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Birthing At Home, in one phrase, is the agony and the ecstasy. Thirty two year old Alexis didn't want the hospital experience for giving birth. Instead she chose birthing in her parents' home without the aid of any drugs.

Alain, her Rwandan husband, assisted the midwife as Alexis' parents and the soon to be great-grandmother looked on.

After four hours of labor, ten and a half pound Jazmine Rose Rutayisire was born.

Birthing At Home is loving, very graphic and dramatic. (viewer advisory ... some scenes contain nudity and could be disturbing.)


                Sienna has a new baby sister

Birthing At Home Trailer

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The Birthing At Home documentary is under consideration at the following film festivals.

Atlantic Film Festival

Baltimore Women's Film Festival

Bolzano Film Festival, Italy


Coney Island

European Film Festival, Paris

Gold Lion, Swaziland

Hollyshorts, Marina Del Rey

L'Aquila Festival, Italy

Mother Baby, Tiburon,CA

NBC Universal Short Cuts

Rooftop, Brooklyn



Tribeca, New York

Woman's International Film and Arts Festival, Florida

Tregor Film Festival, Strasbourg, France

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