from Franco Prussian war goosesteps, then there are several shots of battalions of goose-stepping Nazis, cut to a photo of a stern looking Hitler, and the Kaiser. Cut to Herald Tribune headline: FBI SEIZES EIGHT NAZI SPIES IN U.S., Daily Time headline: HUNS KILL CIVILIANS IN BELGIUM, The Post Courier headline: PRUSSIANS CAPTURE PARIS, profile of three German soldiers from three German wars, various battle scenes from three German wars, marching Nazis. Cut to graphic map of Germany before it was Germany, it was made up of about 300 little states. Cut to a re-enactment of the signing of the US constitution with all the American founding fathers there. tape 103a of 111 series.

Cut to wide exterior shot of industry smoke stacks, interior shot of pistons and wheels in industry, wide shot of harbor with ships, elderly man drinks beer, fat man eats a sausage, pan shot of harbor, people pick grapes on hillside vineyard with Rhine in the background, pan of valley as farmer hoists hay on wagon drawn by two oxen with wife on top, beauty shots of Rhine valley, shot of a typical house in the Black Forest, staged scene from Franco Prussian war of hundreds of soldiers on horseback charging up a hill with swords drawn, staged scene of a dozen men and women in turn of the 19th century clothing singing Deutschland Uberalles (Germany over all) (Germany’s anthem), a steam locomotive train goes by, worker in a steel mill lifts hot steel from oven. tape 103b of 111 series.

Cut to an 1870’s staged scene of European men wearing powdered wigs and clothing from the period in a palace room, military officers in powdered wigs and 1870’s uniforms in grand hall, staged scene of turn of the 19th century of men meeting in a board room. Cut to a graphic map of central Europe, cut to a pan of ww i battleships in harbor, vintage shots of ww i German soldiers wearing Kaiser helmets marching in field, on horseback and in street. Staged scene of a young man helping a dueler put on a thick fencers glove, the fencing duel is about to begin as several men look on as swords are drawn, cut to three men in bar, one guy in profile has a scar on his cheek as a result of a fencing duel regarded as a badge of honor, tight on another guys scared face, wide shot of the seven men drinking at a table, one guy stands up lifts his glass for a toast and the other six stand and drink. tape 103b of 111 series.

Cut to about 25 senior ww i German officers standing around talking, two ww i cannons rise, fade to German eagle, portrait of Germany’s William the second, cut to William the second riding on his horse, back to William’s portrait with his quote supered over: WE GERMAN’S LIKE TO BEAR ARMS AND WE LIKE THE GAME OF WAR. I SHALL ENLARGE YOUR BORDER. Cut to a parade ground filled with ww i German soldiers at attention then in unison they raise their helmets and cheer, back to the portrait of William the second with his following quote supered: A GERMAN SPARK HAS ALWAYS IGNITED THE FIRE. SOON EVERYTHING WILL BE AFLAME. Back to the ww i soldiers on the parade ground raising their helmets cheering. The Kaiser reviews his ww i foot soldiers then reviews the horse soldiers as they ride by, goose stepping ww i march by followed by a military band. A couple of highly decorated generals talk outside, a quick shot of German aristocrats in hunting clothing stand by dead deer, German aristocrats in top hats chat, business men in a meeting, the Kaiser and his generals walk down stairs outside, clouds. tape 103b of 111 series.

Cut to a wide shot of Sarajevo and a re-enactment of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, newspaper headlines: The Sun: AUSTRIAN ARCHDUKE ASSASSINATED AT SARAJEVO, The Washington Post: AUSTRIAN ULTIMATUM TO SARAJEVO, The Evening World: GERMANY BACKS AUSTRIAN DEMAND, The Pittsburg Gazette Times: KAISER CALLS UP ARMY, the a cannon lowers and fires, The Oakland Tribune: WAR!, tight on German military parade, crowds in Berlin square, Germans cheer ww i soldiers as they parade by, tight on young boy about 5 or 6 in ww i uniform salutes (use this), soldiers march by German citizens wave from window, tight on dog wearing a Kaiser helmet (odd), woman in front of portrait of Kaiser takes a Kaiser pin from man and pins it on herself, medium of Germans waving white handkerchiefs, more marching ww i soldiers with cheering German citizens, Soldiers in field fire cannon. tape 103b of 111 series.

Newspaper headlines: Washington Post: BELGIUM INVADED, Belgian soldiers in city street, more headlines, The San Francisco Chronicle: GERMANS START GAS WARFARE, German soldiers wearing gas masks load shell into cannon and fire it, The Chicago Daily News: GERMANS LOOSE UNRESTRICTED SUBMARINE WARFARE, German U boat at sea fires on ship. Cut to re-enactment in battlefield of German soldiers in the Franco Prussian war, 1870 is supered on the screen, soldiers charge on horseback, scene changes to ww i as German soldiers charge on battlefield, cut to President Woodrow Wilson signing a document at his desk, the supered over the screen is a quote from Wilson: poor Chinese of Shanghai ghetto look strangely into camera, street & boat shots & cotton-spinning in factory WAS, FOR A LITTLE WHILE, UNABLE TO BELIEVE THAT SUCH THINKS WOULD IN FACT BE DONE BY ANY GOVERNMENT THAT HAD SUBSCRIBED TO THE HUMAN PRACTICES OF CIVILIZED NATIONS. tape 103b of 111 series.

A ship at sea explodes, Newspaper headlines, The Day: S. SHIP TORPEDOED; 21 DIE, another ship is fired upon, The Daily Examiner: GERMANY WARNED U.S. WILL RESIST, tight on a periscope skimming water, a ship sinking, The Boston Evening Globe: WAR DECLARED, pan of thousands of US soldiers getting on ship and at dockside waving, cut to US soldiers getting off boat and marching on road in Europe, US soldiers fire cannons, tanks roll, hundreds American or Canadian soldiers climb out of trenches and charge, bombs go off, flame thrower, great ww i battle scenes, explosions in trenches, German soldiers retreat, General Ludendorff, German chief of staff outside with two officers with soldiers at attention behind him, then supered over German soldiers retreating is Ludendorff’s quote:”THE OFFER OF PEACE MUST BE TRANSMITTED IMMEDIATELY. THE ARMY CANNOT WAIT ANOTHER FORTY-EIGHT HOURS. (OCTOBER 1918)” tape 103b of 111 series.

Cut to the allied commanders shaking hands, French premier Georges Clemenceau with walks with 5 senior officers and a dignitary across a parade square, shot of top US general, thousands of cheering citizens in a public square, headline, Oakland Tribune: ARMISTICE! GUNS FALL SILENT, various shots of cheering citizens, great shot of allied foot soldiers shaking hands, one British soldier exchanges his hat with French soldier (promo), tape 103b of 111 series.

One Brit soldier puffs on cigarette and hands it to a French soldier with smiling laughing soldiers behind them (promo), portrait of Kaiser Wilhelm zoom out to headline from The Pittsburg Press: KAISER FINDS REFUGE IN HOLLAND, wealthy European gentleman on steps of his mansion pats dog while another dog sits beside him, German flag waves in the air, thousands in Paris street with French flag in foreground, cut to ticker tape parade in US as citizens wave flag, somebody in the crowd holding up a dummy of the Kaiser with a white flag in its hand, pan of German military officers, German dignitaries in top hats, wide shot photograph of ww i era of German parliamentarians in the Bundestag, two other photos of parliamentarians in chamber, German soldiers parade, dignitaries in top hats, six business men in meeting. 103c of 111 series

A stern German teacher lecturing a class, German officers wearing Kaiser helmets walk by, tight on the monument on top of the Brandenburg gates, German men in suits walk down alleyway, anxious looking men study a public posting on a billboard. Cut to a graphic map showing Holland, Belgium and part of Germany and France, several pans of busy German streets, Germany army parades. Cut to a re-enactment of a parade during the Franco Prussian war era German soldiers in uniforms of the period march by, more ww i German soldiers march by, four men in conversation outside, man reads newspaper outside, more soldiers parade, citizens stand around outside, man in bowler hat with several other men listen to some guy giving a sxoap box speech outside, citizens march on street, a few German monuments including the eagle. 103c of 111 series

Dignitaries mill about in meeting room, wide shot of dignitaries in great hall of Versailles, close up the Treaty document, goose stepping Nazis, plane flying over two battleships, a fortification being blown up, German U Boat, French soldiers on horseback go over bridge, other allied soldiers march, interior shot of League of Nations in session. Cut to a wide shot of parade square filled with ww ii German soldiers at attention, various shots of goose stepping Nazi soldiers parading by, German tanks and armaments on parade, war planes fly overhead, tanks on display crisscrossing each other, various shots of German citizens in street, tight of Reichbanknote (Reich Mark), the Mark is supered over various activities, men walk their bicycles by an official in uniform, men talk in the street, woman serves dinner, men in straw hats get into limo, German officers talk, dignitaries in top hats walk, dignitaries on steps, man at podium gives speech, people listen, people in street and on street car read newspaper, man with cigarette talks, dignitaries including a Catholic Bishop or Cardinal assembled, pan of thousands of assembled citizens, man stands and points finger a sitting fat bald man (odd), man gives soap box speech in street, people listen, several shots of dignitaries in great hall of Versailles. 103c of 111 series

Cut to a wide shot of the Capitol building in Washington, quick interior shot of congress in session, cut to US soldiers boarding a ship, more Us soldiers on dock, cut to British soldiers boarding a train, train filled with Brit soldiers leaves station, French soldiers march in countryside, workers dig coal by train bins, allied soldiers march in countryside, allied officers walk by, tanks roll down road, fighter planes fly overhead, cut to aerial view of burning buildings, German soldiers walk by, German tanks, sailors stand on deck of floating ww i submarine, a ship is hit with a torpedo. Cut to another close up of the Treaty of Versailles document, shot of the League of Nations in session, various shots of German soldiers in military type clothing training (which was against the conditions of the Treaty), men march in their underwear (odd). 103c of 111 series

Tight shot from knees down of soldiers marching, four statesmen on steps, small group of dignitaries outside talking, Von Papen gives a speech, a German crown prince addresses the camera, General von Seeckt, German Chief of Staff complete with monocle addresses the camera and his words roll by at the bottom of the screen:”THE GERMAN POLITICAL AND ECONOMICAL SITUATION TODAY IS EXTREMELY DIFFICULT. THIS IS THE RESULT OF NOT ONLY HAVING LOST THE WORLD WAR, BUT ABOVE ALL THE OUTCOME OF THE FACT THAT GERMANY’S FORMER ENEMIES ARE OPPRESSING HER ABOVE ENDURANCE.” Cut to a dignitary boarding plane, cut to newspaper headlines, GERMANY CAN’T PAY, Financial News “GERMANY TO OBTAIN $200,000,000 FROM US BANK LOANS, another one “BANKING HOUSES OF ALL NATIONS TO HANDLE GERMAN BOND ISSUE”, another one, “BERLIN CONFIDENT AMERICAN INVESTORS WILL SUBSCRIBE NEW LOANS. 103c of 111 series

Pan of industry smoke stacks, cut to a poster that shows Uncle Sam knocking down a German guy the caption reads LET THEM STARVE, a woman outside doles out soup to children, another tight shot of signatures on Treaty, shots of soldiers marching and on horseback. Cut to a shot of Woodrow Wilson in top hat outside with several other dignitaries, German dance outside of beer hall, woman hangs out wash outside, repeat shots of man cleaning a brass knocker, a symphony orchestra playing, overhead shot of people in the street, a German walled town with a steeple like stone entrance, castle on the Rhine, man on wagon pulled by two oxen go up village street in the Black Forest, many shots of weapons factory and a variety of shots of weapons, five guard soldiers on steps saluting German dignitaries walking. tape 103c of 111 series

This was shot in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and focuses on the Cannabis cup. Each year at the Marijuana festival an award is given for the best pot grown outside Holland. The tape also features entertainment and a hemp fashion show. There is lots of weird behavior and plenty of pot smoking. It opens in a pot cafe with a guy flipping through a menu book showing the various varieties of marijuana sold in this cafe, cut to tight on fingers rolling a joint, zoom out to woman lighting up a joint and smoking, tight on hands holding joint, various shots of four young people smoking joints in cafe. Cut to wide of bar, cut to shot of poster of Donald Duck smoking a joint and marijuana leafs growing out of his hat, back to the bar and a variety of shots of the barkeepers performing a variety of functions, cappuccino making and so on, shot of a jar behind the bar filled with pot, barkeepers working, putting money in till, make cappuccino, customer drinks. Cut to night shot exterior of Melkweg, the building where the marijuana festival is held, cut to interior and three Canadians are briefly interviewed, one woman wears a giant marijuana flag on her front and a Canadian flag on her back, various shots of people attending the festival, some are wearing very weird costumes, one guy carrying a marijuana stalk takes some leafs off and hands them out, pretty girl takes some, smells it and smiles. Cut to a guy with, what we called in the 60’s, a zonk machine to smoke hash. Its a glass tube with an opening where one would inhale smoke, at the bottom is a small bowl to put the hashish. Cut to a wide shot in auditorium, a rock band plays, cut to a weird lady dressed in a toga with marijuana leafs and aluminum rabbit ears, tight on marijuana plant, various shots of people in auditorium. Cut to the stage and two guys and a woman light a candle and perform a marijuana ceremony, light a giant joint, and say a prayer to Creator God and ask Him to bless the sacred plant cannabis, after the prayer they toke up with a pipe. John Howel, editorial director of the magazine High Times, gives the opening speech. The entertainment begins, women dance on stage and model hemp clothing, various shots of young men and women modeling a variety of hemp apparel, they dance and pass a joint to each other, cut to a baby barely able to walk on stage modeling a hemp jumper, cut to a singer with guitar singing (he sounds like James Taylor), various shots of the audience, the fashion show continues with models smoking joints, everybody in the audience is getting high. AFP COLLECTION tape # 200 (NOTE: the Marijuana festival continues on tape # 201)

This is the continuation of tape 200 and coverage of the Cannabis marijuana and hemp festival in Amsterdam, Holland, where awards are given out for the best grown marijuana. There is also shots of the hemp fashion show complete with a near naked woman (she’s bottomless) modeling a semi t-shirt. It opens with a round silver ball rotating from the ceiling as multi colored lights reflect off it, pan down to stage as young men and women model hemp fashions, a model acts weird as she folds her hands as if in prayer then she and a male model dance, various cuts to the watching audience, models continue modeling hemp fashions. The next scene is weird: a guy on the stage is wrapped from head to toe in a hemp sheet with a slinky toy sticking out of his head, then he strips down to his hemp underwear and starts gyrating. Cut to a beautiful woman on stage only wearing a semi t-shirt, the half naked model dances for about two minutes, then the weird guy with the slinky toy on his head comes back does this strange dance while demon like models roll around on the floor, woman models lady’s under garments, the bottomless model comes back out with the rest of the models including two dressed as space aliens, a guy wearing a weird costume, cut to the audience and a woman smokes a joint that is a foot long, she passes the bong to a guy, he passes it two other guys, then to two other guys. Cut back to the stage as a guy dressed like a wizard reads from a book, then the models hold a six foot pipe, and light marijuana in the bowl as dancers gyrate, woman in green fish costume dances, guy on stage smokes the 6 ft. pipe. Cut to tight on fingers rolling a joint, he lights it and smokes it, various shots of people in audience smoking dope. Cut to the stage as the awards are about to be given out. Cut to the Red Light District in Amsterdam and a hooker sitting in the window. AFP COLLECTION tape # 201 (NOTE More Marijuana festival footage is on tape # 200)

This tape contains beauty shots of Amsterdam. It opens with a static shot of the big canal behind the city hall, parked barge and houseboat, cut to pedestrians and cyclists going over foot bridge, medium shot of church at the beginning of the Red Light district, shot of city hall from other side of canal, zoom out from famous Magere bridge and pan to city hall, cut to tour boat going down canal, man in office picks up phone, (note time code crash). static shot of Amsterdam’s central train station with street car at right of screen, medium shot of less man walking, shot of train station from across the canal, street car goes over bridge, pan down and up on central station, tight on emblem on train station, woman hoses down washroom (Note: time code crash). Interior of Central train station, passengers come and go, cut to a drug addict in remote part of station loading up his syringe and sticks the needle in the gums of his mouth and shoots-up (weird), various shots of the Red Light district at night, hookers in windows, medium shots of prostitutes. Cut to several shots at night time of blue neon sign that reads: “JESUS LOVES YOU” then a pan to the Central Train station all lit up, back to shots of prostitutes in the window taken from across a canal, a client or a pimp sits in window with hooker, wide night shot from canal showing the lights of Amsterdam, a nice night shot of Amsterdam’s famous Magere bridge all lit up also seen is its reflection off the water. AFP COLLECTION tape 202

