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British video blog on the death of Osama bin Laden

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S**t Disturbers With A Cause (aka The Wounded Dove)

Since the dawn of the 20th Century, peace has been rare and elusive, a wounded dove struggling to take flight. Over the past century more than 100 million people perished in major conflicts, civil wars, insurrections, coup d’├ętats plus countless border clashes, territorial disputes, riots, guerrilla hostilities and acts of terrorism. But during this same period there have also been 72 formal treaties, 20 pacts, and numerous agreements, alliances, conferences and cease-fires. Even in the darkest moments, the spirit of peace has been kept alive by men and women who committed themselves and, at times their nations, to the belief that human beings can co-exist without resorting to violence.

Each episode begins with original theme music played over rare archival footage drawn from international sources. If you are into, you can try ones success in card registration bonus uk. This fast-paced, visually stimulating montage of film footage, photographs and drawings summarize some of the main social/cultural trends and pivotal events of the era, quickly placing the viewer in the context of the times. A brief introduction stresses the importance of examining conflicts from the point of view of peace endeavors rather than listing the chain of events that inexorably plunged people into war. The tone is factual and the material is presented in a journalistic, anecdotal, entertaining style. There are no talking heads or interviews. An average of fourteen stories are told per episode. The narration, by a Hollywood TV superstar, takes an optimistic tone, capturing the spirit of the men and women who gave so much of themselves to prevent, contain or end conflicts.

S**t Disturbers With A Cause (aka The WOUNDED DOVE) will be a 5 X 1 hour television series that documents and celebrates the struggle of these brave peacemakers. Men and women around the world who worked tirelessly to foster peace, then struggled tenaciously to maintain it.

Episode 1 The Whistle Blowers
Episode 2 Subversive Peacemakers
Episode 3 Gunboat Diplomats
Episode 4 Dying For Peace
Episode 5 Young Blood

Each story focuses on Peacemakers attempts to resolve conflict. The implicit, but never explicitly stated, point of view is that an individual can make a difference and have an impact on the course of history. Many of our Peacemakers are ordinary citizens who assumed heroic stature and directly influenced the flow of historic events, when they appeared to be overwhelmingly unalterable. The series features more than seventy peace efforts. Taken as a whole, they constitute a repertoire of conflict resolution, a fascinating panorama of the different ways that individuals from diverse parts of the world have tried to resolve violent conflicts. Each war, revolution or instance of internal strife begins with a graphic presentation of the dynamics of the conflict, who is fighting whom, where and why. The stories are documented with photographs, archival footage, illustrations, diary excerpts, letters and, when necessary, dramatic recreations of pivotal or emotional moments. Freedom is not free. It is earned, fought for and maintained. S**t Disturbers With A Cause (aka THE WOUNDED DOVE) looks not at those who waged war, but at those who tried to revive and nurture the phoenix of peace.

Adventure Film Productions Canada is grateful to the following institutions for their financial contributions and support of the Wounded Dove peace project:

The Millennium Bureau of Canada
The Peace History Society
The International Peace Academy, New York

The Fellowship of Reconciliation, Nyack, NY

The United Nations Culture of Peace, Paris

The Pearson Peacekeeping Center, Clementsport, Nova Scotia

The Ben and Rachael Vaughan Foundation, Austin, Texas

The Salzburg Seminar, Austria.


The CD ROM contains the printed stories of the Peacemakers with photographs, illustrations, an extensive bibliography and some of the original research.

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