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Birthing At Home, in one phrase, is the agony and the ecstasy. Thirty two year old Alexis didn’t want the hospital experience for giving birth. Instead she chose birthing in her parents’ home without the aid of any drugs.

Alain, her Rwandan husband, assisted the midwife as Alexis’ parents and the soon to be great-grandmother looked on.

After four hours of labor, ten and a half pound Jazmine Rose Rutayisire was born. 

Birthing At Home is loving, very graphic and dramatic. (viewer advisory … some scenes contain nudity and could be disturbing.)

Each story focuses on Peacemakers attempts to resolve conflict. The implicit,but never explicitly stated, point of view is that an individual can make a difference and have an impact on the course of history. Many of our Peacemakers are ordinary citizens who assumed heroic stature and directly influenced the flow of historic events, when they appeared to be overwhelmingly unalterable. The series features more than seventy peace efforts. Taken as a whole, they constitute a repertoire of conflict resolution, a fascinating panorama of the different ways that individuals from diverse parts of the world have tried to resolve violent conflicts. Each war, revolution or instance of internal strife begins with a graphic presentation of the dynamics of the conflict, who is fighting whom, where and why. The stories are documented with photographs, archival footage, illustrations, diary excerpts, letters and, when necessary, dramatic recreations of pivotal or emotional moments. Freedom is not free. It is earned, fought for and maintained. S**t Disturbers With A Cause (akaTHE WOUNDED DOVE) looks not at those who waged war, but at those who tried to revive and nurture the phoenix of peace.