This tape features beauty shots of the Alpine region Alto Adige, (or South Tirol if you’re Austrian), Northern Italy in towns Bolzano, Bressanone and Brunico. It opens with a busy street scene, people walking, cars, military bus goes by, public bus picks up passengers, tight shot of message on bus window written in Italian and German, medium of transport on highway, cut to street sweeper, a couple of shots of bilingual signs in Italian and German, wide shot of town square with mountain in background and big monument to unknown soldier, tight on monument, various shots of beautiful architecture in town people window shop, various people shots, woman wears traditional Alto Adige costume, people shop in vegetable market, various shots of woman selling wieners at outdoor stand, pan of open produce market. Cut to aerial view taken from a helicopter of a very long open bridge spanning an Alpine mountain valley, on one side of the highway is a massive traffic jam, then police helicopter flies into the shot. Cut to various shots of beautiful walled village hundreds of years old, zoom out from ancient castle on top of hill to a wide shot of village in mountain valley with mountains in background (could pass for Switzerland too), various shots taken inside the village, zoom out from the two tower church and pan to village square, pan of peaks from top of mountain (no snow), wide shot taken from mountain top of village in valley, pan and medium shot from mid-way up mountain of village farm houses, wide shot of industrial area, wide shot and zoom in of Alpine city surrounded by mountains, zoom in and pan of cluster of apartment buildings. Cut to citizens of Alto Adige in religious procession wearing traditional costumes, women carry two statutes of the Virgin Mary on their shoulders while the band plays appropriate music, cut to the Alto Adige band playing while in procession, a nice wide shot of the procession proceeding along valley road beside a stream surrounded by lush green and mountains, pan of Alpine mountain range. Cut to interior shots of mountain village, church steeple, narrow street. Cut to woman behind fence in remote Alpine hillside tilling the soil, cut to the very old log house on the hillside, cut to a woman hanging out her wash from balcony of old log house with flower boxes in the foreground, cut to clouds rolling over mountain top, pan from mountain top of valley, the shot ends up with a medium of remote mountain log house on hillside, zoom into a farmer tilling the soil up hill using an odd contraption on a pulley, when he gets to the top of the hill he sits on it and rides down tilling the next strip, tight on the tiller turning the soil over, wide shot of him plowing the field with very big log house in the background, shot of log house’s back balcony with clothes hanging on line, window with flowers in box, side of log house with flowers on platforms, water from hose spills on waterwheel causing it to turn, medium shot of front of log house with chickens roaming in front, wide shot of several houses in remote mountain pass with several cows grazing, nice tight shot of a deer running by. AFP COLLECTION tape 203

Cut to a tight on two police officers in Alto Adige looking over a scene of a terrorist bombing. The devastation shows bombed cars, a car engine on the street, a six story building (RAI Italy’s state broadcaster) with windows blown out, pan of mangled cars, glass and debris on street, tight on blown out building windows and zoom out, cops talk with plain clothes detectives, wide shot of devastated building, a fallen tree, tight shots of the damage, cops talk, citizens look on. Cut to a pan from on top of an Alpine mountain and a nice pan showing a valley between the two ranges. Cut to a Sheppard feeding his sheep on mountainside, pan out to surrounding mountain view, medium of the Sheppard and his flock. Cut to camera inside a car coming out of a tunnel revealing mountains, shots of surrounding mountain countryside taken from inside the car, we see houses, a factory, mountains, a village, railway line, church steeple. Cut to interior of beautiful Alpine town, old architecture, people shop, walk, 3 old ladies chat, cut to various shots of Alpine houses on hillside. AFP COLLECTION tape 203

This tape contains beauty and landmark shots of Paris. It opens with a night shot of the Eiffel Tower, which is all lit up. Cut to exterior of Miramar movie theater and wide on posters of films playing there, zoom in on poster of Jurassic Park, cut to interior of movie theater for a variety of shots of people lining up, patrons buying tickets, variety of crowd shots in foyer, variety of shots of cashier taking money and handing tickets to movie goers. Cut to inside the theater as movie goers file in and take their seats, one guy meets a girl friend and they both kiss each other on the cheek four times, people chat and laugh waiting for the film to begin. Cut to a TV journalist doing a stand-up for a news report in the background is Notre Dame Cathedral, a nice wide shot of the back of Notre Dame Cathedral with the river Seine in foreground, cut to a static shot of one of the bridges over the Seine. Cut to a wide shot of Paris taken from a high vantage point at Mont Martre and Notre Dame Cathedral is in the background, 5 black guys sit on stone railing at Mont Martre, nice shot of Sacre Coeur church taken from the Mont Martre steps, woman sketch artist sketches another woman on a bench, zoom into the sketch, various shots of artists painting outside at the artists section at Mont Martre, wide of people eating at an sidewalk cafe, zoom into a foursome eating a baguette, pan of artist section of Mont Martre, cut to tight of sketch of a woman, artist touches it up, zoom out to see artist and woman posing, another sidewalk cafe shot, an artist sketches a young boy. Cut to the fountain in Place Concorde, then Cleopatra’s needle in foreground with Eiffel Tower in background, zoom out to wide shot of Place Concorde, cut to a nice long wide shot of Champs Elysees with Arc de Triomphe at the end of the street, slow zoom into a tight shot of the Arc de Triomphe with giant French flag hanging down in the archway, the shot is repeated several times. AFP COLLECTION tape # 204 (NOTE Paris beauty shots continue on tape 205

This tape contains more beauty and landmark shots of Paris. It opens with a medium shot of Le Palais de Justice with wide green lawn in front then zooms out to reveal the Eiffel tower with fountains in foreground, cut to a few people feeding pigeons by fountains, cut to a golden dome of a palace, French flag flying over tomb of unknown soldier, cut to a merry-go-round in foreground with a quarter of the Eiffel tower in background. Cut to an odd shot of a musician playing his fiddle while walking a tightrope at the Pompidou center, another odd shot of a bare chested guy wearing sheet as a dress handing something out to the crowd that surrounds him outside the Pompidou center, cut to a shot of the weird fountain in front of the Pompidou center, it has snake-like hoses spewing water with strange sculptures in the fountain, cut to hundreds of pigeons feeding. Cut to a variety of shots of people using a smart card at a public pay phone, tight on fingers pushing the buttons, people talk on phone, wide of phone booth, tight on smart card going into slot, tight on smart card, tight on pretty girl’s face on phone until she opens her mouth and reveals double ugly teeth. Cut to a Paris cop giving a parking ticket, cut to a shot of exterior of Hospital (Hopital in French), traffic scene, next is a variety of shots of exterior of hospital, ambulance drives buy, nurses walk by, lady in wheelchair with leg in cast gets pushed by a friend, patients walk in and out of hospital, a guy on crutches walks out. Tight on sign METRO (the French subway system), people coming up escalator from subway, people outside at the bank wall using the ATM. Cut to underground and a variety of shots of passengers getting on and off a Paris subway. Cut to a TV journalist doing a stand-up in English for a North American news program, pan of signs: TELEPHONE, METRO and CL (Credit Lyonaise is a French bank), cut to a guy at a newsstand, people buy magazines and newspapers at stand, pan of the magazines and newspapers sold at the newsstand. Cut to a tight shot of a smart card going into a slot in a parking meter. AFP COLLECTION tape # 205 (NOTE: More Paris beauty shots on tape # 204

This tape features a shot that does not exist anywhere in the world except here – a sixteen minute shot of a total eclipse of the sun shot through the iron sculpture at the Dachau concentration camp in Germany. It is spectacular! The sculpture is about 100 feet long and about 20 feet high. The iron figures depict mangled skeletal remains of holocaust victims. The dramatic, moving scene begins with billowy clouds parting as the moon approaches the sun, and then slowly as the moon starts covering the sun, darkness falls. The eerie scene continues as the moon passes by the sun and daylight returns. Then there are various shots of the disturbing sculpture from a variety of angles. The tape finishes with tight shots of a driver golf club hitting a golf ball on a tee. AFP COLLECTION tape # 206

The tape begins in mid 1930’s Germany as Hitler gives a speech to the masses, cut to Nazi politicians in Reichstag, goose-stepping soldiers, Nazi politicians leaving Reichstag, monument of Frederick the Great, monument of Bismarck, painting of Kaiser, medium shot of Hitler speechmaking, cheering crowd, tight on Hitler, crowd gives Nazi salute an zieg heils, various shots of Hitler smiling, shaking hands, sitting in a crowd, with soldiers, cut to tight shots of top Nazis, Goering, Goebbels, Himmler, Hess, Hitler sitting down with his henchmen, Hitler on a stone balcony waving to his fans, hundreds of thousands of German citizens in public square, Hitler youth giving Nazi salute, Hitler speechmaking, Goebbels speechmaking. 104 a of 111 series

A machinist turns a piece of equipment, Nazi brass walk down a hallway (this shot is from a movie), farmer pitches hay, Goebbels at table talking to other Nazi henchmen, citizens going in to vote for the Nazis, medium and wide shot Hitler standing beside a nervous Keiser in the Reichstag, pan of Nazi politicians in Reichstag, Hitler outside Reichstag, the Reichstag on fire (Hitler blamed the communists for the arson but the Nazis really did it)), Hitler addressing an assembly in the Reichstag, various shots of the assembly, various shots of workers, people throwing books into a fire (book burning), medium shot of brown shirt standing in entrance way of an apotheke (German for pharmacy), wide shot of apotheke. 104 a of 111 series

Hitler youth marching band, marching band and soldiers in dress uniform from the Kaiser era, various quick shots of German crowd, Hitler, Nazi salutes, pan of Jews behind fence at concentration camp, a Nazi boot stomps on a guys head, 3 dead civilians, burning building, a guys head is put in a guillotine, Nazis burn newspapers, kids climb up on a tank, a young boy turns a wheel that raises a cannon, a few shots on the machine gun firing range, newspapers roll off press. 104a of 111 series

Various shots of Nazi stuff: newspapers, books, a public notice on a board, a bust of Hitler, pan of people in theatre giving Nazi salute, tight pan on young blond, blue eyed boys, camera man shooting a cornucopia of Hitler’s various speeches, the audience is in a frenzy cheering and saluting, the propaganda film goes on with tight shots of young boys, Nazis round up men, Nazi parade, pan of top Nazi officers, more Nazi marching, pan of dead Jews stacked up and skulls, tight on various Germanic faces, pan of row of dead people in snow, more saluting cheering crowds, static shot of white crosses in allied military cemetery. 104 a of 111 series

This segment opens with a military honor guard at attention, circa 1910’s, as a royal entourage in horse drawn carriages rides by, Bismarck is in the first carriage. Cut to Turkey in the early 19 hundreds, dignitaries, politicians wearing fez hats walk out of building, crowd outside some with umbrellas and a drummer beating on a base drum another clanging symbols, street scene of Turkish people wearing traditional clothes of the period carrying flags in a parade, a crowd of happy Turkish men in street dance and clap hands, four Turks on a hillside waving their arms to the sky, hold down a (weird) lamb on a rock that they just slaughtered as an offering to God, cut to jubilant Turks in the street. 104b of 111 series

Cut to the Sinai as 18 Arab men clap hands while another man does weird dance (funny), back to Turkey and street scene of over crowded citizens pushing and shoving, another street scene with less people a couple of camels walk by. Back to the Sinai and Arab men drawing water from an open well, camels in the background, back to Turkey as young boys around 10 years old parade by in military uniforms carrying riffles, followed by young men in white military uniforms carrying swords, various shots of crowded street scenes in Turkish city, Turk soldiers on horseback practicing charging with swords, soldiers in full battle dress form up, Turk parade with military and brass band and marching soldiers, soldiers on horseback ride by, wide shot of Turk soldiers marching out of city gate with city on the hill in the background, Turk soldiers marching through city street. 104b of 111 series

Cut to a Baltic port, sixteen military sailors rowing a boat to a yacht as high ranking officers walk on board, there is a lot of saluting and reviewing of a small contingent of officers, one ranking official kisses a lady (who is Tzarina (tsarina, Czarina) Alexandria with her daughters in the background) this is actually a meeting between Kaiser Wilhelm Tzar (Tsar, Czar) Nicolas in 1912 but the camera stays in one spot so you can’t make out their faces, cut to marching Russian soldiers on parade ground, back on the yacht Kaiser Wilhelm is preparing to leave and there is a lot of saluting and handshaking going on. 104b of 111 series.

This segment opens with WW I battleship warfare, cannons fire, a torpedo is launched, an aerial shot from plane as bomb hits ship and sinks it, ships fire at one another, night shots of battleship warfare, soldiers wait by dockside by ship, soldiers on big tug boats wave to fellow soldiers on ship, wide shot of big tug boat filled with soldiers pull unto harbor, officers and soldiers by dockside chat, soldiers ( I think Serbian) march in field. 104c of 111 series

Pan of army tents as soldiers are bivouacked, hundreds of soldiers on exercise charge with bayonets, pan of saluting soldiers on ship, ww i’s General Ditrich walks down gangplank salutes and shakes hands of waiting officers, pan of soldiers lined up by dockside (could be Russian), Russian General Saraj walks into camp salutes and shakes hands. Cut to oxen pulling several wagons loaded with goods over stream. Cut to various shots of tank and battlefield warfare, cannons go off, explosions, soldiers and tanks charge up hill, various night shots of battlefield and trench warfare, shot of soldiers wearing gas masks, fade to black. 104c of 111 series

This tape open with a brief WW ii battle scene on the Russian front, a pan in winter of a bombed out Russian town, a guy tears off a news story on a teletype machine, newspaper headline from LA Times “Tanks land in Africa”, cut to a graphic map showing the German army’s advance into North Africa and the Brits pushing them back in Alexandria, Egypt, pan up the map showing the Russians pushing the Germans back on the Western front, cut to a New York World Telegram newspaper headline “Allies open big offensive on all fronts”, graphic map showing Germans being pushed back at Leningrad and Schlusselburg, Hartford Courant newspaper headline, “Big Russian Victory”, graphic map showing German lines receding at Leningrad, Velikie, Luki, Rzhev, Smolensk, Voronezh at the Don River, Grozny, cut to a battalion of Russian soldiers on horseback riding through a snowy pass, dozens of tanks drive through a snowy plain, Russian soldiers walk through bombed out city, top Russian officers pour over maps in a strategy meeting, graphic map showing Russians pushing Germans back from Stalingrad. 110a of 111 serie

A snowy plain and a wide shot of Russian soldiers running to other Russian soldiers and hugging each other then a nice tight shot Russian soldiers kissing each other on their cheeks expressing their joy in victory, cut to a medium shot of Red Square in Winter, Christmas time in Moscow and a Christmas tree is handed to a lady in a crowd, a group of women standing in a pickup truck holding presents and a tree, drive through forest, a young boy carries a Christmas tree, interior shot of a decorated Christmas tree, a series of shots of children inside playing on a slide, a merry-go-round and they watch a dancing dog (where’s Ed Sullivan?), two young boys play guess what hand has the coin, the boy guesses wrongly and the other one puts his two fingers on his eyes like Curly in the 3 stooges, interior of merry-go-round with Christmas tree in the middle. 110a of 111 series

1943 flashes on screen then a variety of industrial shots, a steel mill, women working in a munitions factory, they smile holding up a shell casing, funny shot two young girls kissing on the lips over stacked shell casings (get hot or I’ll blow your lips off), night shot of soldier looking through binoculars, cut to a tight shot of his watch showing midnight, various night shots of guns and cannons going off, a variety of daytime shots in winter of canons firing, taken from the plane the camera shows a load of bombs dropping and hitting targets, back in the ground tanks roll on, flame throwers, armored personal carrier on skis drives by, rocket launchers fire, a horde of Russian soldiers on a snowy plain charge, cut to a graphic map showing the German lines being choked off near Stalingrad, aerial shot of the devastation of Stalingrad then various shots from the ground. 110a of 111 series

A nice shot as the camera pans over to a statue of six children holding hands in a ring-around-the-rosy pose with a bombed out building in the background, a variety of shots of Russian soldiers hugging and kissing (on the cheek) each other in liberated Stalingrad, a soldier hangs out the Red flag, various shots of German solders waving white flags coming out of buildings, various shots in compound of Russians with their high ranking German officer prisoners (they look .. ah …. concerned!), high ranking Nazi officer walking into a room of Russian officers to face the music (he sings a different tune now and it’s not Springtime For Hitler), other German officers talking to a panel of Russian officers (they got a lot a splainin’ to do). 110a of 111 series

Thousands of Russian soldiers walking up a snow packed hill then walking into bombed out Stalingrad, tight on one guys feet wrapped in burlap, he can hardly walk, tight on Russian faces, a wide and pan of Russian expanse in winter, back to the graphic map showing the German line receding from the Russian front, then 185,000 square miles flashes on the screen, aerial shot of downed planes, a pan of various captured German armaments, various shots of dead bodies, graphic map showing Russian front as 1941, 42 and 43 flashes up, shot of charging Russians in white, then a shot of US soldiers charging as the US flag fades in then all the allied flags together with marching allied soldiers in the background, cut to the Liberty bell ringing with a big V graphic fading in. 110a of 111 series

This 1920’s (or ’30’s)segment opens with a tight shot of a pilot in an open cockpit of a bi-plane wearing a leather skull cap and aviators goggles, the crew pushes the plane around and it takes off, the plane flies overhead. A shot of the plane in flight taken from another plane, cut to an aerial shot of four bi-planes with pontoons taking off from a body of water, cut to a model T mail truck driving up to a bi-plane, sacks of mail is loaded on board, cut to an aerial shot taken from another plane of the bi-plane flying over a big city (probably New York), the city skyscrapers have chimneys as smoke billows over the city, cut to a Model T mail truck backing up to a bi-plane in front of the hangar, AIR MAIL SERVICE is written on the hangar, tight shot of a bi-plane with US MAIL written on its side, shot is taken from another plane. 110b of 111 series

A night shot as a man pans with a search light over a runway, two people walk up to a bi-plane that is taxiing, the five man crew goes to the plane and unloads sacks of mail. Cut to the blimp (dirigible) named Shenandoah tethered to a masthead of a ship as it tows it out of a harbor, aerial shot of the blimp in flight, it has US Navy written on the side, cut to another blimp (called the Los Angeles formerly the German ZR3) on the ground, the blimp takes off, cut to interior and the captain and first officer, shots of river and city below, from the ground a shot of blimp flying over a Washington monument, blimp flying over Washingtons Capitol building. Cut to a bi-plane in flight taken from a plane, it is flying over a forest fire, various shots of a crop duster plane dusting cotton crop. 110b in 111 series

Tight on document US DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE WEATHER BUREAU Forecast of Flying weather, then a pan of the forecast, cut to a bi-plane flying high above the clouds. An isolated weather station with a tower beside it, pan up the tower we see a weather vein and a wind barometer, cut to a round kite reel house mounted on a turntable as two guys push it around so the opening faces away from the wind so they can launch a kite, a wheel machine at the opening of the round house spins out piano wire attached to the kite in flight, the kite in the air, the machine reels the kite back to the ground, a guy in the field grabs the piano wire and pulls the kite in, tight on weatherman taking a Marvin meterorograph (this records temperature, wind speed, air moisture or humidity and air pressure) of the kite, he takes something out of the gizmo, two weathermen on an outside platform launch a weather balloon, one guy looks through a theodolite, which is a modified surveyor’s transit, as another guy makes notes, shot of weather balloon in the air. 110b of 111 series

This tape opens with a variety of shots of young men sitting at a long table across from women and men in 1942 as they fill out papers during the WW ii draft, cut to a variety of exterior shots of young men entering and leaving building where the draft administration is taking place. Cut to A VARIETY OF SHOTS OF three protesters outside an American government building carrying picket signs that read “AMERICANS UNITED AGAINST JIM CROW”, they are demonstrating against segregation, they hand out leaflets. 30a of 111 series

This next segment features Dwight This next segment features Dwight Eisenhower being installed as the 13th president of Columbia university, the scenes are rich in B roll. It opens with a pan of the crowded campus as a parade of academics wearing mortarboard caps and robes walk to the site where the degrees will be conferred, cut to audience shots, a number of notables are there, General Omar Bradley, Mimi Eisenhower, her son and a number of high ranking officers, the academic entourage solemnly walk to the stage, there is a cornucopia of shots of this event. 30a of 111 series

This segment opens in the Oval Office as George C. Marshall is sworn in as US Secretary of State, President Harry Truman and a room full of top politicians look on, handshaking and photo ops follow, cut to exterior shot of Marshall walking into a government building, cut to Marshall at his desk speaking into a microphone giving an acceptance speech. Cut to San Francisco in the 19-teens, 24 women suffragettes, who served jail time, get off train (called the Prison Special) then assemble for a photo op, they are dressed in prison garb, they walk single file past a handful of applauding women, one of the suffragettes carries a sign that reads “Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God”. Cut to Washington and suffragettes picketing the White House hoping to catch President Wilson’s eye. 30b of 111 series

Cut to New York as women are line up to vote for the first time in that State’s history, shots of women entering and leaving the poll station, Alfred E. Smith, Governor-elect and Mrs. Smith enter and leave poll station. Cut to a womens backstroke competition, the woman who won gives a thank you speech by poolside. Cut to shots of Amelia Erhart in Londonderry where she ended her 2,026 mile flight from Newfoundland, the first woman to fly solo across the ocean, she stands in the cockpit and waves, she gets out of her plane to a crowd of men, she signs autographs. 30b of 111 series

This next odd shot is of a white couple in their 50’s holding two monkeys, beside them are two black guys, the white guy says “We brought over these two Swahili boys from Africa to look after our animals” (what a jerk) then in a rehearsed moment the black native says Bwana and speaks some Swahili. Cut to a woman speaking to journalists in her office in the 1940’s. (promo) Cut to men and women factory workers fading in and out as they leave building. Cut to vintage shots of early 1900’s New York, it opens with a parade, street shots, a public transportation wagon pulled by horses, the Broadway streetcar goes by, a cop directs traffic, it ends with various street scenes. 30b of 111 series

This tape opens in 1944 with a wide shot of a bombed out building in Europe then a military vehicle explodes, cut to a wide shot of a dock where several big boats are moored, cut to the shore line and a couple of sunken boats with bombed out building in the background, a couple of military vehicles drive by in the foreground, wide shot of small bay with a bombed out building in background, wide shot of bay and sea with several battleships anchored and sunken vessel in foreground with soldiers walking on shoreline, soldiers by shore with pick handles digging, bulldozer in background, wide of soldiers in sandbag bunker by shore and two soldiers manning an anti-aircraft gun. Cut to several aerial shots of Italian coastal city, cut to aerial shot of a burning oil well, then aerial shots of several smoldering fires, more aerial coastal shots, aerial shot of the Tiber River and surrounding Rome, aerial of monument to Italy’s unknown soldier, pan over to the coliseum from different angles, several aerial shots of the Vatican and St. Peter’s, wide shot of Tiber winding its way through Rome, another aerial of monument to Italy’s unknown soldier and pan to the Coliseum. 60a of 111 series

This segment consists of the Chaco region of South America, it opens with a graphic map of South America and zooms into Paraguay and its river system, cut to several shots of the waterfalls in Iguassu, cut to natives line dancing, then native bare breasted women dance in a circle with spears, natives skinning what might be snakes and hanging them, native woman eats, woman weaves on a primitive loom. Cut to several shots of a church ruin 1768, it is overtaken by bushes, weeds and trees. Cut to a wide shot of kids walking down road and three women carrying baskets on top of their head, medium shot of women with baskets and church in background, man in horse wagon goes by in Church courtyard, a boy rings the church bells, women do needlepoint, various shots of needlepoint. 60b of 111 series

Three men harvesting a leafy tea crop, the leafs are put into a long round turning drum, women pours tea into small cups and they drink using straws. A couple of wide shots of a Paraguayan city, cut to a crane off loading a ship, women passengers walk down gang plank, a couple of shots of a city street including an old time trolley car, woman in store buys a bar of soap, cut to an old ad poster of a woman’s head and shoulders with the word Pepsodent below her, exterior shots of two churches, cut to bronze bust of Francisco Solano Lopez president of Paraguay from 1862 -1870, a Paraguayan military platoon marches by, they run and load bazooka, wide shot of a factory, interior shot of weaving factory as women work on looms, a bank of spools of yarn feeds looms, cut to three women riding by on donkeys, one woman gets off in front of her hut, young boy pulls on the donkey’s rein, man with hoe digs, woman spoons out soup to kids eating outside. 60b of 111 series

This segment opens with a variety of shots in the Chaco region of south central South America, a medium shot of a one smoke stack river boat pulling away from a dock, then a wide shot of the river, various shots of the surrounding land taken from the boat, shots of trees and fields. Cut to graphic map showing the river system in the Chaco region (the Paraguay, the Pilcomayo & Bermejo), a variety of shots of trees, crops and vegetation, close up of a tree with spike needles growing out of it, shots of butterflies and birds, cut to school children running out of school, two women prepare lunch on barbeque stove outside, workers picking a crop in field, wide shot of village, man and women pass by in horse drawn carriage, horse drawn milk wagon parks, man with hose from milk barrel pours milk into milk tin, workers pick cotton in field, two bales of cotton being hoisted, cotton balls tumble into cotton gin, a herd of cattle with horns are guided by cowboys are rounded up, exterior shot of meat slaughterhouse (abattoir), cut to butcher carving the carcass of a cow, assembly line packing meat. 60c of 111 series

Cut to a man chopping down a tree, the tree falls, bare footed man with axe stands on fallen tree an and chops of bark, wagons with huge wooden wheels drawn by oxen carry logs, loggers load logs onto train, tight shot of train wheels starting to move, wide shot of small train pulling logs, cut to a wide shot of saw mill, tight on 3 babies sleeping under a net, interior shot of logs being cut, workers remove lumber from stack, man saws as he makes a giant wheel, cut to exterior of government building and tight on sign “JARDIN INFANTIL DE LAS AMERICAS”, interior shot of children at table placing various wooden shapes into the corresponding holes, little girl does needlepoint, children lined up outside in front of bowls brush their teeth, children at tables eating lunch, wide shot of school girls in playground, cut to young adult students at desks writing exams, teacher writes on chalkboard, parents mingle outside building, a woman bounces her baby on her knee. 60c of 111 series

Lab worker looks into microscope, a doctor taps his fingers on the back of a child, mother hold naked baby boy as doctor feels the kids ribs, doctor examines child on a table, a man instructs nine nurses. Cut to architect with plans at building site talking to two men, various shots of workers building, bricklayers paddle on cement. Cut to a crane hoisting the front end of a plane, three men push a one engine plane onto the airfield, a man cranks the propeller, the blades turn, two single engine planes taxi onto airfield and take off, back to the cattle drive and cowboys ride herd, women students walk outside, two teachers writing on chalkboard outside, wide shot of loom factory, horses graze, logging train rolls by. tape 60c of 111 series

This was shot in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and focuses on the Cannabis cup. Each year at the Marijuana festival an award is given for the best pot grown outside Holland. The tape also features entertainment and a hemp fashion show. There is lots of weird behavior and plenty of pot smoking. It opens in a pot cafe with a guy flipping through a menu book showing the various varieties of marijuana sold in this cafe, cut to tight on fingers rolling a joint, zoom out to woman lighting up a joint and smoking, tight on hands holding joint, various shots of four young people smoking joints in cafe. Cut to wide of bar, cut to shot of poster of Donald Duck smoking a joint and marijuana leafs growing out of his hat, back to the bar and a variety of shots of the barkeepers performing a variety of functions, cappuccino making and so on, shot of a jar behind the bar filled with pot, barkeepers working, putting money in till, make cappuccino, customer drinks. # 200 AFP collection(NOTE: the Marijuana festival continues on tape # 201)

Cut to night shot exterior of Melkweg, the building where the marijuana festival is held, cut to interior and three Canadians are briefly interviewed, one woman wears a giant marijuana flag on her front and a Canadian flag on her back, various shots of people attending the festival, some are wearing very weird costumes, one guy carrying a marijuana stalk takes some leafs off and hands them out, pretty girl takes some, smells it and smiles. Cut to a guy with, what we called in the 60’s, a zonk machine to smoke hash. Its a glass tube with an opening where one would inhale smoke, at the bottom is a small bowl to put the hashish. # 200 AFP collection(NOTE: the Marijuana festival continues on tape # 201)

Cut to a wide shot in auditorium, a rock band plays, cut to a weird lady dressed in a toga with marijuana leafs and aluminum rabbit ears, tight on marijuana plant, various shots of people in auditorium. Cut to the stage and two guys and a woman light a candle and perform a marijuana ceremony, light a giant joint, and say a prayer to Creator God and ask Him to bless the sacred plant cannabis, after the prayer they toke up with a pipe. John Howel, editorial director of the magazine High Times, gives the opening speech. The entertainment begins, women dance on stage and model hemp clothing, various shots of young men and women modeling a variety of hemp apparel, they dance and pass a joint to each other, cut to a baby barely able to walk on stage modeling a hemp jumper, cut to a singer with guitar singing (he sounds like James Taylor), various shots of the audience, the fashion show continues with models smoking joints, everybody in the audience is getting high. # 200 AFP collection(NOTE: the Marijuana festival continues on tape # 201)

This is the continuation of tape 200 and coverage of the Cannabis marijuana and hemp festival in Amsterdam, Holland, where awards are given out for the best grown marijuana. There is also shots of the hemp fashion show complete with a near naked woman (she’s bottomless) modeling a semi t-shirt. It opens with a round silver ball rotating from the ceiling as multi colored lights reflect off it, pan down to stage as young men and women model hemp fashions, a model acts weird as she folds her hands as if in prayer then she and a male model dance, various cuts to the watching audience, models continue modeling hemp fashions. # 201AFP collection (NOTE More Marijuana festival footage is on tape # 200)

The next scene is weird: a guy on the stage is wrapped from head to toe in a hemp sheet with a slinky toy sticking out of his head, then he strips down to his hemp underwear and starts gyrating. Cut to a beautiful woman on stage only wearing a semi t-shirt, the half naked model dances for about two minutes, then the weird guy with the slinky toy on his head comes back does this strange dance while demon like models roll around on the floor, woman models lady’s under garments, the bottomless model comes back out with the rest of the models including two dressed as space aliens, a guy wearing a weird costume, cut to the audience and a woman smokes a joint that is a foot long, she passes the bong to a guy, he passes it two other guys, then to two other guys. Cut back to the stage as a guy dressed like a wizard reads from a book, then the models hold a six foot pipe, and light marijuana in the bowl as dancers gyrate, woman in green fish costume dances, guy on stage smokes the 6 ft. pipe. Cut to tight on fingers rolling a joint, he lights it and smokes it, various shots of people in audience smoking dope. Cut to the stage as the awards are about to be given out. Cut to the Red Light District in Amsterdam and a hooker sitting in the window. # 201AFP collection (NOTE More Marijuana festival footage is on tape # 200)

This tape contains beauty shots of Amsterdam. It opens with a static shot of the big canal behind the city hall, parked barge and houseboat, cut to pedestrians and cyclists going over foot bridge, medium shot of church at the beginning of the Red Light district, shot of city hall from other side of canal, zoom out from famous Magere bridge and pan to city hall, cut to tour boat going down canal, man in office picks up phone, (note time code crash). static shot of Amsterdam’s central train station with street car at right of screen, medium shot of less man walking, shot of train station from across the canal, street car goes over bridge, pan down and up on central station, tight on emblem on train station, woman hoses down washroom (Note: time code crash). Interior of Central train station, passengers come and go, cut to a drug addict in remote part of station loading up his syringe and sticks the needle in the gums of his mouth and shoots-up (weird), various shots of the Red Light district at night, hookers in windows, medium shots of prostitutes. Cut to several shots at night time of blue neon sign that reads: “JESUS LOVES YOU” then a pan to the Central Train station all lit up, back to shots of prostitutes in the window taken from across a canal, a client or a pimp sits in window with hooker, wide night shot from canal showing the lights of Amsterdam, a nice night shot of Amsterdam’s famous Magere bridge all lit up also seen is its reflection off the water. 202 AFP collection

This tape features beauty shots of the Alpine region Alto Adige, (or South Tirol if you’re Austrian), Northern Italy in towns Bolzano, Bressanone and Brunico. It opens with a busy street scene, people walking, cars, military bus goes by, public bus picks up passengers, tight shot of message on bus window written in Italian and German, medium of transport on highway, cut to street sweeper, a couple of shots of bilingual signs in Italian and German, wide shot of town square with mountain in background and big monument to unknown soldier, tight on monument, various shots of beautiful architecture in town people window shop, various people shots, woman wears traditional Alto Adige costume, people shop in vegetable market, various shots of woman selling wieners at outdoor stand, pan of open produce market. # 203 AFP collection

Cut to aerial view taken from a helicopter of a very long open bridge spanning an Alpine mountain valley, on one side of the highway is a massive traffic jam, then police helicopter flies into the shot. Cut to various shots of beautiful walled village hundreds of years old, zoom out from ancient castle on top of hill to a wide shot of village in mountain valley with mountains in background (could pass for Switzerland too), various shots taken inside the village, zoom out from the two tower church and pan to village square, pan of peaks from top of mountain (no snow), wide shot taken from mountain top of village in valley, pan and medium shot from mid-way up mountain of village farm houses, wide shot of industrial area, wide shot and zoom in of Alpine city surrounded by mountains, zoom in and pan of cluster of apartment buildings. # 203 AFP collection

Cut to citizens of Alto Adige in religious procession wearing traditional costumes, women carry two statutes of the Virgin Mary on their shoulders while the band plays appropriate music, cut to the Alto Adige band playing while in procession, a nice wide shot of the procession proceeding along valley road beside a stream surrounded by lush green and mountains, pan of Alpine mountain range. Cut to interior shots of mountain village, church steeple, narrow street. Cut to woman behind fence in remote Alpine hillside tilling the soil, cut to the very old log house on the hillside, cut to a woman hanging out her wash from balcony of old log house with flower boxes in the foreground, cut to clouds rolling over mountain top, pan from mountain top of valley, the shot ends up with a medium of remote mountain log house on hillside, zoom into a farmer tilling the soil up hill using an odd contraption on a pulley, when he gets to the top of the hill he sits on it and rides down tilling the next strip, tight on the tiller turning the soil over, wide shot of him plowing the field with very big log house in the background, shot of log house’s back balcony with clothes hanging on line, window with flowers in box, side of log house with flowers on platforms, water from hose spills on waterwheel causing it to turn, medium shot of front of log house with chickens roaming in front, wide shot of several houses in remote mountain pass with several cows grazing, nice tight shot of a deer running by. # 203 AFP collection

Cut to a tight on two police officers in Alto Adige looking over a scene of a terrorist bombing. The devastation shows bombed cars, a car engine on the street, a six story building (RAI Italy’s state broadcaster) with windows blown out, pan of mangled cars, glass and debris on street, tight on blown out building windows and zoom out, cops talk with plain clothes detectives, wide shot of devastated building, a fallen tree, tight shots of the damage, cops talk, citizens look on. Cut to a pan from on top of an Alpine mountain and a nice pan showing a valley between the two ranges. Cut to a Sheppard feeding his sheep on mountainside, pan out to surrounding mountain view, medium of the Sheppard and his flock. Cut to camera inside a car coming out of a tunnel revealing mountains, shots of surrounding mountain countryside taken from inside the car, we see houses, a factory, mountains, a village, railway line, church steeple. Cut to interior of beautiful Alpine town, old architecture, people shop, walk, 3 old ladies chat, cut to various shots of Alpine houses on hillside. # 203 AFP collection

This tape contains beauty and landmark shots of Paris. It opens with a night shot of the Eiffel Tower, which is all lit up. Cut to exterior of Miramar movie theater and wide on posters of films playing there, zoom in on poster of Jurassic Park, cut to interior of movie theater for a variety of shots of people lining up, patrons buying tickets, variety of crowd shots in foyer, variety of shots of cashier taking money and handing tickets to movie goers. Cut to inside the theater as movie goers file in and take their seats, one guy meets a girl friend and they both kiss each other on the cheek four times, people chat and laugh waiting for the film to begin. Cut to a TV journalist doing a stand-up for a news report in the background is Notre Dame Cathedral, a nice wide shot of the back of Notre Dame Cathedral with the river Seine in foreground, cut to a static shot of one of the bridges over the Seine. Cut to a wide shot of Paris taken from a high vantage point at Mont Martre and Notre Dame Cathedral is in the background, 5 black guys sit on stone railing at Mont Martre, nice shot of Sacre Coeur church taken from the Mont Martre steps, woman sketch artist sketches another woman on a bench, zoom into the sketch, various shots of artists painting outside at the artists section at Mont Martre, wide of people eating at an sidewalk cafe, zoom into a foursome eating a baguette, pan of artist section of Mont Martre, cut to tight of sketch of a woman, artist touches it up, zoom out to see artist and woman posing, another sidewalk cafe shot, an artist sketches a young boy. Cut to the fountain in Place Concorde, then Cleopatra’s needle in foreground with Eiffel Tower in background, zoom out to wide shot of Place Concorde, cut to a nice long wide shot of Champs Elysees with Arc de Triomphe at the end of the street, slow zoom into a tight shot of the Arc de Triomphe with giant French flag hanging down in the archway, the shot is repeated several times. AFP COLLECTION tape # 204 AFP collection (NOTE Paris beauty shots continue on tape 205)

This tape contains more beauty and landmark shots of Paris. It opens with a medium shot of Le Palais de Justice with wide green lawn in front then zooms out to reveal the Eiffel tower with fountains in foreground, cut to a few people feeding pigeons by fountains, cut to a golden dome of a palace, French flag flying over tomb of unknown soldier, cut to a merry-go-round in foreground with a quarter of the Eiffel tower in background. Cut to an odd shot of a musician playing his fiddle while walking a tightrope at the Pompidou center, another odd shot of a bare chested guy wearing sheet as a dress handing something out to the crowd that surrounds him outside the Pompidou center, cut to a shot of the weird fountain in front of the Pompidou center, it has snake-like hoses spewing water with strange sculptures in the fountain, cut to hundreds of pigeons feeding. Cut to a variety of shots of people using a smart card at a public pay phone, tight on fingers pushing the buttons, people talk on phone, wide of phone booth, tight on smart card going into slot, tight on smart card, tight on pretty girl’s face on phone until she opens her mouth and reveals double ugly teeth. Cut to a Paris cop giving a parking ticket, cut to a shot of exterior of Hospital (Hopital in French), traffic scene, next is a variety of shots of exterior of hospital, ambulance drives buy, nurses walk by, lady in wheelchair with leg in cast gets pushed by a friend, patients walk in and out of hospital, a guy on crutches walks out. Tight on sign METRO (the French subway system), people coming up escalator from subway, people outside at the bank wall using the ATM. Cut to underground and a variety of shots of passengers getting on and off a Paris subway. Cut to a TV journalist doing a stand-up in English for a North American news program, pan of signs: TELEPHONE, METRO and CL (Credit Lyonaise is a French bank), cut to a guy at a newsstand, people buy magazines and newspapers at stand, pan of the magazines and newspapers sold at the newsstand. Cut to a tight shot of a smart card going into a slot in a parking meter. AFP COLLECTION tape # 205 (NOTE: More Paris beauty shots on tape # 204 AFP collection

This tape features a shot that does not exist anywhere in the world except here – a sixteen minute shot of a total eclipse of the sun shot through the iron sculpture at the Dachau concentration camp in Germany. It is spectacular! The sculpture is about 100 feet long and about 20 feet high. The iron figures depict mangled skeletal remains of holocaust victims. The dramatic, moving scene begins with billowy clouds parting as the moon approaches the sun, and then slowly as the moon starts covering the sun, darkness falls. The eerie scene continues as the moon passes by the sun and daylight returns. Then there are various shots of the disturbing sculpture from a variety of angles. The tape finishes with tight shots of a driver golf club hitting a golf ball on a tee. AFP COLLECTION tape # 206 AFP collection

The next 3 tapes of the AFP collection are all shots from Burma or Myanmar as is now called. This one opens with four women sitting on a porch in the countryside, one young woman hugs another one, they are laughing. A young man rides an elephant, there are various shots of the elephant, another elephant with a chain around his two front feet emerges from the jungle, two young children in village one dressed like a monk, zoom out to wide shot of huts in small village, medium of a hut, man sitting on elephant, a variety of shots of an elephant with a chain harness hauls a log in a rainforest, a worker unchains the log, the elephant then walk over to another log and pushes it down a hill with his foot, then he rolls another log with his trunk, then he hauls another log attached to his harness (these elephants are really smart), cut to a kid on a baby elephant followed by 4 other elephants, they wade into a lagoon for a bath, there are a variety of shots of their riders scrubbing them down, they are joined by two other elephants ready for a bath, after their bath the elephants walk out of the lagoon and stroll down a path, the last one out is the kid on the baby elephant, tight on a sign that reads “History of forestry Myanmar timber enterprise elephant nursing camp”, wide of the camp with kid on baby elephant, tight of man feeding elephant, women laborers squatting stacking rocks. #207 AFP collection

This tape opens with a nice shot on a sunny day of golden pagoda dome in Rangoon, Myanmar (Burma), zoom out to a wide shot showing a wide river with pagoda in background, a variety of shots of a big golden ornate pagoda on the river bank, two large golden dragons in the water are a attached to the pagoda, cut to a shot of the Myanmar flag waving on a flagpole with ornate carving on building behind it, a shot of a clock tower, another golden pagoda dome, two women in an open air market having a fierce argument, shot of food street vendors, cut to four young monks wearing saffron robes walking down street, vendor sitting behind loaves of stacked bread, two young men eating on a bench, young Burmese girl with painted face and a beautiful smile stands with boy with painted face, two teen monks in saffron robes walk down the street one with his arm over the shoulder of the other one, cut to a guy having a nap on his rickshaw, a lady selling cold drinks, another young monk walks by, young girl with painted face, tight on young boy with painted face, two more monks walk by, two paddle a canoe on the river in Rangoon, a ferry boat sails by, a guy paddle a small junk, a variety of river and boat shots on the river, several large boats are beached, a guy walks by carrying a bale on his head, then a few guys carry bales, people with umbrellas are in a canoe going across the river, a woman paddles a small junk, more people with umbrellas in motor boat taxi, Rangoon street scenes, several monks walk by. 208 AFP Collection

This final third tape in our Myanmar (Burma) shoot opens with a medium shot on a busy street of a Pagoda in Rangoon, various people shots on a deck by the riverside, a young girl with umbrella selling birds in a cage, a woman balancing a tray on her head walks by, two dragon statues on either side of staircase in front of pagoda, pan up pagoda dome, 2 monks walk down stairs, two boys bang bells with wooden mallets, then a woman gongs the bell, a man stands in front of a golden statue of Buddha, zoom into golden Buddha’s face, wide shot of golden pagoda domes, incense and candles burn on Buddha alter. Cut to a variety of shots on an outside marble floor religious plaza surrounded by pagodas, shrines and statues of Buddha, man placing lit candles in front of Buddha, zoom out from golden Buddha, a old monk prays in front of Buddha, various religious statues in plaza, medium of praying monk, side shot of praying monk, great tight shot of praying monk with hands together and his lips move, father carries his baby daughter, young girl prays with hands together, tight on eye of giant white Buddha then zoom out, a woman pours water over small statue of Buddha, a monk takes a picture of us taking a picture of him, young Buddhist monks sitting on street, people pouring water on Buddha shrine, zoom into Buddha, tight and zoom out on white Buddha face, more people pour water over Buddha, kids hit ceremonial bell with wooden mallet. 209 AFP Collection

The next 5 tapes in the AFP collection were all shot in Santiago Atitlan in the mountain region of Guatemala and Guatemala City. Most of these shots could also pass for anywhere in Latin America. The first tape open with the Guatemalan flag waving atop the seat of government in Guatemala City. Pan down to a soldier guard at attention in front of the building. Wide and zoom of the building. Nice shot of Guatemalan architecture, exterior of a passageway, the colour is pink. The scene switches to Santiago. Three teen girls walk past camera, wide of a village street, three young girls walk up brick road in the village. Cut to 4 women washing their clothes in the lake that Santiago borders on. A nice wide shot of the lake with a mountain in the background, some clouds at the top, zoom into women washing their clothes in the lake, a guy standing in his makeshift canoe paddles by, pan of makeshift canoes on shoreline ending on more women washing their clothes. Cut to woman balancing a pot on her head. The pot has leaves in it. 210 AFP

Two boys carrying a bale of wooden stakes on their backs walk by. Also in the shot is a woman balancing a washtub with laundry on her head, boy and dog herding two heads of cattle on village dirt road. Cut to a marble plaque with the heading PRESIDENCIA DE LA REPUBLICA, below this is a 1990 declaration that Guatemala’s 36 year civil war is over, next is a stone cross headstone and below a marble plaque. Cut to various shots of stonecutters, these stone block will eventually be made into a Peace Wall commemorating the time when Santiago residents kicked out warring factions from their village, another shot of a marble plaque commemorating the death of a 9 year old boy. Cut to a nice shot of the village of Santiago nestled in the mountains with nice clouds. Cut to a street scene and a banner welcoming visitors to Santiago. A little girl speaks to the camera. Cut to the interior of the church as townsfolk come in for mass. Young girls speak to the camera. Cut to a variety of tight shots of citizen’s faces. They have Mayan features, some women carry stuff in pots on their head. Back in the church, shots of various dolls about 4 feet tall. These dolls are religious symbols; one is a man carrying the Christ child. Cut to young people on an antique Ferris wheel, wide of the wheel in Santiago’s main square with Catholic Church at the head. 210 AFP

A little Mayan girl stands on the steps of Santiago’s Catholic church, then a tighter shot of her as men and women go into church. The native people are wearing traditional Mayan clothing. The little girl sits by a wishing well in courtyard. Cut to a small church bell in tower. Camera shot over her shoulder walking to the wishing well. Tight on a stone pot with a cross on it then a pan up showing a forested mountain. The girl shows the Presidential marble plaque. The girl takes us through the cemetery and shows us some of the graves of young people who were killed in the 36 year civil war. Static shot of a cornfield in foreground with mountain in background. Girl sits at desk with soft drink. Girl pays a dice game at a local carnival and wins a prize. 211 AFP

This tape opens with a pan of the mountain range in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala with the lake in the foreground, then a pan, wide and zoom of village, lake and mountains. The camera moves to shots in the village. 2 children staring at the camera. Children at the village carnival, a girl eats a candy apple, all the rides are driven by hand, kids on a Ferris wheel. Various shots of men, women and children wearing typical Guatemalan clothes coming out of church and walking down steps. More shots of people at the carnival. Camera follows two young Mayan girls, more girls walk down steps. Three girls sweep church stairs. 212 AFP

This tape in our series on Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala opens with a static shot of the church steeple then cuts to a singing band consisting of several guitar players and an accordion player playing traditional music, as a procession follows. The women are dressed in colorful Mayan traditional clothes. All manner of shots of people young and old. Two guys stand under 2 bells in church steeple, then just the two bells, one guy rings the bells. Wide and zoom of courtyard with citizens. Young girls in traditional dress. Medium of men in traditional Mayan clothes. Various shots of Santiago citizens of all ages, two guys shake hands. Another shot of the two bells in the church steeple. More shots of citizens. Wide shot of citizens in foreground with mountains in background, then more various shots of citizens. 213 AFP

Cut to a religious procession of citizens in town square, a man holding a crucifix leads, the procession goes up the church steps, various shots of mostly women in procession, all wear traditional Mayan clothing. The procession with the town’s citizens enters the church, Cut to the Catholic bishop and the local priest in the procession. Wide shot of the church, then children sitting on the church steps, a little girl eats ice cream, a young boy rolls a bicycle tire with a stick, more various shots of children sitting on church steps. Churchgoers come out of church, old man with cane slowly comes down steps. Cut to wide shot of mountains with a cloud or smoke emerging from a valley, a nice shot of a mountain half covered with a cloud with the lake in the foreground. Various shots of mountainous region with lake in foreground and a cloudy sky, a couple of shots had a wooden dock in the foreground. The mountainous region is all jungle, some shots consist of a haze lifting off the jungle. 213 AFP

The final 5th tape in our Santiago, Atitlan, Guatemala series opens with people in the village square, some sit on the church steps. Everyone is wearing traditional Mayan clothing of this remote area of Guatemala. Cut to a nice shot of a hand operated Ferris wheel, in the background is a mountain the top of which is covered in mist. A mini carnival is set up in the village square, people walk through it. Cut to a medium shot of the mountain with clouds and mist then an empty courtyard. Cut to the church bell tower then a medium shot of a courtyard with fountain in the foreground and mountain in the background. Cut to one of the dolls in the church, a candle flickers below it. Exterior of church bell tower. Tight on a man’s thumb putting his finger print on a document (many of the people in this region cannot read or write so the thumb print is their only way of making a document official. For example they put their thumbprint on the back of a cheque to endorse it). Medium shot of the village street with mountain in the background. A few women walk by, a couple of them balance tin pots on their heads. A guy and his dog walks by, a guy with heavy sack on his back trots by. A group of women walks by the camera then a shot of the village street. It looks like a slum. A couple of women walk by carrying green tubs on their heads. 214 AFP

Cute children stand around outside. Two young girls in front of the camera then they walk down a path. Cut to a few pans and zooms and a nice wide shot of the village by the lake with mountains and clouds in the background. Cut to a couple of children by a stonewall. A man walks down a path carrying a hoe, then three women carrying jugs on their heads go down the path, various shots of villagers walking down the path carrying stuff. Man carrying a machete walks in jungle area. Cut to a medium shot of village in the valley by the lake and the mountain and clouds in the background, then tight on the village and zoom up mountain (there are several shots of this area). Man walks down path carrying a machete. A couple of guys carrying a bundle of sticks on their backs walk down jungle path. Tight on a slum section of the village, then people walking on the dirt street, women carry loads on their heads. A couple of men in dirt alleyway. Cut to women washing their clothes in the lake, one woman washes her hair the other one combs her hair. Cut to a tight shot of a bird against the backdrop of the lake then it flies away. Medium of women washing their clothes in the lake and laundry is strewn on hillside being dried by the sun. Medium shot of mountain and cloud with some village huts in the foreground. A nice dusk shot of orange clouds above the mountain. Another wide shot of village in foreground and mountain and clouds in the background. 214 AFP

This tape tracks the rise of Benito Mussolini from the early 1920’s. It opens with a parade of men cheered on by a crowd, wide shot of el Duce speechmaking on a balcony, a young Mussolini walks through an adoring crowd, shot from a balcony of a fascist parade, another angle of the Black Shirts marching, wide shot of a large crowd in public square in Rome on rainy day, umbrellas, model T’s, Mussolini gestures from balcony, as adoring crowd of men with riffles cheer, Mussolini walking with his senior officers, large Italian crowd give a zieg heil, wide of huge crowd, Mussolini standing defiantly with elbows out and smirking (he sure was ugly), he gives a speech and gestures abound, Black Shirted boys march. 92a of 111 series

Cut to Hitler (he was uglier than Mussolini) getting off plane and greeting Mussolini, theres a lot of saluting and hand shaking going on, now Hitler and Mussolini are in the reviewing stand, cut to tanks circling around the coliseum, soldiers goose step past the reviewing stand. Cut to Mussolini, Hitler and that grossly fat Himmler ( he was ugly too) in a room with dignitaries including Neville Chamberlain (ya let us down Neville), documents are handed out and Mussolini signs. 92a of 111 series

Cut to outside shot at night of a large crowd in the front of the monument to Italy’s unknown soldier, cut to daytime and Mussolini is on horseback, tight on his ugly face, now he stands by a statue of Caesar (another ugly one), Mussolini speechmaking on balcony, pan of crowd, wide of crowd by monument to Italy’s unknown soldier, Duce back on the balcony speechmaking again (didn’t he ever shut up?). Cut to a graduating ceremony in the US Franklin Roosevelt (finally some sanity on this tape) give the keynote address. Cut to battlefield and Italian soldiers firing cannons, officer looks in periscope (binoculars), soldier yells in walkie-talkie. Cut to single engine plane (shot taken from another plane) in flight as it drops bombs, more cannon fire. 92a of 111 series

This next segment contains very disturbing scenes from ww ii. Hundreds of citizens from a town in Poland walk through the forest to view the dead bodies from a Nazi massacre. There are a variety of shots of the townsfolk and many shots of the mutilated bodies. American soldiers look on. Men dig mass graves and put evergreen branches over the corpses. Men carry bodies on a stretcher and put them in graves, crying women look on, heads are bowed in prayer, a US soldier makes the sign of the cross, women put flowers on graves. 92b of 111 series

Cut to five businessmen walking into a bank vault, one of them is pushing a dolly with bags of money on it, another guy stacks the loot on a shelf. Cut to Franco of Spain walking among officials. The rest of this tape is a Spanish propaganda film about how good things were under Franco’s Fascist regime (Frank Sinatra once sent Franco a telegram that simply said “FRANCO, DROP DEAD!”) Cut to a nice shot of a European village, cut to a group of Spanish men queued up outside a building, they are handed envelopes, then they walk out of building holding something. Cut to a cut to a nurse taking four children outside to a car. Shot of a government building. Interior shot of meeting taking place with men in uniform, a woman writes notes. Cut to interior of shop, two women putting tins on shelf, women enter nursery school, various shots of children at their desks eating, cut to women in cafeteria eating, tight on infants face, women lining up for food as a woman dispenses the plates, tight on old woman eating. 92c of 111 series

Cut to fishermen on shoreline reeling in fishing net. Cut to women in orchard picking oranges, two-donkey walk by carrying burlap bags of goods. Now we are taken on a tour of a Spanish prison to see how wonder life was there complete with well looked after, happy inmates. Shot through bars, the prison population marches out to the prison yard, cut to an official talking to another official in an office, back in the prison yard the inmates line up in formation, raise their hands and march off camera back inside. A Catholic priest lead prisoners single file into the chapel, the convicts make the sign of the cross, now the priest gives a sermon, above him is a Crucifix. Cut to the interior of a cellblock as prisoners march downstairs and line up. Cut back to the chapel as we see the priest saying mass. Cut to the interior of an office, men type, an official walks in and they all stand up, cut to prisoners working in the prison press room running off newspapers, a prisoner distributes newspapers to other inmates. 92c of 111 series

cut to a prisoner conducting the prisoner orchestra (Ya .. right Franco), other happy inmates listen. Cut to prisoners dressed in white gym outfits doing calisthenics and other exercises outside. Cut to prisoners doing construction work, now prisoners are working in a farm field tilling the soil, now prisoners are digging in a large trench (could be the beginning of a roadway or a water diversion bed). Cut to wide shot of an industry, cut to factory prison workers with helmets coming out of building, they stack what looks like shell casings, two guards walk by bared prison windows. Cut to smiling women prisoners in white uniforms filing into room, a nun helps an inmate with ironing, a guard eats from a plate held by a woman prisoner. Outside, women look after their kids, inside a guard opens the door and a woman walks in with her 3 kids, wide shot of barracks. 92c of 111 series

Cut to a dormitory with sleeping kids, a young boy walks in and plays reveille, tight on the bugle player, young boys get out of bed, walk single file to shower room, take their towels off and go in for a shower (warning: they are naked). Cut to the courtyard, the boys in uniform are assembled, the senior officer marches up and give a Nazi like salute, the color party follows behind, the band plays, the Spanish flag is raised, a tight shot on some of the band members, a column boys in uniform march in front of line of boys, they stop and give each other a Nazi like salute. 92c of 111 series

Cut to inside a classroom of boys in uniform, a boy is by a globe of the world, tight on some of the students, back to the kid with the globe as he explains something to the teacher, then the kid pick up a pointer and point it to a map of South America, now the kids walk out of the building carrying 8 foot planks, back inside a man hands a large picture of Franco to a kid. Cut to a woodworking class in progress, boys are sawing and hammering. Outside young boys in uniform march and twirl their riffles, they are followed by young boys and girls in uniform marching, there’s a marching band, flag bearers, cut to a Spanish emblem on a building, cut to men fascist soldiers marching. Cut to the Fascist Franco reviewing the troops. It ends with a sign THIS FILM IS RESTRICTED (which it is not!) 92c of 111 series

This tape opens in 1944 with a wide shot of American soldiers walking across railroad tracks. Cut to a French, German ww ii military cemetery in Saarburg, for a cornucopia of shots. The German gravestones feature the iron cross on top with the Swastika emblazoned in the middle. Cut to a graphic map of 1944 Burma showing its road and rail lines. Cut to an American soldier switchboard operator answering phone and plugging in calls, he types too. 95a of 111 series

This segment is about everything you wanted to know about building a telephone right from the raw materials to the finished product. It opens with 1920’s miners drilling in a Montana copper mine, then they plant dynamite in the rock with steel rods, light the fuse and walk away. We don’t see the blast but the next shot is of them shoveling the rocks into a conveyor rail car. Now the scene shifts to the smelter as the ore is dumped into an open mouth blast furnace called a converter. Then hot liquid copper pours out of the hole in the furnace. Now the electrolytic copper, the size of a railway tie is stacked in rows. Cut to a graphic of a 1920’s phone with earpiece hanging on the side cradle, arrows point to the various places in the phone where copper is used, the graphic now shows the guts of the phone. Cut to India and women sitting down in a factory assembly line as they thread mica (it’s like a mineral glass), a woman in front of a factory machine punches out the mica in the form of strips and washers that insulates the transmitter of the phone. Cut to a graphic speaker part of the 1920’s phone as arrow points to the parts where mica is used. 95b of 111 series

Cut to the southern United States circa 1920’s with various shots of black men and women are picking cotton, cut to graphic of 1920’s phone and arrows pointing to parts where cotton is used. Cut to China and a silkworm farm, farmers pick leaves of the whit mulberry tree, which are eaten by the silk worm, tight shots of the creepy silk worms, shots of nests of prickly thorns for the worms to spin their cocoons. Shots of the worms in their thorny nest as it weaves its cocoon making 65 figure eight loops a minute, or 300,000 loops (if you’re counting), a couple of guys pick the raw silk from the nest, after the silk is processed it is used as insulation for the phone. Cut to a Chinese guy holding two frames containing woven silk cords, cut to a graphic of the 1920’s telephone as arrows indicate where silk is used. 95b of 111 series

Cut to British Columbia, Canada, and a semi graphic of a gold mine showing the upper and lower tunnel with a connecting shaft, cut to miners drilling in the mine, a shot of the mother lode and a close up of a rock laced with gold. Next are shots of the gold being processed in smelter, blast furnaces, liquid gold is poured onto forms that form slabs. Cut to Mexico as workers in a silver refinery catch liquid silver in pots. Cut to outside a big stone wheel is pushed in a circle as it crushes ore, laborers dump ore in the path of the stone wheel, workers shovel ore into their sacks mount the sacks on their backs, the raw silver shaped like bricks are stacked by workers. Cut to Russia for the processing of platinum, a giant trough machine is installed in a river in the Ural Mountains, water cascades through the sifting machine. 95b of 111 series

Cut to a tight shot of a hand picking up small gold and silver nuggets from a bowl. Cut to a worker with a prong taking a red-hot jar out of a furnace and pouring the red-hot liquid into a form. Cut to a pile of silver, gold and platinum then a bar is laid on the table (this bar is the result of the gold, silver and platinum being fused together). Cut to a graphic of the phone as an arrow shows were gold, platinum and silver are used. Cut to Sumatra and a shot of a hillside and a bay of water, natives on a beach, cut to a Sumatran village with huts of thatched roofs, a pan of the village shows lavish Sumatran thatched roof architecture. Cut to natives working in a rubber tree plantation, latex, the milk of the rubber tree pours from the tree into a cup, natives in single file carry milk cans filled with the latex, natives put their cans on a weigh scale, after the latex is processed the rubber is formed in sheets, three natives stack the sheets, natives load bales of crude rubber onto a freight train. Cut to a graphic of a phone as arrows show where rubber is used. Bye for now. 95b of 111 series

1914, Prussian, German, Royal carriage festooned with gold drawn by horse flanked by dress uniform guards parades down street, Kaiser gets out of other carriage, Prussian soldiers march past and is reviewed by Kaiser, Newspaper headline reads “AUSTRIA DECLARES WAR” “KAISER DEFIES CZAR HANDS OFF OR WAR”, Czar Nicolas walks down steps with wife and gets into carriage, Russian soldiers march past, newspaper headline reads “BRITISH LINER CAPTURED” “FRANCE ENTERS WAR” French soldiers march in field, Newspaper headline reads “AIRSHIPS IN BATTLE” “ENGLAND PREPARES FOR WAR, GERMAN ARMIES SWEEP FRANCE”, English King on balcony, British soldiers march by, Scottish soldiers in kilts march by, German soldiers walk up hill, explosions, cannon guns going off, barbed wire, trenches, no man’s land, tanks, grenade throwing, aerial shot of hit plane it nose dives and crashes, a battleship sinking, the crew jumping as it capsizes, crew being pulled into life boats, torpedo launched from sub on surface, ship sinks, US president signs document, US soldiers going up gang plank, US soldiers waving from ship, US ship in New York harbour, US soldiers marching in field, allied forces fight in field, explosions, cannon fire, trenches, running in field, smiling US soldiers posing and waving at camera US soldiers liberating a French town as crowd cheers, one soldier grabs a woman and kisses her, cheering crowd in New York ticker tape parade cheering the end of the war, a dummy of the Kaiser is hit upon, US soldiers march down street to cheering crowd, Woodrow Wilson standing on boat deck, parade down Champs Elysee in Paris, delegates in hall in Versailles, US church steeples, the Liberty Bell, re-enactment of the signing of the declaration of independence, actors dressed up like George Washing types, one looks like Ben Franklin, close up of the document Declaration of Independence and the signatures, tight shot of John Hancock signature, painting of Washington crossing the Delaware, another painting George Washington, cut to exterior shots of cannons of the period, then back to more paintings of Washington, a shot of the document The American Constitution, tight on “WE THE PEOPLE” , a shot of the Lincoln memorial, US parade featuring old veterans from the civil war, they shake hands over a table, a cannon from the civil war, exterior shot of the house where Abe Lincoln lived and wrote the Gettysburg address, cut to civil war vet laying a small wreath on Lincoln’s bed and saluting, the vet reads the Address mounted on the wall, a number of civil war vets sitting around a fire, one vet waves the Confederate flag from the south, cut to soldiers behind sand bag barricade firing riffles, building in shambles burning, dead people, dead children, (the promo shot is here), little girl cries, refugees, maimed children without leg walk with crutches. Tape 113c 111 series

Stalin and his henchmen meet for the 16th Communist Congress and lay plans for farm collectivization. It opens with Stalin walking outside with his entourage, and he poses with them. Cut to a wheat field and combines mowing, farmers bale wheat and pitch them into thrasher, tight on hands scooping up grain. Cut to Peoples Commissariat for Foreign Affairs: Litvinov, Krestinski, Karakhan. Cut to newspaper headline from the New York American “CZAR EXPECTS WAR DECLARATION, ENGLAND AND GERMANY READY TO STRIKE, AUSTRIANS AND SERBS IN BIG BATTLE”, then there is a montage of headlines, German ones too, tight on New York Times “LONDON STILL SEES HOPE FOR PEACE”, more montage of newspaper headline declaring the lead up to ww i, tight of the blood stained uniform worn by Arch Duke Ferdinand when he was assassinated, Cut to dockside as minister sprinkles holy water on the Arch Dukes casket, dignitaries look on. 113a of 111 series

Tight on newspaper headline “CZAR’S FORCES MASS ON EASTERN BORDER”, Czar inspects troops, Russian troops march past reviewing stand, night shots of war in the streets, mass rally and military parade in Moscow, medium shot of litvinov, winter shot of Moscow’s Gorky Park, lots of Russian children line up outside in winter getting food, shot of one side of Red Square. Cut to inside and Carl Marx talking. Cut to another montage of newspaper headlines leading up to and the declaration of ww i. Cut to a military speedboat goes by and bombs a boat. Cut to a building at Cornell university, then a medium shot of two students sitting beneath a Ezra Cornell monument, wide of treed road with Cornell monument at the end, zoom into Cornell monument, wide shot of Cornell University from hillside, wide shot of the campus. Cut to two guys tending their show dogs on a table. Cut to a plaque that says “ON THIS SPOT ELEAZAR WHEELOCK ERECTED IN 1770 A LOG CABIN THE FIRST BUILDING OF DARTMOUTH COLLEGE”, a shot of Dartmouth college, tight shot of textbooks. 113a of 111 series

Soldiers carry a wounded guy on a gurney and place him in an ambulance. Cut to a cornucopia of shots of ww I battle, no mans land, at 06:41 there’s a few Germans surrendering then a shot of captured Germans in fenced off area. Cut to and exterior shot of a newspaper office, then an interior shot of the boss sitting at his desk, then a guy rushes in and reads a teletype message saying the war is over. They are jubilant, others rush into the office and shake each others hand. Cut to a waspy neighborhood as citizens come out of their houses declaring the war is over. Next is a cornucopia of shots of jubilant British citizens in a London Square (could pass for Time Square too) celebrating the end of the war, sailors dance and drink in the street. Cut to wide shot from above the Seine in Paris with Eiffel tower in background, the shots of thousands of French people celebrating. Cut to a neon sign “CAFE BONNE ANNEE”, then interior shot of elegantly dressed people celebrating, a man gets up and offers a toast to all in the cafe, an officer and his girlfriend in the cafe drink champagne then kiss. Cut to Avenue of the Opera as thousands celebrate, a sign over the street says VIVE WILSON. 113b of 111 series

Night shot of a neighborhood, then tight of a wreath in a window, cut to a staged scene of a mother in a dinning room with her young soldier son and his girlfriend. Cut to people going into a building at night, they go down a hall leading to a ballroom, cut to a sign WELCOME 1919, cut to various shots of people at tables talking, drinking and people dancing. Cut to a change in era and 1939. Tight of German pilot in cockpit, war planes drop bombs, then tight on book MEIN KAMPF (Hitler couldn’t write either! What a lot of crap that book is), fingers thumb through book, then shots of a number of Nazi magazines. Cut to a couple of guys going through articles and photos, three navy guys in office, one goes through mail, one takes film reels out of box another files, tight on film cans that have the swastika on them. 113b of 111 series

Next are scenes from Baptism Of Fire, a Nazi propaganda film, pan of field filled with Nazi troops, trucks, soldiers on horseback. Cut to German pilots running to their planes on airfield, they jump into cockpit, a guy stands on the wing and cranks the engine. Cut to interior of train and that fat pig Goering having a meeting with his top goons, a worried looking Hitler sits in a nearby chair, a Nazi clerk dictates to a typist, a shot of a communication antenna, interior shot of three Nazis in communications room. Tight on spinning propellers, Nazi planes take off, planes in flight, shot of ground below and zoom into rail line, now a shot of the rail line from the ground being bombed, back up in the air a rear gunner fires rockets and bombs drop out of bay door, shot of village being bombed below, on the ground shots of bombed out trains and pan of bombed out military airfield, tanks roll, bombed out steel railway bridge, two men carry giant rail tie, soldiers on horseback cross bridge. 113b of 111 series

1914 Prussian, German Royal carriage festooned with gold drawn by horse flanked by dress uniform guards parades down street, Kaiser gets out of other carriage, Prussian soldiers march past and is reviewed by Kaiser, Newspaper headline reads “AUSTRIA DECLARES WAR” “KAISER DEFIES CZAR HANDS OFF OR WAR”, Czar Nicolas walks down steps with wife and gets into carriage, Russian soldiers march past, newspaper headline reads “BRITISH LINER CAPTURED” “FRANCE ENTERS WAR” French soldiers march in field, Newspaper headline reads “AIRSHIPS IN BATTLE” “ENGLAND PREPARES FOR WAR, GERMAN ARMIES SWEEP FRANCE”, English King on balcony, British soldiers march by, Scottish soldiers in kilts march by, German soldiers walk up hill, explosions, cannon guns going off, barbed wire, trenches, no man’s land, tanks, grenade throwing, aerial shot of hit plane it nose dives and crashes. 113c of 111 series

A battleship sinking, the crew jumping as it capsizes, crew being pulled into life boats, torpedo launched from sub on surface, ship sinks, US president signs document, US soldiers going up gang plank, US soldiers waving from ship, US ship in New York harbour, US soldiers marching in field, allied forces fight in field, explosions, cannon fire, trenches, running in field, smiling US soldiers posing and waving at camera US soldiers liberating a French town as crowd cheers, one soldier grabs a woman and kisses her, cheering crowd in New York ticker tape parade cheering the end of the war, a dummy of the Kaiser is hit upon, US soldiers march down street to cheering crowd, Woodrow Wilson standing on boat deck, parade down Champs Elysee in Paris, delegates in hall in Versailles. 113c of 111 series

US church steeples, the Liberty Bell, re-enactment of the signing of the declaration of independence, actors dressed up like George Washing types, one looks like Ben Franklin, close up of the document Declaration of Independence and the signatures, tight shot of John Hancock signature, painting of Washington crossing the Delaware, another painting George Washington, cut to exterior shots of cannons of the period, then back to more paintings of Washington, a shot of the document The American Constitution, tight on “WE THE PEOPLE” , a shot of the Lincoln memorial, US parade featuring old veterans from the civil war, they shake hands over a table, a cannon from the civil war, exterior shot of the house where Abe Lincoln lived and wrote the Gettysburg address, cut to civil war vet laying a small wreath on Lincoln’s bed and saluting, the vet reads the Address mounted on the wall, a number of civil war vets sitting around a fire, one vet waves the Confederate flag from the south, cut to soldiers behind sand bag barricade firing riffles, building in shambles burning, dead people, dead children, (the promo shot is here), little girl cries, refugees, maimed children without leg walk with crutches. 113c of 111 series

This tape opens with a cornucopia of shots of the statue of liberty circa 1940s then cut to Franklin Roosevelt giving an address to an assembly. This next segment features post ww I soldiers throwing tear gas at a mob somewhere in an American or an English city. They are trying to put down a general strike, however these shots could be used as a peace anti war protest. The scenes are quite violent as the city’s citizens throw rocks at the soldiers and run uncontrolled through city streets, cops on horseback clubbing citizens, men with bloodied faces on sidewalk, cops put men in paddy wagon, mob with clubs break factory windows, soldiers with riffles drawn protect scabs at mine site, scabs cross picket line. Women protesters carry signs protesting milk prices, men in farm truck dump tins of milk, more shots of mass rally in the street. 130a of 111 series

Cut to an old guy addressing the camera then a shot of a sign over a government building SOCIETE des NATIONS (French for League of Nations), cut to the delegates chief among them French Premier Clemenceau who was a signatory to the Treaty of Versailles, interior shots of League of Nations in session and speakers, including a woman, addressing the delegates, petitions are put on desk by women delegates. Cut to Chinese or Japanese soldiers walking down road, artillery fire, smoldering buildings, Chinese people run in the streets (Rape Of Nan king), police try to disperse the crowd by beating them with clubs, four men put body on stretcher, a building burns. Cut to rows of armored vehicles towing cannons, ww i tanks role by. 130b of 111 series

Cut to a British military graveyard and various shots of headstones. Cut to an interior shot of delegates at the Treaty Of Versailles, there is a tight shot of President Wilson, there is a pan of the League of Nations building, cut to some guy addressing the camera. Cut to interior of building an bureaucrats and office workers do all manner of office work mimeographing, old Underwood typewriters, talk on telephone, stamp envelopes, file room, file books. Exterior shot of transmitter building with towers, interior shots of various newscasters speaking over microphone. Sack of mail thrown into truck, books strewn on table, a bunch of businessmen meet in big hallway, a few tight shots on faces. A man thumbs through ledger while another watches and gives him an odd look, a hand pulls a ledger book of the shelf. Cut to a guy addressing the camera, a woman hands him a file, he opens it, zoom into Ethiopia and Italy. 130c of 111 series

Various shots of delegates in meeting room, three delegates walk down marble staircase, static shot of exterior of League building, various shots of League of Nations in session, pages of ARMAMENTS YEAR BOOK flick by. Cut to a smog filled industrial park and smoke stacks, man walks down office hall, a dozen delegates meet in office, various shots of them at conference table, they could be negotiating or making policy, women in hallway carry files, three men and a woman in a meeting, technicians in transmitter room turn knobs, announcer speaks into microphone, delegates at board table meet, Neville Chamberlain addresses the camera. Cut to tight shot of speeding railway wheels. 130c of 111 series

The final segment of this tape contains shots if Libya in the 20’s. It opens with a bugler, palm trees, wide of bugler on fort wall, wide of fort, three men ride camels in the Sahara, one guy pulls his reluctant camel up a sand dune, there’s a sand storm as drivers walk and pull their camels along, there is a cornucopia of shots of camels and their drivers in the Sahara including an army of camels and riders in the Sahara. One shot could pass for the three wise men. Cut to the Egyptian Sudan in a windstorm. The end. 130d of 111 series

This tape features people’s euphoria the day the First World War ended. It opens with a pan of a small European palace in the country. Cut to an overhead shot of a steam locomotive pulling out of a station, then a shot of the train from the platform, a pan of happy soldiers on the platform waving at the camera, a small group of soldiers meet outside, tight on a teletype message announcing the war is over, shot of a few soldiers in their camp, one holds a US flag and leads his men with “hip, hip, hooray”, he speaks to his men, tight on his watch a quarter to eleven, on this day November 11, 1918 soldiers stand around and chat waiting for eleven o’clock, then when it comes they all cheer and wave their helmets, cut to 4 soldiers outside looking at a map, men at a cannon, a bunch of soldiers sitting around as another one runs to the group and reads the telegram informing them that the war is over, they cheer, soldiers shake hands with resistance fighters, a slow pan of them, soldiers in their camp look on as one digs a small grave and buries an artillery shell and plants a cross over the grave that reads “BURIAL OF LAST SHELL, A DUD” (promo), 31a of 111 series

As a soldier puts a cap on the muzzle of a cannon a group of soldiers enters the shot waving their helmets, a nice pan of happy waving soldiers as a small band plays, two soldiers dance, a group of them hold hands a dance ring around the rosy, pan of a regiment at attention as they salute the US flag being raised up a tower, pan of happing waving soldiers. Cut to a shot rarely seen in ww i footage, a black soldier stands to attention as his black superior officer gives him instructions salutes and walks off, cut to a soldier in a field indicating to another to get out of the shot, a black officer looks at several soldiers coming up a hill, two black soldiers listens to their commanding officer as several white soldiers look on, several soldiers in a camp look at a map, static shot of an empty village. 31a of 111 series

Cut to a large group of British soldiers meeting Russian soldiers, they shake hands, smile, wave and there’s a nice shot of a Brit soldier exchanging his helmet with a Russian soldier, (promo) other look on and laugh, they mingle, the Brit soldier lights a cigarette for the Russian soldier and they both smoke it, a Brit officer exchanges a military cap with a Canadian soldier, pan of a group of soldiers on a hill the pan ends on the raised US flag, cut to a large group of soldiers cheering and waving, pan up to the US flag as we see military caps tossed in the air. 31a of 111 series

Cut to a cornucopia of shots of a jubilant French population celebrating war’s end in the streets of Paris. It opens with cheering waving crowds, some wave flags, one guy hangs up a large poster that reads “LARMISTICE EST SIGNE LA GUERRE EST GAGNEE, VIVE LA FRANCE VIVENT LES ALLIES”, crowds cheer one waves a big American flag, theres a nice shot at 16:16:37 of a crowd on a balcony waving all the flags of the allied forces, there’s a nice scene of people skipping and rushing past the camera, young boys in uniform wave, women wave flags out of windows, a group of happy women arm in arm skip down the street, a couple of guys play violin, a black guy plays a trumpet, a couple of black soldiers share a bottle of wine, more cheering crowds and happy people and there is a lot of kissing going on. A lot of people got lucky that night … say good night Gracie. 31b of 111 series

This tape is about a day in the life of the Royal Air Force at an airfield during ww I. There is a cornucopia of shots. It opens with a pan of about a hundred double winged, open cockpit fighter planes lined up on the airfield, pilots by their plane, propellers are cranked, they take off, aerial shots of planes in the air, clouds, shots of the ground below, one plane does a low pass over the airfield camp, lands, doesn’t crash but it tips over, the pilot gets out, the plane is lifted upright. Cut to a pan of British officers lined up, then a pan of plane mechanics lined up by planes, five officers pose for camera with their pet dog, then an officer poses with the dog sitting on a propeller, officers pose for camera, officer reads flight plan by plane and smokes, another pan of smiling officers, officer poses with a dog sitting on a wing, static shot of a plane with propeller revving up, cut to pilots loading rockets on a wing, a mechanic fits a small propeller device in the rear of a rocket, a mechanic cranks a part in the engine, a mechanic lifts a flap in the wing and calibrates a part, four mechanics inspect rockets. 77a of 111 series

Cut to planes in flight, an officer looks through his binoculars at planes in flight, two officers work on flight plan using a ruler for coordinates, two mechanics hold engine parts, one looks like a gyroscope, the other part looks like the scope a bomber looks through just before he lets a bomb go. Cut to a plane making a low pass and he drops a couple of bombs, a pan of hangars by lake, a couple on planes with pontoons on lake, a plane revs up on airfield, shot of plane in the air shot from the cockpit, shot of the ground below, the pilot on reconnaissance takes a picture, aerial shot of the airfield, hangars and base below. the camera on the ground does a wide of the base, soldiers practice with anti-aircraft gun, pan of base, guys load supplies on truck, another pan of base, aerial of air base, a plane lands, pan of plans and mechanics, a pilot smokes and puts on his leather ww i helmet, he climbs into the cockpit and so does the rear gunner, ammunition is loaded in the rear gunner’s machine guns, mechanics load front gun, plane takes off, mechanic turns propeller plane takes off, pilot puts on his leather helmet, mechanic turns propeller, plane takes off, two pilots by plane, crew pushes plane. 77a of 111 series

The shots on this tape focus on ww I flying aces and is a continuation of tape 77a. There is a cornucopia of shots. It opens with a pan of about a hundred double winged, open cockpit fighter planes lined up on the airfield and pilots by their plane. Then one by one planes take off. Pan of about a hundred pilots by plane, pilot and rear gunner get in plane. Cut to a pan of a small French village square in the background a couple of soldiers salute a senior officer, the pan ends on a drinking water fountain. Cut to a farmer driving his old fashioned tractor. Cut to sixty or so ww i flying aces lined up then separately a few of them come up to the camera and salute. Four pilots put on their flying jumpers and leather flying caps then get in their planes and take off, a pan of the hangars. Cut to a pan of about eighty or so flying aces, separately a few of them walk up to the camera, smile and salute, most of them are smoking, more planes take off and land, a plane on the ground has lit flare hanging from its wing, four soldiers on a tower platform, two pilots examine an aerial bomb, another pan of smiling flying aces by their planes. Cut to two pilots by their plane that has a US flag painted on the side, then it takes off, another pilot pan, 2 pilots pose by plane, planes take off, another pan of flying aces, six French pilots pose by plane. 78a of 111 series

The beginning of this tape finishes the theme of tapes 77 and 78 of ww I flying aces. It opens with two pilots getting into the open cockpits of their double winged single propeller fighter plane, then a close up of them. The plane takes off, wee see it as it passes over hangar and a row of similar planes lined up on the airfield, aerial of the hangars, plane lands, crew checks out plane, school children crowd around, a pilot hold a little girl in the cockpit, crew pulls a plane to the airfield, cut to a wide shots of all the pilots standing by a plane, they’re all smoking. Cut to a crashed plane that nose-dived, cut to a pilot examining a model of a double winged plane, as two others solder, two others lounge by a truck. Cut to an airplane scrap yard, there are several shots of scrapped plane parts, a mechanic works on a plane’s engine. Cut to various shots of pilots lined up, posing, laughing and in cockpits. Cut to a formal ceremony on the airfield, all is at attention as two pilots are presented with medals, then the soldiers march off the field, saluting, wide shot of military band playing, pilots pose for photo op. 79a of 111 series

Cut to India and a wide shot of turban wearing soldiers marching through an archway, cut to an outdoor monument, of a Hindu religious statue. couple of shots of a monument, one of them a statue of King George, an Indian palace courtyard, cut to what looks like the Taj Mahal, thousands if Islamic Indians in prayer, wide shot of people by the Ganges, a couple of people shots, an odd shot of an Indian man wearing beads all painted up and banging two rocks together, cut to a sign that says it is forbidden to wear footwear in the temple, a blind man walks through a market praying asking for alms (begging), a Hindu religious man hands something to his followers, shots of Indians in the Ganges washing themselves and their clothes and performing religious rituals, a parade of Hindus chant like Hare Krishna, tight on a religious statue they are carrying, man reads the holy book by the Ganges, Hindu prays by Ganges, men lay a body on a funeral pyre a set it ablaze. 79b of 111 series

Cut to an odd sign that reads “NO ADMISSION EXCEPT HIGHCLASS HINDUS” (Yah ..call me when you have NO class!!), cut mothers and children on a long porch of an poor day care center, mothers by outside water faucets, one washes girls hair, people in the street in poor side of town, two beef cattle in street, people sweep street, a kid smashes rocks with hammer, various shots of open market, vendors weigh and sell various items and foodstuffs, more street scenes with sheep and cattle roaming around, people sit around talking, eating and chatting, cut to a wide shot of a palace of a Maharaja, as the anointed one walks out with his entourage, a servant holds an umbrella over his head, a parade comes to honor him, elephants with coaches on their backs carry dignitaries. 79b of 111 series

Cut to a wide shot of a public park with column in background, camera moves in on a political rally, cut to the following words written on pages: “INDIA PROPOSALS”, “DOMINION STATUS AFTER THE WAR”, “NEW CONSTITUTION AFTER THE WAR”, “REPRESENTATIVES IN THE WAR CABINET, REPRESENTATIVES AT THE PEACE CONFERENCE”. Cut to Indians raising their arms and cheering, politician giving a speech, people listen, cut to a simple farm house, Gandhi walks out with aids, back to the political rally as Nehru gives a speech, the audience listens and make notes, shot of India’s flag, cut to 19 politicians sitting at a circular table, cut to a graphic map of India showing it bordering on Afghanistan and China, cut to the sign “HINDU MAHASABHA PRESIDENTIAL OFFICE”, 4 politicians sit and talk strategy, cut to a wide shot of an open desert plain, a medium shot of men working in rice paddies, oxen plough muddy paddies, cut to a sign “CLEANLINESS IS SECOND TO GOD”, women work in village, woman serves tea in house. 79c of 111 series

Cut to a riot in an Indian city, police beat citizens with billy sticks, cut to women entering college building, women sitting in class taking notes on how to bathe a baby, a mother demonstrates with her infant. Cut to a machine shop class. Workers enter a factory, workers stack bales, a millinery factory, yarn is threaded, a train pulls out of a station, a wide street corner showing a building demonstrating typical Indian architecture, wide shot of Indian monument, people in the street, in a shop, students in an architects class, workers in a factory operating machinery, one turns a wheel, workers stack packages of paper sheets from the paper mill, medium shot of a hydro electric plant, a Gurkha marches and guards the plant, shot of a turbine, wide shot of the hydro plant, tight shot of the rushing water, a trough of water meanders, cut to a small Indian village, schoolboys in outside class. Cut to a wide shot of a beach at an Indian resort, thousands are on the boardwalk. Cut to a political rally as Nehru speaks, cut-away of men listening, cut to medium shot of Gandhi walking down a road with his wife, Nehru and a few followers. 79c of 111 series

This wwi footage opens with a platoon of German soldiers marching down a road, through a wooded area, then a marching band followed by marching platoon. Cut to horse drawn supply wagons entering a bombed town in East Prussia. Cut to French soldiers running into Belgian town and defending it against German attack, they fire from behind barrier. Cut to some German soldiers washing up in town fountain, a pipe smoking soldier plays a piano outside as three other soldiers sing. Cut to an old woman refugee and a group of refugees (mostly women), they have a drink, some get into horse drawn wagons and go down the road, other women refugees follow and push their baby carriages and wheel barrows as they are escorted by German soldiers, a couple of German soldiers examine the damage done to a rail car, a couple of soldiers sit on the muzzle of a giant cannon as it cranked up. 102a of 111series

Cut to a barrage on the German front line at the battle of the Somme, France in 1916. We see a wide shot of the battlefield and a number of explosions, then soldiers start pouring out of their foxholes and trenches and charge across no-man’s-land as explosions are all around them, these shots are remarkable! Then there are clouds of mustard gas sweeping over the battlefield. Cut to a German vintage car fitted with railway wheels parked on train rails. Cut to various shots of bombed out Fort Conde, near Soissons, then there are shots of the field hospital in the courtyard of the castle of Pinon, wide shot and pan of the tents with the bombed out castle in the background, stretcher bearers bring in the wounded, cut to the cavalry on horseback riding down the road, cut to soldiers firing cannons, they load the shells, plunge the barrel and fire. 102a of 111 series

This segment opens with captured French soldiers walking on a country road, some of them are carrying the wounded, understandably they look sad, broken and tired. Cut to a German prison camp allied prisoners are assembled in front of the barracks, cut to smiling prisoners coming out of mess hall with bowls of soup, they all look happy as they drink soup, remember these shots were taken by Germans so prisoners had to look happy for this propaganda or else! A pan of happy looking allied prisoners eating in their barracks, happy looking allied prisoners pose for photo op, pan of prisoners in barracks, some read newspapers. 102b of 111 series

A platoon of prisoners march in the compound with shovels, prisoners shovel crushed rocks into bins on roadside, other prisoners stack bales of hay, prisoners clean up debris from bombed out building. Cut to the Turkish front and a front line trench with soldiers behind a machine gun, still in Turkey cut to the wounded being collected on a mountain by a medical detachment, they load two wounded on a camel that has two gurneys on its back, cut to a bombed out town in Turkey as the camel is taken to an ambulance, the medics take the wounded from the camels back and put them in the vehicle, cut to a pan of a platoon resting and camels by a river, cut to a Turkish barracks as two soldiers force a camel to kneel, the soldiers unload riffles from the camels back. 102b of 111 series

The nineteen teens. This tape contains all manner of wwi footage. It opens with American soldiers walking into their barracks, next they are at attention in front of their drill sergeant, then they line up and get their rations, a lone soldier poses for the camera with his rations. Cut to a large battalion walking through forest carrying their field kit, they join a large brigade already assembled at dockside, they walk down the pier, pass the sign “Alpine Landing”, there are shots taken from a boat of a wwi destroyer and other US battleships, a shot of a building on the dock with the sign “US ARMY TRANSPORT SERVICE”, more shots in the harbor of US battleships and tug boats. Cut to a pan from a rooftop of a government compound in big American city, the a pan of other big building rooftops. 124a of 111 series

Cut to exterior of low rise government building a few people walk in, cut to interior shots of the steno pool, medium shot of military officer talking, on his desk is a vintage phone where the earpiece sits in a cradle by the mouthpiece, a couple of shots of officers doing paperwork at their desks, an officer gets up from his desk walks across the office, shakes the hand of a civilian and takes an envelope from him, takes out the letter and reads it, three officers converse while looking at some paperwork. Cut to secretaries in file room searching for documents. Cut to exterior as about 25 women walk two abreast through a park, they are dressed in black and wear white armbands, they look like suffragettes, then they line up and pose for the camera. 124a of 111 series

Cut to dockside as a boat is loading, on the side of the ship is a sign “BELGIAN RELIEF”, dockworkers load, pan of two ships moored at dockside, cut to a soldier helping another one off the ship, they talk and look at the ships manifest, then tight on the manifest as he flips the papers, the top of the paper reads “PORT OF EMBARKATION, HOBOKEN NEW JERSEY” (I wonder if he knew Frank Sinatra), the two soldiers continue to talk, the soldiers with kitbags on their backs disembark and are ready to be processed. Cut to three military clerks on dockside at a table one is typing, tight on the following pages “SERVICE RECORD”; “INDIVIDUAL EQUIPMENT RECORD”; “PAY CARD”; “APPLICATION FOR FAMILY ALLOWANCE”; “APPLICATION FOR INSURANCE”; back to the three military clerks as one types, the other fishes through files and hands papers to one of the clerks, static shot of the soldiers sitting on the dock waiting to be processed, pan down of the troop ship CATSKILL and various shots of the soldiers disembarking, they pass by a desk on their way off the ship and are handed a paper, women red cross volunteers at dockside poor tea into the soldiers tin cups. 124a of 111 series

This segment contains vintage WWI footage. It opens with a pan of soldiers in a trench ending with a soldier firing a cannon, they re-load and fire again, they aim the cannon, cut to one of them picking up a mustard gas canister. Soldiers place spent shell casings from stack into box and nail it shut. Cut to on board a ship in an Alpine region as the boat sails down a river, a battleship in the foreground, the scene switches as the boat sails down the Rhine, a town is in the background. Cut to French generals walking out of a barn, then walking in front of assembled troops as they salute them, the generals stand while troops parade in front of them in the field. Cut to French sailors at attention in courtyard, then this is really weird, two sailors holding hands walk beside the column of sailors at attention (I guess they didn’t have a ‘dont tell don’t ask policy’ in wwi), then the sailors have a gay old time by playing piggy-back outside barracks, then the French sailors play leap-frog. 124b of 111 series

Back to reality, soldiers load shells into cannons, officers stand around. Cut to harsh winter scene as soldiers walk on road in Alpine region, pan of village in winter, a minaret in the background. Cut to two Russian officers sitting at a table outside, a soldier comes up to them and salutes, they talk, they show him a map the three look at it, they point to a spot, the officers hand him a little black book, they salute and he walks out of frame. Cut to a medium shot outside the entrance to trench where a few Russian soldiers mill about, on guy is chopping thick branches for firewood (it’s winter), now inside the trench we see one Russian looking through binoculars, another officer talks to the radio operator then the officer looks through his binoculars, still in the trench several soldiers huddle around a pot of soup, each has a spoon and they eat. 124b of 111 series

Cut to outside the trench as a Russian signalman has his two flags and sends a message, the radio operator beside him takes notes and talks on his microphone. Cut to a barnyard, a thatched roof house in the background, a well in foreground, there are four Russian men, one leads his horse to the well, another horse enters the scene, one Russian lowers the bucket down the well and cranks it back up. Cut to another well scene where a Russian pulls on a giant wheel and cranks up a bucket of water, empties in a trough, horses drink, then a pan of the Russian encampment. Cut to a couple of Russians carving a side of beef, then a cook behind a portable steel drum containing soup, he dips his big serving spoon in the vessel and disperses soup to the troops. Cut to a column of soldiers moving through a trench. 124b of 111 series

The scene changes to a wide shot of a treeless muddy field with a road, Greek men clothed in traditional dress of the day lead their horses and donkeys, the animals carry packs on their backs, there are military trucks carrying troops, a couple of caravans pulled by oxen go by, a vintage model T truck drives by, there a few hundred people in this shot that could be taken for refugees. Cut to medium shot in a trench with Turkish soldiers, one is looking through a riffle porthole then he sticks his riffle barrel through it, next a column of soldiers walk up a hill. Cut to an Alpine scene, it’s snowing, Italian soldiers with backpacks walk up mountainside in deep snow, next they shovel snow off a small footbridge in a canyon, other soldiers are in the background. 124b of 111 series

The next scene opens in winter with soldiers carrying a wounded man up a path to an open hut, cut to two columns of soldiers marching into a town (the soldiers could be Turkish), the scene switches to hundreds of soldiers walking up a country road, cut to soldiers resting on a rocky hillside, then a platoon poses for the camera. The scene switches to the funeral of Lord Rothschild, it opens with a horse drawn hearse entering the graveyard, a Model T and similar vehicles follow, onlookers are dressed in black. Switch to the interior of an Italian train station, well dressed people are assembles and they carry the Italian flag, men take off their hats and wave goodbye, one waves a flag that says “LONG LIVE ITALY”, there’s a lot of happy faces in the crowd, the train pulls out of the station. 124b of 111 series

This propaganda footage from the 1920’s focuses on the boy scouts and the black shirt militia in the early days of Mussolini’s rule in fascist Italy. It opens with Il Duce patting his two horses and feeding sugar to one of them. He is wearing formal riding attire complete with a bowler hat. His servant helps him mount a horse and he rides off. He jumps a number of hurdles. Cut to Mussolini and his cronies at the reviewing stand, boy scouts carrying skis march by. Boy scouts carrying skis walk up alpine ski run. Cut to boy scouts at attention in Parade Square. Pan of parade square as Mussolini presides over 18 year old boy scouts being inducted into the militia or black shirts as they were called, young men march then stand at attention holding riffles, the young soldiers march. Cut to an officer giving a demonstration of a machine gun to a group of men another soldier looks into a peephole of a bazooka, a group of officers stand around and chat. One soldier looks through a distance finder; soldiers turn a cannon in a certain direction. 62a of 111 series

Cut to a brigade marching by the Coliseum, then they march on a country road. Cut to a shot taken from an Italian navy boat of a luxury liner at sea then a shot of the liner docked and a pan of the wharf. Cut to Italian soldiers skiing, and then with skies on they shuffle up a hill sideways. Cut to the military men in a forest listening to a tree huger. Then the militiamen give first aid in the field. Three militiamen walk down platform in the train station, passengers hang out the window, then interior short of militiamen taking passengers tickets and checking passports. Cut to militia men firing machine gun, then they form up and run in the field, four of them pull a donkey drawn wagon, they creep along a roadside, a battalion assembles in camp and moves out, medium shot of guy firing a machine gun. 62a of 111 series

Cut to a wide shot of cadets at attention in the parade square at the military academy in Modena, and then they march. Cut to them marching down a country road. Medium shot of officers reading maps on hillside, pan to several dozens of officers studying maps. Cadets run up hill and take cover; a church steeple is in the background, then tight on them going up the hill. A wide shot of a horizon then cadets appear and run past the camera. Cut to the cadets walking up an Alpine pass then a wide shot of them walking on a glacier. 62a of 111 series

Cut to the artillery and engineering academy in Turin, cadets ride horses and charge and ride into a bushy area. Cadets fire machine guns; cadets on military exercise run and take cover in a field. Cut to the air force school in Caserta as cadets march on academy grounds. Officers in front of hangar, then they walk past rows of fighter planes, wide of planes lined up on airfield. Victor Emmanuel iii, King of Italy sits in the cockpit of a plane. Cut to the naval academy in Livorno as band leads marching cadets. Cut to cadets in gym outfits line up on Parade Square and do exercises, calisthenics. Cadets look through sextant on boat, wide shot of 6-mast ship.62a of 111 series 62a of 111 series

The following segment focuses on the USSR’s Eastern Front. It opens with a wide shot of a tented army camp, then to some soldiers coming out of their tents. Cut to bombed out buildings, young men hammering cement of bricks, others behind them building brick wall. Cut to aerial shot of bombed out city then shots of the city from the ground. Cut to a graphic map of the Eastern Front, to give an idea how huge the Eastern Front is a map of Texas is superimposed and it only takes up a fraction the war zone, then the graphic map show the advance of the Soviet army moving against the retreating Nazis. Cut to a pan down from a sunset sky as we see silhouetted soldiers walking. A shot from a tank turret as it rolls through a forest, four Russian officers walking in field, a tank in camouflage hides in a forest. 62b of 111 series

Cut to a tight on a soldier as he gives the order to fire then there are several shots of cannons firing, then shots from the air showing fighter planes diving and firing. Back on the ground tanks roll through forest area and fire. Cut to Russian soldiers climbing out of long trench and advance, more soldiers firing from trenches and foxholes and climbing out of trenches and advancing under fire. Officer looking through a telescope at battlefield. Crew from a tank hit by cannon fire climb out of burning vehicle. More battlefield shots soldiers running, one soldier carries a wounded comrade on his back, pan to a dead body. Cut to soldiers in a tall grassy area firing a bazooka, wide shot of battlefield, explosions, a building gets hit, soldiers run in city streets, various shots of soldiers firing weapons outside and inside of buildings as the battle rages on. 62b of 111 series

Finally the city is taken and a soldier hoists the Russian flag. Now the good part, various shots of Russian soldiers capturing Nazi soldiers, they look terrified, hundreds of captured German soldiers walk through field. Cut to various shots of bombed out Russian city, a couple of Russian soldiers talk to city residents, a pan of empty battlefield ending with shot of dead soldiers in trench. Russian soldiers march in city and happy citizens come out and cheer them, lots of women kiss lots of soldiers. Cut to procession of Russian clergy, more marching soldiers in city, cut to night shot and a fireworks display as citizens celebrate and cannons fire a 21-gun salute.62b of 111 series

This tape opens with Russian guerrillas fighting to capture a village from the Germans. It starts with shots of villagers burning their own cottages and houses with thatched roofs just to spite the Germans. Lots of tight shots on interesting looking Russian faces, Babushkas, old women and men, young boys, women cry, shots of dead bodies. A guerrilla leader reads to fellow guerrillas, nice shot of young guerrilla girls with bullet ammunition over their chest, tight on old man with beard and riffle, various shots of guerrillas of all ages. Cut to the guerrillas moving through forest area, plant a bomb at the base of a telegraph pole, it explodes and a German communication line is broken. The guerrillas move through forest area and see some German soldiers on the horizon, a hand grenade is tossed and a handful of Nazis are toast. 63a of 111 series

Next the guerrillas take aim at Germans guarding a train bridge, guerrillas charge and blow up the bridge. Now our soon to be victorious Russian guerrillas charge the village and a battle ensues as the Germans are doomed to lose. There is a cornucopia of street battle scenes complete with dead Germans strewn about. The Nazis are in retreat! The guerrillas take prisoners; a couple of Germans are caught hiding in a haystack. Cut to grateful villagers emerging from their made bunkers and greeting their liberators. Next are shots of villagers presenting medals to the guerrillas, various tight shots of villager’s faces. One young boy is presented with a medal and the male presenter plants a very long kiss on his lips, very weird, everybody claps hands. 63a of 111 series

Next four young guerrillas view the remains of dead villagers. Cut to various shots of citizens the day Paris was liberated. It opens with a pan down the Eiffel Tower and a tank drives by. Cheering Parisians hold up newspaper headline “PARIS EST DELIVRE”. As the Americans roll in the citizens go mental, a few shots of American soldiers kissing French women. All the famous Paris landmarks are shown (Opera, Place Concord etc) with euphoric crowds. Then there is a pan of Paris taken from the top of Notre Dam Cathedral. Cut to many shots pre-war Paris. It opens with nightlife Paris, neon signs, bistros; daytime shots include waiters in outside cafes, patrons drink, interior of men at bar drinking. 63a of 111 series

This next segment focuses on the German occupation of Paris, the French resistance and the liberation Paris and naval guns shelling Normandy. It opens with Parisians in morning food market Next Paris street scenes; Place Concorde, Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysees, the Opera, Notre Dame, Quai D’Orsay, tight on the sign Metropolitain, which indicates the subway or metro; pan of public square where people are dancing, a couple of shots of La Louvre, a couple of shots of the Seine, a couple of newsies haul stacks of newspapers, people stand in front of the eternal flame for the unknown soldier and the monument above tight on a Nazi flag fluttering. Cut to a medium shot of that ugly Hitler talking to his evil henchmen, then Hitler rides in an open limo past the Arc de Triomphe and down the Champs Elysees, some Parisians look on. 63b of 111 series

Cut to people listening to radio. Cut to an aerial shot of the English Channel and the allied navel invasion on D Day, Navel cannons fire, cut to Normandy beach and battle. Back in Paris a wide shot of a deserted street. Two guys have a smoke in a bar, a group of resistance fighters in an office, two resistance fighters by a window one guy looks at his handgun, a woman puts on a resistance fighter’s arm band, wide shot of buildings on both side of the Seine. Cut to a car speeding through a roundabout, citizens push wagons loaded with barricade material, citizens erect barricade, one guy chops down tree, kids dig up street and throw dirt on barricade, citizens with guns behind barricade, officials walk down hallway. 63b of 111 series

Cut to street fighting, two guys take a wounded man away, a guy with a white flag tends to a wounded man on the street, 4 guys, one waving a red cross flag, carry a wounded man on a gurney, a truck burns, tow German tanks roll by, resistance fighters fire guns from street and windows, military vehicle explodes, citizens duck and lay down in street, wounded German soldier on street trying to crawl to safety but he doesn’t make it so resistance fighters go to him and take is riffle and ammo. Two resistance fighters escort a captured German soldier. Wide shot of Paris burning in some sections of the city, Notre Dame cathedral is in the middle ground, more resistance fighters in the street, more burning. Cut to American and French military vehicles passing through outskirts of Paris toward the city. French troops enter the city citizens cheer, DeGaulle is in the lead vehicle, citizens remove barricades, tank rolls by Eiffel Tower, American and French soldiers run in the street, various shots of Allied forces fighting the remaining Germans left in Paris, various shots of captured German soldiers and officers, with hands on their heads they are paraded into a building. 63b of 111 series

Now the big victory parade happens with DeGaulle marching in front of his troops then DeGaulle lays a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. DeGaulle at the Arc de Triomphe then he continues his triumphant walk through Paris to the cheers of the crowd, various shots of crowd waving and giving the V for victory sign. Cut to a nice medium shot of Eisenhower and Omar Bradley talking to another General, the French flag is hoisted, cheering citizens crowding the street. 63b of 111 series

This segment opens with a tight shot of a hand written letter. Cut to a wide shot of and industrial area with smokestacks, interior of steel mill, factory workers shovel coal into furnace, hot steel beams roll down conveyer belt, workers in coal mine, a man works a lathe, various shots of women working on riffle assembly line, women working in munitions factory, shells are stacked, pan of airplane bombs, tank factory shots. Cut to tight on letter from soldier to his wife and its readable. Cut to night shots of cannons firing, then various day shots of fight on battlefield, soldiers on horseback cross river, explosions, woman cries, soldiers take riffles from dead soldiers, woman rings bells, more battle scenes as tanks roll through forest, citizens evacuate village, wide shot of city bombing, aerial shot of bombed out city, soldiers walk on road, tight on a hand wearing a Nazi ring with swastika, tight on letters and post cards, officers talk and smoke at mountain retreat. 63c of 111 series

This tape opens with exterior shots of landmark buildings like the Diet, in Japan. Then a pan across a river to a summer villa. Cut to a group of young students bowing, an ornamented coach carrying Hirohito flanked by cavalry rides by and enters a university campus, students bow. Hirohito stands before the student body, he salutes them, they give him 3 banzai cheers. Cut to exterior of a Shinto shrine, dignitarys limo enters; pilgrims walk up the hill to the shrine. Pilgrims bow, various shots of Shinto ceremony. Next are various shots of cabinet ministers and Generals arriving for a cabinet meeting, dignitaries include Yoshida, Matsuoka, Tojo, and Konoye (07:33 and at 08:02 and 08:47 and 08:54), journalists take their pictures, some of the ministers assemble for a photo op. Konoye sits with 3 navel officers, then a tight shot on Konoye. Ministers sit around smoking talking and socializing. 70a 111 series.

Drum beats calling journalists to a press conference; reporter on phone calls in report. Cut to interior of Diet in session. Japanese minister makes statement over radio, another shot of Diet in session. Konoye makes a statement over radio (at 10:19), ministers in Diet give 3 Banzai cheers. Konoye leads the ministers out of the session and gets into his limo, ministers and military brass get into their limos and drive off, journalists take their pictures. Cut to a crowd in an auditorium listening to a speaker. Cut to a pan of administration buildings in Tokyo. Next is an office meeting with a couple of government officials and a marriage mediator. A couple is on the verge of divorce. In those times in the 40’s if a woman was divorced she was shamed by her family and usually such a woman could only find work as a bar girl, a dancer, a geisha or a prostitute. Cut to shots of more government building in Tokyo. 70b of 111 series

Cut to women donating money to the government to aid the war effort. A shot of Japanese coins with hole in the middle. Several dozen citizens huddle together, cut to Japanese headline. Cut to a pan of very, very young sad girls at a country train station. Their parents are so poor they can’t feed them so their parents sold them into prostitution. The girl’s handlers put them on the train for the big city. Cut to Japanese officials posing for a photo op. Pan of crowd ready to form a procession to take part in a Shinto ceremony. The procession begins; an aerial shot, Japanese man gives a speech to the crowd. Cut to parades and rallies in Manchukuo for victorious soldiers returning from Manchuria, soldiers toast each other and pan of Japanese officers including General Hideki Tojo, another banzai toast. School children wave flags and cheer banzai. Military band plays soldiers yell out …. you guessed it … banzai! 70b of 111 series

The scene switches to Italy and an interior shot of a welding plant that repairs and manufactures trains circa 1945. There is a wide shot two of the round cast iron bodies of the train engines, workmen shove in steel rods in one of them, a welder welds a pipe on the train engine body, an Italian soldier looks on, medium of welders on front of unfinished train with propane welding cans in the foreground. Exterior shot of train that is damaged during the war. Welders and an American GI assess the damage workers make repairs on the train engine, the American gives orders to the workmen, medium shot of bombed rail yard. Train engine that has been repaired is smoking and ready to go, workers make some last minute repairs, guy with a big wrench tightens nut. 70c of 111 series

This tape opens with Joseph Grew, US Ambassador to Japan circa 1941, addressing the camera stating that Japan is the evil empire. Cut to an aerial shot of a fleet of Japanese bombers then a shot from the bay doors of bombs dropping on a Chinese city. Taken from the ground we see burning buildings, Chinese people running, corpses in the street. Cut to Japanese infantry and horse-drawn munitions carts advancing. A high ranking Japanese general gets out of limo, cut to meeting of Japanese ministers and top army brass. 105a of 111 series

Japanese Statesmen and generals confer and socialize outside; General Hideki Tojo gets out of limo, inside pan showing Tojo and Konoye. Graphic map showing USSR, China, Manchukuo (Manchuria) and Japan. Various battlefield shots as Japanese Infantry advances under artillery cover. Troops alight from trucks, soldiers march past reviewing stand. Manchuria’s puppet emperor Pu-yi looking at documents, officials attending a cabinet meeting. Shots of a hydroelectric project being constructed in Manchuria. Forced labor peasants cutting hay surrendering crops to Japanese troops. Tight on Chinese man smoking an opium pipe. Graphic map of China. Japanese zeros (fighter planes) take off, squadron leader instructs his pilots, bombers take of, we see them in formation, aerial shots of bombers, shots taken from open bay showing bombs dropping on Shanghai. 105b of 111 series

Cut to ground shots of building being hit, explosions, a city in ruin. Some ships in the harbor are bombed, wide shot of US Augusta battleship, US sailors on deck going over a map, a shot of a US flag covering a coffin. Various shots of Chinese citizens in street, elderly lady falls down, Japanese soldiers herding Chinese captives, missionaries tend to the wounded, victorious Japanese soldiers march into city. A sea plane flies over harbor, a fleet of Japanese war planes coming toward Pear Harbor, cut to Japanese ground forcers firing cannon and crawling through field, firing riffles and advancing, Japanese sea planes dropping bombs, various battle scenes, tanks, Japanese advance up dusty road, walk across makeshift bridge, hoards of Japanese cross river in boats. Hundreds of Japanese soldiers with flag yell banzai. Japanese soldiers oversee forced Chinese labor building a railway. Chinese forced labor work in coal strip mine. 105b of 111 series

Cut to graphic map showing Thailand, the Philippines, Sumatra, Borneo, Netherlands Indies, Singapore, Java, New Guinea, Darwin, Australia, then tight on the Philippines. Cut to wide shot of a wide busy Philippine city boulevard, then a few medium shots of city. Cut to a lumberyard and a train carrying logs, a worker thrashes strips from bamboo, workers lay out hemp on poles at Davao. Cut to miners digging and pushing rail cars at a tin mine in Malaga, Philippines. Wide shot of cargo vessel at the end of train tracks loading up on tin. A graphic of some countries in the South China Sea. Wide shot of plain, cut to people working at rubber trees and carrying buckets of rubber, three people pushing racks of dried rubber, man pulls sheet of rubber on rack. Open pit mine, small railcars haul iron ore. Wide shot of Singapore harbor, workers load goods on cargo vessel, a ship in dry dock. 105b of 111 series

Graphic map of Netherlands Indies, cut to men working an oilrig, shots of giant oil containers. Cut to natives cutting cinchona trees in the Netherlands East Indies, cinchona bark contains alkaloids and is used like quinine for malaria, five people refine cinchona powder. Small ships at Singapore dock, a ship building plant. Graphic map of Australia, then several shots of Australia, ferries on river, traffic in city street, goods stacked up on dock, an open pit mine is dynamited, rail cars move iron ore to ship, workers in iron foundry, sheep herder rides with sheep (pick out the one you like), men sheer sheep, stevedores load a ship. 105b of 111 series

Cut to Nazi Germany as Japanese envoys are greeted by Hitler and Goring in Berlin, Nazi and Japanese flags fly, the entourage moves through the Brandenburg Gates with Japanese flag flying in an archway, when they meet there’s Nazi salutes a lot of handshaking and bowing, Hitler and the Japanese envoy come out on the balcony and wave to the crowd below, they wave Japanese flag. Cut to a graphic of countries in the South China sea, Japanese battleships in South China sea, French officer comes on board Japanese ship and salutes, Japanese army gets off troop carrying ship, guns are off loaded, soldiers in trucks go past a reviewing stand, soldiers covered in leaves for camouflage walk on road, cut to a road mileage stone that says HANOI 171, Japanese army advances in Indo China, 5 prisoners are captured, victorious army enters city. 105b of 111 series

Japanese officials getting out of limos as Tojo succeeds Konoye in a cabinet crisis. The politicians pose for a group photo, there’s a tight shot of Konoye (at 20:21). Back to a fleet of Japanese battleships, Japanese bombers (zeros) fly overhead, shot of them taken from another plane, an aerial shot of Pearl Harbor, the bombing begins, the camera is back on the ground as we see the bombing of US ships, The US Arizona is in flames as it sinks.105b of 111 series

This tape focuses on the 1952 truce and peace talks in the Panmunjom area in Korea. These talks take place in a US field base camp. It opens with Col. James Murray and Lt. Col. Butler examines maps outside then officers enter tent, MP’s are on guard. Murray, Republic of Korea Col. Chang, others, work at map table in main conference tent. They and communist officers on other side walk along table writing on, examining maps. Maj. Gen. Henry I. Hodes and Rear Adm. Arleigh A. Burke debark from H-5 helicopter. Cut back to officers examining maps, Hodes in interview with US correspondents. Delegates Gen. Turner, VAdm. Chas. Turner Joy, Gen. Nuchols, Col. Kinney, Maj. Gen. Hodes, Murray, Butler, Republic of Korea and US officers enter and leave tents and area. Still and motion picture photographers at work; US and communist correspondents. Communist Generals Nam, Pieng and others enter and leave tents and area. Senior officers including Korean get off helicopter. Officers come and go from tent to tent. 133a of 111 series

Close up of Two star US Army General, conference tent in background, the General is talking to UN correspondents; GEN. KNUCKLES is standing by the two star General. GEN. NAM IL leaving tent with members of his staff and going to another tent past communist sentry. UN delegates walking from one tent to another, going past MP. Lens looking across road, showing MP’s in sentry boxes; tents in background. Lens looking across road, showing UN correspondents sitting on ground outside tents, waiting for conference to be over. Lens looking down road, showing UN correspondents’ cars. US General answering journalists questions. 133b of 111 series

Close up of sign on jeep reading, “Truce Talks Convoy, Military Police”; MP’s seated in background, Sign showing arrow pointing to base camp; convoy going over road to conference site. Sign pointing to Panmunjom. Convoy stopping at checkpoint where MP raises barrier and checks passes as vehicles go into area of conference site. Korean children at roadside begging for candy. Close up communist jeep pulling up to conference site with GEN. NAM IL; UN correspondents photograph GEN. NAM IL as he walks past to conference tent. Tight on cameraman’s still camera as he lays it down. Convoy pulling up to side of road; UN correspondents get out of jeeps and go into tent marked, “Correspondents”. 133b of 111 series

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